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This list has been compiled over years! I don't know what all has ended up in here and not all of it I picked out... I'm not the only user on my comp... but, if you find something useful enjoy! I am trying to be an open and accessible presence on the web in the matters of Integrative and Complementary medical practices (There is no ONE way to approach health). I also love to share my yarn, patterns and crochet and handcrafting knowledge. The options are out there! See if you find one that is right for you. Come meet me at:
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x Stuff for Kids Home
Baby Info Guide babycenter

x Baby Sign Language
ASL -Baby's first 100 signs
ASL Browser- bright
Dictionary of Signs - Baby ASL
Lifeprint- ASL
Finish the First Breast First
La Leche League Mother-to-Mother Forums - Powered by vBulletin
Learn Babywearing
Poetry for Kids by Poet Kenn Nesbitt
SouthBayAPFamilies : SouthBayAPFamilies

x Special Patterns

x baby
A Babys Angel - Crocheting For Charity
About Granny Lou's Crochet

x afghan
Caron International Free Project-baby MAM
Corner to Corner Afghan
Crocheted Baby's Hooded Towel
Flower Granny
Free Crochet Pattern POUND OF LOVE Baby Blanket
Granny Crochet Afghan - Fabric, Crafts, Home.
JPF Crochet Club --- Thermal Stitch Preemie Blanket ---- Free
Rag Shop General Crafts - Plaid Afghan
Rainbow Afghan
Teardrop Preemie Afghan
Tunisian Crochet
Welcome to the official Lion Brand Yarn Knitting and Crocheting Web Site
{Hugs For Homeless Animals} Snuggles Pattern Library
AngelCrafts -patterns

x Apparel
6-8 lb preemie-baby gown or bunting pattern
Baby bunting crochet pattern.
BABY'S BUNTING - Groovy Crochet
bev-summer baby hat
Crochet pattern for christening dress.
crochet patterns
Flowered Sacque
Instructions for one version of the knit or crochet soakers from The Frugal Baby
Make your own bib style nursing cover ...
Robin's Nest Apparel
Romper crochet pattern for baby.
Simple Preemie Size Baby Booties
Snowflake cape = easy directions for baby outfit
Baby Pattern's
Canadian Living: The Before and After Sweater
Charity Crafts
Crochet a Baby Sling
Crochet patterns for baby.

x Edgings
Bell Lace Free Pattern
Celestial Edging
Flat Braid Square Joining Method
Flat Braid Square Joining Method
Leisure Crafts - Crochet - Accessories
Wheelace Project
Yarns and . . .
Faux pom pom
Knitting Patterns For Babies, Toddlers and Kids
Kris' Krochet Korner lotsababy!
listing of non specific
Odd Ball Knitting Patterns
Patterns from the Past Infant Patterns
Project Linus.
Pug(pacifier) Holder
Stories.Com Carousel Baby Hat
Touching Little Lives - an Ohio based charity for needy premature and newborn in
Yahoo! Groups-crochet web's baby pattern link's

x coaster's & x
:: K N O T G A R D E N ::
April's Jewels Coaster
ATCT: Coasters & cozies
Blueberry Pie 12
CC- Cozy Coasters
Chic Circles
Colorful Crochet - fireman hat
CroButterfly Mats
CroMemPoinsettia Coaster Pattern
CroMemQuick & Ezy
filigree bookmark
Heart Coaster
How To Crochet Helena's Potholder Stitch
Kimberly's Simple Coaster
Marlo's Crochet Corner-chst
Paw Print Coasters
Potpourri Rose
Quick Pineapple Coaster
Reversible Star Ornament
Rose Mist Wrist Warmers
september 2002 project page
Snowflake Coaster
SusanB's Quick and Easy Coasters

x Wedding Patterns
6 inch wedding cake toppers
All Bearded Irises at Nola's Iris Garden - Bearded Iris.
Butterfly -1951 royal soc doily
Butterfly Bkmk pattern
Butterfly fridge wrapie
C&CBellefleur CroFlowers
Cro-flypin needs tat
Crystal Bouquet Stems
David's Bridal
Flower Coaster
Flower Coaster-2tone
Flower doily coaster crochet pattern .
HeartCOASTER (by Lois Karklus)
Iris Planting Guide and Iris Gardening Guide
Jennys Flowershop
Lacy CroButterfly thread
Lily Spring Flowers
MaryM's Easy Cro-Tat Valentine
Net Stitch Flower Doily
Precious Moments multinationals at
Safiya's Butterfly
Sally Ring Bearer Pillow
Welcome To Kreinik Freebies

x fun
Black Cat Fridgie
Brenda's Golden Snitch
Charted pattern for DNA cable
Crochet Fish Pattern
Crochet Memories, Free Jumbo, The Pink Elephant pattern
Crochet Memories, Free Squirrel Fridgie pattern
Crocheted Water Bottle Carrier
Dragon toy Pattern
easter basket weggs
Free patterns A-Z fridgies
Groovy Ripple Socks
Mile a min shelled wo pic
Mile A Minit Afghan
Ruffled Bun Cover I
Solutia- Floral Knitted Pillows (Project)
South Bay Crochet - Crocheted Braid
Yarn Bugs
Yesterknits Free Samples
Torch Flower Motif/6 angels

x Books
At Home with Crochet Book LA06242
Welcome to the Worlds of Anne McCaffrey

x Prey & animals
California Dog Rescue Groups
Dog rescue
Ferret Breeding
Ferrets UK
Leave It
Petfinder Classifieds
Petfinder Home Page
The Amanda Foundation - Save an Animals Life Today!

x Gamez -esp Petz 5
A* SilverToo Tasmin pix
A* Tamsin Standards by Starswept
AAA:CrowdFound - Pahgan's
Album: Locitos PetzPix
D: Petz Offset Number
Deep Fun | Pointless Games
Directory: The Pets Pages
Dizzywood - fun free kids games virtual b`o`p god
Duke Petz de Group
F: *Stars* Forum Finder
F: All About Petz
F: Cabaret Island
F: Duke's Group
F: Hexing Academy
F: Legend Ink= showboard
F: P5 Astrals in VLF
F: PCG's Stop'n'Swap
F: Petz Community Gathering
F: Petz in VLF
F: PFK sign in site
F: Salty
F: The Petz Pad
F: Twilite Ink

x Favored Hexxerz
feyriku - gave me Sirah!
Hexperience 101: A Petz Community Help Effort
HOW TO: Survive the New, New Facebook
o S o O o C o K o S o
PCG best contest ever!
PEtz: Arundells Kennel
The Petz Community Gathering :: Viewing profile
My Santa Hunt
Nameless Forest: online adventure
Pagii Page
PCG EgoSearch
PCG Holiday sites
Petrz: Cierra breed site
Petz Auction suggtnz
Petz by KM12 (seal)

x Petz Collaboratorz
Bisque: Andrea's Blog - 2008 - January - June
KK: Tinkering p3/4=8 p5=24

x Mythos Petz 4/3 compaty

x Petz 5 - *m*

x Petz Hex archive
Fox Flamer Petz Clinic
PFMagic Petz 1-3
Purpose: Petz Forums
Scribble shall make it pretty
Tamsin Breederz

x Petz Collaboratorz
Bisque: Andrea's Blog - 2008 - January - June
KK: Tinkering p3/4=8 p5=24
Mythos Petz 4/3 compaty
Petz 5 - *m*
Petz Hex archive
PFMagic Petz 1-3
Purpose: Petz Forums
Scribble shall make it pretty
Tamsin Breederz
Petz Games- link list
Petz Genetics
Petz Hex archive
Petz Hexes- all dwnldz
Petz Island
Petz Online Fanguide
Petz Pizazz
Petz Yellow Pages
Petz: 304 AvtCal/Tradesite
Petz: 360
Petz: 5 World
Petz: Actorz Cattery
Petz: Advent Calendar
Petz: Ambrosia
Petz: AMjoie
Petz: APKC
Petz: Black Mist
Petz: Blue violin
Petz: Boardwalkerz
Petz: BreedzList
Petz: by Bubblewrap-EM
Petz: Carolyn's Creations
Petz: Cheetah Kennelz
Petz: Chi's DroolWorthy
Petz: Cirrutopia
Petz: Dark City proboard
Petz: Deviant
Petz: diff-eared dl's KEWL!
Petz: Diversity (tutorials)
Petz: Frivolous w GrwPixlz
Petz: Genuine Breedz
Petz: Green Research Center
Petz: Infinity
Petz: Joanna
Petz: Kibble Kennelz- hex tutz
Petz: Kishikat
Petz: Leaping Frog Inc.
Petz: Litterz Factory
Petz: Magonda
Petz: Malevolent
Petz: Manatee's Breedz
Petz: MiddleNight
Petz: MilkBone
Petz: Minibyte's Achive 4 Petz
Petz: Minipetz images
Petz: MK&C
Petz: Mojo Petz LJ
Petz: Moke chk regularly
Petz: Mousecatchers
Petz: Nintendo-6444
Petz: Out of the Ashes-Manens!
Petz: Paranoia
Petz: PDH Resources
Petz: Pine Cone Cattery
Petz: Pixel Ambitions
Petz: PixiMyst ~wbst contest
Petz: PKC-Wiki
Petz: POGO p4+
Petz: Post Human (da breedz!)
Petz: Rainin Cats n Dogz
Petz: Raven's Place
Petz: Reloaded- brdz
Petz: Sand'z Cattery
Petz: Scallywag Unicorn
Petz: SHCK boards
Petz: Sherlock Software
Petz: Silent Wolf Kennels
Petz: Sprocket
Petz: Squeaky
Petz: Stray Alley Cats (hex!)
Petz: Supernova
Petz: TrueNectar 4pwz
Petz: Twilight Dreamz
Petz: Update Network
Petz: Valentine
Petz: VelvetPawz
Petz: VPZ Research Center
Petz: Wasted Memories (hxr)
PetzSOURCE = hexing
PTZ: MCR has duckies
Pure Felinity - Start Page
SM: Rewards Page
Spider's Petzery
Starlit Insanity
Sun Dance Kennelz | Quality Leopard Shepards, Shepdanes, & More!
Tamsin Breederz
Tartan Kennelz
Z: HexOddz

x Local - 90501
Beef or Lamb with Spinach - India
Curried Lamb
F@ck You A$$hole
Magazine Values - Your source for the lowest priced magazine subscriptions
Orthopaedics: Carpal Tunnel
RecipeSource: Your Source for Recipes on the Internet
The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services - Welcome Page
The Weddings Magazine
TV Listings
Welcome to
Your Search Engine Internet directory, information, search engine, and web guide
x Bonus fun
Wuzzles! Web Cam Live!
A Cats Christmas

x All Friends
A Slow, Long Stretch
Chapter Information
deviantART: ickaimp Meg
Flights of Fancy | Dakkar Limited
Love and Fear - Mind the Plunnies
SCA: Hartshorn-dale
Tailman Shouse
Tailweaver's Chronicles
Welcome to Dakkar Limited
Yahoo! Briefcase - Icka Art
apeiros :LJCard
ArcadeTown:free games
Byzant Mystical
Carnival of the Cats
Cat Breeds w/ Desc & Pic
Cat Photos
Crochet Pattern Central - Free Flower Crochet Pattern Links
Crocheted Flower Appliques Motifs or Three Dimensional Flowers
Fractalus home
Gritty Knits by Natasha :: womens forum
KERclink Messenger
Kewr Toy
Kitten petting
League of Renaissance Merchants
LJ: (Baby Interests)
LJ: (Fun Check Comm)
LJ: (Health Nuts)
LJ: (Mostly Cat Comm.)
Mess with MSN Messenger
Mystic Games -freebie
Notes to Cats
Orisinal : Morning Sunshine
Our Sweepstakes Home Forums - powered by vBulletin
PA ParentsOnline
Paul McFedries' Home Page
Paul music
Phoenixes: Characters and Language
Queen by Megaman
Quint --Resume Update
Quizilla Quickstart
R: Monster Resume
R: Quint Morgan
R: Resume Listings
R:Resume on Quint
Real Cool (Unique)Toys - The Real Estate Investors Resource
Renaissance Art training
Six-sided Snowflake: Advanced | Multimedia Activities & writings - My Account
The Torch of Life Phase 1 Contents
V: My Monster
V: SmartGroup- CroFs
V: Y-Group: CroFs
WKeen: Change Status
WKeen: My Account
WorkNotes: Update Index
Yahoo! Hosting
Z:CSULB Crap-Mail

x Unusuals
David Wilcock/ Ascension2000
DialogueDirect -charitable job
Heavy Metal Detoxification
Project Camelot: Mr X Interview
theraputic pain treatment
Unified Life Sciences - The on-line directory of wholistic services.

x To buy
Amazing Needle
Anime MASTER-X tarot $3
Annie's Attic
Antique crochet
Armadillo Needlecraft
Barbara Barnett's HOOKer Earrings
Buttons Galore Home Page
Cornelia Hamilton - Noro Books by Cornelia Hamilton Book - Jimmy Beans Wool
cotton blend yarn manufacturers - Harriet & Henderson Yarns, Inc.
Craft connection
Crochet Book Library
Crochet Hook
Drop Spindles from The Woolery
Google Search: mexican wave yarn
Knit- Dream Board
Kubotans &Crochet Hooks
Lady Alice Series-flower patterns
Leisure Arts
Louet Sales Euroflax Linen Yarn
McArthurs Online
PAAWS by Dr. Carol Osborne D.V.M
Pet Anti Aging Wellness System for Dogs
pet yarns
Sawdust Art Festival - Laguna Beach, Ca.
Smiley's Yarns
Soft memories -Antique cro
Spin a Yarn a most unusual yarn shop
sprot cotton
The Shopping Group
Thread Exchange
Treasure Island Stores
Velona Needlecraft
Yarn - Cherry Tree Hill - Red Bird Knits
Yarn Barn
Yarn Yard Home Page - Where your knitting creations take shape

x School Hunt
San Diego State University
AAADiana, (Photo Archive)
About Learn & Serve America :: Higher Ed

x All School
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine - Electromedicine - Electrotherapy - Electroacup
American College for Advancement in Medicine -- -- Doctor, Doctors,
American Institute of Holistic Theology - Distance Education Degrees
Ask Dr. Weil - Today's Question Male Menopause Myth or Reality

x assignments
AAMA - The American Alternative Medical Association
Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback - Association for Appli
Bastyr University Prospective Students Students & Clinic
California Institute of Integral Studies
California Lutheran University - Thousand Oaks
Dietetics, Pharmacy, and Therapy Occupations
Divisions of the American Psychological Association
Folk Medicine at UCLA
Graduate School Resources
Health Psychology and Rehabilitation Promoting Mental and Physical Health
Integrative Nutrition Welcome to the Real World
JFKU Graduate School for Holistic Studies
John F. Kennedy University - Locations of All Facilities
Lesley University Graduate Programs in Counseling and Psychology
Michael Moore - SW School of Botanical Medicine Home Page - Neurosciences on the Internet
Nutritional and Health Psychology BND 2031
Nutritional Psychology
Ortho info
Phoenix School Of Holistic Health - Massage Therapy Massage School
Psychiatric Times
Psychophysiology Around the World
Rehabilitation and Disability Resources
Rosenthal Center - Medical School Guide
Society for Psychophysiological Research
Teaching with the Internet
The Graduate School Graduate Study Majors - College of Human Ecology
The Nevada Center of Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicine - About Dr. Shallenberg
The Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Center
UCSC Psychology Department Home Page
University of Minnesota Catalogs Online
Welcome to Living Routes!
Welcome to the California Institute of Integral Studies
Welcome to the Dept. of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education
Welcome to the Linus Pauling Institute
William L. Bergman, M.D. and Associates
Bastyr University Natural Health Sciences
Biorythm Calculator
BioSync Research Ins/Training
Center For Esoteric Studies - Welcome
CoastUniversity Library
Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute
Cognitive Rehabilitation Software
Ed Psyc Central Resources
Eight Decades of Scurvy
Foundation for Paranormal Research
Google Search: subclinical vitamin
Health Medicine Page 2
Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture Training Intensive and Correspondence Program
HRI - Health Research Institute
International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine
Kaplan World Leader in Test Prep, Admissions and Tutoring
Knowledge Hound Free tips and how-tos
Lifelong Learning at California Institute of Integral Studies
Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States Official Homepage
Many Colors (great! Color Converter)
Martin Fiebert Ph.D.
My Profile-qdom
NameMaster Home Page
Nashua Natural Medicine
Natural Life Magazine #40 - Does Mercury Make Dentists Mad
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome Information Service
Olanzapine-Induced Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
OSERS' Rehabilitation Services Administration Home Page
prospective Site Map
Psych 9a Assistance By Sarah TeacherWeb Home Page

x Rehabilitation etc Psy
Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC)
Admission and Prerequisites to Rehab Counseling at Portland State University
amino acid power --> About Amino Acids
Arkansas State University Rehabilitation Counseling Program
Boston University Sargent College
Center for Applied Neuropsychology
Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation - Recovery and Rehabilitation
CORE accredited programs Index
Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE)
Divison of Administration and Counseling, Charter College of Education, CSULA
M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling -- Program
National Rehabilitation Association
Natural Healing Institute
Naturopathy, Nutrition, and Natural Health degrees at Clayton College of Natural
New York College - Educational Programs in Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Orienta
Rehabilitation Counseling Home page at Portland State
Sertified Disability Mgmt. Specialists
The University of Scranton - Graduate School - Recent Graduates
UNC Rehabilitation Psychology and Counseling
Welcome to the American Association of Nutritional Consultants
Welcome to the Linus Pauling Institute
Research@ Washington University School of Medicine
review bk
Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine Your personal adviser for winning college cash
Seretonin Syndrome
Serotonin and Neuroleptic Malignant Syndromes
Sign Up To Receive Free Email On Alternative hundreds of other m
The Alternative Medicine Homepage
The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning, Inc.
The School of Human Ecology
Transition Page webboard
Trigger Point Locations
True north naturopathic clinic
Valarie's Archive for HGTV - The Carol Duvall Show
Virtual Hospital Clinical Psychopharmacology Seminar Neuroleptic Malignant Synd
WalkersWeb Links Mental_Health
Welcome to California-DMV appointmt
Welcome to COAST!
Welcome to CompletePlanet the Source of all Search
Welcome to Nutriquest, Cornell's Nutrition Q&A Service - News about Sustainable Healthy Living
Yahoo! Groups My Groups
alt doc types in colorado
Anthology Contests Home
Arts & Services for Disabled Home Page
Cal State L.A. Div of Admin and Counseling: Document Center
Cal State L.A. Intro to Division of Administration and Counseling
California State University, Long Beach
CSU Los Angeles--
Department of Psychology-CSULA
Hirudaya Holistic Life Center - Massage and Bodywork School
Home Page of the Orthomolecular Education Foundation S.O.E.
Institutional Training Programs: University of California at Berkeley and San Fr
Interwork Institute - Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling
Lauren Studios Online -Photos
Local Community, State and National Scholarships
Loyola Marymount University - Los Angeles, California
NDL Student Referral Service
Pepperdine University
Preparing for a Career in Health Services Research: Opportunities for Minority S
Relaxation, Spirituality, Meditation Resources
Springfield CollegeGraduate Programs Portal
Who's Who,
x Main Category
A: myHq add a link
ALJ:Manage LJ Accounts
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C: Y-G: SouthBayAPFamilies
CLJ: Welcome Portal
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P$: Baby Store
P$: Rex
P$: Herrschners Yarnsale
P$: Toys&Babies-R-US
P$:Borders - Search Inventory
P$:Lionbrand Yarn sale
V: My Yahoo!
V: Public Profiles Yahoo
V: Yahoo groups

x Reference
5clkclub:Job Hunting
a:Pract'ner Print Center
AAAQC: resume site(Sarah Fries)
ABO WORLD Sarah Fires
ALJ: Image edit
Ask Jeeves -
Babel Fish Translation's
CALLIHOO Writing Helps--Feelings Table
College Search: Degree Program
craigslist: los angeles online community
Daily Humorscope
Email Group Netiquette Guide
FAQ on Oversupply
free web link verify - Y! Search Results
Google Catalog Search
Google Directory
Google Groups
Google Image Search
Google News
Google News - Health
Google University Search
Got Psi?
Hawaiian Independence Weblog Work at home jobs
Hist/Ancient Egyptians
Insults ::: The Art of Insults
International Health News
(Health, Nutrition, Medicine)

Invite Friendster
Literacy Teaching Ideas
LochJournal Announcements
Lovely Sierra
Measurement Units Conversion
Miracle Concepts, Inc. - Software
MSN Profile : Index
NETCRAFTS Arts & Crafts
NONVERBAL Dictionary
Novels Ink
ology dot org
OneHealth Plan
Peterson's ALL Education
Psych 9a Tools By Sarah webquest
Rough Draft-pc word proc'r.
Sacred Text Archive
Special Google Searches
Spirit And Sky
SuperPages: Yellow Pages, White Pages, Map Directions, Reverse Phone Book, Local
The Church of God The Avenger
Torrance Library InfoGateway
Welcome to California
White Pages
WorkNotes FAQs
Yahoo Smileys
Yarn Chngr: Lion Brand
Yarn Tools By Sirah
Yellow Pages
Zach's Word Unscrambler
~Wyrdness~ - 2003

x Niche Sites
My dragon
Activated Upgrade - OLPC
Faves: Sites
FB: Hatchlings Claims Bonus eggs daily
Image: Banner Creator
Joy International
My dragon white
Neopia: Advent Calendar
Pagii-Social publishing network
Pyzam - Flash Toys & Images
Quotes - MyHotComments
Ravelry: UsingTheTextEditor
Searchles | edit any youtube/google video
sirah - Social Bookmarks Profile on Simpy
Sketchi's LuckMist Growing Pixels
The Happiness Project
White dragon & quiz reults
Wiki: Creatures

x Bookmarks
AAAFanFiction.Net Profile : ChibiRisu-chan
CALLIHOO Writing Helps--Emotion List
Community Helpline
Forward Motion Workshops Index
long hair and perpetual bubblewrap

x Mandy's
Carebearish/polar bear
Celtic Knitting Patterns
Corsetry at
Dutch Treat Designs
Elf Doilies- should get some motifs from
Google Search motif ch sc
Graham Norton
handyman hookmaking
Home of
Knit & Crochet Project of the Month
Little Hoo-Hoo Pattern--just bcuz
Make your own Celtic Clothing
making flex hook
Making swords!
Opal's Motif
PARAMOUNT WIRE CO. - the place for copper wire, magnet wire, craft wire, memory
Patty's Crochet Companion- it's great!
PC$300 each... got some goodies in cro too
Peggy's Wedding
Silks and Velvets - Historic Gowns, Fantasy Clothing and Corsets by Yosa
SuperWeddings! Wedding Guide and Ezine
Television Without Pity
The Honiton Lace Shop
tiny teddy
Wholesale craft supplies, discount prices at CreateForLess
U.S. Copyright Office Home Page
U.S. Copyright Office, FAQ
Yahoo! Groups cascade_of_crafts
Yahoo! Groups crochetyardsales
Yahoo! Hometown Driving

x Sarah's Crafts
About Crafts
ALL Free crafts & adults
American Needlepoint Guild
archive @Crochet memories
Australian Women's Weekly
Candle & Soap Making info

x Certification
Career Coach Academy
Cert. Learning Center
Kabbalah Online
Kryon - Evolutionary Healing
Life, Truth, Consciousness, Personal and Spiritual Development - finding the mea
Parkinson & Siegner-hypnother
Christmas Crafts
Classic Stitches

x Contests
Crochet hook Contest
Short Story Contest
Textbookx : Scholarship
Zoned Null
Zoned Null - Free Computer Draw - Contest
Copycat Designs All Free Cross Stitch Charts Home Page
Craft At Home
Craft - Everything free for crafts!
Craft Patterns - crochet
Craft's WebRing
Crafter's Directory Projects
Craftown -
Crafts Etc
Crafts Fair OnLine
Crafts On A Budget
Crazy Quilt Silk Ribbon Embroidery Pag
Creative Needle Online
Crochet Cabriolet
Crochet Legacy -
Crochet Small Picture Pages
Cross Stitch and Links
Deb's Place
DIscount Needlework
DIY Network
Dollmaking Techniques

x Dumb
Aon Celtic Art
Artistry in Stitching - The NeedleArts Mall Articles of the Month
Blackberrylane Web Site
CAC Table of Contents
CameoRoze's Stitcher's Studio
CDA Ribbon Embroidery
Celtic Cross Stitch [ HOME ] Celtic and Irish counted cross stitch charts and ki
Chrochet Roll or Bullion Stitch How to
Craft Projects
Creativity Portal - Learn For Free - Arts, Crafts, Music, Writing, & Hobbies
Crochet Cabana - learn to crochet,free patterns,tutorials,charity
Decorator Trims, Tassels, Fringe, Cording, Tiebacks, Fabric, Gimp, Buttons, Bull
Elegant Crochet Page By Bonnie Pierce
Embroidery Business News The trade magazine of choice for professionals in the c
Garden Fairies Smocking Newsletter&silkrib
Golden Key Motel - Pleasantville - Reviews of Golden Key Motel
Jean Fletchers Stumpwork
Nancy's Notions
Needle Artworks-The Stitcher's Online Resource
Photo Illustrations of the Bullion Stitch by Ellen Moore Johnson-Fine Designs fo
Pioneer Thinking - Homemade Craft Projects - Easy Do It Yourself Projects
Plaid Arts and Crafts Painting Online Decorating and Crafts
Sarah's Stitchworks stitch demos, crazy quilting, discounted books.
Sharon Boggon's Home Page
Smocking & Embroidery Magazines - Erica's Craft & Sewing Center
Sue's Cross Stitch Freebie Finder - Recent Additions
The Ribbon Club A Club for Ribbon Lovers - Quilting and Embroidery Supplies
Wedding Crafts Page
Welcome to! Contemporary Crochet Designs! Free Crochet Patterns!
Welcome to!
Welcome to STITCH with the Embroiderers' Guild
Welcome to the Home Sewing Association
ECN Welcome
Elaine's Pattern Calculator
Embroiderers' Guild of America
fletbacked SREpin
Free Craft Patterns
Free Crafting Stuff
Free Craftplanet
Free craftstuff
Free Crochet and Knit Patterns Index
Free Needlecraft Patterns
Free Patterns Online
Free Sewing Stuff
frugal crafter
Google: clay projects
Hancock Fabric Free Projects
Heart To Hand
Heritage Shoppe
Herrschners Online
Hobby Planet
House of White Birches
Interweave Needlework Home Page
Jerky Recipes
Jo's Place
Johanna's Embroidery Page
JPF Crochet Club
Just Recipes
Karadar Classical Music
Kids Domain Craft Exchange
Kim Kollert's world of Quilling
Kreinik Freebies
Leisure Arts
Let's get crafty!
Lewiscraft Home Page
Little Angel
Mbe Mainpage
Michaels hmpg
NativeTech Native American Technology and Art
Offe's cross-stitch
Offray's ribbon
Pagan-Wiccan Bead patterns
Paradise dollcrobkz
Piecemakers List
PlC WebRing
Project page
sara gribble Patterns
Save-On-Crafts wedding
Scrapbook Swap
Sewing@About -
Shona's Placecollection linx
soft cloud
StarGazer's World
Steph's Home Page Bond List Thoughts
Stitching page
Su's Place
Swap Shop
The NeedleArts Mall - Shop Index
The Pagan Net Things To Do
The Silver Needle, Tulsa
The Smocking Connection
UCan Make It'
Universal Doll Page
Webstitcher's Sourcebk-fonts
Welcome to Craft-Antics
Welcome to Hobby Lobby
Welcome to i-craft
Welcome to
Welcome to Wrights®!
XStitch&Lace Software
Y! Groups bcraftsandthings
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Crobeanie's Free Patterns
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Crochet Musings Web Site
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Crystal Palace
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Epson PhotoCenter - Album List
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Free Patterns -- Shady Lane
Freebie Stuff!!
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Ginny's page
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GROOVY CROCHET! by Vintage Creations
Groovy Fashions
Happy Hooker Archives
Happy Hooker's Afghans
Hawaiian Delights
hello Kitty
Hidden Ends Tutorial
Holder Design - Garden flowers
How to determine fabric content
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Iland- Free Crochet Patterns
In Times Such as These-knits
Index of Cro-pats backdoor
Irish Lace--Irish Crochet
Janelle croindex
Janelle`s Homepage
Jeri McGee's Home Page
Join CC list
Kerchiefs (Janelle`s Homepage)
Kim Wiltfang - Crochet Tips
Kim's Crochet Corner
Kimberly's Free Patterns
Kitchen... Potholders
Knit to Crochet Conversion
Knitted Threads
Kris' Krochet Korner
lailas crochetvirksida-Catdolls!!!
Lauri's -goodstf
Laurie's Crochet Designs!
Lauries greatPatterns Index
Linda's Patterns
Linhas Circulo - otras recetas
Lion Brand Web Site
Magenta Lizard's
Maggie's crochet
Mammy crochet
Marlo's Crochet Corner
Marlo's Crochet Corner
MaryEllen's Crochet Home Page
Melissa's Crochet
Message List
Moosewood Creek CroP
Morna Crochet Designs
NKCG Crochet Related Links
NYC Crochet Guild - New York City Crochet Guild
Off The Hook Newsletter
Old Time Crochet
Originals by Gidge
Patty's Filet/cro
Priscilla's Crochet~

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Cascade Yarn Catalog
Craft Designs for You - Beautiful Cross-stitch, Plastic Canvas and Crochet Patte
Crochet Monthly
Free Pattern Log In
Hand Crocheted Appliques! - Scrappin' Fools
Lacis Descriptive Book Catalog of CROCHET
omega yarn
One Fine Yarn
Order your free sample!
Solaractive, Inc.
Tatting Supplies
W/Henry's Attic - Bouclé
Welcome to
RDS patterns
Rexie's Home Page
Sewing Room: Free Project Patterns
Sharon's Craft Page--
Sherri's Crochet
Shippensburg U Fashion Archives -- Vintage Patterns
Shona's Place - My Patterns
Snood/ hairbun Patterns
Softmemories little corner of the web
Stacie's Designs ~ Crochet
Tableclothe Hooker's club
Tapestry Crochet
Teddy Bear Backpack
The Country Cottage
The Crochet File Box
The Crochet Network
The Pattern Patch
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Tina's Crochet Projects
Tina's Secret Buddy Gifts
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Tower Angel Pin
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Tweetyrose's homepage
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Welcome to Bernat
Welcome to Crochet Partners
Welcome to Crochet Talk
When Donkeys Fly
Where Free Crochet Patterns
Yarnlady's Symbol
Yo-Yo Afghans

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CrochetSnowflakes Files
Angel Hugs-Free K&Cro
Baby Girl's First Christmas Stocking
Bunbear's Christmas Stocking
Bunch of Carrots Fridgie
Chenille Bear Christmas Ornament
Christmas Patterns - CROCHET QUICK AND FUN
Crab Pot Holder Pattern
Cro Wedding
Crochet Memories, Easter Basket
Crochet Memories, Free Dried Ornamental Corn Pattern
Crochet Memories, Free Fridgie Valentine Bear Pattern
Crochet Memories, Free Ghostly Lollipop Cover Pattern
Crochet Memories, Free Halloween Bag Pattern
Crochet Memories, Free Pot 'O Gold Fridgie Pattern
Crochet Memories, Free Pot 'O Gold Pattern
Crochet Memories, Free Snowflake Fridgie or Ornament Pattern
Crochet Memories, Free Spooky Black Cat Fridgie pattern
Crochet Memories, Free Valentine Heart Fridgie Pattern
Elf of DMC.
Free Crochet Pattern Mini Snowflake
Heart Patterns Links
hugg'ems collectables- crochet designs - crocheted christmas lights
JPF Crochet Club --- Snowflake Bookmark ---- Free
Lee's World snflk
Lee's World-spider
Noel's Crochet and Snowflakes
Priscilla's Christmas Crochet
Shell Snowflake
Skiing Around the Christmas Tree
Snowflake Christmas crochet pattern.
Snowflake Coaster or Ornament
Snowflake listings of Pattern Links
Spider on a Web Pattern
St. Patrick's Day Patterns
Star Ornament
Ultimate Crogift basket

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Annie Modesitt - Knitting 101

x dresses
Bridal Gown perfect slope
David's Bridal - a back
David's Bridal - Fashion Show
David's Bridal - Fashion Show-back sided A
David's Bridal - scale
easy booties
Finger Puppets
Knitty magazine @
Maggie's Rags Free Knitting Patterns - Flower Hat
Psych 9a Tools By Sarah TeacherWeb Update Beautiful Stitches

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BellaOnline embroidery
Blackwork Embroidery Archives
blackwork web design
Chandra and Davids Sitar Site - The Indian Lute
Dragonfly Knot
Embroiderer's Handbook
Harrisville Designs - Looms
Heritage Shoppe - Oconto, WI - Fine Embroidery & Hand Sewing
Heritage Shoppe Embroidery Instructions Menu Page
Marie: Needle Sizes
Master Richard Wymarc - Home
My Green Cincture
Rainbow Gallery
Redwork Snowmen
Ren Faire Compendium: California Faires by Faire Name
Saved Messages 1
Sitar - an on-line Sitar tutorial for beginners
Skinner Sisters
Snood patterns
The Pattern Patch--Free Patterns
The Southern California Naginata Federation
Tuning the Sitar
What's a Snood

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Ample-Knitters List
Aurora Yarn Supply home page
Berroco Pattern Library Free Pattern Index
Books Lace Knitting
CKDA - Free Stuff!
earthheart designsPatterns
FiberLink: Charts and Other Helpful Resources : Size and Measurement Charts
Free Patterns
Free Web Generated Knitting Patterns from The Knitting Fiend.
Frugal Knitting Haus Free Pattern
Hand Knitting - The Busy Person's Guide
HeartStrings FiberArts - knitted bunny
helpful links
Historical Knitting Patterns
Home & Garden Television - Knitting For Kids
Ideas for Using Up Odd Balls of Yarn
INKnitters Magazine
Jamieson and Smith Shetland Wool Yarn Fleece and Knitwear Brokers
JG Lace Knitting Patterns
Knitlist gifts -1995-2001 INDEX
Knitted Lace - Online Patterns
Knitter's Review Forums
Knitting -
Knitting About com
Knitting and Crochet
Knitting and Crochet
Knitting at BellaOnline
Knitting Book-Video Descriptions
Knitting Digest
Knitting Digest Knitting on the Net
Knitting patterns for baby clothes.
Knitting Patterns for Dolls, Bears, and Toys
Knitting Patterns Index Main Page
Knitting Stitch Library
Knitting Techniques
knitting, knit, knitters, KnitNet
Lace Knitting
Lace yarns-"Knitter"@ 1-866-402-5045
Leah's Sock Knitting Page
Lucy Neatby - Tradewind Knitwear Designs - Bosuns' Locker
MapQuest Maps-knitstore
NetRing Free Knitting Patterns Netring
Once Upon A Pattern - How to Make a Pull Skein
Open Directory - Arts Crafts Knitting
Our Complete First Issue  On
Quanah for Yarn - Free Patterns
The Knitting Pages
The Ultimate Knit pattern link page!
Traveling Knitter Sourcebook
Welcome to the Knitting Universe
wiseNeedle - Pattern - Top-Down Mittens
Wool Works the online knitting compendium
Solutia-Celtic Knot Afghan (project)
The Right Stitch For The Project
Yahoo! GeoCities Member Pages
Yahoo! Groups knitpatterns

x Specific patterns

x archives
Jessica Wilder's Albums
A Tassel A Day with Seven Tassel Patterns from the Early 1900s
Alternate Crochet & Craft Links Index
Annie's Favorite Crochet Magazine - Free Patterns
Antique Crochet Patterns
Canadian Living: Craft Club Features
CPlist Info Page
Crochet -- MarthaC
Crochet Crafts
Crochet for Chairty
Crochet Memories, Free Pattern Archives
Crochet Musings Pattern Page
Crochet patterns, free.
Crochet! Magazine forum - Message Index
Current Crochet from about
DMC Project Central
elainecrochet's Webpage
Favorite Links
Free Crochet Patterns Site
HanDee's Handwerk
HeartStrings Newsletter
Herrschners Online - Free Stuff
Home and Garden Television: Crochet
hunt the net: 250887 links
Indian Heritage - Textile specialties by region
Interactive quilt design
Irenes free patterns
Kim Wiltfang - Bookmarks Page
Knitting Crafts online
knitting fun- many lacepatterns
Knitting newsletters About com
Learn Crochet Stitches
List of Crochet Partners Websites
Off The Hook Newsletter
Patty's Filet and Crocheting Page
Pineapple Patterns
Selma's secretPatterns
Shippensburg University Fashion Archives -- Vintage Patterns - txtpatterns
Thread Projects
translation crochet
Vintage crochet patterns and free patterns from Crochet Treasures
Wintery Knitting and Crochet Page
Wyla 50 Best Arts & Crafts
Yarn Over: Lace Knitting Sites and Patterns On The Web
Yarn Stash! By Sarah TeacherWeb
C & M Crafts Pattern Site
Chained Links An On-Line Crochet Pattern Archive
Converting Patterns Between Knit and Crochet
CPers Recycling Contest
Craft Patterns - CROCHET
Crochet Hooks
Five Crochet Edging Patterns
Google Search crochet brim hat ch sc
Google Search snowflake fridgie ch
House of White Birches -- Thank You!
Illusion Sandals
Mi Rinconcito Links
MSN Site Search Result for - crochet
Patterns List Page One
Pineapple Motif Step by Step How to
Sterling Fibers, Inc. - d.b.a. Sterling Performance Fibers
stitch abbrv.

x Tatting, Info, Doll, Odd buying info Crochet With Style Fun-To-Make Sweaters for All Seasons
Amy's Tatted Bookmark Pattern - Mielke's Farm
Aunt Mary's Mill Ends
Aussie Jean's Toy Knitting Patterns
Barkas Farm Handspinning Knitting Weaving Supplies Patterns Yarn
Bev's Snuggly dolly
Butterflake x-mas
Creative-- K&C&TAT
Crochet Hook Conversion Chart - Courtesy of Dana Anderson
Crochet Tags
Crystal Weave
Dreams of Lace Pattern Surfer
Dreams of Lace Tatting Links
Dreams of Lace Tatting tips
Duct Tape Dummy
Fibrearts online Index
Forever Roses
Francy's Crafts Page
Google Search vest and ch and dc
Granny's Garret
hated Snood pattern
I Crochet It With MoEZ Afghan Crochet
I.O.L.I. Homepage
Index of Doll Crochet Patterns!
Kid's Corner - Monthly Project
Kinesiology The Tool For Testing
Martin's Yarns
MaryM's Original Daisy Bullion Edging,tatting with crochet hook, crochet tatting
Memaw Sweet Babies . machine made cloth dolls, country, bear
My Links Page
MyrrhSea Fiber Craft
Nancie's Nigel the Clown
Once Upon A Pattern - How to Make a Mend Knitting
Online Tatting Class
Pretty Treasure Box Crafters Community A place for crafters to learn, share an
Retail COLORED Duct Tape, Gaffer Tape, Reflective Tape, Vinyl Tape, Masking Tape
Roly Poly Penguin
search crochet,
Sewing Tips, Guides: Crocheting, Knitting, Quilting, Needlepoint
Skein Lane Home Page
Stars and Stripes from Plymouth Yarn
Stories.Com June's (pjune) Item List
Susan Bates
Tags For Afghan Squares To Print (Crochet...Gotta Love (Crochet...Gotta Love It!
Tattered (Tatting, lace)
Tatting with a Crochet Hook
Techniques and Abbreviations
The Art of Irish Lacemaking
The Crochet Cottage - Home
This 'n' Tat - Pattern Library and Archive
Vintage and Modern Day Crochet Hooks
WebRing: hub
Yahoo! Groups : BrazilianDimensionalEmbroidery
x Allies
Alex Chiu's Eternal Life Device
Essential Oils- Floracopeia
Palm Therapy ~ Seminars

x SCA & Historical
Amer. Histrcl Embrdery
Atlantian Links: Embrdery & Ndlewrk
Blackwork and cross stitch kits and charts by Carol Leather
BMMT - Needlelace
Bobbin lace
dilettante's Nalbinding
Estonian Knitting Techniques
Homemade Electrolyte Solution
How to Cast on&Knit st- w/ pics
Johanna's all Ndlewrk Sts
Kiara's Naalbinding Page
Linda Hendrickson Tablet Weaving and Ply-Split Braiding
Lollipops! By Homespun Spindles
Lori's Lace Fairy lace pages
Netting - How to
PDF: Oslo St Nalbinding primer
Recovery Recipe decisions :
SCA nut- cro/sprang & blog link
Socks of Nalbinding
Stefan's Florilegium Archive
Tammy's Threads
The Armour Archive :: View topic - Sneak peek at new helm kit (large download)
The Tangled Web-lacemkr
Victorian Era fashion
Viking Craft - Sprang Harrisville Highland Style Yarn - Worsted 2ply - 1/2 lb cone

x Fanfic's
852 Prospect: bad sentinel!
852 Prospect: The Sentinel Adult Fiction Archive
A Wolf Story
Becky's Ep Transcripts for The Sentinel
Brighid's Reading Room
Complete Kingdom of Slash
Dreaming of Sentinels
Faux Paws Productions: 'The Sentinel'
Fox's Den
Freedom of Speech
Griffin sentinel
Heliopolis: SG-1 FanFic Archive
Massive link hunt
Natalie's Writing Nook
O'Club officers fanfiction
psychic realm - Signup
Random Bits: Tangent
Sentinel slash Episodes
SG-1 FanFic Archives
Six times a day
Skeeter's Slash Index
Slash Slut's Recs
Stargate SG-1: Ep Transcripts
Stargate slash
The Bard's Den!
The DANCING Universe
Versaphile SGrecs
Winds-of-Dawn slash
Y McCool

x Priority Forums: Totality

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