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Gracias a todas las chicas de Amigas... y de otros grupos, de a poco voy poniendo los links que junté en este primer año junto a ustedes. Espero que los disfruten. Si quieren sugerir links nuevos, son bienvenidos! Por favor escriban a Gracias!!!
Professional Links
Professional Documents

MASS Links
3D Molecular Designs Workshop materials
3D Print an Atom
BioMolecular Explorer 3D
CBM Jmol Tutorial
Chem3D VSEPR Shapes
Customizable Atom for 3D printing
Easy Jmol Web Pages using the Jmol Export to Web Function
Education Informatics (Jmol models)
Education Informatics Resources
Electron Orbital Explorer
Great Step-By-Step Tutorial Design for Jmol!
Introduction to Molecular Modelling
Jmol Applet (web-based)
Jmol Files of Common Biological Molecules
Jmol Molecular Visualization
JPEG to STL converter (embossify)
JSmol Symmetry Explorer
JTAT vs Protopedia Tutorial Creator
MSOE Model Lending Library
MSOE's Jmol Tutorial Creator
NIH 3D Print Exchange
Online MRI to STL Convertor
Protopedia High School Teacher Resources
Protopedia Primer
Protopedia Teacher Resources
Schoology (MAPS, access code is JKVQ3-HQKZ7)
Terrain2STL Converter
TinkerCAD design app
World of Molecules
Special Education
Council for Exceptional Children
CPS College/Career Center
Illinois Assistive Technology Program
Learn to Read with Star Fall
Microsoft Accessibility
NICHCY State Resources

Research Tools
Agricola- The National Agriculture Library
American History Hypertext Timeline
American Memory
Embodi3D: Biomedical 3D Printing Community
Free Picture Collection
NIH CADD Group Chemoinformatics Tools and User Services (CACTUS) Database
NIH's CACTUS Enhanced NCI Browser
Protein Databank
PubChem Chemistry Database
Streaming Educational Video
The World Wide Web Virtual Library Images
Drill and Practice
Academic Skill Builders: Online Games
Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis Interactive
Chemical Compound Naming (molecular and ionic)
Dinosaur Eggs (Sight word matching)
EdInfomatics Intro to Molecular Modeling
Electron Configuration game
Fishin' Mission!
Fishy 2s
Flash Card Machine
Free Typing Practice
Geometry Games
Grammar Gorillas
How do cells make proteins? (Next-Gen MW)
How do cells make proteins? (Next-Gen MW)
Ionic Bonding Interactive (mirrors cutouts)
It's Elemental (Element flash cards)
It's Elemental Math game
Kaboose PreK games
Kahoot! Online Assessment
Kids Math (free games & resources)
LA and Math Games, Primary
Let's Make a Microbe
Linear Equations Game
Making ionic formulas from name
Math Playground games
Math Slice
Measuring with a protractor
Middle School Skills Practice (6)
Middle School Skills Practice (6)
MYP Command term online flash cards
National Geographic Kids Geography games
Periodic Trends Game
Periodic Trends HTML5 game
Prekindergarten letter games
Rags to Riches (Punctuation and Capitalization)
Scatter Plot Tutorial
Space Shuttle Launch
Stacker Game (preK)
Transcription and translation practice

Expression/Visualization Tools
Citation Machine
Fibonacci information
Kindergarten Story Builder
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Piskel Pixel Art Editor
Pumpkin Carver
Puzzle Maker
Virtual Algebra Tiles
Word Search Builder
Ardubot Instructions and Files
EV3 Robotics Challenges
Motorized AT-AT instruction
ROFI walking biped robot
Spool Bot Robot

Online Data Collection/Analysi
Crossword puzzle maker
Custom Conversion Tables
Interactive probability
Make a Food Web
Mole to molecules converter
NCBI BLAST: Standard Nucleotide BLAST
Online Graphing Calculator
Online Video Converter, 3gp to mp4
Polynomial Long Division calculator
RCSB Protein Data Bank
Unit Converter
Using Genbank and BLAST
Virtual Oscilloscope

A Whole Lot of Science Simulations
African Lions: Modeling Populations Simulation
AnatQuest organ viewer
Balancing Equations Simulation
BEAGLE (Northwestern) Evolution Simulations
Bending Light (phet)
Better Doppler Effect Simulation
Better Doppler Simulator
Biology games @ Zero Bio
Biomolecular Research Page (extensive jsmol and virtual labs)
Blood Typing Virtual Lab
Car Collision Simulator
Carbon Cycle Virtual Lab
Cell animation (low-res)
Cell Cycle and Cancer virtual lab
Cell Structure Virtual Lab
Circular motion simulator
Cladogram Builder
Cladogram Builder
Concord Consortium Simulations/Activities
CSU Virtual Lab
Dehydration synthesis and Hydrolysis simulation
DNA Replication Simulator (Flash)
Doppler Effect simulator
Dynamic Engineering Rube Goldberg Simulator
Egg Drop Interactive (HTML5)
Energy Skate Park (HTML5)
Factoring animation
Flame Test Virtual Lab
From DNA to Proteins
Gene Expression simulator
Glencoe Virtual Biology Labs
Go West With Lewis and Clark
Hardware Cladograms
HHMI Virtual Biology Labs
HTML5 Photosynthesis game
HTML5 Physics Simulations
HTML5 Physics simulations
Inside a Cell (High res)
Interactive Ecosystem
Jamestown Game
McGraw/Hill Virtual Labs
MHHE Doppler Effect Lab
Microbiotic ecosystem simulation
Mitosis vs. Meiosis simulation
Mitosis WebQuest
Molecular Workbench Simulations (HTML5)
More Physics simulations
Mummification simulator
Mutation and Protein Synthesis simulation (Java)
Mutations/Transcription/Translation Virtual Lab
Natural Selection Simulator
Northwestern Cladogram Builder
NOVA Evolution Simulation (made up organisms)
Nuclear Power Plant Simulator
Paper Airplane Simulator
PBS Evolution Lab
PCR Virtual Lab Exploration (Flash)
Periodic Trends Virtual Lab
Physics simulators
Planetary orbit simulator
Protein Synthesis Race
Pumpkin Carver
Radioactive Decay Simulation
Role of DNA in Protein Synthesis (Glencoe) virtual lab
Rube Goldberg simulation
Sex and the Single Guppy
SimBucket HTML5 science simulations
Solar system location by date
Spectrophotometer Simulation
St. Mary Physics Animations
States of Matter Visualization
The Physics Classroom: Shockwave Physics Studios
The Ramp- Force, Energy, and Work
Transformation/Electrophoresis (pGLO) simulation
Virtual bonding lab
Virtual electron microscope
Virtual Tour of Historic Philadelphia
VitLab Virtual Laboratory (Chemistry)
Waltonia Ecosystem Simulation
Your Night Sky

Fun Stuff
8 Trebuchet plans
Anime Seed Games
Coloring Book Fun!
Dizzler Free Streaming Music
DLTK's Printable Crafts for Kids
Floating arm trebuchet plans
Free TV shows/video on Hulu
Funschool @
Graffiti Letters
Graffiti text creator
Miniatures Market Games & Shows
Name-related Knock Knock Jokes
Offical Site of Marvel Comics
Streaming Futurama episodes
Streaming Simpsons Episodes
Turf Wars!: Dinosaur battles
Winx Club Flight Training

"Car Crashes: It's Basic Physics" video
"Surviving Disaster: Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster" BBC
2D protein synthesis interactive animation
3D Structures of Biological Molecules (Biotopics)
Biology Animations
Biomolecules JSmol viewer
Bridges videos
Carbon cycle game
CBM Molecule Maker
Chernobyl documentary (before and after)
Concord Consortium STEM REsources
Dangerous Decibels Virtual Exhibit
Darwin Webquest
Dirty Business: Clean Coal and the Battle for our EnergyFuture
Ecosystem web activities
Fission/Fusion on YouTube
Gene Regulation animations and quizzes
General Relativity Online Comic
Genetic Switches Click-n-Learn
Greatest Discoveries in Evolution, hosted by Bill Nye
Gregor Mendel video (<4 minutes)
History of Independence Day video
Jmol Tutorials (DO NOT USE CHROME)
John Smith Video
Learn about Microarrays!
Math and the Movies: Activities and clips
Meiosis Internet Lesson
Nitrogen Cycle animation
NOVA: Cancer Warrior
Nova: Cracking the Code of Life
Nova: Cracking the Genetic Code
PCR Animation
Power Up! energy production game
Protein Synthesis animation
Reading of Declaration of Independence
Regulation of the Lactase Gene Click-n-Learn
Sheep Brain Dissection Guide
Simpsons Science clips
Solar Energy: Effects on Earth's Temperature video and quiz
States of Matter webquest
SUN Cell Energy E-books
SUN labs Chloroplast Ebook
SUN labs Mitochondrion Ebook
The Electromagnetic Spectrum Web Activity
The Future's Channel: Real world applications of math and science
Under the Dome: Air Pollution in China
Understanding Car Crashes (VIDEO)
Virtual Tour of a Coal Power Plant

Test Preparation
Practice Test questions
Teacher Resources
American History Lessons and Resources
Asian Black Bears Population & GIS Analysis Activities
Biotechnology Center for Excellence
Bottle Biology (Annenberg)
Carbon Cycle Virtual Lab instructions/questions
Chemistry Demonstrations
Chemistry Demos
Chester Comics: Educational Comic Books
Cold Springs' Harbor DNA Kits
Computational Thinking in STEM
Curriculum Infusion web page
Dad's Math Worksheets
Dirty Decomposers
Drought Unit (Carleton College)
EasyTest Generator
EcoCasting (OSEP)
Education World
Evolution activities and materials
Exceptional Mentoring Project
Force and Motion
Free Grammar Worksheets
Free Graph paper (PDF format)
Free Pre-Algebra Worksheets
Gleicher's AP Bio resources
Helping With Math (Printable Worksheets)
How to Use a Protractor
HP Tablet/Probe loaner program (helps with iLabs)
Illinios State Board of Education Standards
Illinois Constitution Web Quest
Infoplease Life Science
Instructional |Strategies
Intervention Central
Kahoot! student login site
Kidzone (Student and teacher resources)
Linear function application problems
Math in the Workplace Algebra Worksheet Generator
Microbes in Action Materials
NIH's Cell Biology and Cancer Web Series
Northeastern University's web resources for teachers
Online stopwatch
Patterns in Algebra
Photosynthesis inquiry lessons
PhysClips Physics Animations
Physics Labs
Physics lessons
Physics Quotes
Real life linear equation examples
Real World Math Labs (sampler)
Research Experiences for Teachers Network
Royal Society of Chemistry Resources
School Express Plans and Printables
Science in the Simpsons
Science of cooking (activities and ideas)
SEN free printables
Stencyl Educator Kit (Game development curriculum)
Super Teacher!
Taxi problems (linear equations in real world)
TeacherVision Printables and Lesson Plans
Teaching Human Genetic Disorders (case studies)
Teaching Strategies Using Protopedia
Team Maker Group Generator
The Biology Corner
Watershed Dynamics Curriculum
Worksheet Works

Vocational Information

Free Resume Builder
What's Next Illinois

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