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x Women's Health

x Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Treatment Guide
HPV Vaccine

x Breast Feeding
Breast Feeding Basics

x Female Cancers

x Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Risk
Pregnancy Tips
Birth Control
x Patient Information

x General Information
Health Finder
Health A to Z
AAFP Handouts

x Pediatric Information
AAP Handouts
Asthma Stoplight
Tylenol/Ibuprofen Dosing

x Geriatric Information
Dementia Screening
Geriatric Depression Scale
x Nutrition Information
DASH diet recipies
Diabetic Recipes
Mediterranean Diet
DASH diet information
Cholesteral Lowering Diet
Menu Planner
New American Plate
Portfolio diet - chol lowering
Heart healthy recipes
Medical Nutrition Handbook

x Alternative Medicine
Netti Pot Instructions
Fish Oil Information
NIH General Information
Develop a personal plan

x Rest and Relax
Geriatric Depression Scale
Depression Screening

x Headache
Headaches during Pregnancy
Headache Diary
x Medication Information
x Preventative Health
USPSTF guidelines
Screening calculator

x Smoking Cessation
Quit Calendar
Save Money

x Heart Health
BMI Calculator - Men
BMI Calculator - Women
Cholesterol Risk Calculator
x Physical Therapy Exercises
Shoulder Pain
Low Back Pain
Knee Pain
Tennis Elbow
Iliotibial Band Syndrome
Shin Splints
Shoulder Impingement

x Dermatology
Patient Information- Dermnet
Cleveland Clinic Search

x Musculoskeletal
Knee/Shoulder Exam
Office Ergonomics
x Disabilities Medicine
Family Village
Deaf Information
Special Olympics
x Immunization Guidelines
Childhood Immunization Schedule
Adult Immunization Schedule
Catch-up Immunization Schedule

x Translations

x Travel Information
CDC guidelines

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