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This list has been compiled over years! I don't know what all has ended up in here and not all of it I picked out... I'm not the only user on my comp... but, if you find something useful enjoy! I am trying to be an open and accessible presence on the web in the matters of Integrative and Complementary medical practices (There is no ONE way to approach health). I also love to share my yarn, patterns and crochet and handcrafting knowledge. The options are out there! See if you find one that is right for you. Come meet me at:
x photography
"light painting" technique
A complete guide to digital cameras, digital photography, and digital video
Ansel Adams' Zone System
Camera Work (Washington Post)
Canon Powershot G1 photos
DCFever - a hong kong camera site
Digital Photo Contest
Filters and lens hoods for Oly Camedias

x Fuji Natura S
Another sample gallery from Tokyo
Japanese Price listing
NPC160 sample photos
Official Fuji Sample
Official Fuji Site discussion Thread
Pro Foto's Natura Sample
Getty Image Creative Section
great Scan Tips
HK's photo album
Huangshan photo
King Yin Poon
Kolo Vineyard album
Masters of photography
Nice digital Darkroom technique (Photoshop)

x Olympus Flash
Article from DCView
GN Number
Mecablitz 34-CS 2 digital
Official link
Olympus FLBK-01
One suitable substitute
unofficical FAQ
Yashica Flash Home Page lensFAQ (vignetting)

x Photoblog
My Photoblog
photo blog deutsch
photoblogs collection
Photography In the Digital Era
Russell Brown smart Photoshop technique
Steve's Digicams - Main Menu
The Digital Photography Exhibit
The Mirror Project
Welcome to the Digital Camera Resource Page
攝影家手札 PhotoSharp Online
數位視野- E 世紀數位攝影人
x Programming

x C++
A Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go!
Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc. OOP Resources
C++ Library Reference
C++ Tutorial
CodeGuru - Tutorials: C++ Made Easy
DevCentral Learning Center
Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems
Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems
Handy C++ reference
Just for Fun C++ Programming - Watson's hot Programming Pages (programming examp
Online Programmer, Resources for Programmers
SGI STL reference
The Art of Assembly Language Programming
The Code Project - Homepage - Free Source code and Tutorials
The Programming Sharehouse
Welcome to Bloodshed Software
Dynamic Programming

x Perl
Flash Contact Form
Perl Object reference
Perl OO tutorial
Perl tutorial
Sybase SQL server manual

A lot of tutorial
Flash & XML
flash in different browser
Flash Text Scroll bar
FlashForm example
Luar - Flash evangelist
Oracle 9i full reference
PHP & SQL pulishing system
PHP dir class
sending php request in Flash (Macromedia)
some 3rd part examples
Some free examples
SQL quick reference
Xtreme Programming

x Chinese
Sina News China
Web of Chinese dicts
小學古詩文誦讀材料選篇 (EMB)
x References
alt-usage-english FAQ
Ask a Librarian (UK)
Atomica (the best reference)
Bartleby Reference search engine
Bartleby Usage Books (full version)
Chinese Poems Net 中華詩詞網
Citation and Style Manuals

x Dictionaries
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Cantonese Pronounication dictionary
Chambers Online Dictionary
Chinese-English Dictionary by Lin YuTong
Longman Dictionary online
Merriam-Webster OnLine - Dictionary
One Look dictionary
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
Xuezhongwen (MDBG dict) - Home Page
Dictionary of Quotations

x english writing
Formal writing reference (requires login)
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
Familiar Quotations
Family Factbook
HK Literature Database 香港文學資料庫
HKU Recommended Readings
Humanity Goodies from CUHK
Library and Archives Canada
Lingnan University Library Bookmarks
Rechtschreibung: W顤terbuch
Sir Ernest Gowers: Plain Words
The British National Corpus (BNC)
The Elements of Style
The Internet Archive: Building an 'Internet Library'
tiscali.reference - The Webmaster's Reference Library - Web Authoring Tips & Tuto

x Search Engine
A Review of Image Search Engines
baidu - mainland china engine
Boston University links
Delicious User Bookmarks - the leading visual search engine
Openfind -- taiwan search engine
Public Domain Images
Show my IP

x HK resources
Hongkong online bookstore (HK local bookstore)
Tel directory of HK govt

x Free Books
Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc. OOP Resources
Developing Expertise Notes
万 全 城
Foucault (Chinese)
Gutenberg Project
Literary Prizes
Literature Page (a lot of english goodies)
Mindmeters -- a mainland thinking blog
MIT OpenCourseWare
On winter a traveller
Oracle documentation
Peter Pan full text online
search inside the book
Taiwan Writing Database
Western Classic text

x health
Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society
Hong Kong Cancer Fund
x Computer Tips
56k= v.Unreliable - Modem Information, Troubleshooting & Updates
Adaptec ASPI Driver
Boot-up beeps troubleshooting
Bootdisk download
computer POST / Beep Codes
DVD all code fireware
Micro ITX
Spreadsheets in Education
Tweaking Windows2000
Web Developer's Virtual Library: Encyclopedia of Web Design Tutorials, Articles
Windows annoyances

x Gadget

x Palm
Another link for
Bluetooth setting from official site
Brando WorkShop - 小輝輝工作室 - PalmPilot - 派樂目錄
Chinese Palm software
Palm Shadows
PalmPilot.SiTe - Chinese Palm's Site 引導頁面
PalmWarez Group Page
Plucker -- a Palm reader
sitescooper -- news cropping
Untitled Document
Welcome to PalmGear H.Q.!
Zaurus software
Zaurus software index (free)
ZDNet Software Library
TomPDA - Mainland PDA news

x linux
A reading on open source
Chinese Knoppix Center
Chinese Linux Extension
Chinese Linux Site
File System on Linux
Find command
GNU/Linux on an IBM Thinkpad T20
GRUB example
IBM Thinkpad Linux Guide
Installing SuSE Linux 7.3
length VI tutorial (good description on advanced feature)
Linux Ethernet Howto
Linux guide
Linux ISO
Linux Journal
Linux Logging intro from IBM
Linux networking HOWTO
Survey on Open Source software
switch on Power Supply Unit without motherboard
Thinkpad Controlling tool (linux)
vi tutorial
[fmII] - welcome to
x Web Design
/^/ Open Source Web Design ( Home )
4096 Color Wheel good ref
Color Harmonies
core javascript 1.5 reference

ALA CSS rollover
CSS button
CSS Layouts -
CSS Reference Table
CSS round corner
CSS shorthand
CSS Tutorial : CSS layout techniques
multiclass CSS
Pure CSS tabs
Tableless CSS layout
Webreference CSS rollover
[O'Reilly Network: Javascript/CSS DevCenter]
deviantart - where art meets application
Dingbat Crazy - Index
Doc JavaScript - JavaScript Toolbox
Javascript 2.0 full content
Javascript and DHTML reference
Javascript Object
NYPL: Style Guide
Pixia English homepage
The Layout Reservoir - BlueRobot
useful XML introduction from AListApart
Web Accessibility Laws and Standards
Well designed Weblog

x BitTorrent
3rd party client
BitTorrent Directory
BitTorrent official page
China BT site
Chinese BT search engine
Chinese DivX subtitle
Great Torrent search engine
Mininova (a substitute to Supernova)
Suprnova (lots of BT files)
WinXP TCP/IP limitation patcher
ZeroPaid - a portal of file sharing

x CNET collection
CNET Virus Center
Web Hosting Ratings
Web services advice from CNET

x warez
Bug Me Not
KEYGEN STUDiO - KeyGens' Index
Sub-Net.Com - The community without limits!
The Elite Toplist
V24 Serialz
VeryCD (mainland)

x Unclassified
Been There Travel
LOC Country Studies: Area Handbook Series
nationalgeographic Map Machine
Wondir - ask a question
World Clock

x Roms
China GBA
Gameboy Accessories Supplier
Gameboy Advance ROM
GBA linker info
Romman -- 樴?瞍恍餌
yyjoy -- 撟箏劃隞餃予
x German German Grammar
ARD Kinder
Audiobook in german German Grammatik Transparencies
DAAD Hongkong
Faust I+II
Faust Study Questions
Geothe biography
German Academic Exchange Service
German Consulate - Hongkong
German Master Scholarship
German Noun Suffixes and Gender
German student and Career Service
Goethes Werke im WWW
Handy German online dictionary
Internet Handbook of German Grammar

x Maerchen
Die Maerchen von Ika
Internet Maerchen
Reisefieber hoerebuch
UWaterloo German Grammatik

x Putonghua
Bell Lab Mandarin TTS
Chinese Characters and Culture
Chinese Characters Dictionary Web
Mandarin Poetry
Puthonghua pingyi tool (MDBG)
Putonghua biaozhu tool 標音
x Hong Kong MP3
Asian MP3 Watch-¡iµØ»y­µ¼Ö²&
HotCD Music
MP3特搜網 - 為您節省寶貴時間
Sony Music Online Hong Kong
歌詞庫 2002

x Chinese Chess
Chinese Chess allocation software
Hong Kong Chinese Chess Association
Simplified Chess Center

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