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Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you find something here you can use or need. I will be adding more as time goes on. Check out "Things I Need To Copy" I will be deleting those links as I copy them (printer & copier broke right now). So if you see anything there you want, you better bookmark it or grab it. If you find a broken or changed link please e-mail me and let me know which catagory and link it is so I can fix it.
RecipeSource: Your Source for Recipes on the Internet
FoodieView - The Recipe Search Engine
Kitchen Kimberley
Sunrise recipes
Wanda's Country Home ~ WELCOME
A Baking Resource -
Vernalisa's & Friends Recipe Archives
More Too Hot to Cook Recipes - No Cook Recipes - Summer Quick and Easy No-Cook
Recipes - Thousands of free recipes at Recipe Goldmine
Find Lost Recipes at - Cooking on the Net Since 1996
All Recipes – complete resource for recipes, cooking tips and food
Back of the Box Brand Name Recipes
restaurant recipes | copycat recipes | restaurant recipes from across the USA
Innkeeper Recipes and Cookbooks - Bed & Breakfast Inns ONLINE - Cooking * Food
Meals For You - Thousands Of Delicious Recipes And Meals
Remember Mama's Recipes
old recipes page | The New Homemaker
recipes page | The New Homemaker
Latest Recipes at
Weird & Different Recipes
Learn to Can for Homegrown Flavor -|- Your complete source for all fresh preserving needs.
Build a Solar Food Dehydrator
Mr. Food - OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!
KOTV Recipes - The News on 6 - KSL 5 Recipe Page
Jet Puffed
Campbell's Kitchen: Come on in!
Del Monte Corporation
Land O'Lakes: Let's Bake!
McCormick - Home Page
Martha Stewart - Home Page
Cooking with well-known Chef Brad.  OldeTimeCooking presents recipes and nosta
The 60's Gang Recipes
Recipe Index Page
Meals For You - Thousands Of Delicious Recipes And Meals
All About Food - Recipes in MasterCook Format

Hangover Cure - Bananas
Caffeine in Your Beer?
Do It! Brew It Yourself! : Mother Earth News
Jimmy Buffett's Ultimate Margarita Recipe
The Vinegar Page
Brown Sugar Hot Cocoa Recipe
Brew Better Soda at Home
Iced Coffee Recipes
How to Use Used Coffee Grounds
Make Your Own Coffee Pods (
Eat Your Beer - Cooking With Beer Recipes and Information

Plain Corn Bread
Muffin Recipes Index
Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Home
Kraft Kitchens Top Cookie Recipes
Host a Cookie Exchange
Coffee Cake Recipe - Spiced Coffee Cake with Raisins
Butter Vanilla Cake Recipe - Butter Cake with Pecans
Honey Cake Recipes - Scratch Cakes Recipes - Hanukkah Recipes
Pumpkin Pie Recipe -
How to Make Sourdough Starter
Unofficial Global Internet Bread Recipe Archive -- BREAD NET
Cake Mix Cookies
A Quick Cookie Recipe

Home Made Ice Cream Free Recipes - Ice-Cream Recipes
HP Hood: Kitchen, Cottage Cheese Recipes
I Love Cheese!, Homepage
Betty Crocker: Sausage-Cheese Balls
Betty Crocker: Beer-Cheese Triangles with Zesty Cheese Sauce
44 Page Cheese Cookbook - Recipe Books Freebies Blog Archives
Welcome to the Incredible Edible Egg Website
Blue Bunny
Ice Cream Recipe Collection
Ice Cream Maker Recipes -
Science: General > Plastic Bag Ice Cream
Ice Cream Recipes - For Home Ice Cream Maker
Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbet Recipes
All Easy Cooking recipes for ice cream and other frozen desserts
Columbus Eggs - Naturally rich in Omega 3.

GardenWeb - The Internet's Garden Community
Farmers Almanac - Full Moon Names
Making a Garden - How to Start a New Garden
Herb Guide | Plants
Vegetable Gardening Guide
Rose Colors and Their Meanings
Seed Starting - How to Successfully Start Plants from Seed
Taking Cuttings from House and Garden Plants to Make More Plants
Xeriscape Gardening - Planning for a Water Wise Garden
National Park Service - Experience Your America
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry: Forest Regeneration
Wildflower Color Chart - A guide to colored wildflowers
Grow Superb Strawberries : Mother Earth News
Strawberries - Growing Strawberries in the Home Garden
Hickory Nuts: The
Seeds: Sunflower
nature : outdoor edibles
OurVeggieGarden > Planting Our Garden > Planting Outside > How We Plant Onions
Herb Pots
Cultivating Country - Gardening
Plant Image Gallery
About flowers
Fir, Pine or Spruce - Which Do I Have?
Unity Garden Collective: Home Page
Poison Ivy
Controlling Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac - (
Oklahoma WildThings
Greenhouse Plants
Xeriscaping Plants | Drought Resistant Plants | Xeriscape Landscaping
Floral Design Training
Spring Garden Guide
Home - P. Allen Smith
How to Use Used Coffee Grounds
Pretty Maids All in a Row
Claudette's August Photos
The Ladybug Lady
AOL Home - Gardening
About Gardening - Gardening How-To, Garden Design Tips & Advice, Gardens...
Blackberries for the Home
Gardening for Beginners, a Free Gardening Encyclopedia
Vegetable Garden 101
GardenGuides - Come Garden With Us
Roses: The Language of Love
The Lazy Gardener

Butterfly Facts
Garden Design - Gardening to Attract Butterflies
Butterfly [Article] - World Book Online Reference Center (American English)
The Butterfly WebSite - butterfly photos, butterfly clipart, education, butter
Butterfly Pavilion : Welcome
Hummingbird Migration Maps
Hummingbird garden
The Hummingbird WebSite
Hummer Nest '05
Debbie's Tips For Attracting and Feeding Hummingbirds
Wild Birds Unlimited Education Hummingbirds - backyard bird feeding, bird feed
Bird Watcher's Digest - Birding, Backyard, and Resources
Journey North: UnPave the Way for Hummingbirds
Bird Watching Forum
Clay Pot Bird Bath - terra cotta pot
Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder
What to Feed Birds
National Audubon Society

eBay Store - Hem Haven Daylily Nursery: Minature bloom under 3, Small bloom 3
Hem Haven Daylily Nursery Home Page
Hem Haven Daylily "B" Inventory Page
Carlin Sales - From our gardens, to yours.
Thompson & Morgan: Illustrated Index of : Fruit
Pennington Seed - gardening, garden supplies, gardens, seeds, japanese gardens,
Greenhouse Structures

Shed Plans
Building Garden Arbors | Design | How to Build Garden Arbors Cheap
Welcome to the Center for Plasticulture at Penn State
Greenhouses, Greenhouse Supplies, Commercial Greenhouses, Hobby Greenhouse, Gr
Free greenhouse bench plans
Free Greenhouse Plans and Designs
free pvc greenhouse plans
Greenhouse Manual
Greenhouse Materials
Agricultural Building and Equipment Plan List
Free Greenhouse Potting Bench Plans
FREE plans of PVC pipe structures, greenhouse, cold frame, furniture fittings
Build a greenhouse - SHERRY'S GREENHOUSE & gardening
Free Greenhouse Plans

x OUTSIDE PROJECTS Outdoor Projects
Outdoor Furniture & Garden Plans Home improvement construction decoration do it yourself improvements l
Earth Houses - Straw Bale, Cob and Underground Homes
Burn Corn to Heat Your Home
Home~The Kandle Heeter™ Candle Holder
Lowe's Home Improvement How To Library and Buy Guides
Do It Yourself Home Improvement, Repair, Remodeling and Hardware Store site map of do-it-yourself projects with Pizzazz
Cordwood Masonry since 1981 : Welcome to the Earthwood Building School!
How to Make Garden Stepping Stones

Fantasy Solar Cabin
Build a Low-Budget Cement Mixer! : Mother Earth News
Mother's Hydroelectric Plant : Mother Earth News
Mother's $20 Wood Lathe : Mother Earth News
Mom's Hydraulic Super-Splitter: A Closer Look : Mother Earth News
Build a $20 Portable DC Arc Welder : Mother Earth News
An $800 Portable House : Mother Earth News

x Misc.
myHq : TulsaOkStar's Highway to the Internet
Victorian Trading Company: Victorian Gifts, Victorian Collectibles
womensforum : A Community of Women and their Special Interests
Welcome To LadyAqua Creations
AOL Living
Flea Markets, Festivals and Craft Shows, finding craft shows to attend
Tipking -- Free household tips hints and frugal ideas
Olympus Talk's Photo Galleries at
Greg's Lots-O-Links - Main Index
Significance of Colors
Online Conversion - Convert just about anything to anything else
Arts/Crafts Business - HowTos
How to Fold a Shirt - Funny Stuff Daily Blog (Great freebies & links site)

x OTHER HQ'ERS THAT HAVE CRAFTS josykatz CrochetPoet tweezle
myHq : Crochet Poet's Pattern Collection phonaker
myHq : dragonfaeriee's Stuff
myHq : Cyn's Collection ourloveshaq
myHq : PAghan's dustWeb ladyhawke9973 ForestGreen
myHq : Trish's Treasure Trove of Crochet

Free Printable Stuff
Print Tooth Fairy Letter
Ancestors: Charts & Records
Travel Games for the Road
Teapot Designs
Ho Ho Ho
Basic Lists
Woman's Day Magazine: Spring Cleaning Checklists
Print Custom Graph Paper and other Lined Papers for Free Freebies Blog Archive
Activity center Fuel your creative side with hundreds of FREE print projects o
Jim's Dollhouse Pages: Printables
Free Paper Dolls, Paper Doll Cutouts
A0KTeacher Stuff, Coloring Pages, Butterfly and other Coloring Pages for Kids
8x10 Sample Print - Paper Freebies
Do It Yourself: HP Scrapbooking: Winter
Vintage Gift Tag #1 - Crochet
Free Computer Crafts - Fabric Transfer, Craft Software, Scanning... more!
Woman's Day Magazine: Easter Stationery
blank tulip printables
Rubber Stamping Resource Page~templates
Free Halloween Stencils to Print and Cut Out
Free Holiday Gift Tags
OrganizedChristmas.Com: Christmas Countdown, Holiday Grand Plan, gifts & craft

Crochet with Plastic Bags: crafts
Paper Mache Masks and Heads
Macrame Your Own Hammock
Christmas crafts - wreaths, candycanes,
Crafts - covered coathangers
Crafts - braided coathangers
Country Roads Garden - mini gazing ball
Wind chimes in my gardens
Paper Mache Paste Recipes
Stressballs - Craft Project
Crafts, Photography, and Entertainment for Valuable Leisure Time
Mary Jane Felt Slippers - Craft Project
Dish Cloth Britches - Craft Project
Fortune Cookie Gift Pockets - Craft Project
Record Album Cover Shoulder Bag | a few simple questions
Crafts : Purses : Recycled Album Cover Tote : Home & Garden Television
Fabric Checkbook Cover
Ways to recycle a CD-ROM
Dyeing: New Methods and Formulas
Leg Warmers - These leg warmers will be most appreciated in the dead of winter
Free Sewing Patterns: Rice Hot Pack
Towel Angel
Duct Tape Dummy,1789,HGTV_3255_3318600,
The Old Educator's Fun Crafts to Make this Summer
Will you get a round tuit?
Crafts - firestarters
Christmas crafts - reindeers
Christmas - on the Country Roads
magnetic bookmarkers
Stress bags - for a gardeners sore muscles
gazing ball made from a bowling ball
Country Roads Garden weather reporters
Country Roads Garden - window decorations or danglers
Garden decorations
Free Stuff at Gingerbread Nook - The Craft Lover's Marketplace
Craft Recipe Paper-mache Paste Recipes For Kids
Free Valentine's Day Stencils to Print and Cut Out
4th of July Flag Fan Template to Print - Flag Fan Template Decoration
Homemade Food Gifts and Decoration Ideas!
Over The Hill Signature Doll - Craft Project
Doll Face String Holder - Craft Project
Playing Card Holder - Craft Project
Tie Dye Effects - Craft Project
Chakra Healing Dolls - Craft Project
Funky Hair Chopsticks - Craft Project
Treasure Rocks - Craft Project
Worry Stones - Craft Project
Weekly Featured Project - Bare Foot Sandals
drafty door - a photoset on Flickr
not martha~glass magnets
Make lasting los Muertos decorations
Crafts : Pam's Vinyl Tote : Home & Garden Television
Free Applique Patterns - free sewing patterns - free patterns
Oven Mitts and Fingertip Mitts Free Pattern -
Dish Liquid Bottle Apron
A Frugal Homemade Cooler
PRO Chemical & Dye Directions
Lord's Prayer
Free Sewing Pattern to Make a Rag Doll
Wash Cloth Slippers
Holiday Gown
Free Sewing patterns - Grandma's treasure box chairs.
DawnPages -- The Yo-yo Quilt
How to Make Garden Stepping Stones

x Lots of Mixtures of Crafts
Accessory Craft at SWCreations Art & Craft Directory
Plaid Arts and Crafts Painting Online
"kid stuff! - Easy craft activities and projects for kids" - Welcome to the Crafty World of Pattie Donham!
Summer Crafts
Free Recycling Crafts - Trash to Treasure Recycling Ideas
Frugal Homemaker | Easy Crafts and Gift Ideas
Free Sewing Patterns - LoveToKnow Crafts
Crafts, Photography, and Entertainment for Valuable Leisure Time
Free Craft Ideas, Projects, Patterns and Craft Book Reviews
sharon b's In a minute ago ...
LINIT Starch-N-Crafts Idea Site
trash to treasure - recycling crafts free patterns directions
Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities
Craft Supplies - Free Craft Projects - Crafters Community
HGTV Crafts - Scrapbooking, Needle Crafts, Quilting, Mosaics Videos & more
Recycle it! Craft projects & useful things you can do with all that old stuff.
Home Made Simple
Make Stuff
AOL Hobbies: Crafts Downloads
Crafty Chic: Article Archive
Free Craft Patterns and Projects!
Free Craft Projects and Activity Ideas for Kids Parents Teachers Family Fun
Country Roads Gardens & Crafts
Pacon - Projects
Trash Matcher
General Crafts
Trash to Treasures Craft Page, Recycled crafts, recycle, cardboard, pop bottle
Gifts for you, your home & business from recycled, reused and natural material
Free Crafts, Projects and Patterns Directory
DIY Crafts - Scrapbooking, Knitting, Sewing & Jewelry Making Craft Projects
Free Craft Patterns - Christmas Crafts - Wood Crafts
Nuttnhoney Great Tutorials
Bluebonnet Village Free Projects Page
Craft projects, free at Craftown.
UNIQUEPROJECTS: projects sorted by name
Recycled gifts, recycled art, recycled decor, recycled products, recycled lamp
Free Craft Patterns and Free Craft Projects - Christmas Crafts, Woodworking
Free Craft Patterns Online~ A free craft pattern resource.
Craft Ideas And Instruction
Crochet Patterns, Plastic Canvas Patterns, Puppet Patterns etc...
Free Craft Project and Craft Resources
Welcome to Lost Crafts...
Abc - Free Arts and Crafts Projects, Craft Links, Crafts Directory
Crafts - Pagan, Witchcraft, Faery, Goddess Crafts on the web
Toys & Games Arts and Crafts Projects Ideas for Kids: Make Your Own Toys Craft
Crafts Tip Sheet Back Issue Information Page
Martha Stewart - Home Page
Home Decorating Ideas and Tips from
Crafts - free, easy, homemade craft projects; craft patterns.
Fun and Free Things from Fiber Images
Free Crafts | Ideas | Projects - Welcome to Craftbits!
ThriftDeluxe - DIY For the Hip | Community Crafts | Homemade Christmas Crafts | Ornaments

x Things for Jar or Gift Baskets
Formulas for lotions, potions, concoctions and remedies you can make at home
Bath Salts - Free Craft Projects
Bottles, Jars and Vials: Glass and Plastic - E.D. Luce Packaging
Country Lighting - NEW ITEMS FOR 2005
Mary Mae's Jars and Mixes
snowman poop
Gift Baskets
Bath Salt Soap Bars
Firestarter~ Put in gift baskets of hot chocolate
Craft Library: Snowman Soup for crafts, sayings, projects, poems, jokes, recipes, e-books

x Paper Crafts
Rubber Stamping Resource Page~Templates
Make It With Cardboard!
Recycling Greeting Cards - Christmas Card Gift Box
Print Paper Dolls - PaperDolls
bridal shower recipes | wedding shower recipes | baby poems - Your online store for scrapbooking, paper crafting and card - Your online store for scrapbooking, paper crafting and card
Scissorcraft Home Page
Home & Garden Television: Paper Lanterns
Home & Garden Television: Paper / Cardboard Crafts
Free Origami diagrams and lessons A new way to look at crafting online!
Microsite : HP Scrapbooking: Winter : DIY Network
Craft Project - Hanky Dolls
5 Point Star - How to Cut a Perfect 5 Point Star in With One Cut
Mirkwood Designs - Folding Fan Card
Dollhouse and Printable links from Dollhouse Miniature Printables
Make Paper Airplanes and Fly Them
M A K E T O Y S !
A+ Paper and Scissor Crafts and Art Activities for Children
brown paper card holder
A+ Snowflakes - Paper Snowflake, Free Snow flake Patterns
Make Some Fluttering Butterflies: Tissue Paper Butterflies
Online Conversion - Women's Clothing Conversion

x Patterns (free)
Fleece Snuggle Bag - Free, Simple Sewing Fleece Project
Sewing Draft Stopper Snakes
Tote Bag
Blue Jeans Craft Projects - Trash to Treasure Crafts
Crafts with Jeans
Free Handbag Pattern.
Sew a Festive Patriotic Wind Sock - Sew News Library
hammock instructions
Royal Navy Hammock Pattern
Record Album Purse, Duct Tape Clothes, Recycled Zippers, Book Purse, Paint Chi
Recycle it! Craft projects & useful things you can do with all that old stuff.
Tall Mouse Everyday Projects - Heart Sweatshirt
Crafty Chic: Article Archive
Prim Mart ~ An Online Marketplace for Everything Primitive!!
everythingsewing/how to
Free Sewing Patterns - LoveToKnow Crafts
Girl Power! How to Make a Scrunchie
Cozy Cookie - The official web site of Cozy Cookie
Bitter Cold Face Warmer - Fleece Scraps
Purses : Vintage Souvenir Travel Scarf Purse
Crafts : Purses : Braided Chenille Purse
The Ultimate Duct Tape Dummy (DTD)
Making Display Mannequins of Found Materials Project at The Costumer's Manifes
mannequin *how to* page
Duct Tape Dummy
Sew Sleeve Protectors
Sewing Projects Index - Sorted by Degree Of Difficulty
Doo-Rag Pattern - I Ride My Own
Crafty Chic: Secret Sister Gifts-triangle scarf
Elastic Headband Pattern
Crafts : Hair Accessories -scrunchie & headband
Wrap Fabric Headbands Free Pattern -
Hancock Fabrics~chemo caps
Paisley Pincushion Free Patterns- Beanie Cap
Regency Bonnet
Neck Coolers
Keep Your Cool! - Polymer crystal filled neck scarf - Sew News Library
Watersorb Water Absorbing Polymers Cool Neck Bands
Charity Pattern - Neck Coolers (sewn)
Neck coolers keep service personnel comfortable
Sew Aprons
Sew A BBQ Apron
Folded Star HotPad Tutorial :: Delia's Micro Mitt Tutorial
Sew Your Own Hanging Dish Towels
Free Pattern to Sew a Fabric Dish or Dish Insulator
How to Make A Homemade Heating Pad
How To Sew Hand Towel Bibs
Adult bibs
Adult Bibs: Dining aid for disabled or elderly.
Crafty Chic: Dish Towel Bibs
Charity Pattern - Adult Bib/Clothing Protector (sewn)
At Your Whimsy -Instant Halter
Turning a Sweatshirt Into a Jacket
Google Search: cardigan sweatshirt pattern
Yo-Yo Shawl : Mother Earth News
Pillow Case Dress
Thriftstore Pillowcase Skirt
Fashions From Old Ties : Mother Earth News
Make Handkerchiefs for Next-to-Nothing : Mother Earth News
Butterick Home - Towel Wrap (child)
How to Make a Pair of Slippers -
Sewing Projects - Adult Slippers
Crafts - covered coathangers
Sew Your Own Pillow cases
Pillow Party - Page 1 - Sew News Library
Pillow in a Quilt
Snug and Warm in a Snug Sack : Mother Earth News
FREE Christmas Pillow Pattern
Marcus Brothers | Make it with Marcus - Envelope Pillow
Sew Your Own Tote Bag
FamilyFun: Blue-Jean Book Bag
Crafts : Personal Accessories : Recycled Denim Purses
Memorable Entries
Placemat Purse
Handbag -kool aid
Juice Pouch Purses
Chic Purses
Back Sack
Cell Phone Case
Fabric Trick Wallet
FREE Quilted Glasses Case Pattern | Cheerleading Bag Pattern
Sew A Hooded Scarf Sewing Project
Christmas Sewing Ideas
Sew An Easter Kite
Dog Bandana Pattern - Make this Easy Dog Bandana - Creating with needle and thread! - Valentine Wreath
Fabric Crayons @ Mom's Break Free Printable Shirt Transfers
p2 designs - Charity Patterns & Free Patterns
Crafts : Sewing : Crafts From Clothes : Home & Garden Television
Fairfield Processing Corporation
patternsource: DIY messenger bag
Sewing Stuff - free sewing patterns
Free Sewing Patterns, Home Sewing and Vintage Sewing Projects
Free Sewing Patterns and Projects from Fiber Images
Craft Project Category
Sewing Crafts - Craft Projects
Free Craft Patterns Online~ A free craft pattern resource.
Free Sewing Patterns
Free Patterns For Popular Sewing Projects - Sewing
Free Applique Patterns - free sewing patterns - free patterns
Free Patterns Online - free cross stitch and quilt patterns
Free Sewing Patterns and Sewing Machine Help at AllCrafts!
Crafts : Sweatshirt Jacket

x Patterns (for sale)
Simplicity Patterns for Sewing Projects
The McCall's Pattern Company
The McCall Pattern Company Butterick Patterns, McCall's Patterns, Vogue Patter
Sew Creative!
Past Patterns
Nicodemus' Fursuit Pages: Home Page
Pattern Studio - hats, gloves, handbags - Search Results

x Quilt Stuff
Mystery Quilt 3 - fast & easy fat quarter free mystery quilt
Blue Jeans Quilts - easy denim quilts made from recycled jeans for frugal quilte
Quilters Dream Cotton Batting, Poly Batting and Sweet Dreams Stuffing
Quilter's Newsletter Home Page
Quilty Windows Wallpaper
Tips on making quilts with flannel fabric - from the Quilting Forum
The Quilter's Cache - Marcia Hohn's free quilt patterns and quilting lessons
DawnPages -- The Yo-yo Quilt
Gallery of Quilting at Reader Quilts
Quilt articles by topic including free quilting patterns, free quilt blocks
Primedia Gallery
Sewing Projects - Quilt~demin dreams
Vogies Quilts & Treasures -- Quilt Supplies, Fabrics, Patterns and Books
American Quilter's Society Web Site
Quilt fabric, fashion fabrics for the discriminating artist from!
The Electric Quilt Company
How to Make a Rag Edged Quilt - using flannel, homespun or jeans
Annie's Attic - Quilting
Freespirit fabric
Blue Jean Quilts - How to Make a Denim Quilt
Rag Quilt Pattern - Free Rag Quilt Pattern - Learn How to Make a Rag Quilt
WWQP Quilt Coloring Book
free patterns
sharon b's In a minute ago ...
The Quilt Channel
Quilt Labels
Quilt Icons
Dolls & Stuff Animals
Machine Embroidery
How To's
Notions & Supplies
Sewing Links
Fabric Companies
Forums & Communities

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