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As one part of my INMD 410 class, I created this collection of interactive websites. The categories are each an essential part of my Instructional Approach to learning (Pietrzak, Mike. "Media Technology for Educators.")
x Drill and Practice
Aplus Math
Explore Your Knowledge
Fun Brain- Geography Quiz

x Productivity Tools
Create a Graph
Kids Domain Printables
Teen Writing: Cliche identifier
Graphic Organizers for Teachers

x eCommunications
BBC Dinosaur Message Board!
Jane Goodall's Email Nature Postcards
AOL Instant Messenger

x Problem Solving with Real Data
Create a Graph
Physical Activity Calendar
Data and Story Library

x Online Research
Research Starters
Encyclopedia Smithsonian

x Simulations
History Simulations
Conway's Game of Life
Amazing Space

x Expression/Visualization
Free Clip Art for Students
Power Point Tutorial

x Grammar Lessons
Lots of Grammar Definitions

x Computer Research

x Culturally Diverse Education-
Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literature
Book Review List - Adolescent Lit.
Lit Reviews on Culturally Diverse Adolescent Lit
The Alan Review

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