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x [GATB] Gov. Account. [BUDGETS]
VOTE - Who Should Be TIME's Person of the Year 2012? - VOTE
Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama position on the Economy (29 issues) obamaromney
Santa's Dashboard - Tracker
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
How Can Anybody Think?
Washington DC
U.S. National Debt Clock - Complete Version : Real Time
US National Debt Clocks - Zfacts
The Debt to the Penny and Who Holds It - Treasury Direct
[United States Federal debt overview 2012-13] Google
National Debt - Just Facts
Analytical Perspectives, Budget of the United States Government, FY 2013 - OMB
Budget Of The U.S. Government, Fy 2012 ,pg 448 - OMB
Analytical Perspectives, Budget of the United States Government, FY 2011, pg 417
[US Debt per capita] Google News
Government - Debt Position and Activity Report - Treasury Direct
US National Debt and Deficit History - *usgovernmentrevenue
An Interactive History of the U.S. Debt Ceiling - Fool (12/18/12)
Top 10 Economic Charts of 2012 - Real Time Economics - WSJ (12/21/12)
2012: The Year in Graphs - WashPost (12/27/12)
Why $16.4 trillion debt isn't enough - 1 - - MSN Money (1/09/13)

[duplication of federal agencies] Google
Government Accountability and Transparency Board -
Improving Performance and Making Government More Accountable - OMB - White House
[medicare cuts 2013] Google News
[why government programs wont die] Google
Policy Basics: Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go? - CBPP (8/13/12)

[obama budget 2014 review] Bing
[payment on deficit reduction] Google News
An agency-by-agency guide to Obama’s proposed budget for fiscal 2014
Obama proposes 1 percent raise for federal employees - WP (4/10/13)
...2014 Budget — Holding Ground for HUD in Tight Times (Housing Choice Voucher

[What caused the federal DEBT] Google
Debt Distribution - Treasury Direct
Government Receipts and Outlays Indicators (All Econ Indicators) YCharts
HERE’S WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE ECONOMY… (And How To Fix It) {6:25} Yahoo
Central government debt, total (% of GDP) - World Bank

U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee (JEC)
Senate Budget Committee
Committee on the Budget - Senate Videos
United States federal budget - Wiki
Committee on the Budget: U.S. House of Representatives
[House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan] Google
[super committee] Reuters
[Super Committee] CNBC Archive
[super committee] Reuters
For Supercommittee, Partial Failure is an Option - Fox (11/15/11)

Federal Employment by State - GovLoop
Government Jobs By area Code
Federal Employees by Congressional District and County (2010)
US Per Capita Government Spending
BlackRock's suggestions [VGK, EWA ENZL,VWO, FRN] MSN Chart
Divd And Intern ETFs For The U.S. Fiscal Cliff - Seeking (10/17/12)

*Member_News -
Certainty - Wiki
[Uncertainty] Google
[How Uncertainty Affects Investment Spending] Google
[Mitch McConnell (R: Senate Minority leader) fiscal cliff] Google News
[Harry Reid (D: Senate majority leader) fiscal cliff] Google News
[debt super committee panel] Google News
[Senator Dick Durbin Majority Whip] Google News
12 members..take a clear two‐part pledge -Common Cause Letters (8/04/11)
[Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction] Google
Government Accountability and Transparency Board] Google News
>>?>[Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction vs Government Accountability an
Government Accountability and Transparency Board Budget Cuts] Google News
[Earl E. Devaney – Chairman, Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board] G
[W. Scott Gould GATB] Google
[Daniel R. Levinson GATB] Google
[Daniel I. Werfel GATB] Google
[Neal S. Wolin GATB] Google
Who's who on the US deficit super committee - CSMonitor (9/08/11)
Feedoo News

[Nancy Pelosi Appointees] Google
Health costs in San Francisco Bay Area jump highest-in-nation 7.4 percent - Bizj
[James E. Clyburn] Google News
[Xavier Becerra] Google News
[Chris Van Hollen] Google News

[United States Federal budget overview 2012-13] Google
[debt ceiling] Quintura
[debt ceiling] Google News
Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2011 Through 2021 - CBO
[government budget cuts] Google
Federal Deficit Reduction Plan Comparison Tool - CRFB
>>>>> Federal Deficit Reduction Plan Comparison Tool - CRFB
[budget deficit] Google News
[federal deficit plans] Google News
[Federal Budget cuts tax increases] Google
Gang Of Six Deficit Plan: Executive Summary - KHN (7/19/11)
[fiscal cliff recession] Google
[country of inaction] Google
[How to solve fiscal cliff problem] Google
[Federal Budget cuts tax increases] Google
[Democrats Republicans tax cuts increase] Google
Federal Tax Brackets - Money Chimps
[Obama Romney US Government Debt] Google
[What caused the federal fiscal crisis] Google
[Entitlements Fiscal Cliff] Google
[Cut Entitlements Cut Government Debt] Google News
[Entitlements Fiscal Cliff] Google News
[market index news fiscal cliff] Google News
[deleveraging paying back writing off of debt] Google NEWS
[automatic spending cuts of 10% sequestration] Google
[Rep Adam Smith federal budget] Google
[supercommittee] Washington Post
US Budget Alert - Home
[Moody's US Rating Tax-Cut] Google
Washington Monthly - home
Analytical Perspectives, Budget of the United States Government, FY 2013 - OMB
[Regressive tax] Silo breaker

Departments -

Department of Defense
CIA > Defense Secretary [Leon Panetta] Google News
[Secretary of Defense Panetta] Google
Federal Civilian Employment (DoD) OPM
[Department of Defense Budget cuts] Google
[spending cuts food stamps bombs] Google News
United States - Country profiles - AlertNet/Reuters
Hagel Notes Sequester’s ‘Particular Pain’ for Civilians (furlough is pay c
Defending defense, in part - WashPost (2/22/13)
Understand the sequester in 59 seconds (22 days)
Defending defense, in part - WashPost (2/22/13)
Top 10 Myths of the Jobs Argument Against Military Cuts - IPS (8/14/12)
Cyber Effort Under Way to Safeguard Infrastructure (under Homeland Security)
Panetta Spells Out DOD Roles in Cyberdefense (supports Homeland Sec) (10/11/12)
DOD Adopts New Rules for Defending US in Cyberspace (10/15/12)
Top 10 Myths of the Jobs Argument Against Military Cuts - IPS (8/14/12)
Navy Fires Off Its New Weaponized Railgun - Wired (2/28/12)
[Navy electromagnetic railgun] Google
Cheyenne Mountain Resort - Expedia
! Budget cuts ripple beyond defense... - Reuters (4/05/13)
Fiscal Year 2013 Defense Budget {*1:21:30} C-Span (1/26/12)
PDF] Overview - FY2012 Defense Budget - Office of the Under Secretary ... comptr
President's 2012 Budget for the Department of Defense (DOD)
Defense Department budget cuts for fiscal year 2013 {4:30} C-Span Audio (1/26/12
[Defense Department budget cuts] Google
Army Budget Cuts 2013] Google
[Air Force Budget Cuts 2013] Google
[Navy Budget Cuts 2013] Google
[F-22 Raptor cost over runs] Google
Despite $65 Billion Investment, World’s Most Costly Jet Still Grounded (8/17/1
American Company Uses 3D Printer to Make Gun Parts {1:16} MilTimes
Report calls on Pentagon to prepare for possible debt-limit deal spending cuts -
Fiscal Year 2013 Army budget: Good - Bad - Ugly - AUSU
Simpson and Bowles: Obamacare, Defense Spending Must Be Cut (11/16/12)
The Implications of the Debt Deal - TheNation (8/04/11)

Cybersecurity - Homeland Security
[Homeland Security budget cuts] Google

Department of Justice
Budget and Performance - Justice
[US Department of Justice operating budget cuts] Google News
Department of Justice fiscal year 2013 budget {1:40:25} C-Span (3/08/12)
[US Department of Labor operating budget cuts] Google News
[US Department of Treasury operating budget cuts] Google
[FBI Budget 2014] Google

Social Security Moifications
[lower social security inflation adjustments chained CPI] Google
[Social Security Modifications] Google
[Commerce Department’s personal consumption expenditure (PCE) index] Google
Compare ..Pers Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Price Index (chain) with CPI - BEA
2013 The Real Inflation Rate and What to Do About It - Equities (3/29/13)
A better stat for inflation - The Washington Post (11/25/12)

BLS 2013 Sequestration Information - BLS (updated)
[sequester whining] Google
[sequester 2013] Google News
Pres. Obama in Virginia to Discuss the Sequester {5:15} {30:35} C-Span (2/26/13)
The Government’s Sequester Sob Story - USNews (3/22/13)
Cold Opening: Sequester {4:13} SNL/hulu
The Downside of Information (curr, austerity catast cuts) {4:13} Casey (3/22/13)
Sequestration Deadline: What Investors Need to Know - Equities (2/28/13)
A Graphic Guide to the Sequester - ProPub (2/28/13)
White House lists what states can expect under threatened budget cuts - ArcaMax
Average Americans are feeling pain (in effect, a 20 percent pay cut) ArcaMax (2/

[Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction] Google News
Super Committee Members
[Max Baucus chairman Senate Finance Committee] Google News
[senators deficit panel] Google News
[John Kerry Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction] Google News
[Patty Murray Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction] Google News

[This Week in Poverty] The Nation archive
[Obama Economic Plan] Google
[Obama corporation foreign earnings] Google
[free market capitalism subsidies] Google
[Obama corporate taxes] Google
[average food stamp snap benefit] Google
Hungry in America: .....Starvation Amid Plenty (min wage 2015 perpetuation) {2:2
KDS ['mother of all evil is speculation leveraged debt'] Google
The Mother of All Evil is Speculation - Indexingblog (9/27/10)
[minimum wage increase 2015 present value] Google
Grand Old Parity - Sheila C. Bair/New York Times (2/26/13)
[wealth effect] Google
Entitlements Scare Tactics - Baseline Scenario (12/03/12)
[Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security spending] Google News
Year-end clock ticking down on hope of new Farm Bill - Agriview (12/13/12)
[Whos creating jobs INC] Google
Who Really Creates the Jobs? - INC (10/01/12)
Plan to Raise Estate Tax Divides Democrats - WSJ (11/30/12)
Super-Rich to Congress: Tax Us When We're Dead - CNBC (12/11/12)
A better stat for inflation - The Washington Post (11/25/12)
Why a new inflation gauge will hurt seniors - Reuters (12/19/12)
[Elizabeth Warren filibuster] Google News
[Elizabeth Warren Said] Google
Elizabeth Warren - Wiki
[Elizabeth Warren] CNBC Archive
Quotes of Will Rogers
It's a Trap! - Casey Research (12/14/12)

[stopgap spending bill 2012] Google
[Federal Debt as % of GDP] Google News
[Federal Debt GDP] Google
[CBO Baseline Federal Debt as % of GDP] Google News
[CBO current policy alternative Federal Debt as % of GDP] Google News
[Fiscal Commission Federal Debt as % of GDP] Google News
One Chart ...Must See (Federal Debt as % of GDP) - CommHQ (7/20/12)

So What's the Deal With the Fiscal Cliff? - About (11/12/12)
[Fiscal Cliff] Google
[Fiscal Cliff: Congress to the Rescue? Don't bet on it!] Google
[Budget Control Act of 2011] Google News
[Fiscal cliff Have Cake Eat It Too] Google
A Citizen’s Guide to the Fiscal Year 2011 Financial Report of the United State
[Fiscal Cliff] NYTimes Archive
[fiscal cliff dollar oil] Google Search
[austerity cliff] Google News
The Fiscal Cliff, In 31/2 Graphics (coming taxes & cuts) NPR Planet Money (9/20/
Eight causes of the deficit 'fiscal cliff.' (10/17/12)
Fiscal Cliff: Congress to the Rescue? Don't bet on it! - M&M (
Fiscal Cliff is no reason to ditch your dividend stocks (vs ?) MIC (12/18/12)
What is the Fiscal Cliff? - About
The Fiscal Cliff: A Primer - Greg Mankiw's Blog (11/02/12)
Congress' plate full beyond 'fiscal cliff' - UPI (11/13/12)
The Absolute Moron’s Guide to the Fiscal Cliff - NYMag (11/12/12)
So What's the Deal With the Fiscal Cliff? - About (11/12/12)

All C-SPAN Video Schedules
*C-SPAN Networks LIVE
Super Committee Archive - C-SPAN A
C-SPAN Radio Schedule

Super Committee Videos -
[Super Committee] CNBC Archive
Confused (take your time) Baseline (9/20/11)

Fed Chairman Appears Before House Cmte.....{3:01:00} {3:07:12} CSpan (2/27/13)
Pres. Obama on Middle Class Tax Cuts {12:12} C-Span (11/28/12)
D Sen. Durbin Discusses the 'Fiscal Cliff' {43:59} C-Span (11/28/12)
House Republicans Hold Meetings on 'Fiscal Cliff' {10:18} C-Span (11/28/12)
House Democrats Hold Meetings on 'Fiscal Cliff' {29:33} C-Span (11/28/12)
Applying Lessons Learned from 1990 Budget Impasse to the 'Fiscal Cliff' {1:54:07
Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles Address 'Fiscal Cliff' {1:01:19} C-Span (11/28/1
JEC hearing on debt reduction - c-span (9/20/11)
Deficit 'Super Committee' Holds First Hearing {2:44:18} CSpan (9/13/11)
Super Committee Inaugural Meeting {2:35} CNBC (9/08/11)

Videos -
Live TV - Bloomberg
Bloomberg Finance Video News - MIC
Linchpin - Season 4 | Episode 416 | - ABC.go (2/20/2012)
'Castle' Linchpin (2012) - IMDb ($1.99, $2.99HD)
Santorum: Obama ruthless, manipulating and scaring public {6:30} Fox (3/01/13)
Obama...struggling with accuracy.. of sequester cuts {5:20} Fox (3/02/13)
The Forgotten Land of Pleasant Living - IID (1/11/13
Clutch - Land Of Pleasant Living {4:10} YouTube (7/30/08)
'Are You Guys Just Incompetent, Or What?' {3:42} CNBC (12/20/12)
The Science of Productivity {3:15} YouTube (12/12/12)
Cashin: 95% Recession Chance If No 'Cliff' Deal {2:09} CNBC (12/24/12)
Cashin: 95% Recession Chance If No 'Cliff' Deal {2:09} CNBC (12/24/12)
Federal Employees and the Fiscal Cliff {47:46} C-Span (12/17/12)
Federal Government Modernization {1:43:37} C-Span (12/17/12)
SEC Rule 10b5-1 - Wiki
Herb's Outrage: Insider Trading and It's Legal! {1:40-10b5-1}{4:49} CNBC (12/29/
*Santelli_(to 12/31/12) ..disagrees w/ Buffett (1/01/13 to 12/31/..99) {2:50} CN
Wealthy Prepare For 'Fiscal Cliff' Tax Increases (current rate diff) {4:19} CNBC
Rivlin on 'Fiscal Cliff' Negotiations {8:15} CNBC (11/29/12)
Political comeback kids are starting over - WP (11/18/12)
Cramer: 1000-Point Drop 'Solution' for 'Cliff' {3:50} CNBC (11/28/12)
(Rise above) CEOs Arrive in Washington to Talk 'Fiscal Cliff' {1:55} CNBC (11/28
CPAs Look at Financial Health of the Federal Gov't - C-Span (8/21/12)
Barry Anderson talked about the .'fiscal cliff,' {56:03} C-Span
What the Economic Crisis Really Means... (12:25) YouTube (8/29/12)
Stop the Madness: A Recipe to Jump-Start the Global Economy {36:06}{33:09} Grazi
Company Spending Cuts, Blame the Cliff? {1:45} {7:20} CNBC (11/19/12)
Super Committee Concerns Grow {7:53} CNBC Video (11/08/11)
[GATB Government Accountability and Transparency Board] Fox Archive
[GATB Government Accountability and Transparency Board] Google Video
Dems Pick Debt Committee Members {:40} CNBC Video (8/11/11)
'Real American Panel' on Debt Deal {6:13} Fox News (8/03/11)

1) Yield-Seeker's Dilemma; 2) Buying in Bulk Is for the Rich - Casey (3/29/13)
Navigating the Fiscal Cliff - Morningstar Archive
Div Disc Model Overview (Gordon Growth Model)
oops Yum! Brands, Inc. (YUM) - Yahoo
4) Sell cash secured puts
The Fiscal Cliff and its Impact to your Port (Div Disc Model) - DivMonk (11/14/1

Editorials,Columns,Op-Eds ,Business Class,Echoes,The Ticker,World View-Bloom Vie
About - Understanding Fiscal Responsibility
[DEF..VXX] How to Build a Sky is Falling Portfolio - CommHQ (9/05/12)
Bring Back Ronald Reagan's Tax Rates - Politicus USA (6/13/11)
The Curse of Leadership - Bill Bonner Diary (2/22/13)
On the Road to Zero (gdp) Growth...Grantham (1/4 ly Letter) (Storm Watch/finan.s
Downsizing the Federal Government - Cato
Deficit talks will test the GOP focus on tax rates - Yahoo (11/12/12)
Brief Review Of International Dividend ETFs Ahead Of The Fiscal Cliff (11/19/12)
Investing: Will tax hikes hurt dividend stocks?
The Underground Recovery (jobs) - NewYorker (4/29/13)
Low prices sound great but someone in places like Bangladesh has to pay-G&M(4/29
Fixing the Obamas' Finances - FinPlanning (4/25/13)
Is government making humans obsolete? It just might be (4/12/13)
[Pay raise compared furloughs compared pay cut full time work] Google
DoD civilian furloughs expected to start in April - DOD Buzz (1/28/13)
Pay raise on way out, furloughs on way in - Fed Eye (3/19/13)
Ryan Gets 66% of His Budget Cuts from Programs for..Low or Moderate Incomes - CB
Ryan sets stage for a budget duel, targets health-care law - Post (3/12/13)
The Ryan budget, in one chart - Post (3/12/13)
Paul Ryan’s budget: Social engineering with a side of deficit reduction (3/12/
Is the Ryan budget bad politics? (3/12/13)
[This Week in Poverty] Nation Archive
This Week in Poverty: 'A Place at the Table' and 'American Winter' - Nation (3/0
Tax Expenditure Reform: ...Needed Deficit Reduction - CBPP (2/27/13)
How Big Are the Automatic “Sequestration” Cuts Scheduled for March 1? - CBPP
Welcome....Government to the Rescue - Casey (1/04/13)
Gravity Glue: Balanced Rock Sculpture by Michael Grab - Bambi (12/07/12)
Gravity Glue - Home
Gravity Glue (Michael Grab) - You tube
Country Comparison > Unemployment rate - Mundi
[VNM..EWS] 5 ETFs for Countries with Highest Employment Rates - Zacks (12/28/12)
[United States federal measured unemployment] Google
Higher Taxes for All: The Dems' Terrible Fallback Plan for the Fiscal Cliff (12/
Without Unemployment Extension, Millions to Lose Benefits - WSJ (12/22/12)
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (A Fiscal Story)
US economy could withstand brief fall off ‘cliff’ {1;10} AZCentral (12/13/12
The G.O.P.’s Existential Crisis - NYT Op-Ed (12/13/12)
Karl Rove’s Dark Money Group Promised IRS... - ProPublica (12/14/12)
Peak Oil or Peak Energy? (Get a Job) A Happy Solution - Investorsinsight (12/10/
Monster Black Hole Is Biggest Ever Found - Space (11/28/12)
Deflation Threatens Stock Investors, Economy - About
...If You Want to Help the Poor and the Middle Class,- ZeroHedge (9/18/12)
'A top authority on poverty has changed his mind ...IPS (8/13/12)
How to Rejuvenate Your Small Business After a Financial Setback - About (12/05/1
Unconventional Wisdom - Foreign Policy (Jan/2011)
Should the retirement age be lower, not higher? (1/14/11)
Property Tax Rates (Taxable Value) New York City
$95 Million Mansion in the Sky {1:16} CNBC (11/30/12)
Paul Ryan’s political capital rides on ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations - WP (1
analogizing - Cash Flow Financing: Is it the Way to Operate? - B2C (11/20/12)
The New American Dream: ...Young Upstarts (8/30/12)
Fiscal Cliff, Taxmageddon, Sequestration - What Does It All Mean? (11/19/12)
Misconceptions and Realities About Who Pays Taxes - CBPP
Downsizing the Federal Government - Cato
Deficit talks will test the GOP focus on tax rates - Yahoo (11/12/12)
Brief Review Of International Dividend ETFs Ahead Of The Fiscal Cliff (11/19/12)
How Much Debt Is Too Much? - Foundry (7/25/12)
Investing: Will tax hikes hurt dividend stocks?
Deficits, Debts and Demagogues - Wolff (4/12/12)
How Much Would the Obama Budget Reduce the Deficit? Part 2 - CBPP
One Big Reason to Thank Our Do-Nothing Congress - Insider Fortunes (11/22/11)
Why Doing Nothing Would Reduce Deficits by $7.1 Trillion (11/17/11)
What the Super Committee Failure Could Mean For You - Forbes (11/22/11)
For Supercommittee, Partial Failure is an Option - Fox (11/15/11)
‘Supercommittee’ members raised political money while being chosen for panel
Debt ceiling: 10 lessons beyond that crisis - WashPost (7/29/11)
$16 muffins? Federal report details costly conferences - MSNBC (9/21/11)
The Consequences of Austerity - Behind The Numbers blog (4/14/11)
CBO to debt committee: Cutting now could hurt - CNN (9/13/11)
Business to U.S. deficit panel: tackle taxes, Medicare - Fox (8/16/11)
Debt supercommittee lacks diversity - WashPost (8/14/11)
Senate's Baucus in deficit super committee trio - Reuters (8/09/11)
Why a U.S. Default Will Be a Good Thing - Monday Morning (8/11/11)
Debt panel members prompt doubts - AP (8/10/11)
Republican tax hardliners on US debt super panel - Reuters (8/10/11)
Republicans reveal *picks for debt super committee - CBS News Hotsheet (8/10/11)
Factbox: Top contenders for deficit super committee - Reuters (8/08/11)
Do Tax Increases Kill Job Creation? - Yahoo (7/07/11)
The U.S. National Debt: How Bad is the Problem? - Welker’s Wikinomics (2/22/11
White House Launches Government Accountability and Transparency Board..-WH Relea
Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 - Answers (
Want a Stronger Democracy? Invest in Education - NYTimes (11/03/09)
All Debt is Not Created Equal: Government Debt is NOT the Same as ...(10/28/09)

The Ten Evils (Part One) (insolence & overconfidence) Simple $ (8/01/11)
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Chapter One - Critical Thinking - Skepdic
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*Insufficient data
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'Lincoln' Tops All Movies With 12 Oscar Nominations - PBS (1/10/13)
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Was Slavery Unprofitable in the Ante-Bellum South?(pp. 62-64) - JSTOR
The Black Slave Owners
The African presence and survival in America, a story of interest to all(NY: 164
The Big Disappointment. The economic consequences of the abolition of slavery in
Oscar Race Heats Up {R:4:33} {5:06} CNBC (1/11/13)

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VirtTour: Wall Street, New York City
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24 Fundamentals of Market Bottoms - Seeking (8/07/8)
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Nasdaq COMP Bottom 1,268.64 (3/09/09

NYSE COMP Record Close: 10,301.49 (10/12/07)
Stronger Accountability Means Stronger Markets. - NYSE
PowerShares QQQ Ticker to Change From QQQQ to QQQ - InvestorsHub (3/22/11)
[QQQ] Nasdaq (100 index) shift to lighten Apple's weighting - CET (4/05/11)
[QQQ] ETF Snapshot - for PowerShares QQQ Trust Series 1 -
Why Did QQQQ drop a Q to Become QQQ? - MarketBeat - WSJ (3/23/11)
5 ETFs to Play the NASDAQ -- S. A. (12/23/09)
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Actor Sean Connery rings the opening bell at NYSE {1:06} CNBC (5/17/12)

Daily Profit Blog - Wyatt Investment Research
S&P 500 Record Close: 1,594.26 (4/30/13) 1,565.15 (10/09/07)

S&P 500 Bottom: 676.53 (3/09/09)
1,106.42 {-106.85} -8.81% (9/29/08)
S&P 500's Best and Worst Months of May Since 1928 - Bespoke (4/30/13)
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How the Dow and S&P 500 ETFs Stack Up - S Alpha (4/21/09)
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S&P Approaching Big Gains? {2:45} CNBC (1/30/12)
Cramer on the 'Golden Cross' {1:14} CNBC (1/30/12)

2008 Fortune 500 {1000} Full List
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The Fastest Doubling of the S&P 500 Since the Great Depression! - M&M (2/23/11)

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>Correction Not Done..: Santoli (josh brown, guy adami and joe terra nova) {13:1

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Russell 2000 Bottom: 343.26 (3/09/09)
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Asset Allocation Portfolios Using 5 Closed-End Funds - Seeking (12/09/11)
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Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13B - Bloomberg (11/27/11)
Adventures In Fact-Checking, GOP Debate Edition…- *EDIWM (9/08/11)
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Who Likes Ben Bernanke? These Guys...- Inside Investing (5/10/12)
Central Banks Printing Money ‘Like Gangbusters’ Will Fuel Inflation - Money
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Inflation Formula Critics: 'Real' Rate Over 10%, Unemployment Tops 20% - M.N. (4
The *Billion Prices Project @ MIT - Home
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(3/02/12) Remember, the Money Has to Go Somewhere! - M&M
(5/04/12) Lessons from the Paul vs. Paul Debate - Casey
Day One of the Dollar Collapse - Prepare Now or Miss Your Chance {7:08} YouTube
Topics included inflation and unemployment, reform of Social Security and Medica
Semi-annual Report - House Fin. Serv.Comm. (Bernanke,Paul) {3:00:42} C-Span (3/0
Quantitative Easing Explained {6:48} Wall Street Window (11/13/10)
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[FLAT, IEF, TLT] Three ETFs For 'Operation Twist' - Seeking (9/21/11)
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Operation Twist: A Primer {1:31} Smart Money (9/21/11)

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Shares of DryShips and Eagle Bulk Shipping Skyrocket in January as Baltic Dry In
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Region’s Top Leaders Named at the 10th CNBC Asia Business Leaders Awards (11/2
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100 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Economy - Fool (7/17/12)
.Double-Dip Recession a Foregone Conclusion: Roubini - CNBC (10/11/11)
6 things you'll pay more for in 2012 - CNN (1/10/12)
Business Back to Normal in Industrial REIT Sector - REIT (12/29/11)
Roubini: US Rebound a 'Fairy Tale,' Stocks to Fall - Money News (7/20/12)
U.S. Recession - ECRI (9/30/11)
Gross Says Recession Risk Overtaking New Normal Forecast - Bloomberg (10/03/11)
2008–2012 global recession - Wikipedia
IMF Global Growth Forecast {4:12} CNBC (9/20/11)
Recession Officially Over; US Incomes Kept Falling - CNBC (10/10/11)
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Belief in Economic Opportunity Unites Americans Across Ethnic/Racial Lines - PR
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Should We Celebrate a Decline in Global Poverty? - Counter Punch (3/16/12)
Basic Capabilities Index 2011 - STWR (10/21/11)
Inflation a danger for safe havens - FT (8/21/11)
The Deflationary Scenario {:} Wavetrack (6/07/10)
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[JO CAFE] Coffee ETFs Rise After Smucker Cuts Prices - ETF Trends (8/16/11)
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NIA Exposes Debt Ceiling Truth - PRNews (7/30/11)
BofA, Wells economists: Good chance of double dip _Phoenix BJ (8/09/11)
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(2/16/12) Orders Take Off After ...Designer Out of a Clutch - WSJ
Consumers Won’t Save the Economy: Economists - CNBC (9/29/11)
Blog Category: Consumer Spending - Commerrce
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(Math or) Western Civilisation: Decline – or Fall? - Outside the Box (3/05/12)
serious> Waving the White Flag (Europe) Mauldin (5/12/12)
European Financial Contagion Woes Affect Dow Jones (11/10/11)
The Beginning Of The End Game (The New Religion of Europe-middle) Bus Insider (7
[eurozone crisis] Google News
Talent Management When the Old Outnumber the Young - Harvard (3/14/12)
Japan Parties Reach Tax Deal (8%-2014,10%-2015) WSJ (6/15/12)
[countries europe financial contagion crisis] Google News
Venezuela Cracks under Pressure, Currency Plummets by 32% - I.C. (2/13/13)
[EU debt] Reuters Archive
(8/14/12) Who's Buying Europe's Debt? (ponzi 3:30} {6:21} CNBC
Santelli's Morning Bond Update Archive - CNBC
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[Art Cashin] CNBC Archive
(6/01/12) Overcapacity for Negative View on China (What Overcapacity?) WSJ
Failed U.S. Deals Stir Tensions With China {5:28} WSJ (10/18/12)
(4/03/12)] .. Winning Bet on the Top 5 Global Mkts of 2012
Havana Nights - Casey (5/01/10)
(3/03/12) Europe Is Now Creating Big Unintended Consequences...- Business Inside
{19:45} [The more education they have the ..they are to get a job] Google
Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF (Greece) {22:52} Charlie Rose
Talent Management When the Old Outnumber the Young - Harvard (3/14/12)
Five ways the European debt crisis could affect the U.S. - USAToday (10/27/11)
4 Possible Outcomes For The Eurozone In 2012 - Forbes (12/05/11)
Should We Celebrate a Decline in Global Poverty? - Counter Punch (3/16/12)
Basic Capabilities Index 2011 - STWR (10/21/11)
(7/07/12) Bashing China won't fix U.S. economy: U.S. expert -
[China’s money supply] Google News

[QE Gold] Google

Bonds -
Hedge Funds Looking to Profit at Your Expense -- Again! - IFII (1/13/12)
Cash Or Bonds:..... (What is an investor to do?) Seeking (6/17/12)
[fed announcement today] Google News
[corporation senior secured notes] Google
[senior secured notes] CNBC Archive
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Cash Or Bonds:..... (What is an investor to do?) Seeking (6/17/12)
Everything You Need to Know about Inflation- Dash of Insight (2/16/11)
Where to Find Shelter if Deflation Takes Hold - NYT (8/29/10)
>Deconstructing One of CNBC's Model ETF Portfolios - Seeking (5/18/10)
CNBC Global Sideways Market Portfolio - CNBC
Inflation-indexed bond - Wiki
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities - Bogleheads
[Municipal Bonds] Google News
[country bonds] Google News

Treasury Bonds - Treasury direct
>>First Crack Emerges in Bond Funds…{1:27>4:00} InvestmentU (4/01/12)
[TLT] [iShares 20 yr Bond ETF] Google News
[TLT] iShares Trust Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund - MkyWch
[TLT] News Archive - ETF Trends
[10 yr bond yield 1.97 > 2.23] Google
[10 yr treasury bond] Google
[individual bonds treasury] Google
[SHY] iShares Barclays 1-3 Year Treasury Bond ETF - About
List of US Treasury Bond ETFs - About
Special Report: Navigating Higher Rates with Bond ETFs - ETF Trends (3/30/12)
How Changes in Bond Rates Affect Fixed-Income ETFs - ETF Trends (3/30/12)
About That Massive Interest Rate Rise That Was Supposed to Destroy Bonds - WSJ (
Bond ETFs for Rising Interest Rates - Street (3/26/12)

[AGG,BND,LAG,MIN,SCHZ (n/aTRXT)] MSN Chart Compare
Savers Stuck With Recovery Bill (safe options are limited) WSJ (8/14/11)
Bond Market Defies Fed - WSJ (11/16/10)
3 Places to Hide in the Bond Market‎ - Smart Money (2/02/11)
A Fixed Income View on the Markets {4:55} CNBC (9/29/11)
The recession? It's over, says economist - MSN (5/21/09)

For Supercommittee, Partial Failure is an Option - Fox (11/15/11)
[super committee] Reuters
[recall] Google News
[Super Committee] CNBC Archive
One Big Reason to Thank Our Do-Nothing Congress - Insider Fortunes (11/22/11)
Why Doing Nothing Would Reduce Deficits by $7.1 Trillion (11/17/11)
The 7 elections that will reshape the global economy - CNN Money (3/06/12)

MUSIC VIEW; THE METROPOLITAN'S NEW 'CARMEN' .(most famous seductress)..NYTimes (
Where are most federal employees? Not in Washington (9/12/11)
Producer Price Index news release - BLS (2/16/11)
The Billion Prices Project @ MIT Daily
History of Commodity Research Bureau (CRB)
Opinion: What Does Government Do? - AOL (2/19/11)
Wall Street Pentagon Papers Part III – Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Stil
H&R: leased to the City of New York for 20 years -
H&R REIT bites into the Big Apple - Globe (9/06/11)

Profiles of unofficial Washington (wiki style) WRG
[congressional pay cuts] Google
*MarketBeat - WSJ Daily Blog
Breaking News - DNews
FBI News Blog

Stock Ideas -
Top 30-Day United States Sector (10) (4 regions) Bloomberg
Three Stocks that Could Disappear Next Year - Wyatt (10/29/12)
Deutsche Bank's Hot Stock Plays {7:24} CNBC (10/01/12)
Domestic stocks should outperform EM stocks in February (2/05/13)
Market's Biggest Bargains? {4:03} CNBC (11/14/12)
[BBH...DRGS] Obama Victory Puts Healthcare ETFs In Focus (niche segments) ETFdb

Currency -
[us dollar strength] Google
Currencies (pairs) CNBC
[Venezuela Currency inflation] Google
Venezuela Cracks under Pressure, Currency Plummets by 32% - I.C. (2/13/13)
Zimbabweans wash dirty U.S. dollars - Wash Times (7/06/10)

Bear Market Moved to Separate Category - Col. 1

[VAW, PSJ, PJP, ROX, ITA, IHE] MSN Chart Compare
VAW,PSJ,PJP,ROX,ITA,IHE Are Seasonally Ripe To Go Down In the Next Five Weeks (1

What Is a Virtual Private Network? - About (4/12/12)
MKTWCH: Newsfinder [_____]

Education -
He's the real-life Doogie Howser! ...Daily Mail.UK (6/04/12)
Homeschooler: Sho Yano
What the West Can Learn From East Asia's Schools - WSJ (2/20/12)
[US recruiting Chinese students] Google News
Community College Offers Fast-Track for O&G Careers - Rigzone (2/13/12)
Rick Santorum: Majority of Americans don’t need a college education {see :14}
[college auto mechanic] Google
U.S. Is 'Land Of Opportunity' No More? - NPR (1/06/12)
Stop the Madness: A Recipe to Jump-Start the Global Economy {36:06}{33:09} Grazi
Peter Thiel: 21st Century Free Radical - Bloomberg (2/03/11)
[no child left behind cons pros] Google News
Senate Panel Approves Bill That Rewrites Education Law - NYT (10/21/11)
Obama School Reform Plan Relies on Big Business - Bloomberg (1/27/11)
Chinese Students Lose as U.S. Schools Exploit Need - Bloom (10/19/11)
The online Executive MBA program from Texas A&M University - Commerce

Analyst --
Analysts - CNBC Video
Financials Report Archive - CNBC
1565.15: What It Will Take to Hit Old Highs - Zacks (3/21/12)
Videos - Analyst Actions - FNN Online
[P/E ratio] Google
The American Dream... in a Beer Bottle? {6:46} IU Video (3/17/12)
What the S&P Downgrade Means for Investors {9:22} Morningstar (4/19/11)
BW: S&P Analysts' opinions on stocks in the news today

SECTORS - Industries
[Manufacturing on Solid Footing] Google
Top U.S. ETFs by Sector - Forbes
[consumer retail sales] Google News
[auto factories in Texas] Google
Bank Fund Implode-O-Meter -
[geneva motor show 2012] Google News
[chevrolet beat electric] Google
What’s ailing the Chevy Volt? - WashPost (3/04/12)
Capital IQ - Home
[XLI VIS IYJ] S&P Bullish On Select Industrials ETFs
Industry Focus: Retail Stocks - Market Intelligence Center (1/03/12)
19 Facts About The Deindustrialization Of America That Will Make You Weep (20 sl
The Plight of American Manufacturing - AmerProspect (12/21/09)

ETFs -
FREE Morningstar ETF Guide
(Mkt Orders) Free ETFs empower small-time investors - JSOnline (3/30/13)
Ridiculously Simple ETF Investing? 90 min webinars
[FMIHX...WPFRX] 7 mutual funds to ride over the next fiscal cliff - WSJ (2/08/13
[RWJ....EES] Small-Cap Stks: Time to Invest is Now - InvestDaily (1/30/13)
[MINT,GSY,GIY] PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity Strgy ETF - MSN Chart Compare
[MINT,GSY,GIY] Is new money-market fund an ETF? (active.. mged..ultrashort) MSN
[EWW,EWS] MSN Chart Compare
[EWW,EWS] Two Country ETFs Beating The S&P - IndexU (7/13/12)
[EWH,EWM,EWZ,EZA,VNM] 5 Country ETFs To Diversify Your Risk - Seeking (7/13/12)
[PID,DEM,EEM] MSN Chart Compare
[PID,DEM,EEM] Investing in Emerging Market Dividends - InvestU (7/12/12)
100 Highest YTD ETF Returns - ETFdb
100 Lowest YTD ETF Returns - ETFdb
[HYG]vs[IDV] Head-To-Head ETF Comparison Tool - ETFdb
Does Your *Yield-Measure-Up? (Infographic) - iShares (10/25/12)

Technical Analysis --
Avoiding FAA Shutdown, Senate Clears FAA & Highway Bill (9/15/11)
Nations Top Private Companies - Pottfolio
Today,s Number - Numberology - Portfolio

Fundamentals --
How the U.S. Postal Service Fell Apart - Time (11/17/11)

Article Archive: CEF Weekly
CEFs vs Mutual Funds and ETFs - Morningstar Solutions
[DBC,BCX] MSN Chart Compare
(book) Boomers Stand to Inherit Trillions (CEF) Bull&Bear (4/12/12)
Exchange-Traded Funds and Closed-End Funds by Asset Class, Type and Provider - S

Super-PACs -
Check ‘Em Out: Donations to Dark Money Group Revealed - ProPublica (11/08/12)
Can the Democrats Catch Up in the Super-PAC Game? - NYTimes (7/05/12)
Introducing a Free the Files API (political spending-TV stations) ProPub (10/16/

GE Capital, BB&T Issue Preferreds as Yield Hunt Lowers Capital Costs - Nasdaq (7
JPMorgan Sells $1.1 Billion of 5.5% Coupon Preferred Notes - Smart Money (8/20/1

Commodities --
The Commodities Supercycle - InvestU (2/02/12)
[CUT]vs[WOOD] *Head-To-Head ETF Comparison Tool - ETFdb
[CUT] Buy,Hold,Sell Ratings - Stocks, ETFs, Funds (family,style,expenses..) the
Lumber Futures Prices - BarChart
Soaring Lumber Demand After Sandy {3:35} CNBC (11/01/12)
Commodities Supercycle, R.I.P. (1998-2012) Vardy (3/13/12)
Today in Commodities Archive - Matthew Bradbard - Siiking Alpha
Margin Call: A Small *Movie Unveils Big Truths About Wall Street (Lehman) ProPub
Investment U Weekly Update (commodities) IndexU (11/20/11)
[CUPM,JJC,CPER] United States Copper Index Fund - MSN Chart
[CPER] Finally a US Copper ETF that gives China, industry exposure - commodityon
[CPER] US Commodity Launches Copper ETF - Index Univ. (11/15/11)

Morningstar ETFInvestor Newsletter ($189/yr)

[etfs CUT,WOOD],[reits PCL,RYN,PCH,WY] MSN Chart Compare
[CUT...WY] 6 Timber Sector Picks That Offer Potential High Returns - Seeking (9/
Huge Timber Purchases Make Malone America's Biggest Landowner (10/11/11)
[lumber market news] Google
Daily Futures Commodities News
LB N0 [10] Lumber - Future Source
Lumber Loses its Luster, but Long-Term Looks Brighter - Inside Futures (5/27/10)

Food Crisis --
[FUD..PBJ] ETFs To Hedge Rising Food Prices - ETFTrends (11/02/12)
Food Retailers Offer Value to Consumers Struggling in a Challenged Economy - FMI
FAO Food Price Index
The 64-Gazillion-Dollar Question - IPS (8/13/12)
[Farm Bill food stamps] Google News
United States Consumer Price Index - Wiki
Food CPI and Expenditures: Analysis and Forecasts of the CPI for Food
[Food Price Inflation] Google News
Agflation Pushes Food Prices up 15 Per Cent - TPS (9/21/12)
Schedule of Releases for the Consumer Price Index - BLS
[food crises] Google News
[record commodities Deflation Inflation] Google
[U.S. Retail-Beef Prices] Google
[food stamp bill] Google News
[Kraft commodity costs] Google News
>Kraft Foods Inc.'s (NYSE: KFT) Spin-off Strategy ...Money Morning (8/15/11)
What Happened at Opening Trade in Kraft? {6:29} CNBC (10/03/12)
(10/03/12) Unclear What Caused Kraft Spike: Nanex Founder {5:07) CNBC
[KRFT,MDLZ] Kraft Spinoff: Comparing Kraft Foods Group and Mondelez - III (10/05
[food stamps] Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Archive
[the farm bill food stamps] Google
Putting Meat on The Table: ........ - Industrial Food Animal Production - JSHPH
It’s All About Animal Protein - Food Fight 2012
The Untold Costs of Confined Animal Feeding Operations - UCSUSA
The eight cruelest foods you eat - Yahoo (10/05/12)
Food Stamp Debate Slows Passage of Comprehensive Farm Bill (8/20/12)
Food stamp rolls reach historic levels - (2/07/11)
One in seven Americans on food stamps - World Socialist Web Site (2/08/11)
Is this the end of cheap food? - MSN (2/09/11)
Food stamps a necessary lifeline - CNN (1/19/12)

...Gree Official Suspended over Lavish Dinner - Caixin (2/06/13)
Rick Perry Slams Food Stamps, Government Subsidies - Free Republic (8/21/11)
Texas ranks last in the nation on food stamps (Federal funds at stake) Chron (1/

Emerging Markets -
Chinese buying more PCs than Americans - Register (8/24/11)

Mutual Funds --
3 Pros of Mutual Funds - About
Widely Held Mutual Funds - CNBC Close
Nikko Gravity Americas Fund - Bloomberg
Nikko Gravity Fund - Bloomberg
Japan retail investors pour $2.3 billion into fund investing in North America (1
8 fearless fund forecasts for 2012 - MktWch (1/01/12)
[VIPSX] Vanguard Inflation Protected Securities Fund - AOL
[PTTAX,PTTDX,PTTRX] PIMCO Total Return dumps U.S. government-related debt - Reut

[IBALX,DFBAX,TWAAX,IVBAX,JHLAX] Top 5 Balanced Mutual Funds - Zacks (12/03/10)
Thrivent Partner Worldwide Allocation A (TWAAX) Fund – Morningstar analysis

[RYSEX VINEX SEQUX VHCOX] 3 superb funds to buy while you can [Top ETFs Link] MS
Small-Cap Sprint - Newsweek (3/25/10)

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ETFs Vs. Closed-End Funds: How to Choose - AOL Daily Finance (5/25/10)

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Jack Welch: I Was Right About That Strange Jobs Report - WSJ (10/11/12)
[Twinkies Union jobs] Google
American mfg is coming back. Mfg jobs aren’t - Post (11/19/12)
>> Where Will the Jobs Come From? - *Mauldin/financialsense (11/20/12)
Economists on Television...or a Lack Thereof? - About (12/16/12)

Ownership & Insiders [CLWR] - Fidelity
Jobless Claims Data Skewed Downward (Cal under reports?) Fox (10/11/12)

U.S. Is 'Land Of Opportunity' No More? - NPR (1/06/12)
Jobs Report: Who Was Hiring and Firing? {1:44} WSJ Video (1/07/12)
Cost of Living Calculator (city vs city) Pay Scale
[NASA Job Cuts] Google
Reentry: From NASA to Entrepreneurship - Bloom (4/05/12)
[U.S. Employment Situation] Bloomberg
Alternate Unemployment Charts - Shadow Government Statistics
[jobs bill details] Google
[U.S. small businesses employees] Google
[jobs report productivity] Google
[[name] state budget cut trends] Google Search
[world’s biggest employers job cuts] Google
Are Companies Responsible for Creating Jobs? - WSJ (10/28/11)
[jobs report] Google News
[us elderly unemployment] Google News
[college grad degree employent] Google News
[us youth unemployment] Google News
[Obama jobs plan] Google
Nearly 400,000 More Jobs Added Than First Thought - WSJ (9/27/12)

Obama Reagan Tax Distortion
Come On News, Get Professional
Ronald Reagan - 8.1.3 Wiki
How Soon We Forget: The Economy Under Reagan vs. Obama - HyperVocal (6/26/12)
More on Obama and Reagan - Daily Beast (6/08/12)
Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 - Answers (
Fact Check on the Left: About Ronald Reagan Raising Taxes - MacsMind (1/02/12)
Obama Makes ‘Hey!’ Out of Reagan’s Great Regret - Daily Hatch (7/26/11)
Ronald Reagan Practiced Keynesian Economics Successfully - USNews (11/01/11)
Obama Makes ‘Hey!’ Out of Reagan’s Great Regret ('Gang of 17') H.E. (7/26/
Do Tax Increases Kill Job Creation? - Yahoo (7/07/11)
Reaganomics Vs. Obamanomics: Facts And Figures - Forbes (5/05/11)
Higher Taxes: Will The Republicans Cry Wolf Again? (Taxes by R.R.) Forbes (2/27/
A Taxing Experience (All of Reagan tax increases) National Review (10/29/03)
Evaluating Reagan Federalism - New England Journal of Public Policy (6/21/87)
Bloomberg View

Employment Articles -
Economists on Television...or a Lack Thereof? - About (12/16/12)
Southeast Asia to see wave of minimum wage rises from January - WantChinaTimes (
China in Transition - B/Businessweek (10/01/12)
Who Is China's `Official' Pop-Star? - Bloom TV (9/28/12)
General Management Program - Harvard
Moore Said to Reduce Positions Amid Equity Restructuring - Bloom (9/13/12)
Financial Markets, Politics and the New Reality (Louis M. Bacon) Stratfor (8/07/
Louis Bacon - Moore Capital Management - Insidermonkey
Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Food Stamps - CBPP (1/20/12)
Portal Seven | U6 Unemployment Rate - Portal 7
[U6} Google
Time to Focus on the Real Unemployment Rate (U6) Fox (4/06/12)
Public Option>States From Ohio to Florida Weigh Running Company Funds
Workers at L.A. pot dispensaries form labor union - LATimes (3/23/12)
The Past, Present, And Future For 121 Golden Gate Avenue - Socketsite (2/01/12)
>(2/28/12) A better economy, but worse jobs
Pie in the sky - Phrases
The New Permanent Temp Workforce - asia-jobs.fins (11/01/11)
The permanent temporary work force - MSN (1/11/10)
Labor Advocates Won't Let Up Against Jobless Discrimination - Huffington (10/19/
Unemployment Discrimination: Who's Afraid To Hire The Jobless? - Huffington (8/1
China's Insatiable Demand for English Teachers - The Wall Street Journal Digital
Minimum Wage Raised In Four States...Huffington (10/03/11)
Company culls (world’s biggest employers job cuts) Economist (8/23/11)
Bill Clinton's job ideas - Economist (6/21/11)
Big U.S. Firms Shift Hiring Abroad - Economist's View (4/19/11)
The Hidden Job Crisis For American Men - Bloomberg (4/07/11)
Rick Perry jobs plan: Make rest of America more like Texas - CSM (10/14/11)

Articles --
Last call - Neiman Marcus
Tesla Model S Electric Sedan.($57,400..) WSJ (7/06/12)
Part 4: Would Tax Increases Affect Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship? - CBPP
Doubleday's Dapper Leader - WSJ (2/08/12)
California Adds Death-Benefit Law ....... - Bloomberg (1/02/12)

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..'Bridal Cabin'.. | Spaces - Yahoo! (1/22/13)
Live From New York {5:46} It's CNBC on Saturday Night Live - CNBC (11/14/11)
{AMT..DD] How to Play The Worst Drought in 50 Years...{4:46} InvestU Daily

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Catholics Oppose Obama from Pulpit - Drudge Retort

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Judicial Reliance on Foreign Law - Heritage (12/14/11)
MINORU MATSUTANI Archive - Japan Times

[BFAM] Bright Horizons Surges in Debut (Bain Capital) {5:49} - CNBC (1/25/13)
Bright Horizons Blazes in Its Debut - WSJ (1/25/13)

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Walmart Increases Staffing Levels for the Christmas Season - PRNews (9/21/12)
Walmart Workers Threaten 'Black Friday' Strike - HomeMedia (10/11/12)
Trade Planning - Perspectives (1/14/12)
Wal-Mart Wins Limited Approval for E-Commerce Deal in China - NYTimes (8/14/12)
[Yihaodian] Google
(2/20/12) Wal-Mart to take majority stake in China e-commerce firm - Reuters
Press Room - Walmart
Wal-Mart Returns Over 88,000 Percent - Benzinga (7/02/12)
Registered Nurses Provide Immunizations at Walmart Stores Nationwide - PR News (
[Wal-Mart Bluebird] Google
American Express Targets Wal-Mart Customers ($2 fee) MIC (10/09/12)
Wal-Mart Sets Its Sights on Bank Customers - Fool (10/16/12)
Walmart Canada unveils first-of-its-kind supercube trailer (11/06/12)
...Walmart Foundation and Leading Nonprofits Launch the MyFreeTaxes Program,...P

Election - FOX News Channel, Business, and Radio

Using Idle Earmarks to Improve Transportation and Put People to Work - WH (8/17/
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[Obama administration members] Google News
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[nsa facility utah function] Google
The NSA is building a massive data center in Utah to read every email you'll eve
Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Voter ID Laws - DB (8/17/12)
Obama Signs Law Exempting Many Appointees From Senate Approval - NYTimes (8/11/1
Government Did Not Build Your Business - Reason (7/25/12)
Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OMB)
Regulatory Review Dashboard
Cass Sunstein to Leave Top Regulatory Post (Behavioral Economics) NYTimes (8/03/

[national security letter vs First Amendment rights vs Patriot Act] Google News
Government Did Not Build Your Business - Reason (7/25/12)
America's One-party State - Huffington (7/19/12)
Covert FBI Power to Obtain Phone Data Faces Rare Test - WSJ (7/18/12)
Obama Administration Wants Review of Prisoner’s Commutation Request (7/18/12)
Senator questions Facebook exec about facial-recognition feature - LATimes (7/18

SpaceX - Wiki

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Bernanke Ready to 'Throw in the Towel on Inflation (weak retail-$$$)' {5:19} Yah
Why it’s time for currency traders to batten down the hatches! - M&M (7/07/12
Australian PMI Performance Indices
[ECRI’s Recession Call] Google
Recession and Recovery - CBPP
[China's exports and imports] Google
Number of Workers Living Paycheck to Paycheck at Pre-Recession Levels. (6?) Care
[VNM,AFK,ILF] MSN Chart Compare
(3/27/12) [VNM..ILF] 3 Recession-Beating International ETFs

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Wall Street Warzone - Paul B Farrell, JD, PhD. Columns
Die Happy - Special Rpt on Retr (Baby Boomers spend it) (11/10/12) Barrons
Economist Cover [Big government or small? America’s great debate] Google
The Economist - North America: “Another fine mess” Big government or small?
When Did The Economist Become Comically Stupid? - Baseline (8/01/12)

12/10/11 GOP Debate Fact Check - Boston

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Fraud Charge Tracker - Investment News
Investment Fraud Lawyer Blog
China tops list of strong IP filings growth in 2011 - WCT (12/24/12)
Mortgage Accord, Foreign Bribes, Municipal Bonds: Compliance - Bloom (1/31/12)
Class-Action Settlements at Decade Low in 2011 - NYTimes (3/14/12)
ACLU Defends Students Expelled over Facebook Kill List - WSJ (4/26/12)
..Investigation of Leading Repub. Money Man Sheldon Adelson (Macau gambling) (7/
Former Goldman Sachs Director Gupta Headed to Federal Prison | Benzinga (10/25/1
Jerry Williams, Former Orion Bank CEO, Sentenced To Six Years In Prison - Huff (
New laws for 2012 include $9 minimum wage in eight states examiner (1/01/12)
Sharp, Dell Settle Price-Fixing Case for $198.5 Million - PCMag (7/09/12)
[political bribes fraud] Google
[Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)] Google News
Promises Made, and Remade, by Firms in S.E.C. Fraud Cases - NYTimes (11/07/11)
SEC throws the book at son of a preacherman - MarketWatch (4/18/12)
Police Use of GPS Devices Limited by U.S. Supreme Court - BusWeek (1/23/12)
Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops - CNET (1/23/12)
Federal court OKs warrantless cell phone tracking by police - C|Net (8/15/12)
[Empire State Building IPO] Google News
Investors Fight IPO on Empire State Building - Courthouse (3/05/12)
Five ‘Stand Your Ground’ Cases You Should Know About - ProPublica (6/08/12)

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A Money-Market Alternative to Money-Market Funds - WSJ (2/11/12)
A Safe Stash for Big Cash - Bloomberg (7/23/08)
Pre Market [JPM] JPMorgan Chase and Co - CNBC
Bank Fund Implode-O-Meter -
Banks & Thrift Failures (2008 > 2012) Weiss
[financial regulation Reform and Securitization banking] Google
[financial regulation banking] Google
Kbw Bank Index USD - WSJ Market Data Center
[bank loan growth] Google News
[Moody’s downgrades global banks] Google News (6/21/12)
[Standard Chartered Iran Sanctions] Google News
Oblivious (Standard Chartered) Baseline (8/16/12)
ORDER PURSUANT TO BANKING LAW § 39 - NY Dept. of Fin. Serv .pdf (8/06/12)
Bank Deal Rankles Regulators (Stand Chart.) WSJ (8/15/12)
[JPMorgan Chase ETNs Safe? — M&M (5/17/12)
A question of trust in holding banks to account - Herald (12/13/11)
S&P Downgrades Dozens of Global Banks - Fox (11/29/11)
65% Chance of Banking Crisis by End November: Think Tank - CNBC (11/09/11)
(Gave Up - 8/11)Tracking the Nation's Bank Failures - WSJ
[BAC XLF] Are Big Banks In Trouble? Three ETFs To Watch - ETFRden (8/19/11)
Apollo Picks Over Europe Banks' Troubled Assets: Credit Markets - SFGate (10/04/
[Euro Commission bank recapitalization] Google
What Happens If Greece Defaults? (16 slides) CNBC
[credit default swap rates banks] Google
Welcome to Deutsche Bank – Passion to Perform

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[PNQI..XLK] No Apple And That's Good For This Tech ETF - Benz(1/24/130
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Tech: The Apple of Investors' Eyes - Barrons (4/07/12)
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[Samsung v. Apple patent trial] Google
Great Artists Steal - Manu Cornet
The iPad 2,4 Review: 32nm Brings Better Battery Life - Anandtech (5/04/12)
[Apple Trillion Dollar Company] Google News
Thinking Critically ($1 Trillion) Casey (3/30/12)
Google Maps returns to Apple's iPhone...Fierce (12/13/12)
The Amazing iOS 6 Maps - Home
Hallelujah! Google Maps Returns to Apple’s iPhone - Wired (12/13/12)
Apple drops the 17-inch MacBook Pro (15',Retina,i7,$2,199+) Slash (6/11/12)
nyet-Apple Moves to All-ETF 401(k) - P.A. (6/07/12)
Apple 47,000 US jobs - Apple (6/07/12)
Apple Makes The Move to All-ETF Retirement Plans - Benzinga (6/06/12)
Not so hot: New iPad heat levels comparable to Android tablets - MacWorld (3/26/
[New iPad Apps Retina Display more memory] Google
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The Costs of Production (8 pgs) About (1/09/12)

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Apple's Record Plunge Into Debt Pool - WSJ (4/30/13)
Apple Wows Bond Market with Record $17 Billion Offering (4/30/13)

[Apple Dividend] Bing News
Apple: What the Dividend Hike and Buybacks Mean - YCharts (4/24/13)

new MacBook Pro stream in minutes, not hours [Thunderbolt external hard drives]
*Intel_announces_next-gen_Thunderbolt (Falcon Ridge) w 20 Gbps, 4K {1:27}

Video -
Wednesday's Market Roadmap {7:50} {16:39} CNBC (9/19/12)
[CRUS...QCOM] Nibble on Apple Chips {4:36} CNBC (9/17/12)
Nanigans' to Monetize Facebook Ads {4:05} CNBC (9/17/12)
Video Speed Trap Lurks in New iPad {3:23} WSJ (3/22/12)

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SEC Form 10-K - Wiki
[AAPL] Foreign Currency Translation (AAPL 10-K) Wikinvest
Apple (AAPL) Retained Earnings - YCharts
The Futility of Apple's Fundamentals - Fool (3/09/13)
Apple Rejects 'Sunshine Shareholders' - Street (2/28/13)
iPad mini installed into dashboard of car (3:26) - 9to5Mac (11/02/12)
Apple paid only 2 pct tax on earnings outside US - Yahoo (11/04/12)
Apple's Most Overlooked Weapon? Its Balance Sheet - Fool (7/31/12)
Apple has quietly created the world’s largest hedge fund worth $117 billion -

Video -
Apple To Discuss Cash Pile {7:41} CNBC (3/19/12)
Apple's Move Puts Spotlight on Foreign Cash Holdings - WSJ (3/20/12)
[AAPL] Bloomberg Video (3/12/12)
Unlocking Apple's Value? {2:28} CNBC (2/07/13)
Trading Apple's 'Cash Problem' ($130BB Hoard) {3:26} CNBC (2/07/13)
Apple's Cash Problem {12:49} CNBC (2/07/13)
Is a Dividend in the Works at Apple? {3:49} CNBC (2/07/13)
..CEO Tim Cook .. plans to manu USA,more {11:08} NBC (12/06/12)
Amazon expands Instant Video streaming service to iPhone - Fierce (12/13/12)
Apple's New Link For Computers and Mobile Devices* - WSJ (7/25/12)
Jefferies Ups Apple Target to $800 {(@3:20) 4:00} CNBC (4/05/12)

Blogs -
Apple-Google War Escalates: Analyst - CNBC (8/07/12)

Articles -
Photojojo telephoto lens offers up to 12x zoom for the iPad - Slash (4/22/13)
iPhone 5S Rumored to Ship August 2013 - Benz (3/01/13)
Apple Officially Loses iPhone Trademark in Brazil - Benz (2/14/13)
[apple deferred tax liabilities overseas profits] Google
Apple Discloses $28.5B in Deferred Tax Liabilities on Overseas Profits {2:05} Fo
Tim Cook's Freshman Year: The Apple CEO Speaks Bloom (12/06/12)
Tim Cook Talks Apple - Fool (12/06/12)
iPad Dominates the Growing Chinese Tablet Market - Benzinga (11/28/12)
Tim Cook is highest-paid CEO in the US - Slash (11/21/12)
Verizon Wireless iPhone Users Consume The Most Data - DSL (11/02/12)
iPad mini launches in Hong Kong to lukewarm response - ZDNet (11/02/12)
Is Apple's Obsession Becoming a Liability? - Fool (10/28/12)
Apple Earnings Report: This Bad Habit Needs Breaking - Fool (10/26/12)
Prices, details on the iPad Mini, 4th-generation iPad - WashPost (10/23/12)
Decoding Apple’s iPad mini news -- a PC for the rest of us - Computer World (1
Apple quietly turns on iOS 6 iPhone advert tracking - Slash (10/12/12)
Dragon That Takes Dictation and Controls a Mac by Voice - WSJ (10/09/12)
Apple seeks another $707 million in damages ... - PhoneDog (9/22/12)
Tim Cook Continues to Slowly Kill Post-Steve Jobs Apple - Street (9/21/12)
Spend $700 at Apple store or on Apple stock? - WSJ (9/19/12)
Apple's iPhone 5: Complete coverage - Fierce Updated
iPhone 5 will come in different GSM and CDMA versions - Slash (9/12/12)
Bruce Willis To Sue Apple Over iTunes..... - Tech Source (9/03/12)
How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes - NYTimes (4/28/12)
[AKAM,QCOM,SWKS] 3 Ways To Indirectly Invest In Apple - Investopedia (8/15/12)
How to hard reset an iPad: quick guide - ATTablet (8/01/12)
How Even Apple’s 'Weak' Businesses, .....Taking Names -YCharts (7/27/12)
Apple's iPhone turns 5: A look back, and ahead - Fierce (6/26/12)
Apple Pulls Products from Environmental EPEAT Registry - MacRumors (7/06/12)
TomTom Reaches Apple Maps Deal - WSJ (6/12/12)
'Work space to dazzle clients' - WSJ (6/11/12)
'Apple’s proposed Spaceship Campus' - Cult of Mac (6/08/12)
[Apple Television] Google
More features help drive up U.S. prices of flat-screen TVs - AllThingsD (5/08/12
A Decade of Apple Visualized - Fool (4/14/12)
Environmental Protestors Block Trains Full Of Coal.. - CultOfMac (5/04/12)
Apple’s Tax Avoidance: Evil Scheming, Good Business, or Both? (5/01/12)
(4/23/12) Pixel Qi; Possible Competition to the New iPads Retina Display? | Ube
Apple: Catalysts Underneath the Earnings Report - Forbes (4/24/12)
Diversifying Away from Apple (AAPL) with Equal-Weight ETFs - ETF Trends (4/16/12
TVs and Tablets to Get the 'Retina Display' Treatment - TechReview (3/22/12)
[Applied Materials's PECVD] GOOGLE
Applied Materials Introduces Advanced CVD Films to Enable Metal Oxide-Based High
[FENG...VNET] Apple’s Tim Cook is Visiting China: Why It Matters - Kapittal (3
Apple's Move Puts Spotlight on Foreign Cash Holdings - WSJ (3/20/12)
Doug Kass: Apple Looks Like Microsoft in 2004 {:} CNBC (3/19/12)
Apple reveals plans for its $98 billion mountain of cash (3/19/12)
New iPad Costs Apple More Than 50 Percent of Its Price - EWeek (3/19/12)
[DLN,FEX,QQQ ,RSP] MSN Chart Compare
ETFs To Bet Against Apple - ETFdb (3/19/12)
LG supplying Apple with iPad Retina displays along with Samsung - Apple Insider
Should You Sell Apple? - Smart Money (3/14/12)
Apple At All-Time High, Nearing Valuation Issue? (AAPL) - 24/7 (3/13/12)
U.S. Warns Apple, Publishers - WSJ (3/09/12)
Apple Investing $300 Million in Austin, Texas to Add 3,600 More Workers - MacRum
Authorities Removing Apple iPads From Chinese Store Shelves? (Updated) - Digicha
Apple suppliers get independent audits - WahPost (2/13/12)
Apple: made in China, untaxed profits kept offshore | ZDNet (1/26/12)
corporations are hoarding cash, demanding more tax breaks - All Eyes On Obama (9
Apple first tech company to join Fair Labor Association (teaches employment righ
Apple predicted to sell up to 40M iPhones ...2013 - Apple Insider (1/30/12)
Apple catches flak in China supply chain saga - CNET (1/31/12)
Foxconn expanding by 5 factories to bump Apple production (in Brazil) (1/31/12)
By the Numbers: Life and Death at Foxconn - ProPublica (1/27/12)
Apple Lesson of the Day: Product Depth vs. Breadth - Fool (1/27/12)
Tim Cook responds to claims of factory worker mistreatment...- 9To5Mac (1/26/12)
Apple the World's Largest Company? Yes. Maybe. Sort of.- Fool (1/26/12)
Get Ready To Be Disappointed With Apple - Seeking (1/25/12)
Japan's NEC to slash 10,000 jobs - Reuters (1/26/12)
At $400 billion, Apple is worth more than Greece - CNN (1/19/12)
Apple Crushes Profit Estimates as iPhone, iPod Sales Soar - CNBC (1/24/12)
Apple CEO's Compensation - WSJ (1/10/12)
Why Apple Isn't in the Dow - Bloomberg (6/16/11)
U.S. Stocks Power to Multiyear Highs (Apple last) WSJ (9/06/12)
[AAPL stock split Dow Jones] Google
Apple is too powerful for the Dow Jones Industrial Average - 9TO5Mac (9/20/11)

Green Mountain, Meet The Hammer Of Capitalism - Seeking (3/09/12)

(4/18/13) Moved From Focus..Few
Types Of Bear Markets - ablongman pdf
Predict Wall Street [LNG] Up, Down, Daily Direction - Quote, News, P/E

[Bear Market] Google
Frequency of Correction and Bear Market Conditions Over Past 30 Years

Daily Market Commentary
Bear Market - Bloomberg
All Articles Archive - Minyanville

[SLW HUI.X] MSN Chart Compare
[DGAZ...VXX] 5 ETFs To Consider Owning During The Next Market Collapse
[SBB] ProShares Short SmallCap600 - MSN Chart

[DOG,EUM,HDGE] MSN Chart Compare
[DOG,EUM,HDGE] Feeling bearish? Try these 3 ETFs - MktWch (3/29/12)
GTAA - Cambria Global Tactical ETF Holdings - ETFdb
[GTAA] Burned by the Last Bear Market? Consider This ETF - Morningstar (7/06/12)
[-1x:EUFX,-2x:EUO,2x:ULE] MSN Chart Compare
[-1x:EUFX,-2x:EUO,2x:ULE] ProShares Short Euro Fund - Minyanville


Marc Faber, Gloom Boom & Doom Report {6:31} CNBC (4/02/13)
What Happened In Cyprus Will Happen Everywhere: Marc Faber (4/02/13)
Marc Faber: US Stocks Could 'Crash' This Year {1:07} CNBC (4/02/13)

[ETF Bear Market] Google
[XLF] Financial Select Sector SPDR - MSN Chart
Watch XLF for Signs the Bear Will Continue - Seeking (8/06/110
[FXI] Bearish bets surge on China ETF- Financial (4/22/13)
Lg Correction Coming? Ways To Profit On Volatility (etn,short etfs) (4/07/13)
[BTAL,S&P 500,nomo,qlt] MSN
[BTAL,NOMO,QLT] How To Hedge For A Market Correction With ETFs - (3/14/12)
Bearish Confirmations (4/19/13)
[FXI] iShares FTSE China 25 Index Fund - MSN Chart
How To Dodge A Bear Bite: ETF News Alert - WS Sector Selector) (8/27/11)
[wait-EDV,HDGE,TLT] MSN Chart
[wait-EDV,HDGE,TLT] How To Prepare For The Bear - Seeking (9/26/12)
How To Profit From Market Meltdowns? - Seeking (4/16/13)
[46] *Buying_Brand_Names In A Bear Market Can Make You Rich - Seeking (4/05/13)
$SPX - Bear Market Ahead! -Cyclical Market (2/05/13)
bear [VXX..SPXS] Protecting Your Capital During Market Sell-Offs. 6 ETFs That Wo
[SH,sds,tza] MSN Chart
[SH,SDS,TZA] Time To Get Bearish? 3 Funds To Consider Now (8/24/12)
Sell anything vulnerable to a downturn - MktWch (4/04/11)
[SBB] Here Comes the Bear Market {3:39} M&M (3/31/11)
Why Do We Cry? {2:30} YouTube (4/18/13)


[SPY,S&P 500] MSN Chart (2/25/12 > 12/31/12)
Jeremy Siegel: Stocks Will Break Record This Year (3/01/12)

DJIA Record Close: 14,164.53 (10/09/07)
Stock Market News & Data - DoubleDividend$tocks
DJIA Market Bottom: 6,547.05 (3/09/09)
[BECN...ABT] Record Highs Paying Dividends (asset allocation) {4:21} CNBC (3/06/
Optimism Drives Dow Past Milestone - Smart Money (2/28/12)

Dow Components: Quotes, Charts and News for all 30 stocks ... CNBC TV
Best Worst [HPQ CSCO] MSN Chart (8/08/12)
DJ US Financials Index , Nasdaq, Building Materials Chart - MktWch
UnitedHealth Group Inc. Set to Join the DJIA - PRNews (9/14/12)

ARB TRADING: Dow & S&P 500 Weekly Charts
Component % Weights of Stocks in the DJIA - indexArb
Dow Jones Industrial Average - AOL
FOX NEWS - Dow Snapshot
Dow Jones Industrial Average ($INDU) - MSN Chart (8/21/08)
Dow Jones Industrial Average (.DJIA) - Forums - Wiki Invest
Dow Jones Industrial Average - AOL
Dow Jones Industrial Average Closing History..- About (8/30/11)
BLOOMBERG: Market Monitor & Video-log in
NYSE: Dow 30; Indexes; Adv/Decl
BRIEFING: 4 Markets - Yr To Date % Change
Dow Components: Quotes, Charts and News for all 30 ...CNBC
LYCOS: [_INDEX:TIKI_] DOW Gainers & Losers
WSC : [.DJI] Historical Quote -
STOCK CHARTS: USA & World Market Carpet
STOCK SELECTOR: Complete Dow 30 Stocks(A-Z)
[__](__)DOW 30($INDU)
SMART MONEY: Weekly Map of the Market
PC QUOTE CHART: DJIA -Stochastic's & Bolinger Bands
SHARP CHART [financial]: $DJI
BARCHART: Performance Tracking
MESSAGE BOARD (Raging Bull): DJIA or [_______]
[30] Dow Industrials - Barchart/insidestocks
[IYT] iShares Dow Jones Transportation Average - MSN Chart
[IYT] Dow Theory With ETFs - ETFTrends (4/12/11)
Dow Theory Confirmed as of Yesterday's Close - Benzinga (3/19/10)
Why Investors Can't Trust the 'Dow Theory' Right Now - CNBC (9/29/11)
Historical Charts: Major Indexes-Monthly & Weekly
BLOOMBERG:Stocks In The Dow
Dow Jones Industrial Average Chart - YCharts
DECISION POINT: Dow 30 Tracker
News -
[DOW] Google News
[multinational corporate profits earnings 2012 2013] Google News
MarketIntelligenceCenter - RTT: News Headlines for Symbol [MCD]
News - Dow 30 [DIA] Zacks
[AAPL stock split Dow Jones] Google
U.S. Stocks Power to Multiyear Highs (Apple last) WSJ (9/06/12)

ETFs -
Daily DOW 30 Stock Review - Decision Point (10/31/08)
Compare [DIA QQQQ SPY] MSN Chart


FORBES: Dividends (1/08/03)
EXCITE: Market Quotes - Charts(compare 4)
ISR:Market Analysis
Dow Golden Crosses Throughout History - Reformed (4/16/11)
fof [GTAA] Burned by the Last Bear Market? Consider This ETF - Morningstar (7/06
Dow Jones Indexes Unveils Economic Stimulus Index - GlobeNewswire (5/27/09)
Dow Jones U.S. Economic Stimulus Index (1,000 - 12/31/08) MSN Charts

FORBES: (9/12/03) DOW US Industry Sub-Groups
[DOD,DIA] MSN Chart Compare
[*DOD vs. DIA]: A Better Dow Jones ETF? - ETFdb (4/05/10)

Charts -
News-Chart-StkOpinion-Profile - ihavenet
Chart Advisor Weekly Report For January 9th-13th - DRWLC (1/08/12)

Dow Dividends -
Yields Dow Jones - long-term-investments
Six Things We Learned from Week 7 in College Football...Natl. Foot. Authority (1
Analysts Are Clueless About These Dow Dividend Stocks - D.D. Stocks (2/23/12)
Dividend-paying stocks are still the place to be MktWch (2/17/12)
Highest Dividend Yields of the Dow - CNBC (11/02/11)

*Highest Dividend Yields
The 10 Best Dividend Paying Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average
[T,VZ,MRK,PFE,JNJ,INTC] Dow 30 Dividend Yields - YCharts
[T] AT&T Inc - MSN Chart
[MCD,TRV,MMM,HD,KO,BA] Dow 30 Dividend Yields - YCharts
[WMT,UTX,XOM,CAT,HPQ,IBM] Dow 30 Dividend Yields - YCharts
[AXP,CSCO,DIS,AA,BAC,(for comparison> AAPL] Dow 30 Dividend Yields - YCharts
Highest Dividend Yields of the Dow - CNBC (11/02/11)
[DD,PG,CVX,KFT,MSFT,JPM] Dow 30 Dividend Yields - YCharts
Top 10 Dow Dividend Stocks - InvestorPlace (1/03/12)
Dividends vs. Coupons in the DJIA - Fool (4/16/12)
[DIA,DOD] MSN Chart Compare
[DIA,DOD] The Problem With Dow ETFs (2/02/10)

[AA,XOM,CAT,GE,nov,cam,fti] MSN Chart
[AA..fti] *Dow_Commodity_Co Highs: 2007 vs. 2013 - CHQ (3/22/13)

DJIA - Blogging Stocks

Community Bearish/Bullish - Dow 30 - Trefis

Dow 30 Dividend Stocks - Dividend Premium ($129)

Video -
The Bark Side...{12:04} YouTube (1/18/12)
[McDonald's] CNBC Archive
Dow Index Hits 115th Anniversary {7:41} CNBC Video (5/26/11)

[Dow Theory] Google
[Dow Theory Bear Market] Google News

*DOGS_OF_THE_DOW - 10 of (30) Stocks W/Highest Dividend Yields
[dogs of the dow 2013] Google
What in the world are the dogs of the Dow? - BANKRAT
Dog Company - Industry
�Dogs of the Dow - Zacks
Dogs Of The Dow (yield)
[T,VZ,INTC,MRK,DD,PFE,MSFT,GE,JNJ,MCD] Dividend Yield - YCharts
[T...MCD] 10 Fastest Growing Dogs Of The Dow Jones Index - Trefis (3/27/13)
[SDOG] Will This Late Arrival Become The Talk Of The Dividend ETF Party? (10%/se
[SDOG] ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETF - MSN Chart
[SDOG] Dow 'Dividend Dogs' ETF Launches (S&P 500 stocks) Seeking (7/03/12)
[T, VZ] Choose The Dogs Of The Dow For Consistent Annual Profits - Seeking (7/03
value investing [ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETF] Google
[S-Network Sector Dividend Dogs Index] Google
ALPS Files For First Trust HALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETF - ETF Daily (4/16/12)
Dogs of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (10 best Dogs) (2/26/12)
Leading 2012 'Dogs of the Dow' List.. (T,VZ,MRK,PFE,GE...) Dividend (12/28/11)
Is Your Investment Strategy Going Extinct? - Investopedia (6/17/11)
SA: Time For The Dogs Of The Dow (12/04/06)

S&P: Teaching the Dogs a New Trick (4/12/06)
MKTWCH: 11,000 DOW (1/09/06)
Give 'Dogs of the Dow' another run? (Yields on 2011's Dogs of the Dow) MSN (1/07
Meet the 2011 Dogs of the Dow (CVX, DD, GE, JNJ, KFT, MCD, MRK, PFE, PG, T, VZ,
Inside The Simple, Surprisingly Effective Dividend ETF - Seeking (1/04/12)
CBS : Dogs.... Right ..(7/24)
FORBES: Dogs (1/07/03)

Blogs -

Articles -
List of largest daily changes in the DJIA - Wiki
Hewlett-Packard Company: Ratio Analysis (book value) Seeking (3/04/13)
[HPQ] Accounting For HP's Bad Valuations - Seeking (12/17/12)
An introduction to the HP Cloud - (11/14/12)
Most U.S. hedge funds lost ground in October - Reuters (11/07/12)
Hedge fund masters flunk money-making test - Reuters (11/02/12)
HP Unveils First Purpose-Built Server for Big Data - EWeek (11/15/12)
HP's Response to the iPad Mini {5:48} CNBC (11/02/12)
July 2012 [HPQ] | Income Statement - Forbes
[HPQ] Forbes Archive
Hewlett Packard's No Good, Terrible May: Layoffs And Tax Losses - Forbes (5/24/1
Hewlett-Packard Worth More Split Up: UBS Analyst ($20) {5:52} CNBC (10/08/12)
Hewlett-Packard Company (HPQ) RT (P/B .93) Yahoo
[*HPQ] Tecnology/computer Hardware - Stockcharts
Why You Should Stay Away from HP - IC (10/05/12)
For Some, Hewlett-Packard 'A Screaming Buy' {4:25} CNBC(10/05/12)
HP Debt at Riskiest Level to Dell in Decade:..- Bloomberg (10/05/12)
[HPQ] Dogs of the Dow
No Huddle Offense: Hope for Hewlett-Packard? {3:28} CNBC (10/04/12)
HP: How Low Can It Go? - Forbes (10/04/12)
How Microsoft and HP avoid corporate taxes- DigTrends (9/24/12)
A History of Ridiculously Big Companies - Fool (8/22/12)
The World's Biggest Companies - Forbes (4/18/12)
10 Richest Companies In The World 2012 - explordia (5/11/12)
Physical assault by McDonald's for wearing Digital Eye Glass (7/18/12)
Dow 30 Stocks With High Dividends - Investopedia (5/31/12)
Small Firms' Big Customers Are Slow to Pay (Hoarding Cash) WSJ (6/06/12)
[KFT] Kraft Identifies New Names & Units (KFT) - 24/7 (3/21/12)
What's Apple Worth? - CNBC (2/29/12)
[greatest capitalist system in the world rick perry] Google
[VYM..DTN] Large-Cap Value Has 36 Aliases In ETF World - Seeking (2/01/12)
[BAC..ORCL] Short Sellers Increase Bets Across the Board - 24/7 (1/26/12)
Is Bank of America (BAC) Back to Health? - MIC (1/19/12)
Why Bank of America Could Be the Dow's Biggest Winner in 2012 - Fool (1/15/12)
[CAT] Private Sector Gets Job Skills; Public Gets Bill - NYTimes (1/07/12)
While there are trillions of dollars indexed to the S&P 500, only $37 billion ar
[T..CVX] Should You Buy These 'Dogs' of the Dow? (1/05/11)
2012 Dogs of the Dow (High Yield 10) CNBC (12/30/11)
'Dogs' Strategy Paid Dividends for Second Year in a Row - WSJ (1/03/11)
Cramer: What 2012 Holds for the Dow Components - Street (12/28/11)
How Dumb Are We? - Daily Beast (3/20/11)
Dow Gets Boost From Dividend Increases - WSJ (3/18/11)
DJIA Closes Down More Than 630 Points, Sixth-Worst Point Loss Ever (8/08/11)
Contrarian ETF Ideas: Investing In The ETF Dogs Of 2011 - ETFdb (10/11/11)
The Cheapest Stocks in the Dow - Fool (11/07/11)
Dow Surges 490 Points - SmartMoney (11/30/11)
Careful Day ..(Stocks End Flat but Surge Over Week) (12/02/11)
Financial literacy is a big, fat Wall Street hoax - MktWch (11/08/11)
Why Wall Street likes dumb investors - MSN (11/10/11)
What's in a Name? BMO Finds That the More Investors Know...Marketwire (12/05/11)
Dow Jones Industrial Average Closing History..- About (8/30/11)
Stock Futures Dive After Euro Fears Reignite - Fox (11/01/11)
Why You Shouldn't Follow the Dow - US News & (10/08/10)
MSNBC (AP) JUMP - Dow industrials end shy of the psychologically-key 12,000 leve
How the Dow and S&P 500 ETFs Stack Up - S Alpha (4/21/09)
Dow ends at lowest close in more than 6 years- AP-Forbes (2/19/09)
How the Dow and S&P 500 ETFs Stack Up - S Alpha (4/21/09)
Bianco: The Dow is Distorted (1/26/09)
Bianco: The Dow is Distorted (1/26/09)
Dow Jones Industrial Average blasted for including cheap stocks - Blogging Stock
Bianco: The Dow is Distorted (1/26/09)
Should Ford replace GM in the Dow? - CNN (5/13/09)
Studying the Dow / S&P 500 Ratio [DIA QQQQ SPY] SA (5/14/08)
Historical Bull and Bear Markets for the Dow: 1900-Present - Seeking (10/14/08)
IBM One of the Few Strong Dow 30 Stocks - Ahead of the Ticker (8/07/08)
What Goes Around Comes Around in the Equity Market (5/04/08)
Stocks booted from the Dow are hardly dogs, research shows (2/27/08)
What Should Replace AIG In The DJIA {11} Index Univ (9/17/08)
Top 10 Dow Stocks by PEG - Street (10/21/08)
The Dow Adds Kraft - Seeking (9/23/08)
Large Caps and ETFs Have Future Possibilities- ETFTrends (9/18/08)
[DIA QQQQ SPY] Why Buyers Might Take October Off - Seeking (10/01/08)
Chart Compare [Dow S&P 500 Nasdaq Amex DIA] MSN]
For Stocks, Worst Single-Day Drop in Two Decades - NYTimes (9/29/08)
The Mauling of the Dow [DIA] SA (6/29/08)
Money Morning - Dow Swaps Out Altria, Honeywell for Bank of America, Chevron (2/
IBD: Dow Jones Industrials Changes Components [in BAC CVX] {out MO HON} (2/11/08
MKTWCH: Stocks rally, Dow hits 13,000 on data, earnings (4/25/07)
SM: What Now for the Dow? (10/19/06)
FORBES: Dow Pushes Through 12,000 (10/18/06)
MKTWCH: Dow Jones Industrial Average marks 110th birthday (5/16/06)
SM: Awesome Power of Market Caps
10 Deadly Dinosaurs - About

[__](__)PROPHET:Chartstream : + Indices - Click & Drag
Market Sectors - US Equities Holdings - P/E Ratio
Top Dow Stocks (10) by PEG - stockpickr

National Flu Report - USA Today
Swine flu: how to prepare for the second wave {The A to Z of Influenza} France 2
Swine Flu News Symptoms Statistics - sfec

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Contagion: A gruesomely timed portrait of airborne infection and urban panic (9/
Close-Up Footage of a Mosquito Sucking Blood {1:41} Neatorama (5/20/11)

Worst Diseases Ever - About (10/16/12)

CDC: Influenza (Flu)
ABOUT: Flu Shots 101 (9/14/06)

Seasonal Influenza (Flu) - CDC
Cold & Flu Quiz: Can You Tell the Difference? (slides) WebMD (9/10/12)
CDC: Flu Hitting Harder This Year (62% effective) WebMD (1/11/13)

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Walmart Announces Early Preview of Cyber Week Event with Savings up to 40% on Mo
Tracking Cyber Monday {6:24} CNBC (11/28/11)
14 ‘Black Friday’ myths exposed - LOTC (10/23/12)
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Are We a Nation of Financial Illiterates? - Freakonomics - NYT (7/21/08)
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2010 budget goal : $1000 per month {not currently} York Budget
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Only 1 in 4 Got Mortgage Relief - WSJ (2/28/11)
Blogs --
Defaults Account for Most of Pared Down Debt - WSJ Blog (9/18/10)

[paradox of thrift economics] Google
Stephen S. Roach - Wiki
Stephen Roach: Consumers need debt jubilee - CWD (8/22/11)

CPI Inflation Calculator -BLS
It’s Harder to Get Started Today - Simple (2/15/11)
Automatically Build an Emergency Fund - Simple Dollar
It's Not Lying, It's Hedonics - Taipan (2/03/11)
Mint Map: America’s Most Frugal Cities (September 2009)

Your Choices for Keep-Safe Cash - M&M (4/06/10)
Frugal Living - About
WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo - Weblog
Debt Stress and Your Body - riseabovedebtrelief

Thirty Steps To Financial Wellness
Restoring Financial Stability: NYU Stern

Credit Cards --
[Credit CARD Act of 2009] Google News
Should You Use a Credit Card As Your Emergency Fund? - Simple Dollar (2/24/09)
How the Credit CARD Act will affect types of credit cards - Credit Cards (3/31/1
[banks no debit cards fees] Google
Obama Signs Credit Card Reform Bill {10:56} CNBC Video(5/22/09)
Types of Cards - CardFusion
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Plastic habit can be your road to ruin if credit card rates jump - USA Today (12
Credit Card Rate Report
Find Credit Cards (164) Investopedia
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credit-card comparison site - CardRatings

[credit card interchange fees] Google News
About Interchange - Vantage Card Services
Merchants May Gain Right to Surcharge Card Customers... - Smart Money (7/09/12)
Credit Card Firms Safe for Now - Video Street (10/31/08)

Credit Cards - Fool UK
Virgin Credit Card

Card Articles --
5 businesses that rip off the poor (predatory lending) MSN (1/06/12)
(3/02/12) 4 great cards for so-so credit - MSN
We have a 'right to make a profit' (remember the tellers) CNN (10/05/11)
Best Rewards Credit Cards, 2011 - Kiplinger (October 2011)
Credit Card Users Smarten Up - USNews (3/13/13)
Consumers Won’t Save the Economy: Economists - CNBC (9/29/11)
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Best Consumer Credit Since ‘06 Reveals Loan Rebound Across U.S.- Bloom (7/04/1
A Little More Than the Minimum - Simple Dollar (6/12/11)
WE SHOULD ALL FEEL BAD FOR JAMIE DIMON {5:32} Prag. Capitalist (6/08/11)
$2 avoided if withdrawals are made at any of the 22,000 plus ATMs in the MoneyPa
Banking: Senate reins in debit card swipe fees (6/09/11)
American Express Targets Wal-Mart Customers ($2 fee) MIC (10/09/12)
Debate Over Debit Card Regs Misses Some Potentially Pro-Consumer Rules - ProPubl
New Bank Fees are Coming, Here's How to Avoid Them - Fox (1/17/11)
Barclays' Moves Send Credit Card Interest Rates Higher - Fox (1/05/11)
The safest ways to pay online - Money The Basics - MSN (4/14/10)
How to Stop Credit Card Offers from Reaching Your Mailbox - About (11/05/10)
10 Key Changes of the New Credit Card Rules - About
Credit card reform might affect your wallet - Wash Post (2/21/10)
Credit card offers abound, but terms have changed - MktWch (2/22/10)
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What Do Credit Card Numbers Mean? - Five Cent Nickel (2/26/10)
'Free' credit reports now must be free - MSN (4/01/10)
New Credit Card Rules Take Effect This Week - About (2/23/10)
Credit card interest rates hit another record high - Fox (11/10/10)
Michelle Singletary Archive (Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Discl

Surviving the cashless *cataclysm - E.T. (3/21/12)
Ultra-High Priced Luxury Accessories - CNBC (3/11/12)
Have You Set Any Financial Goals for the New Year Yet? - Blog (12/02/10)
Credit Cards Soon to Get a Makeover - NYT (10/21/10)
15 Times When You Shouldn't Use Your Credit Card - Credit Cards(10/07/10)
6 Debit Card Pitfalls to Watch Out For - Invest Answers (9/24/10)
Banks Brace for Credit Card Write-Offs - NYTimes (5/10/09)
Obama: Send me credit card legislation this month - AP-Yahoo (5/09/09)
The Problems of Financial Illiteracy - S Alpha (4/30/09)
It’s the New Economic Reality. Work With It - NYT (12/12/08)

Valuing the Invaluable .(Nov 2008) - AARP
The 5 Best Places to Stash Your Cash - U.S. News & World Report (11/24/08)
Review: The Myth of Multitasking (11/09/08)
Credit Cards: Finally a Little Good News for The Little Guy - NYTimes (9/24/08)
Why not loan Wall Street money? - SouthtownStar-Chicago (9/25/08)
Credit card nightmares prompt long-awaited crackdown - IdahoStatesman (9/23/08)
Cut Costs With Cards That Pay You Back - Kiplinger (August 2008)
Household debt-to-income ratio] Google News (last 24 hours)
The Household Debt Bubble - Monthly Review Volume 58, Number 1 (May 2006)
More Banks Using Universal Default to Hike Interest Rates (8/16/05)
Credit Card Basics -
Credit card interest - Wiki

Video --
Wells Fargo CEO: Why Americans are saving so much - CNN (11/26/12)
The Middle Class Is Worse Off Than You Think: Michael Greenstone {5:40} Daily Ti
Susan 'Kung Fu Girl' Fuji - Capital Account
Regaining your Economic and Financial Independence w/Kung Fu Finance Girl! {27:5
Who Makes up the Richest 1 Percent? {1:57} CNBC (10/26/11)
Wells Fargo CEO Speaks Out (debit card fees) {9:05} CNBC (10/21/11)
New Yorker Video Archive
Best and Worst Credit Cards - BusinessWeek (10/12/08)
How to Pick the Right Credit Card {2:26} Street (10/13/09)
Personal Finance | Clip UK
As Economy Tanks, So Do Spending Habits {2:02} AP Video
Thrifty Billionaires {--} Forbes (11/14/08)
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WATCH: Talking to Aging Parents About Finances {4:45} Video ABC News (10/12/09)
Romney: Need to Shore Up Foundation of Economic Prosperity - Fox (4/16/10)
The Story of Stuff {21:25} YouTube
Lease Vs. Buy A Car {2:09} Finance Videos / Business / ArcaMax
Grads Face Sour Job Market - CNN {2:05} (10/25/08)
Top 100 Women Financial Advisors {1:29}
What a Financial Planner Can Do for You {3:15} NYTimes Video (2/25/09)
The Future of Credit {2:53} Video Businessweek
Becoming a Financial Grownup {9:00} CNBC Orman (10/10/11)

Radio --
Paying For College During The Downturn - NPR (10/02/08)
How to Manage Credit Card Debt - NPR {30'19

Credit Scores --
[FICO® score] Google
What’s in your FICO® score - My Fico
10 Things Retirees are Doing Without - US News Archive (6/23/10)
Credit Score Articles --
Credit raters triggered financial crisis -U.S. panel - Reuters (4/14/11)
Hidden Medical Debt Trips Up Homeowners - WSJ (12/11/10)
What Folks With Great Credit Scores Do Right - CBS.Bnet

Retirement -
Recession Proof Living For Seniors {1:47} AOL
How To Invest Without Much Money {1:44} ArcaMax (6/03/12)
5 expenses to reduce in retirement - MSN (5/30/12)

Visa debit customers see new fees at gas pumps Clip UK (10/03/08)

'Subsidies of the Rich and Famous,' Coburn (R-Okla.)
Millionaires earn billions in federal benefits..Federal Eye (11/14/11)
CEO Wealthmeter - Biggest Gainers - C|NET
[personal finance us debt] Google
[recession] Google
[Recession effect on Net Worth, Alimony and Child Support] Google

Articles --
Financial Capability Study
How the U.S. Debt Ceiling Affects Your Finances - About (8/01/11)
Turn Down 'Media Noise' - About (5/11/11)
How Does Uncertainty Affect Investment Expenditure? - eHow

Lowest-Income Renters Left Behind in Housing Crisis - WSJ (2/15/12)
Your lifetime insurance bill: $94,000 - MSN (4/29/13)
Things Billionaires Can Have That Millionaires Can't - Benz (12/19/12)
Set Priorities And See Your Savings Grow - PRNews (10/02/12)
On Your Own: How to Manage the Finances of Single Retirement- AOL (6/19/12)
Start investing with just $100 (step-by-step guide) MSN (3/05/10)
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Automatically Build an Emergency Fund - Simple $ (3/01/12)
10 Ways to Start a Financially Responsible 2012 - BUYandHOLD
>Face the Music (federal debt, Social Security) - John Mauldin (2/13/12)
How to die the right way - MSN (1/06/12)
Social Security Going Bust? That's the Small Problem - AOL (12/28/11)
The Ultimate Secret of the Ultra Rich - WallStDaily (12/27/11)
American Dream Deferred: We Now Embrace More Modest, Personal Goals (12/01/11)
Congress' Inside Job - Insider Fortunes
Boredom Is Our Enemy - Simple Dollar (11/19/11)
Tax Burdens Tilt Coastal, and System’s Fairness Is Debated - NYTimes (11/12/11
The Real Meaning of Spending Less Than You Earn - Simple $ (11/01/11)
The Recession's Impact on Baby Boomer Retirement - US News (10/31/11)
The Huge Student-Loan Burden Obama Wants to Lift (#2 household debt) FiscalTimes
Broke, USA: From Pawnshops to Poverty Inc.(Payday Nation) Bloomberg (5/20/11)
9 Must Have Status Symbols that Say 'I'm Rich' - FiscalTimes (10/07/11)

Wealth has already been redistributed - Helenair (10/02/11)

Grinding Your Own Flour - Simple $ (10/01/11)
Bill Gates saves up for a Lamborghini - biotv (8/12/11)
What Car does Bill Gates Drive? - ASK (12/2010)
Savers Stuck With Recovery Bill (safe options are limited) WSJ (8/14/11)
Bring Back Ronald Reagan’s Tax Rates - PoliticusUSA (6/13/11)
Who Rules America? An Investment Manager Breaks Down the Economic Top 1% - Ampte
Warning: Middle-Class 'Rich' Will Be Wiped Out With Debt Deal - Tycoon (7/15/11)
I Want my Car Repossessed. Why Won't They? - Fox (6/28/11)
Bankruptcies continue to decline - RBJ (7/01/11)
Financial Advice for Newlyweds - Bull & Bear (6/11/11)

Wedding Bells on a Budget: Have Your Cake & Eat It Too (6/11/11)
21 Things We're Learning to Live Without (slides & article) US News & World Repo
$199-a-month new car: Not always a deal - MSN (4/05/10)
How the Tax Deal Could Affect Your Finances - WSJ (12/12/10)
Savers’ impatience hinders retirement goals - MktWch (2/07/11)
The End of Free Checking - Fox (2/21/11)
The Internet’s Unholy Marriage to Capitalism (March 2011)
24 Quick Actions You Can Do Today That Can Change Your Financial Life Forever -
Where to find emergency cash - Consumer Reports (11/2008)
Justice Kagan Pens First Opinion, an 8-1 Win for Credit Card Companies - WSJ (1/
How divorce cheats college students - Wash. Post(2/03/11)
Is Formal Personal Finance Education a Failure?.... - Simple D. (3/30/11)
What's causing America's growing income inequality? By Timothy Noah (9/03 > 9/16
A village to raise a child? - Market Watch (6/11/10)
New bank overdraft rules can save you cash (6/09/10)
How 56.5 Million Households Live: .....mybudget360 (10/29/09)
My Personal Credit Crisis - NYTimes (5/14/09)
Set yourself free - MktWch (7/09/09)
Tips for getting smarter about money and finance - Globe and Mail.Ca (2/26/10)
How to Be a Savvy Cheapskate - US News (4/14/10)
Inside Five of the Most Pervasive Investment Scams (3/31/10)
Gouge me ’til it hurts - Mighty Bargain Hunter (9/02/10)
Price gouging - Wiki
New Grads: 4 Reasons To Not Leave The Nest - Investopedia (10/01/10
Recession rips at US marriages, expands income gap (food stamps) AP (9/29/10)
Five Signs That Say Buy - WSJ (2/26/11)
Getting a Mortgage Before the Door Shuts - WSJ (2/26/11)
The end of the cheap-money era - MSN (12/29/10)
Grocery Shopping 101: Quantity Surcharges and 10 Products to Watch Out For 35 -
Finding Financial Advice in an Age of Bad Behavior {video} NYT (6/06/09)
Americans' net worth shrinks $1.33 trillion in 1Q - AP/Google (6/11/09)
Highest paid under 40 - young executives at public companies raked it in - CNN (
Personal Finance: Are you a pretender? - Wash Post (3/04/10)
The Top Five Unexpected Costs of Retirement - Minyanville (4/14/10)
The real reason you're broke - MSN (4/30/10)
Free Advice to the Stars Re: Ponzi Schemes R Broker (5/28/10)
College Grads Flood U.S. Labor Market With Diminished Prospects (5/19/10)
12 New Rules for Your Money - Kiplinger (
Number of Women With More Than $50,000 in Debt on the Rise (8/16/10)
[Frugal labor] Google
Choosing the Debts to Pay Off Now (and Later) Smart Money (9/09/10)
The Importance of an Emergency Fund - Go Banking Rates (5/17/10)
Northern Trust 2010 Study Shows: Affluent Blacks More Charitable...Northern Trus
It's the economy and we're not stupid - WashPost (11/04/10)
Managing Your Retirement Fund: The Next 10 Years - Minyanville (4/14/10)
[MDY IJR DIA SPY] (Sm, Med, Lg Sector ETFs) MSN Chart Compare
The end of the cheap-money era - MSN 912/29/100
Retirement account fantasy and middle class erosion - 360 (12/29/10)
OMG Social Security!? - Boston (12/29/10)
Tax refund special - ZdNet (2/11/09)
...Finds Parents Are Projected to Meet Only 21 Percent of Future College Costs (
The New Age of Frugality - BusinessWeek (10/09/08)
Hard-Hit Families Finally Start Saving, Aggravating Nation's Economic Woes (1/06
TradeKing Survey: ...Active Retail Investors ...(2/05/09)
Financial Stability: 4 Easy Steps ..(2/08/09)
Bankruptcies Get Personal in 2008 - Zacks (2/02/09)
Staying in the Game (1/27/09)
The bonds of time - Economist (1/08/09)
14th Index of Economic Freedom - Heritage Foundation (1/15/08)
Debt Reduction and Debt Elimination Programs: What’s the Catch? - Simple (1/08
FEED THE PIG” (11/20/08)
Millionaires feel some economic pinch in downturn - report - CNN-Yahoo (1/06/09)
The High Cost of Being Healthy - WashPost (1/15/09)
How to help employees navigate through economic crisis - R P (12/17/08)
Credit Market Overview: Not Impressed with Government Verbiage- Seeking
Fed: Americans' net worth hammered by recession - AP-SFGate (2/12/09)
Financial Aid Available for Adults Returning to School - ARA
To Spend or to Save? Trick Question - NYTimes (2/11/09)
Consumers in a Cost Conscious Mood Heading Into The Holiday Season - Conference
Making a Monthly Personal Balance Sheet - Simple Dollar (2/12/09)
Meltdown 101: Spend? Save? There's no easy answer - AP (3/02/09)
Worst-case scenario survival guide - Money.CNN (4/20/09)
The Secret to Saving Money - About (3/16/10)
Retirement Vulnerability of New Retirees - E&Y(July 2008)
Money Management {must reads} CG - About
'Nearly Half of Workers Living Paycheck to Paycheck.'.. - (9/0
How to leave your wife - MSN (7/23/08)
Financial education unlikely to be of any help {bright brits} FT (7/28/08)
Make peace with your plastic - MktWch (7/27/08)
Why Generation Y is broke - MSN Money (4/22/08)
Banks sharply increased fees as US households fell deeper into debt - (7/25/08)
Anatomy of a Disaster: The Next Stop - Seeking (10/26/08)
How to Use Coupons and Save Money - About (10/04/08)
God Wants Me to Be Rich - Portfolio (7/16/08)
No reprieve for consumers this winter (10/07/08)
[Paying for college just got harder] Google
[GAS] Science Class: The Sun and Solar Flares ( slightly flawed idea) {1:27} Gee

Taxes --
Debt --
Debt settlement - Wiki will it appear on your credit report?
Global Financial System is One Gargantuan Ponzi Scheme...-Market (3/03
Educated but broke - Wash. Post (8/19/10)
Beware of IRS tax bite that may follow canceled debt - Credit Card News (2/01/10
Debt Settlement and Income Taxes - Debt Free Destiny
Settled Debt is Taxable Income - Debt Prison (2/02/09)
Forgiven Debt Isn't Really Forgiven At All - Wise Bread (9/22/09)
The Household Debt Bubble - Monthly Review Volume 58, Number 1 (May 2006)

Glossary --
CNN Student News: Financial Glossary - Economics & Markets
[What a lifetime warranty] Google Search
A lifetime warranty means ...- - Consumer Reports (1/2010)

When Is It Time to Call In Sick and Stay Home from Work ?

[Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act] 24/7 Releases Archive

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Punk Economics 5: China Panics, US
The European Debt Crisis Explained {4:58} (11/11/11)
RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms {‬‏ {11:41 YouTube (10/14/10)
BIG BANG BIG BOOM {9:30} Vimeo (2010)

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Fear the Debt Ceiling, Not the Fiscal Cliff - US News (12/13/12)
Comic Books as Journalism: 10 Masterpieces of Graphic Nonfiction - Atlantic (8/1

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Augusta National admits two women, including Condoleezza Rice USA Today (8/20/12
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Tiger Woods, GM to Discuss Taking Buick Endorsement Beyond 2009 - Bloomberg (10/
Tiger Woods to Miss Rest of 2008 Season - NYT (6/18/08)

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[shutdown] Washington Post Articles
Google Earth celebrates 1 billion downloads - YouTube (10/04/11)
It's crunch time for the debate over the 'leap second' - MSN (1/17/12)
[washington dc shutdown] Google
>>Forget $38B: Budget only cuts $352 million this year - CBS Hot Sheet (4/14/11)
Gang Of Six Deficit Plan: Executive Summary - KHN (7/19/11)
How Can Anybody Think?
[US Debt per capita] Google News
[status quo economics] Google
[Budget Cuts vs Debt Driven GDP] Google News
2012 NATIONAL PRAYER - Dr. David Jeremiah
*Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
(Math or) Western Civilisation: Decline – or Fall? - Outside the Box (3/05/12)
Misconceptions and Realities About Who Pays Taxes - Center on Budget and Policy
Government - Debt Position and Activity Report - Treasury Direct
Weiss Ratings Downgrades United States Debt to C-Minus (7/15/11)
Introducing The Weiss Sovereign Debt Ratings (4/28/11)
US Federal Budget Analyst - usgovernmentrevenue
US National Debt and Deficit History - *usgovernmentrevenue
[debt ceiling] Quintura
[debt ceiling] Google News
The Debt-Ceiling War: Wall Street Could Be a Casualty - AOL (1/05/11)
[Eliminating Federal Debt] Google
[2011 federal budget spending cuts] Google Timeline
[2014 federal budget spending cuts] Google Timeline
[government default August 2] Bing
Get Your Specialists {6:20} Ted (7/22/11)
[Federal Reserve Interest Rates] Silobreaker
Rethinking Thinking - WSJ (11/12/11)
Federal Tax Brackets - Money Chimps

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[US President Barack Obama federal budget] Google News
[Obama Budget] CNBC TV Video Archive
[Washington's Spending Cuts Boost U.S. Debt] Google
Government Receipts and Outlays Indicators (All Econ Indicators) YCharts
House Vote 277 - Passes Ryan Budget Bill - NYT (4/15/11)
H. Con. Res. 34: Establishing the budget for the United States Government for fi
[Obama Budget] Google News
[federal red ink] Google News
[debt-ceiling deficit cuts] Google News
>>[payroll tax cut extension Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac fees] Google
>>Backtracking U.S. Lawmakers Expand Federal Role in Mortgages - Bloom (1/02/12)
How is this budget different from all other budgets? - WashPost (2/13/12)
Five things you missed in Obama’s budget - WashPost (2/13/12)
President’s FY 2013 Budget Proposal Would Raise Taxes - GovTalk
[Federal Deficit Tax *Receipts] Google News
>> Federal Deficit Reduction Plan Comparison Tool - CRFB
[federal deficit] Google News
[Federal Budget] Washington Post Archive
[US dollar public debt] Silobreaker
[third year of the Presidential Election Year Cycle] Google
[budget deficit] Google News
[Obama Budget] Google News
[US Fiscal 2011 Budget Bill] Google News
[Testiment to Congress] Google
Downsizing the Federal Government - Cato
[bigger budget fights ahead] Bing
2009 [Donald Carcieri rhode island shut down review] Bing
(3/29/12) Fiscal Year 2013 Federal Budget (Ryan) {54:48} C-Span
[*Congress_budget_2013] Google
Committee on the Budget: U.S. House of Representatives
2011 Committee Meetings Hearings & Markups (internet live) - House
Committee on the Budget - Senate Videos
Latest News - Committee on the Budget - Senate
Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2011 Through 2021 - CBO
[tea party budget] Google
A New Era of Global Financial Repression - Pimco (6/23/11)
[Debt Default vs Downgrade] Google
[Federal Reserve Interest Rates] Silobreaker

(real time) How Big Is the Deficit, Anyway? - Baseline (8/16/11)
Understanding the Budget Deficits - Baseline (7/25/11)
[House Democrat Budget Bill] Google News
House Budget Details - AJC (12/08/10)
Recovery? Not Quite - Fool (12/07/10)
Ireland Sets out Record Austerity Budget - ABC (12/07/10)
[S&P Rating Greece Debt] Google News
[Ireland Budget Bill] Google News
Irish budget imposes savage austerity - WSWS (12/08/10)
[Debt Country's GDP] Google News
[Moody's US Rating Tax-Cut] Google
[Budget Cutting Budget] Google News
House Nears Passage of $61 Billion Budget-Cutting Plan - Bloom (2/18/11)
[House GOP spending bill] *WashPost Archive
[Italian budget deficit] Bing
S&P Puts New Obstacle in Greece's Path - WSJ (7/04/11)
Irish Lawmakers to Vote on Aid - WSJ (12/10/10)
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Vietnam Battles Dark Side of Boom - WSJ (12/15/10)
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[Italian budget deficit] Google
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[FXE, puts] An ETF for the Grecian Debt Crisis (euro should fall) IP (5/20/11)
Senator Carper: Postal Service Is Drowning - CNBC (7/26/11)

Inside the Disappointing Comeback - WSJ (7/05/11)
Four Pebbles in the Recovery’s Shoe - Reformed (7/05/11)
[congress debt limit] Google News
Have Something to Say About U.S. Debt? E-Mail the Treasury - WSJ (9/05/12)
Monthly Treasury Statement - FMS-Treasury
FMS Press Releases - RSS
Federal Budget - National Priorities
White House Burning (Baseline Scenario) Home
Federal Budget - CNN News & Video
[Obama budget] Google News
Our mountain of debt - Bloomberg/Wash Post
[country of inaction] Google
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8 sneaky ways to raise taxes {7:19} MSN Money (3/11/10)
[Amazon tax] Silo breaker
[Internet tax] Silo breaker
[Regressive tax] Silo breaker
Annotating the Issue: Paul Ryan's Budget Plan | The American Prospect (3/10/10)
[repaying student loans] Google
Why You Should Care About America's Debt Ceiling Crisis - About (8/01/11)
Skunked - Pimco Investment Outlook (3/30/11)
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(Ten) 14 Trillion and Counting - PBS (3/24/09)
Congress Wants the Love—For Doing its Job - Time (3/15/12)
The National Debt Road Trip {2:46} YouTube (5/15/09)
5 Reasons Americans Are So Wrong About Major Economic Facts - Atlantic (10/29/10

The Volokh Conspiracy (10/20/09)
Accounting for the Troubled Asset Relief Program - COP (6/10/2010)
[Debt] SurfWax Accounting News
Bernanke warns of devastating economic collapse - Examiner (10/05/10)
All Debt is Not Created Equal: Government Debt is NOT the Same as ...(10/28/09)
Obama: Debt could cause a double dip recession (11/18/09)
Convenient Arguments - Baseline (3/27/11)
Microsoft Asked to Make a Federal Budget Video Game - Mashable (4/15/10)
(download) Thoughts from the Frontline Archive - Mauldin (2/11/11)
Is the USA Still AAA? (Tips?) Kiplinger (April 2011)

Thinking in Numbers: The Maths of Life, Love and Learning - Daniel Tammet

National Priorities Project analyzes and clarifies federal data so that people c
Thanks for Paying Your Taxes, Would You Like a Receipt? (10-/04/10)
The Despicable D.C. Looters - Casey's/howestreet (7/14/11)

The Earmarks Issue: Will Congress Tackle Tax Expenditures? - TIME (Pork) (11/22/
[House earmarks] Silobreaker
[Congress earmarks] Silobreaker
Giving up pet projects divides both GOP and Dems - Silobreaker (11/17/10)
[earmarks] Google
[earmarks Democratic Party] Google
[earmarks Republican Party] Google
[earmarks Tea Party] Google
The Earmarks Fight Heats Up - Time (11/16/10)
[earmarks] Silobreaker
>Using Idle Earmarks to Improve Transportation and Put People to Work - WH (8/17

The Moment of Truth: - Fiscal Commission (12/01/10)
Are You a Rabbit or a Turtle? - Trader Planet
The Debt to the Penny and Who Holds It - Treasury Direct
Monthly Statement of the Public Debt
U.S. National Debt Clock & News
Conference: America's Fiscal Future {26:29}{54:29}{28:38}{52:41}{44:30}{35:15}{4
How to Protect Yourself from Our “Keystone Kop” Congress! - M&
Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
The U.S. National Debt: How Bad is the Problem? - Welker’s Wikinomics (2/22/11
How Big Is the Deficit, *Anyway? - Baseline (8/16/11)
Patriot - Surviving the Coming Collapse Reviewed - Suite 101
[US budget deficit monthly] Google

WIKI: United States public debt
Selected Interest Rates {Daily}Federal Reserve Statistical Release
> Interest Rates Surge as Fed, Congress Crush Debtholders - M&M (12/10/10)
[The Moment of Truth] Google <<<

Weekly Economic Digest - Joint Economic Committee
[toxic assets vs bad assets] Google
Americas Quarterly

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[U.S. funding bill] Google News
Economic and Financial News - Amped Status
Mindset warfare - Online Journal (12/09/10)
[federal stopgap budget funding] Google News
America's News Online -
Huffington Post
[congressional budget office reports] Google
[congressional budget office social security] Google
[congressional budget office medicare] Google
[congressional budget office pie chart] Google
[congressional budget office] Search
Congressional Budget Office - USA Today
[congressional budget office and treasury] BNET
[Deficit Reduction Committee] Google
[Divided Washington U.S. Economy] Google News
[Estate Tax Economics] Google
Federal News Radio -
[loopholes cost the Treasury] Google
What’s Happening with the Estate Tax? - Legal Zoom
Congress Passes Tax Deal - WSJ (12/17/10)
For Palm Beach County's island estates, tax cuts worth millions - PBP (12/17/10)
Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction - Senate
Federal Budget - CNN News & Topics
White House - Economy & Budget
[White House mid-year deficit review] Google News
[duplicate spending] Fox News Archive
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The Tea Party - Person of the Year 2010 Runners-Up (12/15/10)
[unemployment benefits vs tax cuts] Google News
[tea party candidates list] Google
The Obama Budget - WSJ Online
White House News Archive - Washington Post
[Members Representational Allowance] Google News
Economy - WashPost

Perot Charts

Time lapse of unemployment rates by county from 2007 - 2009 - americanobserver
[United States poverty level] Google News
Sign Of The Times ...- IBD (2/12/10)

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities --
Income Inequality Grew In Most States Over Past Two Decades (4/09/08)
A State-by-State Analysis of Income Trends (4/09/08)
PRNewswire: Income Inequality Grew .....{Pennsylvania} (4/09/08)
Economy - the truth wins
Retirement {NCPA}
Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center
Walter E. Williams Archive - Lew Rockwell

National Priorities Project
Be Brave: Have a Bad Meeting - HBR (10/06/10)

Blogs --
If Wishes Were Horses… Downward Spiral (8/03/11)
Boring Bridges and Roads - factsnotfantasy.blogspot (6/30/11)
Who owns America? Hint: It's not China - CNN (7/21/11)
Downsizing the Federal Government Blog - Cato
Off the Charts - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Blog
The Outlook for the Economy and the Budget - Directors Blog - CBO
The Unsustainable Meets the Irresistible - jmiller2000 (1/22/11)
Debt Reduction Formula Blog
Leadership - Jon Gordon’s Blog
Paul Krugman - OpEd - NYT blog
U.S. Government Debt - The Economic Collapse
The Curious Capitalist Archive - Time blog
Bad Economics - Good Math, Bad Math - ScienceBlogs
Multiple Blogs & Forums - ScienceBlogs
Real Time Economics - WSJ Blog
Real Time Economics - WSJ (12/07/10)
(5/04/12) You Won't Read This > Presidential campaign should focus on these iss

Videos --
Economic Stimulus - C-SPAN Budget News Videos
Mike Gazzaniga ('The Brain' and 'The Mind') {:} Charlie Rose (4/17/12) tonight
Post-Communist lessons for the new Middle East (surprising place for inspiration
Tax Overhaul, Deficit Reduction, and Fiscal Policy - A. Greenspan {2:01:42} CSpa
Debt Ceiling Defined {1:20} Business / ArcaMax
GAO Report: Debt Limit Fight Cost U.S. $1.3B: Video - Bloomberg (7/23/12)
[Honda Jet Greensboro N.C.] Google News
HondaJet First Flight {4:45:} YouTube (12/24/10)
U.S. Economy and Federal Debt {3:11:48} CSPAN (6/14/11)
Washington Journal Spent Week Examining Deficit Reduction | C-SPAN (4/23/11)
Congress' Accountant Clarifies GAO Report to Lawmakers {1:44:39} C-Span (3/11/11
State-by-state breakdown - Deal Mag (2/18/11)
Geithner on the 2012 Budget {6:14} CNBC (2/15/11)
President Obama Speaks Out, Pt. 5 {17:04} CNBC (2/15/11)
President Obama Speaks Out, Pt. 4 {13:06} CNBC (2/15/11)
President Obama Speaks Out, Pt. 3 {13:07} CNBC (2/15/11)
President Obama Speaks Out, Pt. 2 {12:39} CNBC (2/15/11)
President Obama Opening Remarks {4:29} CNBC (2/15/11)
Bring Back Estate Tax? {7:13} CNBCTV (9/01/10)
How to Fix the Economy: An Expert Panel {11:26} Bloomberg (9/16/10)
Uncle Sam Deeper in Debt {10:31} CNBC Video (2/08/11)
Bailout Brings Budget Blues [health care out?]{3:57} CNBCTV (9/22/08)
AP Video Link: Bailout Passes Senate, House Foes Soften {1:50} (10/02/08)
Volcker Pushes Value-Added Tax {4:19} CNBC Video (4/06/10)
Tax Freedom Day {2:30} CNBC Video (4/06/10)
Administration Looks to Control Charitable Giving {3:12} Fox Video (4/17/10)
[Medicare] CNBC Video Archive
The Crash Course - understanding of the economy - Chris Martenson
Double Dipping on Disability {4:31} CNBC TV (8/04/10)
Harvard's Feldstein Interview About U.S. Dollar, Deficit {11:41} Bloom (10/07/10
Conference: America's Fiscal Future {26:29}{54:29}{28:38}{52:41}{44:30}{35:15}{4
(5 mins!) Deficit.reach.$1.5 trill. in 10 yrs.rise to $18 tril {3:06}

Six Steps to Financial Doomsday STEP #3: We’ve Sold Our Birthright for a Mess

Why the Looming Budget Battles Might Still Shut Down the Gov’t (8/09/11)
(11/09/12) 'Fiscal Cliff' Speech: Americans Agree With My Approach On Deficit -
30 *Statistics That Prove The Elite Are Getting Richer..Economic Collapse Blog (
[Americans medicaid 2011] Google
[Americans food stamps 2011] Google
[Americans net worth 2011] Google
I Found a Billion Dollars, You Guys - Reformed (7/28/11)
[united states service economy] Google
[united states public private service economy] Google
America’s Growing Income Gap, by the Numbers - ProPublica (11/03/11)
The 5 Most Mind-Blowingly Huge Machines Built By Science (11/05/11)
> On Leadership: Jobs, Confidence and Debating Obama - Huffington (10/19/11)

‘2030’: This financial horror story could be our future - WPost (8/07/11)
National debt and the economy: A *primer - Times Record (7/08/11)
America for Sale: Liquidate Assets to Avert Debt Ceiling Crisis ... - Money Morn
5 Experts Explain How To Solve The Budget Deficit - Business Insider (5/06/11)

GOOD: Here’s How Your Taxes Are Spent - Reformed (4/19/121)
Federal budget: Foreign jobs are real problem - Missoulian (7/13/11)
Stop coddling the super-rich: Buffett - Fox (8/15/11)
[income tax economics] Google
Tax The Other Guy - Frontline Thoughts (2/25/12) pdf
Where Do Your Social Security Taxes Go? - About (4/08/12)
The Rich Are Different: More Money, Less Empathy – TIME Healthland (11/24/10)
[$25 billion for just 6,600 people] Google
[U.S. Senate Obama's $858 billion Bush-era tax] Google News
Tax the super-rich or riots will rage in 2012 (principles) MktWch (8/16/11)
[estate tax 2011] Google
Evil Bush Tax Rates Made Rich Bastards Pay More Taxes! - reason (12/14/10)
[income tax 2011] Google News
[gift tax 2011] Google News
[Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010] Google News
Deal Struck on Tax Package - WSJ (12/07/10)
Deficit Panel Unveils Controversial Plan {3:48} WSJ (12/01/10)
[Senate tax cut families] Google News
[House tax cut families] Google News
[Tea Party tax cut families] Google News
>>The Tea Party, Real and Imagined - C@L (3/16/11)
[Deficit Commission Tax Code] Google
President Obama's Deficit Commission Delivers Its 'Moment Of Truth'- DF (12/01/1
11-Month High for Stock Allocations - WSCS (12/01/10)
Money Matters – Year End Tax Planning: Dividends And Capital Gains (12/01/10)
The Solution to the Government Debt Problem Is Well Known - M&M (12/0!?10)
RISK ON! - Reformed Broker
Who is an insider, anyway? - Fortune/CNN (12/01/10)
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
Death Tax Hike To 55% Nears - Human Events (12/01/10)
Easy Ways to Lower Your Taxes - NOLO
[Debt commission 6.5% national tax] Google
[6.5% national tax regressive] Google
Videos -
Deficit Plan Targets Taxes {3:05} Fox Video (
>>Tax Debate (Debating whether government should filibuster the spending bill, w

Articles -
Could America turn out worse than Japan? - Mohamed Mondays Reuters (10/31/11)
[US Budget Deficit] WSJ Archive
National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform
[debt commission] Google News
[debt and deficit commission] Google News
[National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform] Google News

[Social Security changes] Google News
Tired Of Warren Buffett Trashing Gold? ..Quotes From His Gold-Loving Father (2/1
Doctors’ Medicare Pay Cut Won’t Be Unlinked From Tax Bill - Bloom (12/20/11)
Senate payroll tax cut deal (avert a cut ...doctors who treat Medicare patients)
Debt and Dumb - November Vanity Fair
Congressional Budget Office
Senate Budget Cmte. Hearing on Economic Outlook {2:15:26} { C-Span (2/01/11)
Health Care - CBO
The Danger Is Default, Not Downgrade - Time (7/27/11)
Dear Mr. President - The Baseline Scenario (11/14/10)
CSR Expo 2011 opens Wednesday - MB (7/20/11)
Suicide of a Superpower - Veracity Voice (10/03/11)
Pity the Policymakers - Project Syndicate (7/21/11)
The Ten Best Investments If The US Defaults - 24/7 Wall Street (7/25/11)
[structural problems cyclical solutions] Google
Debt cure is going to hurt {2:47} (lousy state of the economy) MSN (7/20/11)

Beyond the fiscal ledge: Five famous cliffs -n WSJ (12/18/12)
D.C.’s rich-poor divide gets the Taiwanese animated treatment (10/24/11)
Washington, DC incomes highest as poverty gap widens {1:02} YouTube (10/24/11)
Senators call for extending federal pay freeze for third year - WashPost (10/14/
Washington Tops List of Richest Areas in Nation - Fox News (10/20/11)
Budget and Economic Outlook: An Update - CBO (Aug. 2011)
Consumers Won’t Save the Economy: Economists - CNBC (9/29/11)
America's Permanent Deficit Problems: On the Road to Armageddon - Seeking (7/21/
On the Road - Amazon
*Explaining the debt ceiling debate - Wash Post (6/29/11)
Kick-the-can debt game is worldwide (Greece and the rest of the PIIGS countries)
[sweden economic recovery] Google News
Five economic lessons from Sweden, the rock star of the recovery (6/24/11)
The Economic Statistic US Elites Keep Hush-Hush - Enlightened Economics (6/06/11
Doctors, lawyers, dentists tops in fed jobs that pay $180K-plus - USAToday (5/03
Employer Costs for Employee Compensation news release - BLS (6/08/11)

What If We Don't Raise The Debt Ceiling? - NPR (6/03/11)
U.S. Warned on Debt Load (S&P blunt warning) WSJ (4/19/11)
Budget cuts are the dollar's savior (trillions in US debt) CSM (4/14/11)
What America's debt problem means for the global economy - Time (4/19/11)
The U.S. Fiscal Crisis: We're the Problem - Fool (3/09/11)
Some per diem rates for feds going up - Federal Eye (3/23/11)
Defense Contractors Brace for the Big Squeeze - Bloom (2/24/11)
America’s 10 worst years start right now - Farrell Mktwch (1/04/11)
Financial Capability Study
How the Tax Deal Could Affect Your Finances - WSJ (12/12/10)
Moody's Warns It May Cut US Rating if Tax-Cut Deal Becomes Law - MoneyNews (12/1

CAROL PERRY: Look to E.U. for warning as to our own fate - About Nevada Appeal (

U.S. debt and the rapidly greying president - CBC (12/08/10)
House Democrats seek changes to Obama's tax-cut deal - WashPost (12/10/10)
The New $100 Note - New Money
Updated $100 Bills May Be Too Tough To Print - NPR (12/07/10)
No Shift Sherlock, Tax Cuts Go Straight To -Forbes (12/08/10)
American Retirement Funds at Serious Risk of Being Seized (12/07/10)
Deficit Panel's Leaders Push Cuts - WSJ (11/08/10)
The Fed's Printing Press Funds Government Deficit - RealClearMarkets (11/04/10)
The Deficit and National Debt Require a 'Shovel Ready' Solution - US News (10/15
Fed's actions rile allies - reuters (11/05/10)
Hiking inflation won't help, Ben - MSN (11/03/10)
Phony “Fiscal Conservatives” – In The Midterms And Beyond - Baseline (11/0
IMF urges planning to trim deficits - WSJ (11/04/10)
[united states military spending compared to other countries] Google News
Bernanke Says Fiscal Limits Can Improve Federal Budget Path (10/04/10)
2011 Social Security Payments Unlikely to Rise - CBS (10/11/10)
Unemployed find old jobs now require more skills (doing more with fewer workers)
How Countries Spend Their Money - Visual Economics
China Seeks a New Self Through an Old Method - WSJ (10/14/10)
Annual Deficit Stays Sky-High - WSJ (10/16/10)
Estate-Tax Rises Again as Issue on Trail - WSJ (10/14/10)
America's Poor: Where Poverty Is Rising In America - Huffington (10/19/10)
Making Sense of the Census Bureau's New Poverty Stats - Poynter (9/16/10)
Poverty - US Census Bureau
[Census poverty] Google News
Americans Living in Poverty Reach Record-Breaking Levels - PRNews (9/16/10)
Nation's Largest Hunger Relief Organization Responds to New Poverty Numbers - PR
Poverty in the U.S. spikes - CNN Money (9/16/10)
Rising tide of US poverty near 60s levels - (9/15/10)

How Much Does The National Debt Matter? - Forbes (3/05/10)
Growing Deficit Means Growing Tax Burden? - Fox (4/19/10)
Fed Printing May Create 'Final Crisis': Marc Faber - CNBC (8/03/10)
Enron Accounting Has Bankrupted America: - Finance Geek (8/23/10)
An opportunity wasted - The budget and the deficit - Economist Archive (2/04/10)
Cutting the Deficit: Easy Math, Dicey Politics - CNBC (4/13/10)
Overheard: War of Words - WSJ (5/27/10)
[Harvard historian Niall Ferguson and Princeton economist Paul Krugman] Google
13 Ways to Spend $1 Trillion - Kiplinger (7/21/10)
Budget analysts see 2010 deficit at $1.3 trillion - AP/google (8/19/10)
Can the US Pay Back Its Debts? - Minyanville (5/12/10)
U.S. sitting on $17 billion in unclaimed war bonds - WashPost (11/28/09)
Obama On Course To Double National Debt - InvestorsInsight (6/16/09)
U.S. Raises Estimate for 10-Year Deficit to $9 Trillion - NYTimes (8/25/09)
What you need to know about Social Security - CNN (9/17/09)
2008 American Community Survey Data Embargo Broken - US Census - PRNews (9/21/09
Detailed Data - ACS - factfinder.census
How Well Prepared Are Americans for Retirement? - Baseline (11/13/09)
Government’s Role in the Financial Crisis - Viewpoints Pimco (4/17/09)
The Paradox of Deficits - InvestorsInsight (5/23/09)
Laws, Sausages & Budgets {3:07} CNBC (3/27/09)
IRS tax revenue falls along with taxpayers' income - USA Today (5/26/09)
More Americans Joining Military as Jobs Dwindle - NYTimes (1/18/09)
The Great Experiment - InvestorsInsight (1/19/09)
U.S. deficit soars to $485.2 billion - CNN (1/13/09)
The Looming Crisis Beyond Today's Financial Disaster - IU (12/22/08)
Get set for tax-law whiplash - MktWch (1/16/09)
U.S. deficit climbs to $402 billion - CNN (12/10/08)
As Stimulus Grows, So Does Task of Closing Whopping Deficit {Understand more abo
Can Uncle Sam Afford All This? - Newsmax (9/19/08)
More Eyeballs Needed - WashPost (9/19/08)
Banks Helped Funds Skip Taxes: Report - Street (9/11/08)
Treasury to Temporarily Guarantee Money Market Funds - WashPost (9/19/08)
Deficit Sets A Record - Zacks (11/13/08)

Pros See Crisis Opportunities in Equities and Debt - Fund Insight - S&P Outlook
Paulson Asked to Spurn Rubin's Inflation Indexed Debt {Tips}(Update1) Bloomberg

Where the Hiring Is Hot - Federal Diary (8/25/08)
Revenue Act targets wealthy (8/30/1935)
Jubak's Journal: US deep in debt and still digging (4/15/08)
Credibility of Fed and U.S. Dollar at Stake �M&M (6/21/08)
Crisis of the U.S. Dollar System - Global Research.Ca {yawn?-ed}
Clouds gather again over the Pampas - Economist (8/21/08)
Indebted Ever After {movie} (8/07/08)
Richest Americans See Their Income Share Grow - WSJ (7/23/08)
Another inconvenient truth - Economist (8/14/08)
Economic Free Fall? - ZMag (8/05/08)
'America's Outrageous War Economy!' MktWch (8/18/08)
State and Local Pensions Are Different ... - Center for Retirement Research (Nov
Administration Expects Record $490 Billion Deficit - MoneyNews (7/28/08)
Most U.S. Corporations Pay No Income Tax - DealBook - NYTimes (8/13/08)
Dave Barry: How your taxes turn into manure - Miami Herald (4/13/08)
Issues & Positions - Current Issues (2006)
3 Government Reports Spell Long-Term Trouble for the U.S. Dollar - M&M (5/05/08
The War To Save The U.S. Dollar - trinicenter (4/18/03)
The Debt and the Deficit
Twelve Effective Tactics to Use When Tackling Debt 13 - Simple (5/10/08)
Social Security and Medicare Projections: 2008 {NCPA}
Senate Votes To Privatize Its Failing Restaurants - WashPost (6/09/08)
Problem *Solving
Chapter One - Critical Thinking - Skepdic
Problem Solving Techniques - Virtual salt (1/05/02)
Mike Gazzaniga ('The Brain' and 'The Mind') {:} Charlie Rose (4/17/12) tonight
The Problem of Evil - Chapter 3: Philosophy of Religion
Center for Development and Learning - CDL
[global consumer confidence index 2012] Google
[Obama free contraception] Google
I. Principles of Decision Making - Global Citizen - GEC 300
Principles of Democracy and other Political Systems - Political Science - GEO 30

Retirement: How to Keep Up With Medicare - Smart Money (11/18/10)
[Medicare beneficiaries Health Plan 2011 open enrollment] Google
Free -
Medicare Find Helpful Contacts and Websites -
Medicare & You 2011 -
Medicare Rights Center {8:31}
Medicare Rights Center - YouTube
Medicare Interactive - Answers to Medicare Questions
Insurance Brokers -
Extend Health - Shop & Compare
Senior Educators - Medicare advisors
Healthcare Navigation

Health Care Financing Administration -
Department of Health and Human Services - Home
Director Kathleen Sebelius - HHS

US Debt Ceiling Visualized in $100 Bills -
[Federal Debt Bills] Google News
Voting on Suspending the Debt Ceiling {3:36} CNBC (1/23/13)
5/19/13 [Debt Limit Extension Bill May 19] Google

*Interest on Federal Debt -
[Interest on Federal Debt] Google News
United States to Pay $5 Trillion in Interest Over 10 Years - Kapitall (3/06/12)
Study Tests Claims of Republican Candidates’ Debt Plans - NYTimes (2/23/12)

David Walker --
Walker on the U.S. Budget {9:02} CNBC (2/13/12)
Digging Deeper - Dave Walker ...explains our current national and personal debt
Inside IOUSA - [David Walker, former and Warren Buffett] {6:44} CNBCTV (8/22/08)
MktWch: The ultimate sell signal (2/25/08)
PRNews: Peter G. Peterson Commits $1 Billion...(2/15/08)
Blackstone�s Peterson launches $1bn public affairs foundation (2/15/08)
CNN: One man's campaign against federal debt (3/30/07)
What's the real federal deficit? - USA Today (8/04/06)

U.S. Government Accountability Office
Video -
Walker, Deficit Ranger {1:10} CNBC TV (2/16/11)

Video --
Geithner's Opening Statement at Budget Hearing {11:48} CNBCTV

Equal Rights Amendment - Wiki
It Is the Season of the Bear - IDE (5/27/08)
Making a Profit on Soldiers' Death Benefits - BusinessWeek (8/05/10)
Swampland Time Blog - podcasts (4/17/10)

Why does your car only..... - Wiki Answers

Financial Literacy and Education Summit 2008 - Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Other Interesting Programs >>
[cash for clunkers program] Google
Annual Salaries of Top US Government Officials - About
2011 Salary Tables and Related Information - USOPM
Federal Employees Benefits, Leave, and Pay -

Budget Deficits --
[Budget Deficit] Silobreaker
[state budgets] Google News
[state fiscal year] Google News
[{your state} budget deficit 2009] Google News
California Crisis Continues {10:49} CNBC TV (7/29/09)
[California Crisis Tax Reform] Google News
.N.Y. Faces $200 Billion in Retiree Health Costs - NY Times (10/12/10)
[DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray city budget] Google News


The Mother of All Financial Bubbles is Just Now Starting to Pop…Addison Wiggin
50 Economic Numbers From 2011 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe - MeatTradeNe
In 'I.O.U.S.A.,' A Deficit of Originality - WashPost (8/22/08)
>>The Debt Debate [AARP CEO, Blackstone CEO & ..{9:45} CNBCVideo (8/22/08)
>> Ask the Oracle - ...ask ..about I.O.U.S.A [fed deficit] {5:36} CNBCVideo (8/2
Buffett on Big News - wisdom on the IOUSA film, the economy and Fannie & Freddie

Young nation gets a budget - History (September 19, 1778)


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U.S. Government - PWPC

[Republicans Pledge To America] Google News
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[Tea Party Republicans] Google
[tea party victory] Google
[political campaigns] Google News
[secret campaign finance] Google News
[non disclosed political ads] Google News

Research Papers
Is the United States Bankrupt? {LJK} StLouisFed (July 2006)
Is the United States Bankrupt? {AT} StLouisFed (July 2006)
Bankrupt Thinking on U.S. Bankruptcy - Cato Institute (9/12/06)

Books -
Enjoyment as a Political Factor - Z

[____] Urban Dictionary

The Economy: S&P Slip-Sliding Away - Outlook's Market Insight (2/20/09)
A New Era of Responsibility - The Federal Budget (PDF) OMB

Constitutional republic - Wiki
constitutional federal republic
The Declaration of Independence - Archives
Bill of Rights - Archives
How Well Do You Know the U.S. Constitution? Test Yourself! - ABC News
Privacy 'bill of rights' exempts government agencies | Security (not..federal, s
North America > United States - Nation Master
[A Constitutional Amendment] Google
Two new rules will give Constitution a starring role in GOP-controlled House - W
The United States Economic Map vs. the World - Vardy (12/20/11)
Constitution of the United States - America's Historical Documents
Doug Casey on the US Constitution (4/04/12)
Abdication of Principles (Constitution Art. 2, Sect 2) {2:37} CNBC (1/28/13)
Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America - FindLaw
Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution - Wiki
A Constitutional Amendment? - Baseline Scenario (01/29/10)
Obama's plan is not exactly a secret - Coastal Courier (1/11/12)
Bad news for your personal rights - InvestorLinks (11/16/12)
C-SPAN StudentCam 2010 Grand Prize - C-SPAN's StudentCam

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[President Barack Obama] Google News
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Obama's Schedule - CBS News
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President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts - W.H.
Executive Orders - White House
Presidential Actions - White House
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US Politics and Govt » White House - Newsroom America
[Obama Organizing for Action OFA 501(c)4] Google
Obama’s new political group to lure unlimited donations - WPost (2/23/13)
[Noble Peace Prize Barack Obama] Google News
Person Of The Year - Time 2012
[The Melting of America] Google News
Biography of President Barack Obama - GTR News

[Obama Unfilled Appointments] Google
Under Obama, More Appointments Go Unfilled - ProPublica (2/27/13)
APPOINTMENTS - The White House

The All But Forgotten Self-Governing Economy - Daily Reckoning (8/28/10)
[Hippocampus Decision Making] Google
[Republican John Boehner House] Google News
[Republican Mitch McConnell Senate] Google News
[obama appointments] Google News
[House Majority Leader Eric Cantor] Google News

[President Obama’s changing Cabinet] Google
Let’s Get Real,..- New Republic (11/11/11)
The Cabinet: Who's Next? - WashPost (12/16/08)

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Politics Daily
[budget deficit+bail out] Google News
Government Agencies - CNBC News, Video
Comments and tweets on popular topics - Economist
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Energy Fact Sheet - Obama 08
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[XLF] There's Got to Be a Better Way Than TARP I! - Seeking (1/22/09)
no longer believes that purchasing troubled assets is the most effective way to
Quick Reports [Hunger, Poverty, Energy] National Priorities Project (NPP)

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Staffing the Country --
Head Count: Keeping Track of Obama's Senior Political Appointments - Wash Post
Profiles of a select group of government officials {later a Wiki} WhoRunsGov (W.
[obama fundraising 2012] Google News
Possible Obama Cabinet Appointments - (11/05/08)

Obama Cabinet & Staff
The Obama Cabinet (changes) Time (11/29/12)
The Cabinet - White House
What are the functions of us cabinet positions? - Wiki.answers
[Federal Government Cabinet Agency] Google
[Obama administration members] Google News
[Obama appointments] Washington Post
The New Team - New York Times
Ten Pieces of Inspiration #16 - Simple$ (4/23/11)

White House Chief of Staff
White House Chief of Staff - Wiki
[Denis McDonough Chief of Staff] Google News (1/06/11)
Denis McDonough - Wiki

1) Secretary of Agriculture
[Secretary of Agriculture] Google News
[Tom Vilsack] Google News
Food CPI and Expenditures: Analysis and Forecasts of the CPI for Food
[House Agriculture Committee] Google

2) Department of Justice
Budget and Performance - Justice
Attorney General - Wiki
[US Department of Justice operating budget cuts] Google News
[Eric H. Holder Jr] Google News II
Department of Justice fiscal year 2013 budget {1:40:25} C-Span (3/08/12)
[Justice Department lawyers misconduct] Google News
[Obama+Attorney General] Google News
[Eric H. Holder Jr.] Google News
Office of the Attorney General - USDOJ
[US drug incarceration compared world total incarceration] Google
United States incarceration rate - Wiki
Incarceration in the United States - Wiki
Supreme Court..Government Does Not Have an Unltd Amt of Bring Civil (fr
Justice Depart Secures Nearly $2 Billion in Cons Prot Cases in 2012 (3/08/13)
Taser’s On-Body Cams..Make Cops Self-Policing - TechReview (4/11/13)

Solicitor General - Wiki
[Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. Solicitor General] Google News
Office of the Solicitor General - USDOJ
[Donald B. Verrilli, Jr.] Google News

Director of Central Intelligence
Central Intelligence Agency
[Director of Central Intelligence] Wiki
John Brennan - Wiki
Michael Morell - Wiki
[CIA Director John Brennan] Google News
[CIA Director John Brennan] WSJ Live Video Archive

2) Commerce Secretary - Wiki
Still no new Commerce Secretary - AJC (1/10/13)
[Obama Secretary of Commerce appointee] google
[*patent reform act of 2011 summary] Google
SelectUSA seeks to highlight the many advantages the United States a locat
[Department of Commerce United States] Google News
[Commerce Secretary] Google News
[Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Toyota] Silobreaker
Commerce Issues Report on Role of Patent Reform in Supporting Innovation and Job
[U.S. Office of Patents and Trademarks] Google
[wealthiest US metropolitan area] Google
World's first 3D printed plane takes off - newscientist (7/28/11)
3D printing: saviour or piracy tool? - TheAge.Au (2/07/12)
About SAIPE - Census
2008 School District Poverty Estimates (3,142 counties; 14,000 school districts)
State and County Poverty Est. - SAIPE
[children living in poverty] Google News
Census estimates show big gains for US minorities - AP (2/03/11)

Google to limit free news access {video} LiveLeak (12/02/09)
Google to limit free news access - BBC (12/02/09)
[Google news access] Google
Newspaper Archive > to date
2013 The Real Inflation Rate and What to Do About It - Equities (3/29/13)
[Commerce Department’s personal consumption expenditure (PCE) index compared C
Compare ..Pers Consumption Expenditures (*PCE) Price Index (chain) with CPI - BE
[Commerce Department’s personal consumption expenditure (PCE) index] Google
'Personal Consumption Expenditures - PCE' - Investopedia

3) Defense Secretary
[2013 DOD budget cuts] Google
[United States Secretary of Defense] Wiki
[Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense] Google
[Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel] WSJ Live Video Archive
[United States Secretary of Defense] Google News
PROMISES, PROMISES: Widows' tax lingers - AP/goog (2/09/11)
Budget News - Defense News
Thrilling Video of Pilot Flying F-18 Fighter Jet {1:31} Yahoo (2/14/13)
[Pentagon Military Budget House Senate] Google News
[pentagon budget 2013]
[Lockheed sequestration] Google News

Best Way to Honor America's Veterans:...Huffington (11/11/12)
Cycles of War Images - Google Images
War cycles - Wiki
[PPA] MSN Chart
[PPA] Exploiting War And Peace Cyc With Commod And Def Stks (2/14/11)(11/14/12)
IBM....Human Brain on an Atomic Level - Atlantic (3/21/13)
IBM Breakthrough Opens Way to Chips That Mimic Human Brain - eWeek (3/22/13)
Americans and Their Military: The Case for Bringing Back the Draft - Time (5/28/
[US military conscription] Google News
(4/10/12) Japan.. U.K. Agree on Weapons Prog. ( II (ex US) WSJ (4/10
[Next generation weapons systems] Google
Photos: Next generation weapons systems - Dayton BizJ (7/04/11)
DARPA: Military's Martial Law Robots Herding Humans? {5:42} YouTube (5/01/12)
Army of the Future: Russian combat Robots {2:36} YouTube (1/30/10)
Russia tests world's most powerful bomb {2:36} YouTube (9/12/07)
vacuum bomb - free dictionary
[Defense Bill Immigration] Google News
[pentagon budget] Bloomberg Businessweek Archive
Obama Outlines Plan for Deeper U.S.-Australia Military Ties - WSJ (11/16/11)
[ITA,PPA,XAR] MSN Chart Compare
psst! [ITA,PPA,XAR] Defense ETFs Grounded As Pentagon Faces Spending Cuts - Seek
Ultimate Weapons- X-47B {2:34} YouTube (10/15/10)
An Animated History of Aviation {3:35} Neatorama (1/31/12)

4) Secretary of Education
Higher Education - State Budget Solutions
[Secretary of Education] Google News
[Arne Duncan] Google News
United States Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions - Wiki
About - Understanding Fiscal Responsibility
[Economic Stimulus Education] Gigablast +
CNN Student News
RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms {‬‏ {11:41 YouTube (10/14/10)
Education Department Adopts Crucial Reform for Disabled Borrowers (11/15/12)
A Tax Shelter for the Youngest Generation {3:15} M&M (3/30/11)
The Opportunity Gap - Pro Publica (6/30/11)
[behavioral economics graduate programs] Google
(4/10/12) The Prohibitive Cost of Higher Education: A Racket? - WSP

5) Energy Secretary
Outgoing Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s Parting Warning on Warming (2/01/13)
[Energy Secretary] Google News
Ernest Moniz - Wiki
[Ernest Moniz] Google
[US Department of Energy operating budget cuts] Google News
Oceans ’13: The Post-Election Future of Ocean Policy - NatGeo (11/20/12)
Energy Department Announces New Investments in Pioneering U.S. Offshore Wind Pro
[Steven Chu] Google News
Energy Department's fiscal year 2013 budget request {2:16:18} C-Span (3/08/12)
The (Stubborn) Myth Of Green Energy Investing - Seeking Alpha (12/17/12)
White House Pushes for Offshore Wind Farm {5:51} Fox Business Video (12/17/12)
White House Offshore Wind Farm - Google
Wind Power - NewYorkTimes News
Dominion Virginia Power gets federal offshore wind energy test grant (12/14/12)
1366 Technologies Tries to Break the Solyndra Curse | MIT Technology Review (1/3
Supersized Wind Turbines Head Out to Sea | MIT Technology Review (2/01/13)
[home heating aid] Google News
AlwaysOn 2012 GoingGreen Global 200 Top Private Companies (11/29/13)
Announcing the 2010 GoingGreen Silicon Valley 100 - Always On (10/18/10)
The 2011 GoingGreen Global 200 Top Private Companies - Always On
GoingGreen 2011 - Green Entrepreneurs Meet Big Money - aonetwork
[DOE alternative energy loans] Google News
[Tea Party alternative energy loans] Google News

6) Environmental Protection Agency
[Obama Appointee EPA] Google
[Lisa P. Jackson] Google News
[Gina McCarthy] Google News
Gina McCarthy - Wiki
[Illegal *Everything] Google News
[EPA Administrator] Google News
10 Environmental Agencies and Organizations - Daily Bambi (2/18/13)
Lisa P. Jackson - Wiki
[Coal Copenhagen Climate EPA] Google News

Food and Drug Administration
[Food and Drug Administration Obama] Google News
[Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg] Google News
A hard pill to swallow: How our medical bills are killing us - MSNBC (3/04/13)
*Bitter_Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us - Time (2/20/13)
Margaret A. Hamburg - Wiki

7) Health and Human Services
Kathleen Sebelius - Wiki
[William Corr] Google News
Department of Health and Human Services - Home
Director Kathleen Sebelius - HHS
[Health and Human Services] Google News
[cigarettes FDA marijuana] Google News
[Kathleen Sebelius] Google News
[State Children's Health Insurance Program] Google News
Report reveals aggregate state debt exceeds $4 trillion - State Budget Solutions
US States Are Facing Total Debt of Over $4 Trillion - CNBC (10/24/11)
Medicaid welfare program - SBS
[health laws] Google News

Retirement: How to Keep Up With Medicare - Smart Money (11/18/10)
Free -
Medicare Find Helpful Contacts and Websites -
Medicare Rights Center {8:31}
Medicare Rights Center - YouTube
Medicare Interactive - Answers to Medicare Questions
Insurance Brokers -
Extend Health - Shop & Compare
Senior Educators - Medicare advisors
Healthcare Navigation

Health Care Financing Administration -

8) Homeland Security
Homeland security - Wiki
Janet Napolitano - Wiki
[Janet Napolitano] Google News
United States Secret Service - Wiki
Julia Pierson - Wiki
[Julia Pierson Director of the United States Secret Service] Google News
About the United States Secret Service - FAQ
Obama appoints first woman Secret Service director - Yahoo! N
The Inactivation of the Body Scanners - ProPub (12/28/12)
[Homeland Security] Google News
5 fascinating $1.5 billion cyber-security center (Camp Williams, Utah
Feds weigh expansion of Internet monitoring - CNET (3/04/10)

U.S. Interior Department --
[Ken Salazar] Google News
United States Department of the Interior - Wiki
Interior Secretary to Step Down in March - NYTimes (1/16/13)
[Secretary of Interior] Google News
[Sally Jewell] Google
Sally Jewell - Wiki
[Bureau of Land Management] Google
Bureau of Land Management - Wiki
[Fish and Wildlife Service] Google
United States Fish and Wildlife Service - Wiki

9) Department of Labor (DOL)
Meet the Secretary of Labor - DOL
News Releases and Major Economic Indicators
[Secretary of Labor] Google News
[Thomas Perez] Google
Thomas Perez - Wiki
United States Secretary of Labor - Wiki
[*inflation_food_energy_education_healthcare_CPI_housing] Google
Federal retirees will get 1.7 percent COLA next year - GovExec (10/16/12)
Government to release cost-of-living adjustment Tuesday - GovExec (10/15/12)
Pay Raises and COLAs - GovExec (8/03/12)
The U.S. economy to 2014 - BLS.pdf (Nov 2005)
[low income americans] NYTimes Archive
Retirement - Marketwatch
US Pension Insurer Runs Record $34 Billion Deficit (11/16/12)
[Director Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp] Google
[PBGC Subsidiary] Google
[Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp] Google News
[Joshua Gotbaum PBGC Director] Google
St, local govt. comp. costs aver. $40.76 per/hr in Sept (next 3/12/13) BLS
At end of tenure as secretary of labor, Hilda Solis reflects on leadership - WP
Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs - The New Poor (Despite Signs of
Recession and Recovery - CBPP

10) Secretary of State
John Kerry - Wiki
U.S. Department of State
[John Kerry Secretary of State] Google News
Keith's US Foreign Policy - About
Countries Visited By The Most-Traveled Secretary Of State In History - Huff (2/0

11) Surgeon General
Surgeon General - HHS - Home
Regina Benjamin - Wiki
[Surgeon General Vice Admiral Regina M. Benjamin] Google News
[Surgeon General] Google News

12) Transportation Secretary
[Transportation Secretary] Google News
[Secretary of Transportation Anthony Fox] Bing
Anthony Foxx - Wiki
[USA Finalists Maglev Project] Google
[transportation bill, MAP-21 earmarks] Google
Obama Administration on Idle Earmark Projects (8/17/12)
Ray LaHood to step down as U.S. trans secr - WP (1/29/13)
List of available funds by state - 2003-2006 Earmarks - DOT
Federal Aviation Administration
Michael P. Huerta - Wiki

13) Treasury Secretary
[Treasury Sec. Jacob Lew] WSJ Live Video Archive
[Department of Treasury] Google News
[Treasury Secretary Jack Lew] Google News
United States Secretary of the Treasury - Wiki
Senate Confirms Lew at Treasury - ataxingmatter
Fourth Amendment - U.S. Constitution - FindLaw
From JFK To Bush, Treasury Swelled After Tax Cuts - IBD (10/17/12)
[Constitution search warrant Obama says] Bing
U.S. Constitution: Fourth Amendment - FindLaw
IRS claims it can read your e-mail without a warrant - CNet (4/10/13)
[Constitution search warrant] Bing

Elizabeth *Warren Appointed Special Adviser to Establish CFPB - Financial Crisis
[U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard Cordray] Google News
Ohio AG to Head Enforcement at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (12/16/10)
[Consumer Financial *Protection Bureau Elizabeth Warren] Google
[Elizabeth Warren President assistant and Special Advisor Treasury CFPB] Google
Consumer Finance Law Blog -
Introducing our proposed mortgage disclosure forms cfpb (7/09/12)
[Consumer Financial Protection Bureau] Google News
Now That Sen. Harkin Is Retiring, Who Will Rescue Our Retirement? - Huff (1/27/1
[Richard Cordray CFPB] Google
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
[Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act] Google
Executive Excess 2012: The CEO Hands in Uncle Sam's Pocket - IPS (8/16/12)
[consumer financial protection bureau enforcement] Google
[Consumer Financial Protection Bureau] - DDG
AP IMPACT: Aggressive Start for Consumer Bureau - ABC News (9/12/12)
Warning Shot On Financial Protection - WSJ (2/09/11)

Bureau of the Public Debt
[department of the treasury bureau of the public debt] Google News

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
A Revolving Door in Washington That Gets Less Notice - NYTimes (2/20/13)
[Comptroller of the Currency] Google
[OCC STIF] Google
OCC Reports Fourth Quarter Bank Trading Loss - OCC (3/27/09)
OCC Reports Fourth Quarter Bank Trading Loss...- OCC (4/02/08)
'A top authority on poverty has changed his mind about the urgency of fighting i

Committee on Ways and Means --
Ways and Means Republicans
Committee on Ways and Means
[Ways and Means Obama] Google News
United States House Committee on Ways and Means - Wiki
Chairman Dave Camp Ways and Means
Dave Camp - Wiki
Rangel to be top Democrat on trade Ways&Means subcommittee - TheHill (1/15/13)
Van Zeck, Commissioner of the Public Debt
Bureau of the Public Debt - Wiki
Meet Alexander Hamilton, founder of U.S. financial system - Vimeo (10/19/11)
Bureau of the Public Debt (Last Updated January 4, 2013)
Bureau of the Public Debt (Last Updated October 8, 2008)

14) Secretary of Veterans Affairs
United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Wiki
[Secretary of Veterans Affairs] Google News
Eric Shinseki - Wiki
[Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki] Google News

15) U.N Ambassador
United States Ambassador to the United Nations - Wiki
Susan Rice - Wiki
[United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice] Google News
[U.N Ambassador] Google News

16) Office of Domestic Finance -
Under Secretary of the Treasury for Domestic Finance - Wiki
Mary J. Miller - Wiki
[Office of Domestic Finance Mary J. Miller] Google
[Office of Domestic Finance] Google News

Office of Financial Stability
Office of Financial Stability - Wiki
U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Financial Stability - Home
United States Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
Neal S. Wolin - Wiki
[Office of Financial Stability Neal S. Wolin] Google News

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Home
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Home
Sheila Bair - Wiki
[Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Sheila Bair] Google News
[*Sheila Bair] Google News
FDIC's Bair Gets Nod to Stay, Address Housing Mess- WSJ (1/08/09)

White House Budget Director
OMB's Mission
White House Budget Director - NationMaster
Office of Management and Budget - White House
Office of Management and Budget - Wiki
Jeffrey Zients - Wiki
Sylvia Mathews Burwell - Wiki
[Silvia Mathews Burwell] Google
Rebecca Blank - Wiki
[Acting director of the Office of Management & Budget Jeffrey Zients] Google New
[White House Budget Director] Google News
Improving Performance and Making Government More Accountable - OMB - White House
[*Office of Management and Budget] Google News
[cyber security center Camp Williams Utah] Google
5 fascinating $1.5 billion cyber-security center (Camp Williams, Utah

*Securities and Exchange Commission
Securities and Exchange Commission - Home
Current SEC Commissioners
[Securities and Exchange Commission Mary Jo White] Google news
[Mary Jo White SEC] Google News
Mary Jo White - Wiki
[SEC bank mortgages] Google News
[Securities and Exchange Commission] Google News
Questions Surround Mary Jo White as the Next SEC Chairman (3/12/13)
Mary Jo White, the first female US attorney in Manhattan, to run the SEC - NYTim
List of Columbia Law School alumni
Division of Enforcement
SEC Division of Enforcement Manual
[SEC Enforcement] Google News
[George Canellos SEC Enforcement] Google News
Canellos to be acting director ...Khuzami leaves Feb. 8 - Adv1 (2/01/13)
Lawyers use SEC to advance careers rather than protect investors - SLPD (2/10/13

*Economic Team
[OBAMA Economic Team 2013] Google
National Economic Council - Wiki
[National Economic Council] Google News
The “Volcker Rule” for Financial Institutions (transcript) White House Video
[National Economic Council Gene Sperling] Google News
Gene Sperling - Wiki
Stock Market Up, Obama Announces New Economic Team - Yahoo (1/25/13)
Behind the Scenes: How Obama Picks His Economic Advisors - Fool (1/30/13)
[Paul Volcker Rule] Google News bb
Obama’s Economic Team - GOP Daily Dose (1/31/13)
Microeconomics Versus Macroeconomics - About
Comparing Economic Recoveries - *JEC Senate (7/27/12)
W.H. to host business groups Thursday - Politico (2/07/13)
Labor Leaders

[National Economic Council Labor] Google News

Council of Economic Advisers - Wiki
[Council of Economic Advisers] Google News
[Alan Krueger Council of Economic Advisers] Google
[Economic Recovery Advisory Board] Google News
Alan Krueger - Wiki
Alan Krueger to be Nominated to Lead White House Council of Economics Advisers -

Economic Recovery Advisory Board
President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board - Wiki
President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness - White House
President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness - Wiki
Business » Employment and Labor - Newsroom America
Members President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness
[President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness] Google News
President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board (PERAB) - Home
Ideas Arena: Global leadership - Economist
The World Economic Forum Highlights
The World Economic Forum Live
Social Security - Silobreaker
Obama Allowing Immelt-Led Advisory Council on Jobs to Expire - Bloom (1/31/13)
Obama's Jobs Council disbanded as its charter expires - USA Today (1/31/13)
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney - Newsroom America (1/31/2013)

Executive Office
Executive Office of the President of the United States - Wiki
White House Office - Wiki
List of U.S. executive branch czars - Wiki
Chief Performance Officer
Chief Performance Officer - Wiki
Lisa Brown (lawyer) - Wiki
[Lisa Brown chief performance officer] Google News
Obama Chief Performance Officer
Create White House performance team and chief performance officer - Politifact
Despite setbacks, performance efforts yield ‘real results,’ administration s
Senior White House Leader to Join Georgetown as General Counsel (1/11/13)

Transportation Financing in Ever-Challenging Times (PAB pg 17) (10/07/08)

Independent Agencies and Government Corporations -
CIA - Home
[CIA Budget fiscal crisis] Google
How the CIA Works - HowStuffWorks
EPA - Home
[EPA Budget 2012 fiscal crisis] Google
How the EPA Works - HowStuffWorks
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson Announces Resignation - Time (12/27/12)
tracking space debris - SpaceView Network
NASA - Home
[NASA Budget 2012 fiscal crisis] Google
How NASA Works - HowStuffWorks
[U.S. Senator Bill Nelson asteroid news] Bing
NASA to Get $100 Million for Asteroid-Capture Mission...- Space (4/05/13)
National Science Foundation - Home
[National Science Foundation Budget 2012 fiscal crisis] Google
National Science Foundation Network - Wiki

White House Office - Wiki
White House Chief of Staff - Wiki
Office of Health Reform
[*Office of Health Reform] Google News
White House Office of Health Reform
United States Domestic Policy Council - Wiki

Articles --

Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Officer of the United States - Wiki
Todd Park - wiki
[Todd Park] Google
[*Chief Technology Officer] Google

Chief Information Officer
[Steven VanRoekel Chief Information Officer] Google
Chief information officer
Federal IT Dashboard - usa spending
Steven VanRoekel - Wiki
Federal IT Priorities in Obama's Second Term - GovTech (1/24/13)

Surgeon General
Surgeon General of the United States - Wiki
Regina Benjamin - Wiki
Surgeon General
[Regina Benjamin Surgeon General] Google News

U.S. Trade Representative
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) - Home
Office of the United States Trade Representative - Wiki
[Ron Kirk] Google News
[U.S. trade representative] Google News
Ron Kirk - Wiki
Russia is the 156th Member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) - USTR(8/22/12)

Federal Communications Commission
Federal Communications Commission - News
[FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski] Google
Federal Communications Commission - Wiki
[Federal Communications Commission] Google News
Julius Genachowski - Wiki
[Julius Genachowski] Google News
Open Internet Rules - FCC
FCC Net Neutrality - Google News
Court Rules Against F.C.C. in ‘Net Neutrality’ Case - AP/nyt (4/06/10)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (official website)
[Sheila Bair Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation] Google
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Wiki
Sheila Bair - Wiki
[Sheila Bair] Google
[Insured Banks FDIC Loses] Google News
[FDIC's problem banks] Google News
Banks & Thrift Failures (2008 > 2012) Weiss

Cybersecurity - National Security Council - White House
Computer security - Wiki
[White House office of cybersecurity] Google News
Howard Schmidt - Wiki
[Howard Schmidt] Google
CyberSecurity - Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
[cybercrime] Techtarget

All Eyes On Obama blog
Fed Page - Federal Eye - WashPost
Political Ticker - CNN blog
Mase: Economics and Finance
Oh!pinion Blog

Small Business Administration (SBA)
Small Business Administration (SBA) - Home
Small Business Administration - Wiki
[Obama SBA Cabinet Agency] Google
[Small Business Administration (SBA)] Google News
Karen Mills
[Karen Mills] Google
Boost for Small Businesses... SBA Chief to Cabinet-Level DU (1/13/12)
Small business agency head Mills to leave Obama administration - Fox (2/11/13)

Articles --
Archive - articles and analysis about
Why the World Should Ignore the Presidential Campaign Foreign Policy Debates - T
Inside Obama’s World: The President talks to TIME ....- Time (1/19/12)
[NCLB] Google
Obama Grants 10 NCLB Waivers - Time (2/09/12)

Obama Pardons
Clarence Aaron Still Waiting for Clemency, .....ProPublica (3/08/13)
[Obama Pardons] Google News
[Pardon Office Senate Judiciary Committee Google
[USA Pardon Attorney Committee] Google News
House Panel Queries Attorney General About Pardon Office (1/25/12)
[Pardon Office Questions for Attorney General Eric Holder] Google
Head of Pardons Office Withheld..ProPublica (12/18/12)

Gov't. Executive - Home

Presidential Transition Roadmap - Gov't. Executive
Presidential Appointments -
Nominations - US Senate
[Obama Presidential Appointments] Google News
[presidential recess appointments history] Google
[Senate Obama nominees] Google (3/30/12)
Blocked Bids to Fill Judgeships Stir New Fight on Filibuster - NYTimes (3/08/13)
A Reading Guide on Obama’s Latest Appointments - Propublica

Video --
Interfaith Service for Bombing Victims in Boston {1:27:21} CSpan (4/18/13)
President Obama Speaks on Explosions in Boston - WhiteHouse {3:22} (4/15/13)
Clinton Romesha - Medal of Honor Ceremony {25:35} C-Span (2/11/13)
Obama awards Medal of Honor to hero of Afghan battle {18:30} USA (2/11/13)
Obama’s Victory Speech – Full Transcript and Video - 2012 {23:22} Pres Cand
The *National_Prayer_Breakfast {34;45} {1:30:41} C-Span (2/08/13)
[Dr Benjamin Carson Obama] Google
Dr. B Carson’s speech at the Natl Prayer Bfast {11:00} {27:32} HotAir (2/08/13
Conservative Doctor Lectures Obama About Health Care, Debt, Tax Reform At Prayer
President Obama Victory Speech {_:30:09} C-Span (11/06/12)
...Obama Discusses Growing the Economy and Reducing the Deficit {8:24} White Hou
President Obama at Newtown, Connecticut Prayer Vigil {2:04:35} C-Span (12/16/12)
2012 State of the Union Address {1:05:13} Detroit Free (1/24/12)
Obama headed to UM to talk about college costs after putting schools 'on notice'
Obama's acceptance speech - Econbrowser (8/30/08)
Day and Night {3:39} You Tube
Medal of Honor for Sergeant Dakota L. Meyer {19:02} White House (9/15/11)
LGBT Pride Month Reception - WhiteHouse (6/15/12)
[Obama] CNBCTV Video Archive Daily
The Organizer: Obama's Chicago - Part 1 {6:18} Time
Obama's Chicago - Part 2 {2:57} Time
Obama's Chicago Part 3: Professor Barack {4:21} Time
Obama's Prime Time Special {30:05} Hulu
Obama touts clean energy {3:51} NBC News (10/02/10)
United States Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions - Wiki

Speeches --
President Obama Honors Medal of Freedom Recipients {38:22} C-Span (5/29/12)
Obama's Coll. Afford. Speech ..Light Of Michigan Educ. Cuts{7:17}Huffington(1/27
The President’s Record on Education - Barack Obama
President Obama Remarks on 2013 Budget {30:57} C-Span (2/13/12)
[state of the union 2012] Google News
State of the Union {1:41:56} C-Span (1/24/12)
Obama’s Unfulfilled State of the Union Goals - ProPublica (1/24/12)
State of the Union 2011 | The White House
[Video: 2011 State of the Union Address] Google News
[Obama State of the Union] Google (1/25/11)
The Elite assemble - Economist
Obama Calls for Unity in Moving Forward in State of the Union (text) Time (1/26/
Obama Aces the State of the Union - Time (1/25/11)
[Tea Party State of the Union] Google News

Giving Thanks - Time (11/25/10)
Obama: Free Market, Not Free License (Text of Obama's speech) TheStreet (4/22/10
Obama Accepts Nobel Peace Prize {35:46} CNBCTV (12/10/09)
State Of The Nation Coverage {live now} CNN & FaceBook (2/24/09)
Obama’s Inaugural Speech {19:23} NYTimes
Obama's acceptance speech - Econbrowser (8/30/08)
Obama's Prime Time Special {30:05} Hulu

House and Senate Web sites for roll call votes - Thomas
Roll Call Votes Database - Govtrack
[Roll Call Votes] Google News
[Senate Appropriations panel] Google News
Nancy Pelosi News - Topix
(State of Mass) Beacon Hill Roll Call - Wicked Local (12/29/09)
WashPost: U.S. Congress -Votes Data Base
WashPost: About Votes Data Base
Political Humor

Influence --
Congress: Member Power Rankings
[Federal Reserve Balance Sheet] Google
Book: Wayward Capitalists: Target of the Securities and Exchange Commission - Go
Wayward Capitalists... (Yale Studies on White-Collar Crime Series) [Paperback]
Center for American Progress - Wiki

Solyndra -
[Solyndra DOE e-mails] Google News
[Solyndra House subcommittee] Google News
The Joy of Capital: A Gourmet Guide to Deal Making - Leader’s Edge
Stimulus Grant
[TAN KWT] Guggenheim Solar ETF (TAN) CNN
Shining Light on Solar ETFs - Seeking (4/24/08)
[KWT TAN] Solar ETFs Clouded By Another Bankruptcy - Seeking (9/07/11)
[TAN] The Difference between Cheap Price and Good Value - M&M (9/29/11)
[TAN] Guggenheim Solar (NYSE) - MSN Chart

Inauguration Day News
[Inauguration Day] Google News
[more Inauguration] Google News
..8,800 People March in Inaugural Parade {1:00} {1:33:15} C-Span (1/21/13)
The 2013 Presidential Inauguration - CNN
President Obama’s Inaugural Address - NYTimes (1/21/13)
Pres. Obama Inaugural Address {21:36} C-Span (1/21/13)
President Obama’s 2nd inaugural address (Transcript) - WPost (1/21/13)
Obama Inauguration Speech Part 1 Video {9:55}, 2 {10:00} HuffPost (1/21/13)

Press Secretary -
[White House Press Secretary] Google News
[Jay Carney] Google News
Jay Carney, New Obama Press Secretary: No Conflict Here (1/28/11)
President Obama ‘Thinks A Lot About’ Gay Marriage - Mediaite (1/24/11)

x *INNER CIRCLE Article News & V
The U.S. Census: Why Our Numbers Matter - Time (4/05/10)

[self-governing society] Google News
Profiles of unofficial Washington (wiki style) WRG

Obama reportedly to tap Fannie CEO to head TARP (4/13/09)
[Vice Chairman Federal Reserve] silo breaker
[Janet Yellen Federal Reserve] silo breaker

Video --
Silo Breaker News
ADP Employment Report - CNBCTV Archive

Articles --
Visual Economics - Home
The richest and poorest U.S. cities by income - MarketWatch Slide Shows
[Police law enforcement Surveillence] Bing
Our View - Briefing

[Obama drones] Google News
[CIA drone Pentagon ] Google News
[civilians killed drone strikes] Google
[drones local police] Google
Senate Holds Hearing on Domestic Use of Drones {1:18:24} C-Span (3/20/13)
1.8-gigapixel surveillance drone, can spot a terrorist from 20,000 feet - Extrem
[CIA Director John Brennan] Google News
Doug Casey on the America That Was – Now the United (Police) State of America
CIA's covert drone program may shift further to Pentagon - ARCA (2/17/13)
The Drone War Doctrine We Still Know Nothing About
Everything We Know So Far About Drone Strikes - (2/05/13)
The Transition(R): Driven to {7:05} YouTube (4/02/12)
Jetsons {28:33} - WB

Recent Bills
[House Senate budget apprpropriation bills] Google
Bills and Resolutions (scheduled & enacted) Govtrack
[Government short-term funding amendments] Google
[Back To Work budget] Google News
Obama Legislation - Will Never Give Up Blog
[Marketplace Fairness Act bill] Bing
eBay CEO Emails 40 Million Users in Massive Anti-Legislation Campaign (4/22/13)
[CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act bill] Bing News
[Durbin Social Security Commission bill] Google
[Senate Bill e-mail Search Warrants!] Google News
Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail w/o warrants - CNET (11/20/12)
Progressive Caucus to submit its 'Back To Work' Budget - Jobs-Not-Wars (3/05/13)
[H.R. 1068] Google
GovTrack {H.R. 1068}
Congress Completes Three-Month Suspension of Debt Limit (5/19/13) Bloomberg (1/3
Voting on Suspending the Debt Ceiling {3:36} CNBC (1/23/13)

U.S. Senator Durbin to push Social Security reform commission - Reuters (3/20/13
[Medical device tax repeal Senate] Google News
Obamacare Medical Device Tax Faces Likely Symbolic Repeal In Senate {2:09} (3/21

*line-item veto
[Obama line-item veto] Google
[line-item veto] Politico
House votes to give Obama limited line-item veto - Reuters (2/08/12)

Taxes --
[bush tax cuts expire] Google News
[Obama charity tax] Google
Mortgage Interest Deduction] Bing News
Tax Foundation Figures..Not Typical Households’ Tax Burdens - CBPP (4/02/13)
Mortgage Interest Deduction Is Ripe for Reform (Benefits..Higher-Inc Morts) CBPP
The Tax Code’s Foreign Tilt (territorial tax system) CBPP (3/28/13)
Taxes and Job Growth - Leigh Drogen
[millionaire sur tax] Google News
[birth of the baby boomer housing bubble] Google
The education of the housing market....doctorhousingbubble (4/10/11)
[Fairness in Taxation Act of 2011 increased rates of tax] Google
H.R. 1124: Fairness in Taxation Act of 2011 (
[tax credits and deferrals U.S. operations overseas] Google News
[anti-outsourcing bill] Google News
How much is a trillion? - Econbrowser (3/03/09)

IRA & 401K > Retirement Security Project
Retirement Security Project - Home
[Retirement Security Project] Google News
80 Is The New 65 For Many Middle Class ... Wells Fargo Retirement Survey Finds (
Capps' Law - Video - stansberryresearch
The U.S. Gov't has begun enforcing a little-known new law (Capp's transcript) st
[Obama privacy rights] Google News
[expanding lawfully authorized intercepts authority] Google
Eavesdropping - Wiki
FBI: We're not demanding encryption back doors (expanded Internet wiretapping au
Obama Administration Internet Wiretap Plans Dredge Up Old Debate - EWeek (9/27/1
Internet Wiretaps: What You Need to Know - PC Mag (9/29/10)
Indexes - ticker spy

Economic Stimulus >>
Recovery Tracker - ProPublica (/01/10)
[{Your (city)State Here} Construction Projects] Google News
Governing Home
Consensus - Google News
[economic stimulus quarterly spending reports] Google
Accountable USA - Good Jobs First
[economic stimulus plan+jobs+median pay] Google

Obama Economics
Barack Obama Economic Plan - Topix News Search
[Obama Economic Plan] CNBC TV Archive
[Obama Economic Plan] Google News
[Obama Outsourcing employment] Google News

[economic stimulus] Google News
[Financial Stimulus] Google News
[Financial Stimulus+Tax Cuts] Google News
[Stimulus] - Forbes Article Archive
Stimulus Package - WS Journal Online
Nueces County News - Topix
San Francisco County - Topix
[frozen assets] Google Search
[Spaceport America] Google News

Video -
[Economy] Truveo Search
Credit Crisis Videos - Reuters

Recovery Tracker - Tools & Data - ProPublica
[medicare budget debate] Google Search
Medicare at the center of budget debate - USATODAY (4/14/11)
What Is Money? - About
[Congressional Pay & Raises] Google News
Congressional Pay & Raises

Commentary -
Economics - Brookings
Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) - Home

[American Opportunity Tax Credit] Google News
[___] Earnings, News, Analyst Ratings, Guidelines - Briefing
Mensa's face is changing ...USA Today (10/10/10)
To Get Medicaid and Education Aid to States, An Unprecedented Cut to Food Stamps
[Too Big to Fail] Google News
A Quandary Over Deeming Behemoths Too Big to Fail - WSJ (2/22/11)

Social Impact Bonds -
Social Impact Bonds - CAP
Obama's Social Impact Bonds: Private Money, Public Benefit - CAP (2/14/11)
NYTimes Economix on Twitter

Startup America Partnership is a coordinated public/private effort
[Chairman Steve Case] Google
[*Startup America Partnership] Google
Technology cos. commit funds to Obama program - CNBC (1/31/11)
New economic development entity approved - MemphisBizJournal (2/02/11)

Social Security & Medicare
Americans are willing to pay more for Social Security - Reuters (1/31/13)
Senior Citizen Politics - Senior Journal
How Big Will Your Monthly Payment Be? AARP’s (EIC) Forbes (7/12/11)
Double Dippers Causing Strain and Grief in Budget Battles (pension payments and
[Retirement Social Security U.S. prosperity] Google News
[Social Security changes] Google News
! [Obama chained CPI] Google News
[House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan] Google News
House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan - Time (4/06/11)
Social Security and You: Two Rules I Can't Figure Out .66% bonus/month delays r
Breaking Down the GOP Budget Plan to Cut Medicaid and Medicare - ColorLines (4/0
Suggested Reforms to U.S. Social Security - World Press (7/26/11)
[medicare cuts 2013] Google News
Social Security and You: The Government Isn't Forcing You to Take Medicare - Arc
[medicare cuts 2011] Google News
Study Finds Raising Medicare Age Would Shift Costs - KHN (3/29/11)
Fast Facts & Figures About Social Security, 2009
Deloitte Study Suggests Hidden Health Care Costs for Consumers ...Deloitte (3/23
[Congressional health plan] Google
[Social Security and Medicare annual report] Google News
[Health Reform Dialogue] Google
Do you know why the deficit hawks want to cut and privatize your Social Security
[Health Reform Kennedy] Google
[Social Security Medicare] NYTimes Archive
[Social Security and Medicare] Time Archive
The Great Social Security and Medicare Panic - 24/7 WallSt - Time (5/13/09)
[Social Security] WashPost Daily Archive

Social Security Going Bust? That's the Small Problem - AOL (12/28/11)
Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) effective January 1, 2012 - Duarte (11/07
[Medicare Payment Cuts] Google
More on the history of Social Security … M&M (10/16/12)
The History of Major Changes to the Social Security System - CPA (May 2006)
History of Social Security in the United States - Wiki
City Mayor's Health Report
Health-Care Reform 2009 - Special Report - WashPost (5/13/09)
The Official Future of Medicare - AEI OUTLOOK SERIES (May 2004)
[Health Care Town Hall] Google News
60 Plus Association Priorty # 1
About Human Events

High-Speed Rail Plan -
Shanghai Transrapid maglev - Google
China Opens World’s Longest High-Speed Rail Route - Time (12/26/12)
[Obama High-Speed Rail Plan] Google
High-Speed Rail Program {2:17:40} C-Span (12/13/12)
How to lose money on $9.50 cheeseburgers - Economist (10/23/12)
110 MPH Trains Speed Into the Midwest {2:32} WSJ (7/24/12)
Japan ...313 MPH Maglev Train Line - Inhabitat (6/20/11)
Congestion Pricing: To Skip Traffic, Atlanta Says Pay Up - Intelligent Cities -
A ride on the fastest high-speed train in the world [Shanghai] {1:02} (2/01/11)
High-Speed Rail: Obama's High-Stakes Gamble - Time (12/28/10)
China's high-speed rail goes global - CNTV (7/20/10)
Is high-speed rail worth it in the U.S.? - SmartPlanet CBS Interactive Forum (8/
[Tokyo Maglev] Google
New Japanese-made high-speed train arrives in Kaohsiung - WCT (12/24/12)
Japanese Maglev, 581km/h {4:43} YouTube Video
China Plans 1,000 km/h Super Train - NM54 (8/06/10)
On the wrong track? Economist (2/03/11)
What Would High-Speed Rail Do to Suburban Sprawl? - NYTimes (8/18/09)
How Big Are the Environmental Benefits of High-Speed Rail? - NYTimes (8/12/09)
Running the Numbers on High-Speed Trains - NYTimes (8/04/09)
Is High-Speed Rail a Good Public Investment? - NYTimes (7/28/09)

International Tax Reform --
Tax shelter - Wiki
News >>
[companies subsidiaries tax havens] Google news
[International Tax Reform] Google News
[Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (OVDI)] Google
Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts - About (11/15/11)
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) IRS
[senate permanent subcommittee on investigations] Google Search
>>>> [federal tech companies tax avoidance senate subcommittee] Google Search
Tax Havens and Abusive Tax Schemes | Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Co
Cross-border leasing - Wiki
Sites --
Offshore Banking - offshorecompany
Articles --
Growing Tax Avoid. by Multinatls Undermines Competition.. (roll model?) CBPP (2/
Tech Giants & Their Overseas Cash (investor expenses) {1:55} CNBC (12/11/12)
Cash Hoard Grows by $187 Billion in Untaxed Overseas Profits (3/02/12)
Got money offshore? IRS starts new amnesty program (3rd-no deadline) MktWch (1/0
[Corporate Cash Home offshore] Google
[corporation tax haven subsidiaries] Google
The Top 25 Corporate Tax Dodgers -Bull&Bear (11/12/11)
Offshore Savings Account Considerations - VE
[tax havens] NY Times Archive
[overseas tax havens] Personal Finance - Washington Post
Top U.S. Firms Are Cash-Rich Abroad, Cash-Poor at Home - WSJ (12/04/12)
..Offshore Tax-Haven Subsidiaries (Continuity of Life?) Citizen Works
Tax haven subsidiaries of CAC-40 companies - Tax Justice Network (3/16/09)

The Year in Health Cartoons - MSN Political Cartoons
Physicians for a National Health Program Blog

Telework Enhancement Act
-Patriot Act
[Telework Enhancement Act of 2010] Google
[patriot act issues and controversies] Google
[national security letter vs First Amendment rights vs Patriot Act] Google News
The Risks of Telecommuting - Tech Review (6/17/11)
The Pros and Cons of Working from Home - About (3/26/13)
6 Careers You Can Do From Home - Investopedia (12/08/10)
Staying on Schedule Working At Home - Small Bus: Ca - About (4/12/13)
Working From Home: A Survivor’s Guide | MintLife Blog | (1/07/11)
Telework Exchange Applauds Administration and Congress’ Commitment to Federal

Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights -
[Technology and Your Fourth-Amendment Rights] Google
[Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011 Kerry and McCain] Google News
[Internet privacy bill of rights] Google
[Privacy Policy Office] Google
America's One-party State - Huffington (7/19/12)
Covert FBI Power to Obtain Phone Data Faces Rare Test - WSJ (7/18/12)
Senator questions Facebook exec about facial-recognition feature - LATimes (7/18
U.S. Seeks Web Privacy 'Bill of Rights' - WSJ (12/17/10)

Obama Administration Wants Review of Prisoner’s *Commutation-Request (7/18/12)

Privacy 'bill of rights' exempts government agencies | Security (not..federal, s
An Insider's View Video {Reps Brady & Dingell} {8:39} CNBC 6:15am central (10/07
Keeping the Economy On Track {6 House Reps} {13:25} CNBC 7:02am (10/07/09)
6 Take on Exec Comp {7:01} CNBC 7:35am (10/07/09)
Financial Reg Revol {7:43} CNBC 7:50am (10/07/09)
Tracking the Dollar w/ Kevin & Rick {4:34} CNBC 6:50am (10/07/09)
Open Executive Session to Consider - Senate Finance Committee (9/25/09)
Roubini says crisis end distant {7:37} Reuters Video (2/20/09)
Video: Paul Krugman on the Economy - HBR (2/10/09)

[Distressed Securities] Google News

*Patriot Act
[national security letter vs First Amendment rights vs Patriot Act] Google News
America's One-party State - Huffington (7/19/12)
Covert FBI Power to Obtain Phone Data Faces Rare Test - WSJ (7/18/12)
Obama Administration Wants Review of Prisoner’s Commutation Request (7/18/12)
Senator questions Facebook exec about facial-recognition feature - LATimes (7/18

[Obama Labor Unions] Google
[Union labor federal government] Google
[Michigan Right to work bill minimum wage] Google
[Michigan Right to work bill union] Google
National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE)
Does Obama Win Mean Big Labor Is Back? TalentM (11/07/12)
Federal worker union membership drops WPost (1/24/11)
Labor Unions -
Majority of Union Members Now Work for the Government - heritage (1/22/10)

Immigration --
[state immigration laws] Google
[Supreme Court immigration law ruling] Google News
[state immigration laws 287G] Google
[immigration law Obama] Google News
Open Congress --
[immigration bills in congress] Google
[H1B visa program India immigration] Google News
Visas for high-skilled workers could double under bipartisan Senate plan (3/20/1
[arizona immigration law] Google News
[rhode island immigration law Obama] Google
Congress and Immigration -
Immigration Issues
Barack Obama On the Issues (12/07/08)
[democrat immigrants] Google News
Immig reform is Dems' ploy to win..elections {principles-1:02} Examiner (1/29/13
Illegal immigration bills keep state legislators busy - LATimes (8/09/11)
Determine Which Type of US Visa Is Right for You - About
[Immigration 14th Amendment] Google

Articles --
Employers Blast Fees From New Health Law ($63) WSJ/Yahoo (3/14/13)

[Immigration] CBS News Archive
[Immigration] ABC News Archive

Blogs --
Opinionator Blog Archive - NY Times
Obama’s Lincoln Moment - Opinionator - NYT (7/07/10)

News Links >>
[obama economic] CNBCTV Video Archive
Politics - Fox News
Bob Geiger Blog - ..all things political in Illinois
[Economy] IHT AP News Search
Newsmeat - Breaking News
[Economy] New York Times Search
Politics - NPR
[Economy] NewsMax News Search
[Economy] Newsvine News Search
AP Headlines Collection RSS - OneNewsNow
Worthy Quotations
How the State of the Economy Has Changed Under Obama - aol (1/25/11)
[Economy] Topix News Search
Keynesian Economics - Investopedia
US News {AP} Video
Nation - WashPost
U.S. Economy - Wash Post
US Economy - WSJ

Executive Compensation -
[Gang of Six Plan] Google
No Joke: Jay Leno Took Pay Cut of 50% {2:56} WSJ (9/07/12)
26 CEOs Who Made More Than Their Companies Paid In Federal Tax (8/17/12)
Goldman Sachs' Partnership Day Shrinks - CNBC (11/13/12)
Goldman Pares Back Partner Picks - WSJ (11/12/12)
'Congratulations, you've become a Goldman Sachs partner' - guardian (11/08/12)
We Knew They Got Raises. But This? - NYT (7/02/11)
CEOs reap huge payouts in 2011, ...-USA Today (7/08/11)
Can Control Frauds Recover for Being Defrauded by other Control Frauds? - Big Pi
[Nonprofit Executive Compensation] Google News
Multi-Million Dollar Severances Still Make It Worth It..... - WS&T (9/30/11)
[Facebook stock option deduction] Google News
Income Inequality Revisited - Casey (6/14/11)
(2/29/12) Average Wall St bonus drops to $121,000 (NYC secur. indust. ...23.5%
[Pay Czar compensation] Google News
[Wall Street bonus compensation ] Google News
Executive Pay - Economist Debates
[Marsh insurance protection FDIC receivership action] Google
[Overpaid 25] Google
Executive Compensation - BX.Business Week
[wage inflation rate] Google
[ceo salary vs ave global salary] Google
The Three Big Causes of Rising Inequality - CBPP (11/16/12)

Yet More CEO Hypocrisy | The Baseline Scenario (12/10/12)
Which 26 Big-Cap CEOs Made More Than Their Companies Paid in Taxes? - YCharts (8
Executive Excess 2012: The CEO Hands in Uncle Sam's Pocket - IPS (8/16/12)
Qualcomm CEO's pay jumps 23% to $21.7 million (supplied in a proxy statement) Ne
J. C. Penney Grants Equity Inducement Award to Daniel Walker [HR] - PRNews (11/1
Bosses' bonuses up by 187% since 2002,.. - BBC (9/05/11)
Survey shows employees willing to take a promotion without a pay raise - EBN (8/
As Corporate Profits Rise, Workers’ Income Declines - NYTimes (8/05/11)
With executive pay, rich pull away from rest of America - WashPost (6/18/11)
CEOs, Already Holding $100 Million-Plus in Equity, Slurping Up More - YCharts (4
U.S. Seeks to Defer Portion of Bonuses - WSJ (2/05/11)
Wal-Mart CEO's Total Compensation Sinks 2.7% - MktWch (4/18/11)
GE Puts Conditions on Options Granted to Immelt - WSJ (4/19/11)
History No Friend to Obama Exec Comp Plan - HBP
[Ken Feinberg, TARP executive compensation special master] Google
Which is the Bigger Threat: Terrorism or Wall Street Bonuses? - New Deal II (7/2
The Big Bad Bankers, and Their Bonuses, Are Back - Time (1/22/11)
Femme Fatale - Forbes (4/20/11)
UN among victims of massive cyber-spying campaign - France24 (8/03/11)

[Obama jobs plan] Google
Obama to issue new proposals on job creation, debt reduction - WP/Bloom (8/17/11
Employer Costs for Employee Compensation news release - BLS (6/08/11)

Crisis? What Crisis? Average Bank Pay Kept Rising at the Same Rate - ProPublica

[Corporate Tax Reform] Google
[corporate tax reform 2011] Google News
[Corporate Tax Reform flat tax] Google News
Corporate Tax Reform (low as 26%) - Beltway Buzz {7:02} CNBC (4/25/11)

Federal Election Commission
Campaign Legal Center (Trevor Potter) Home
.....FEC Gridlock Gives ‘De Facto Green Light’ - ProPublica (11/07/11)
Gridlock and Dysfunction on Display at FEC Oversight Hearing - Brennan Center

[H.R. 1540: National Defense Authorization Act] Google
H.R. 1540: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (12/16/11)
[NDAA 1031 Citizen Imprisonment] Google
Levin floor statement on detainee provisions of NDAA - U.S. Senator Carl Levin M
DoD Policies {4:31:02} Senate Session - C-SPAN (12/15/11)
Proof Obama will sign NDAA 1031 Citizen *Imprisonment Law {1:35} YouTube (12/08/
Dexter Woo - Casey Research (12/16/11)
FCC Organizational Chart
Open Commission Meetings - Tentative Agendas - FCC
FCC Live events
[FCC Net neutrality] Google
[net neutrality] FCC
[FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski] Google News
[Rep. Henry Waxman FCC draft legislation] Google
[Net Neutrality] WSJ Archive
What, No Chocolate?...Time (6/16/11) Plans IPO in U.S. - WSJ (2/21/11)
[Renren Chinese Facebook] Google
Why killing is wrong-headed and stupid - ZDNet (4/04/11)
Internet Providers Push Back Against 'Net Neutrality' Proposal - WSJ (9/22/09)
Congress Must Stop FCC’s Internet Regulations - Big Government 912/01/10)
FBI: We're not demanding encryption back doors (expanded Internet wiretapping au
Online Sales Tax: Who Wins, Who Loses? - Fox (3/28/11)
California Senator unveiling Do Not Track bill

[China Obama military consultations] Google News
White House Eyes Sale of 14,000 Unused Federal Buildings - ABC (3/03/11)

Top Stories - Google News
[What is getting worse] Google News
....More Expensive .... - Huffington (9/07/12)

Marriage and Domestic Partnership - SEP (8/08/12)
Prop 8 hearing: Chief Justice Roberts on marriage 'label' {3:40} Fox (3/26/13)
[same sex marriage Social Security] Google
8 Things No One Tells You About Marriage - WebMD (10/06/12)
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - Wiki
Gay Weddings - Wiki
Gender Studies and Queer Theory (1970s-present) -
New (Free) Book About U.S. Government Debt (11/29/12)
Why Republicans Are Saying ‘I Do’ to Gay Marriage - ime (3/21/13)
[California Prop 8 Supreme Court Gay Marriage] Google News
[Same-sex Marriage] CNBC TV Archive
S. S. and You: Same-Sex Marriage and Social Security -- Again - Arca (3/27/13)
..Defense of Virginia's Anti-Sodomy Law | Mother Jones (4/04/13)
[Gay Marriage] Google News
Boy Scouts proposal: let in gay youth, keep out gay adults - Yahoo! News (4/19/1
[same-sex marriage] C-Span Archive
14 Steps That Will Evolve Your Views On Gay Marriage (5/09/12)
[Gay-Marriage States Ballot Measures] Google
[Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis] Google
Scotus Takes Up Same-Sex Marriage {5:46} CNBC (12/07/12)
[Supreme Court same-sex marriage] Google News
Opposed to same-sex marriage, company ends wedding business - frrole (12/26/12)
5 Constitutional Misconceptions about Same-Sex Marriage - CityWatch (12/28/12)
And now on to polygamy - Economist (4/08/13)
[Gay Marriage] Google News
Second-Marriage Money Matters - Money Forever (10/11/12)
State of our Unions: A conversation about marriage in America {22:42} The Washin
Tea Party..Ideology (LibervsLibertarvsConserv) {0:22:00} {1:36:21} C-Span (10/16

Super Donors: Our Reading Guide to the Top 10 Super PAC Givers - ProPublica (3/0
'Joe the Plumber' wins Ohio primary, faces tough race in November - CSM (3/07/12
[joe the plumber congress] Google News

Japan -
[Japan] CNN Article Archive
[japan sovereign debt] Japan
[Japan] Time Archive
[YEN] CNBC Video Archive

Articles -

Blogs -

Videos --
CBS Evening News Video Archives Daily
1971 GE Mark 1 Reactor - MSNBC {3:01}
Spent fuel rods exposed, heightening concerns -CNN Video (7:51pm) {2:} (3/16/11)
Japan's nuclear concerns explained (slides) CNN &
Nuclear expert: All bets are off {3:29} CNN Video (3/15/11)
what toppled governments and natural disasters mean for business {3:23} CNBC (3/
Tsunamis 101 {3:27} National Geographic

The Broken Window Frédéric Bastiat -
Bastiat on the Japanese Tsunami - C@L (3/16/11)
Popular fallacies regarding trade and foreign duties - Google Books
Free Market Economics: A Reader - Google Books
The Making of Modern Economics:...-Google Books

Breaking the Speed of Sound: The Highest Jump Ever Seen {2:03} - DailyBambi (10/

World War Z (6/21/13) You Tube

News & Issues - About
CHIPS - Google
[U.S. Job Losses] Google News
[news of interest] Google
[Colorado Shooting] Time Archive
[Colorado Shooting] Google
[Miracle Baby] Google News

[Cyprus banks] Google
Cyprus -- The Nightmare Scenario - Forbes (3/23/13)
'The Cyprus bail-out explained' - Economist (3/25/13)
IMF...Agree w/ Cyprus on. €1 Billion Extended Fund... (4/03/13)
Cyprus, IMF Reach Bailout Agreement (Taxes) Morningstar (4/03/13)
The Cyprus Tax System - CGC
Cyprus Tax - GCPAL
Cyprus - Taxation - EotN

How Privacy Vanishes Online - NYTimes (3/16/10)

Famous Farewells In 2010 - Sky News
NewsMax - America's News Page

[News of the World voice-mail e-mail spying] Google
News Articles
Habent Papem
[Jorge Mario Bergoglio Pope Francis] Google
The Jesus Question - Newsmax
Argentina on Sale - Mauldin (3/13/13)

Newtown Victims
[Guns] Google
[Conn Gun Control Bill] Google
Profiles of the Victims - WSJ (122/18/12)
Spotlight on Gun Stocks (RGR, SWHC, ATK) Benz (12/22/12)
[RGR,SWHC,ATK] MSN Chart Compare
Connecticut Weapons Charges – Laws & Penalties - Erin Field, Atty
What Is a Class 4 Felony? (*5_criminal_searches) WiseGeek
[class 4 felony connecticut] Google
Still Shooting It Up on TV - Arcamax (3/22/13)
[United States assault weapons gun control] Google
[Australia gun control] Google
Sen. Graham brags about his AR-15 at home - Rawstory (1/30/13)
Gun Control and Gun Rights Cartoons - USNews

Second Amendment to the United States Constitution - Wiki
[Constitution Gun Control] Google
The Colbert Report - Video {guns-3:25} {Word-6:30) Comedy Central (1/17/13)
('Sunni' vs Shia) ..America’s Arms Sales To Bahrain..ProPublica (1/15/13)

15 Things to Know About Steve Jobs - Online Schools

[China Syria] Google News

War --
The Jockstrap Raiders - Vimeo (2/14/13)
'The Race for What’s Left: The Global Scramble for the World’s Last Resource
WWIII: Great commodities war to end all wars - MktWch (8/07/12)
U.S. war formally shut down in Iraq {1:30} Wash Post (12/15/11)
[Afghanistan] Google News
[Iraq] Google News
Iraq - AllTop News
All U.S. troops to exit Iraq by end of this year - Dallas News (10/15/11)
Iraq: The Real Story {8:10}
[Afghanistan war logs] Google News
U.S. pays ‘blood money’ to victims of Afghan massacre - Post (3/25/12)
War News - Amped Status
PROMISES, PROMISES: Widows' tax lingers - AP/goog (2/09/11)
Widow's Tax Lingers For Military Families - Huffington Post (2/09/11)
Audio/Video > Software - National Archives

4/06/12 [Navy Jet F-18 Hornet Virginia Beach] Google

Political battle threatens centerpiece of financial reform - WashPost (6/14/11)
California Supreme Court- Google News
[National Guard Chicago] Google News

[municipal bond contracts New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson] Google

Employment -
[youth unemployment world] Google News
Youth unemployment across the world hits record high - blog CNN (8/12/10)
Escort girls 'left bank chief to hang in mock execution' (9/16/11)
Berlin Vice: Who's Really Winning?

[spirit day] Google news

[China coal mine] Google News

Euro Zone -
Euro Zone -
MAULDIN: A Dysfunctional Nation - Bus Insider (6/09/12)

[Incumbent Re-Elections] Google News

[Connecticut switch blade laws] Google
Switchblade - Wiki
Us Switchblade Laws - Wikidot
Switchblade laws? - Yahoo
Switchblade Laws - U.S. state laws - Assisted Knife
Is That a Switchblade in Your Pocket? - Mother Jones (12/10/12)
Changes to Federal Switchblade Act (Homeland) AKTI (10/28/09)

[mideast chaos news] Google News
Tehran Stock Exchange's Index Hits Record High (1/04/11)
Libya Market Index (LYX) - First Global Select

Egypt -
Egypt Index
Egypt - Silobreaker
[Egypt] Time.cnn
[Egypt] Google News
Wired News -
Articles -
The Status Quo Unravels ... Economic Undertow (2/04/11)
Egypt's New Top General Has U.S. Ties - WSJ (8/14/12)
Egypt's Presidential Choices: The Trouble with Democracy - Time (5/29/12)
[EGPT MSN Chart] MSN Chart
Egypt ETF Not Liking Election Results - MktWch (5/29/12)
Analysis: Economic Outlook - UPI (2/03/11)
Egypt Restores Internet Service - WSJ (2/02/11)
Shutting Down the U.S. Internet: A Doomsday Scenario - CBS (1/31/11)
White House to Review Egypt Aid - Time (12/28/11)
Video -
Vatican: Pope Benedict XVI to resign {4;08} Fox (2/11/13)
How Egypt Shut Down Its Internet - Wired (1/28/11)
Internet in Egypt Shut Down {2:46}
Internet in Egypt - Wiki

[Libya] Time Magazine
[Libya al-Gaddafi] Google News
[Israel Libya 2011] Google News
First Day of Libya Strikes Cost More Than $100 Million - RTA (3/21/11)

Iraq --
Iraq ISX Market Summary
[Iraq 'clear timeline' US] Google News
[iraq+government+united states] Google News
The General’s Dilemma - New Yorker (9/08/08)

Iran --
[Iran] Google News

>[oil kirkuk kirds arabs turkomen iraq election bill] Google News (8/08/08)
[European Stability Mechanism] Google News

[italian bond yields] Google
Ordinary Italians Confront Crisis by Buying Debt - WSJ (11/29/11)
[Irish Economy] Google News
Italian Yields Jump After Poor Auction - WSJ (11/25/11)

Syria -
[Syria protests] Google News
[syrian casualties] Google News
[Syria Children Women Massacred] Google News
*Syria-Files - Wikileaks

Free research papers, term paper and book report topics
[Tax Crimes] Google News

[reduction of standing armies] Google

[Spain LTRO] Google News
The War For Spain - B.I. (4/14/12)

Penn State
[Framing Paterno Paterno Family] Google
Framing Paterno - Home
[Penn State President Board perjury] Google
[Freeh Paterno Report] Google
[Freeh Report] Google
Joe Paterno family releases report - ESPN (2/10/13)
Graham Spanier indictment: The grand jury presentment in less than 1000 words

Population -
[Population Bomb] Google
The World at 7 Billion - Time (10/26/11)
World Population - You Tube (9/21/07)

[Waco Texas fertilizer plant explosion responsibility] Bing
[fertilizer plant safety OSHA] Bing
Iowa Fertilizer Ready to Lock in $1.2 Billion Disaster Bond Financing (4/25/13)
Midwestern Disaster Area Bonds - Iowa Finance
[Midwestern Disaster Area Bonds] Bing News
Texas fertilizer plant claimed...explosive risks - Daily KOS (4/18/13)
Power Plant Site Too Unsafe to Investigate {1:43} WSJ Live Video Archive

[Boston Marathon bombing] Bing Video
[Boston Marathon bomb injury types] Bing
...bombing: Dramatic images of manhunt, suspect in custody (101 photos) Yahoo
Dead Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev had boxing aspirations (4
[Reddit Boston Marathon] Bing
Hats Off to Reddit for Boston Bomb Sleuthing - PCMag (4/19/13)

Videos -
Maglev {5:09} YouTube (6/27/11)

Articles --
Texas parade honoring war heroes ends in tragedy - Stanford Advocate (11/16/12)
[Information Procurement]
In Spain, Women Enslaved by a Boom in Brothel Tourism - NYTimes (4/07/12)
Former D.C. area airports authority chairman kills himself and sick wife - WPost

Man kills 70,000 chickens while drunk - GlobalPost (8/29/12)
The Case for Lying to Yourself - WSJ (7/30/12)
[Self-deception] Google

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