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The most useful links in my pages would have to the ELECTRIC BICYCLES (listed as Bikes),HOVERCRAFT,SEARCH ENGINES, and for those of you who "travel on the cheap" check out my TRAVEL section.
x Legal
Internet Legal Research Group
Advocates for Justice, Liberty & Freedom
Tenants rights and resources
The Tenants Union

x Social Change

x Activisim/Organizing
Christiania- a co-intelligent experimental
Consensus Process
Dynamic Facilitation/Choice-creating
Hollyhock Leadership Institute
Intentional community
Non-violent action sponsorship
Portland Alliance of Worker Collectives
Principles of Community Organizing Trainings
Ran Prieur's Columns
Ran Prieur's Zines Online
Sociocratic Organization
States of Surveillance
Volunteer Match

x Communication
Family Constellations
Planetwork Journal
Puget Sound Network for Compassionate Communication
All in the Family
ONE/Northwest (Online Networking for the Environment)
The Film Connection (film lending)
Wiki Reference Material

x Environment
Festivals & Events
Green Financial
Light Weight Camping Gear
Local Currencies

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