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Hi guys, I've been saving any links that look useful, and am adding more all the time - dysphagia, AAc and special needs have new additions. - A good place to start is the Speech Pathology General Category Hint: click the x next to the category name and you can scroll through all the links
x Speechy Humour
The Practice Cartoon

Accent Training
English as a second Language
Insult Monger
Rogers Profanisaurus
Teaching Speaking
Teaching Techniques
x Speech Pathology General
**** Speech Ring Sites ****
10000 free articles
ADVANCE for speech path and audiology
Alicia Courville's Speech Therapy Home Page
ASHA convention handouts - EXCELLENT!
Caroline Bowens' Links
Case history (parents perspective)
City University Lectures - Fluency, Aphasia, Child Language
Communication Disorders Links
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Communication Therapies International
Computerized Profiling/LARSP
ESL Picture cards
Health Links
Heartfelt therapies
Herring Speech Patholgy Resources
IEP for You - easy online IEP's
illinois convention handouts
Internet Institute for Speech and Hearing
Marcies Speech Page
Medical Links
MLU online forms
MSHA - resources
Multilingual Language Diagnosis
National Student Speech Hearing Association (America)
Net Connections for Communication Disorders and Sciences
NMAP - info for nursing, midwifery and allied health
Outcomes measure - SLP
Overton Speech Centre
Paed assessments
Royal College of SLT - Links
Royal College of Speech Language Therapist - Student Pages
SPA General Links
Speech and Communication Links
Speech and Language Portal
Speech and Language Resources
Speech Internet Dictionary
speech language pathologist resources
Speech Mag
Speech Pathology Australia
Speech Pathology Report Writing Tool (10 uses)
Speech Teach
Speech Therapy
Stellar Surveys
Supercourses - Communication
Talking Point
Therapy animals
Therapy Outcomes
Thinking Publications - Online language conference
Tongue tie Website
Twins Development and Language
Use Visual Strategies (pictures)
Vocal Development
Word Play

x artisan cooking
cooking legumes

x Speech Groups
Phonological Tx Yahoo Group
101 ideas for bigMacks
3 minute switch game demos - great training!
A Lot to say - a guide for working with people with communication difficulties
AAC articles
AAC Intervention
AAC references
AAC selection protocol
AAC training package
AAC Vocab
AAC vocab by age
ABle Net AAC activities
Accessible Multimedia - lots of stuff
adult vocab - socially valued roles
AGOSCI: Australian Group on Severe Communication Impairment
ARATA: Australian Rehab and AT Association
Assistive technology Training online - tutorials
Auslan Sign Bank
Books with repetition
DEAL - AAC centre (VIC)
Dentist photographs
Does AAC impede speech development?
Free resources
Free school age resources
Free social skills stories
free switch games (full versions)
Free visual supports
Glenallen switch downloads
Good Practice Guide - for support workers
ILC: Independent Living Centre
Inclusive Education - Students with disabilities
Inclusive Technology Downloads
Intellitools Classroom Exchange
ISAAC: International Society for AAC
Lets Play - Assistive tech and Play
Makaton Australia
Modules - AAC
Nortthern Grids - Senswitcher
Novita Factsheets
Objects of reference
Online word frequency calculator
PCS (MayerJohnson)
PCS in Aus (Spectronics)
PECS pictures and Icon - excellent
Pics 4 learning
Proloquo to go
pvoice - free opensource communication software
pvoice - free opensource communication software
Sandbox learning - visuals
SETT AT assessment framework
Sign Swap
Sketch generator
Skill Builders - AAC and Mouse activities
Spectronics Activit Exchange
Talking Story Books
Tots - n- Tech
Van Tatenhove Free AAC resources
YAACK - Young kids and AAC

x Boardmaker
Boardmaker resources
Boardmaker tips and resources
Burnaby Boardmaker
great resources
Printable templates

x Autism
ABA - warning
ABA in Spreech therapy
ABA resources for recovery from autism
Autism Resources
Bright Tots ASD resources
Social Thinking
Speech Therapy and ABA
The Autism Home Page
verbal behaviour special interest group
What is applied verbal behavior

x Special Needs
ADHD Advances
Angleman Syndrome
Behaviour Management
Book: Autism in Inclusive classroom
Cooking Therapy
Cortical visual impairment
Cortical Visual Impairment
Craniofacial syndromes
FAS community resource centre
FAS Link
Ideal Lives
Ideas for home adaptation
Internet resources for special children
Orphanet - rare disease/disorder site
Our Kids - Raising Special Kids
Parenting a special needs child
Reviewable deaths in custody - Disability
Special Child - Disorders
Syndrome database
Teaching Special Kids
Teaching Strategies for children with vision and hearing impairments
Teaching tips for Autism
Toy Ideas
Toy rating - looks good!
Vision and the multi impaired

x Literacy and School Stuff
Adapted book - writing with Symbols
Caroline's literacy links
Daisy maths
DIBELS literacy measures
Excellent Online reader!
Excellent Online reader!
FREE PA test
Free PA test - printable
game boards
Learning train - Early literacy
make educational activities - reading
Phonological awareness intervention for preschool children
read with me!
reading games
Whisper Phone (acoustic self ampification)
Whole brain learning in literacy

x Stroke and TBI
A Primer of Brain Tumours
Aphasia - Group therapy ideas
Aphasia - therapy research
Aphasia - WFD ideas
Aphasia Assessment tools
Aphasia Hope Foundation
Aphasia Therapy
Brain Foundation Victoria
Global Aphasia
Healthcyclopedia - aphasia articles
Huntington's Chorea (ASHA FACS)
Living with Aphasia
National Stroke Foundation
Reading Again - After Stroke
Right Hemisphere Dysfunction: Evaluation of Cognitive-Communicative Skills
Right Hemisphere involvement: Symptoms and Diagnosis
Right Hemisphere Syndrome
Stroke Family - resources
Stroke therapy ideas
Word Finding

x discrimination acts
federal EEO
NSW anti discrimination

x Sensory Stimulation
sensory stimulation ideas
That Tickles! Sensory stimulation activities

x Phonology
Australian IPA vowels
Braille Phonetic Script
Brown's Morphemes
Categorical perception
Computer Readable Phonetic Script
Developmental Phonological Disorders
Gail Gillon - Phonological awareness and language
Guidelines for target selection in Phonological Therapy
How to type in IPA
IPA Download - keyboard compatible
Overton's Phonological Processes
phonetics library - video of artic
Phonological Processes Lecture
Phonological Tx Yahoo Group
Teach Yourself Phonetics
Thesis Paper
UCL phonetics and phonology

x Fluency
A parents report on the lidcombe program - by correspondence
East Carolina's Stuttering Page
Iowa state University fluency tutorials
Maintaining Fluency
Mankato stuttering course
Smooth Speech
Stuttering Conference
stuttering efficacy bibliography
Super Courses in stuttering
Taking the Anxiety out of Stuttering
The Australian Stuttering Research Centre
The Lidcombe Program Manual
The Speech Therapy Research Unit - UK
The Stuttering Home Page

x Audiology
Auditory Training
Auslan Links
Auslan Tuition System
Aussie Deaf Kids
CAPD software
Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Classroom Acoustics
Classroom acoustics guidelines
Deaf Links
Ear health Presentations
hearing Australia
Hearing Computer Game
Listen Up web
Mind Weavers
Online resources for Learning AUSLAN
Oxford Hearing and Balance Centre
Queensland Deaf Society
The human Body Online
University for the Deaf

x Voice
voice therpay techniques

x Anatomy and Physiology
Behavioural Neuroscience - Lots of disorders with speech components
Brain Anatomy
Cleft Palate
Ear anatomy
Ear anatomy 2
Ear anatomy 3
Interactive Phyl Website
Jack Pettigrew's Homepage (PHYL 2065)
Label the brain picture
Neurology lectures
Neuroscience Tutorial Sites
Neuroscience Tutorials
PHYL 2063 homepage
Phyl 2065 homepage
Tutorial site links

x Ear, Nose and Throat
baylor College of Medicine - basic Review materials
Medical Resources
More Links
x Dysphagia
Dieticians Online Manual - QLD Health
Dieticians Online Manual - QLD Health
Dyspahagia Resource Centre
Dysphagia Diet Suggestions
Dysphagia Mailing List
Dysphagia Online
Flexi cut out cup
Flexi Cut out cup (CP league)
Gastro Atlas
Hunter health info sheets
Its tough to swallow - ideas for appealing food
Maroon Spoon
Medline Plus: Dysphagia
Meds List
My Dr - MIMS info
Online swallow animation
Paed feeding disorders
protected mealtimes
QLD Health Fact Sheets
rationalization for dysphagia in acute care setting
Saliva mangement
Suzanne Evans Morris
Taste and Smell Links
The Pero Clinic (Julie Cichero)
Tongue Tie

x Motor Speech Disorder
Apraxia Kids
Dyspraxia: Can we Talk?
Speech research Symposium

x Dysarthria
Dysarthria Links
Dysarthria notes (from DUFFY)

x Therapy
Alicia Courville's Therapy Activities and Tool
Children with special needs
Enchanted Learning
Find Rhyming Words
Games Kids Play
Grid Maker
Million free clipart
minimal pairs Bingo
Online game resource library
Oro Motor (Speech Dynamics)
Oromotor Therapy Articles
Parent Pals
Speech Fun
Speech Teach
Teachers Helping Teachers
The ASHA homepage
The Speech and Language Corner

x Nameless
Behaviour management

x Palliative Care
15 min tutorials
speech path and palliative care

x Adult Disorders and Therapy
Cognitive Retraining - shareware

x Child Therapy Ideas
Activities for home and clinic
Activities to encourage speech development
Artic Therapy Ideas (Mankato)
Articulation therpay aids (samples)
Clinical resources (Auditory Bombardment Lists)
Communication and symbolic behaviour checklist
Frieda van Staden
How to Help your child get the most out of Speech Therapy
How to help your child listen
Literacy Ideas
Literacy: The reading tree
Minimal Pair Words
Online Artic Games
Oral Motor Activities
Paed hndouts
Phonology Homework sheets
Speech Delay
Speech Games and Therapy Ideas
Speech therapy links (Mankato)
Speechville Express
St Caterines - School for speech disorders
Therapy Ideas
Therapy Techniques
Therpy Idea Forum
Things to do at home to encourage speech
VPI Coulouring book (free)

x Therapy Links
Articulation Disorders Information
C Bowen's Resources page - alphabetised
Carol's Speech and Language Disorders Homepage
General Therapy Ideas
Iinternet Gold foe Speech Pathologists
Mankato Tx Links - all areas
More internet Gold for Speech Pathologists
more links
Online SLP links
Speaking of Speech - summer holiday programs etc

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