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I have created quite a collection of sites covering all kinds of topics in my freetime surfing the net. I hope you find something that is new to you or something you might have lost at one time. Enjoy!! (LAST UPDATE: 12/27/05)
x Graphs
Celtic Style Rooster
Blues Clues 1
Elephant 1
Elmo 1
Flying Windows Logo
Large Intarsia Flower
Madeline 1
Pilchard, Bob the Builder's Cat
Santa Claus
Lamb Chop
Star Pocket
Star Trek
Bob the Builder and His Friends
Celtic Triskeles: 6 Variations
Dr. Who Logos
Nativity Scenes
Pikachu (Pokemon) 1
Teletubbies 1
Harry Potter 1
Yin Yang 1
Butterfree (Pokemon) 1
Christmas Charts 1
Large Butterfly
Medium Dragonfly
Happy Halloween 1
Dragonfly Design
Howling Wolf Filet
Bob the Builder Characters
Bear in the Big Blue House Characters
Pig 1
Pig 2
Scottie Chart
Music Heart chart
Butterfly Charts
Bird of Paradise
Heraldic Lion from The New Carolingian Modelbook
Star Wars 1
Blastoise (Pokemon) 1
Charmander (Pokemon) 1
Dragonite (Pokemon) 1
Pokemon Logo 1
Ponyta (Pokemon) 1
Seadra (Pokemon) 1
Queen of Hearts
Fleur-de-lis 1
Christmas Charts 1
Squirrel 1
Medium Claddagh
Three point knotwork
Small butterfly
Small dragonfly
Lucky Beckoning Cat
Fleur-de-lis 2
Small rose
The Little Knight : Chronicles of Yarnia
Free Graph Patterns
Angel Bear Chart
Various Characters
Care Bears
Looney Tunes
Simpsons Characters
Nemo Characters
South Park Characters
Various Characters 2 (multiple pages)
Baby Looney Tunes
Sponge Bob Characters
Misc Animals
Monsters & Co
Zach's Guitar Chart
Eagle Flag Chart
Paw Chart
Texas Flag chart
Bird Cross Stitch Patterns

x United States

x North Carolina
Cyndi's List: North Carolina
NC Division of Environmental Health
Job Opportunities at the State Level
On-Site Wastewater Section

x Weight Loss Surgery
Pacific Bariatric Surgical Medical Group
Weight Loss Surgery Guide
WLS Success
Victoria's Recipes for Gastric Bypass Patients
Weight Loss Surgery Forum
Heidi's Ramblings and Muses
Marilyns Weight Loss Journal
Lighten Up America
Kirk Thompson's Weight Loss Surgery Journey
About Me Jewelry
Shake Off The Sugar
Dotti's Weight Loss Zone

x Recipes
Chicken Kabobs with Grilled Asparagus

x Shopping
Bonsai Boy of New York

x Crafting Supplies
Dream Looms
Ardith Keef gifts and yarns
Artisans Market

x Soaps
Amalthea's Divine Goat Milk Soaps

x Yarn
Aunt Mary's Mill Ends

x Webmaster Tools
Christmas Graphics by Pat
Search Pixie: Christmas Graphics
Using Border Backgrounds
Her Solutions 4 U / Designs by Victoria - Page Templates
Java Goodies
Html Goodies
Funky Chickens
Background City
Animated Names Signatures Moving Pictures Web Graphics Animations Collection
The Art of Penny Parker
Original Country Clip Art by Lisa
Animation Factory
Christmas Graphics
Cute Colors
Cartoon Cottage
Mix 'N' Match Triple Backgrounds
Useless Graphics
Graphics by Shawna

x Sports

x Bowling
Buffaloe Lanes Centers NC
Bowlers Paradise

x Resources
The Internet Movie Database
Zap2it - What to Watch
My Virtual Model

x Art
Body Painting and Modeling by Rick Mills

x Amusement Parks

x Cross Stitch
Celtic Cross Stitch
Cross Stitch Charts
Vermillion Stitchery Free Charts

x Embroidery
Tattoo Your Towels

x How To's

x Candle Making
Cierra Candles
Cajun Candle Factory

x Conversions
Convert Latitude / Longitude in Degrees to Decimals

x Looms / Boards
Basic Instructions for Using the Dream Board
Round Loom Stitches
Casting on Knitting Boards
CinDWood - Knitting Looms
Casting on various stitches for the knitting board
How to Pick Up a Dropped Stitch in Knitting
Getting Started on the Round Loom (pdf)
Techniques with Theresa
Loom Knitting
The Dream Board
Decor Accents Knitting Looms
Misc Crafts

x Funny / Interesting Sites
Things that sound dirty at Thanksgiving! (but aren't)
The Elements: An Art Car
Significance of Colors
Brainy Humor - Free Online Games
x Crochet

x Squares
Fish Afghan Square
Dolphin Afghan Square
12-inch Gryphon Square
Floral Overlay Square
Square for Afghan from 1891
Teddy Bear Square

x 12 inch
Bev's 12" Square

x Bead Work
Ann's Beaded Crochet Amulet Bags
Crochet Rosary Instructions (pdf)
Beadwrangler Workshop Index

x Sites
The Crochet Works
Crochet World
Crochet Me Magazine
The Crochet Collection (Sag55)
The Crochet Dude
Crochet With Dee
AngelCrafts - Crocheting for Charity
Crochet Cabriolet
Star Gazers Crochet & Craft Links
Stitch Me Up
Maggie's Crochet
Crobeanie's Creations
Digital Granny's Virtual Afghan
Vintage Crochet Patterns
Baby Items
Home Decor
Hats / Scarves
Kitchen Items
Tapestry Crochet

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