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Language Arts
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First Grade
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Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
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 +United States
Constitution Day
 +Ben Franklin
Social Studies
Puzzle Makers
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x Language Arts
CompassLearning Odyssey
Enchanted Learning
Junie B. Jones
Interactives . Elements of a Story
Online Spelling Program
Site Map
Webgrammar Portal
Sink or Swim Game
Main Idea Practice Page
Let's Say Thanks
Power Proofreading
Fundations- Wilson Language Basics for K-3
Proofreading makes Perfect
Internet4classrooms Grammar Skills
Interactives . Spelling Bee
Spelling City

x Math
Everyday Mathematics login
UMASD EDM Technology Resources Website
Gr.K EDM Resources
Gr.1 EDM Resources
Gr.2 EDM Resources
Gr.3 EDM Resources
Gr.4 EDM Resources
NCES Graphing page
Math Playground
Math Fact Cafe
AAA Math
Math Dictionary for Kids
Math - Interactive Sites
Math is Fun
Count On
Fun Math
Math Forum
PrimaryGames Games
Math Maven's Mysteries
Pi-Search Results
Redate: The Creative Anniversary Calculator
tangram game
Nim Online
Mathematics puzzles
Math Cats
Java Interactive Math
Math Practice - Math Flash Cards

x Money
Money Central Station
Pocket Change (US Mint)
TD Bank WOW!Zone: Kids

x Multiplication Games
Math Baseball
Multiplication Flashcards
Math Mayhem

x Telling Time
What Time Is It?
Bang On Time!
CyberBee Time Teacher
Analog and Digital Clocks Animation

x Library
Caley Library
MCLINC search
Presidential Firsts
Presidential Firsts 2
Ben Franklin Cyber Hunt
Holiday Heist Mystery
Journey to the Middle Ages
Kids' Castle
The Cat's Concentration Game
Dewey Thinkquest
Classic Fairy Tales
Grimm Fairy Tales
Thanksgiving Story
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Arthur: The World's Most Famous Aardvark
Berenstain Bears Website
Dr. Seuss's Seussville!
ProQuest Direct
CyberHunt: Calling All Astronauts
Grolier Online Passport
World Book Online - Home
Growing with Technology
TV Turn Off Week
Community Helpers Webquest
St. Patrick's Day
Wilson Snowflake Bentley
Chinese New Year Jigsaws
Where's Waldo
TumbleBooks - ebooks for kids
BookFlix -- Login
Privacy Playground

x Authors
Roald Dahl
Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter Stories
Jan Brett
Dav Pilkey
Kay Winters
Jane Kirkland
Take A Walk Books - Jane Kirkland
Judith Caseley
Jon Scieszka's Biography
Jon Scieszka - Time Warp Trio
Patricia Polacco
Judy Young Poetry
Eric Carle
Peter H. Reynolds
Lemony Snicket
Thomas F. Yezerski
Vicki Cobb's Home Page
The Puzzling World of Winston Breen
Diary of a Wimpy Kid ::: by Jeff Kinney

x Science
Harcourt Science Gr. K
Harcourt Science Gr. 1
Harcourt Science Gr. 2
Harcourt Science Gr. 3
Harcourt Science Gr. 4
Animals Of The Rainforest
Fast Plants
Mars Exploration
The Science Spot
IEEE Electricity Museum
Volcano Cam-Mount St. Helens
Owl Pellets
Great Valley Nature Center Home Page
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery
Sky Charts
Environmental Kids Club
Why Leaves Change Color
Extreme Science Earth Science Online
Animal Sounds and Videos
Explore Your Knowledge
Edheads Simple Machines Activities
Totally Absurd Inventions
HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works!
Bill Nye The Science Guy
Exploratorium: Educate
Franklin Institute Online
Biology in Motion
Recycle City
Simple Machines Activities
Encyclopedia of Life
Food Chain Game

x Health
A Look Inside the Human Body
Interactive Body Games

x Nutrition
MyPyramid Game - 2nd grade
Nutrition Games
MyPyramid Blast Off Game
Dole 5 A Day Kids
Virtual Cafeteria
Spatulatta: cooking 4 kids
What Does 200 Calories Look Like?
Monster Nutrition
x First Grade
First Grade Math Resources
The Adventures of Herman the Worm
Yucky Worm World
ABCya! First Grade
Marine Fun Facts

x Community Helpers
Ben's Guide: Your Neighborhood
Community Helpers Webquest
Community Helpers at

x Space
Welcome to Cool Cosmos!
Solar System Trading Cards
How Many Planets?
Earth & Sky
NASA Starchild cams
Solar System Guide
Milky Way to Atoms

x Mexico
Mexico for Kids
Time for Kids | MEXICO
Enchanted Learning - Mexico

x Second Grade
Second Grade Math Resources
Math - Interactive Sites
2nd grade Math Skills
2nd grade Language Arts Skills
Scholastic Thanksgiving
Enchanted Learning
Pig Facts
Little Explorers Dictionary
Events in History
This Day in History-History Channel
This Day in History- World Book
Baby Names World
Children's Poetry Archive
Octopus Adventure!
American Symbols Webquest
DinoWorld 2
About Meerkats
Kids Memory Game - Continents
Meerkat Manor: Animal Planet
OBC Kid's Page
Organization for Bat Conservation
Bat World
Bat Conservation International
Bat Body Identified
Welcome to The Friends of Bats Web site
Bat Stuff Just For Kids
Bats 4 Kids
Bat Cam
Bat Page Games
ABCya! Second Grade

x Insects
Enchanted Learning Insect Pages
Insect Image Gallery
Yahooligans! Insects
BioKIDS: Insects
Insecta Inspecta World
Let's Talk About Insects
Entomology for beginners
Bug Games
Scholastic Going Bug-gy!
Grouchy Ladybug Web Quest
Bug Riddles
Insect Trivia
Ant War Game
Rhinoceros Beetle
USDA Insect Info for Kids
Insect Links
Insects on the Web
The Insectlorepedia

x Third Grade
Third Grade Math Resources
Third Grade Only Links
Pennsylvania Wildlife
Human Body ebook
Enter the Middle Ages

x Rocks&Minerals
Minerals A to Z
The Dragon's Cave
Rock Hound Expert Quiz
What is a Mineral?
Classifying Rocks
Minerals By Name
Rock Expert
Rocks for Kids
The Rock Cycle
Igneous Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
More Rocks and Minerals
How do we classify rocks
Rocks and Minerals Dictionary
ABCya! Third Grade

x Fourth Grade
Caley Fourth Grade Only Links
4th Grade EDM
Caley Rainforest Links
7 Wonders of the Ancient World -
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Ancient Wonders Thinkquest
NCES Explore Your Knowledge
Fourth Grade Math Resources
Create your own Super Bug!
Biome WebQuest
Learning Styles Quiz
CNN - Black History Month
Desert Animals Webquest

x United States
World Book Online - Economy, Famous Location
Culture Grams - Historical Event - Famous Location
Fact Monster States - Famous Person
Explore the States State Symbols
Census Bureau Fact Finder State Info
IPL States Pages
KidsClick States
Quick Maps of the World
Facts, Map and State symbols -
State Pictures
US State -
Great American Quest
Grolier Online
State Reports
US Geography Quizzes
All 50 American States Web Sites
Interactive map of the US
Kid's Zone: State Agricultural Facts

x Games
United States Geography Games
Quia - U.S. State Capitals - Statetris
United States Map Game
US Capitals Matching Quiz
Place The State Game
Test Your Geography Knowledge
US Geography Quizzes
Tangram game
vectorkids - State Capitals

x Careers
4th Grade Career Links

x Biography Websites
Encyclopedia of World Biography
Biographical Dictionary -
Who 2
Gallery of Achievement
American Presidents
Distinguished Women
Famous Pennsylvanians
National Inventors Hall of Fame
Author Biographies - WilsonWeb

x Reference
NewsBank InfoWeb
Fact Monster
World Almanac for Kids
Awesome Library
CultureGrams Online Database
World Book Online
Internet Public Library
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Time for Kids
Bartleby Quotations
The Quotations Page
American Rhetoric: Famous Speeches
Yellow Pages
White Pages
Maps and Driving Directions
Map Machine @
Microsoft Clip Art Downloads
The official U.S. time - clock
AP Photo Archive
The Library of Congress
Montco Kids PAC

x Constitution Day
Interactive Constitution
Independence Hall: International Symbol of Freedom
Educators and Students - Observing Constitution Day
Education World Lesson Planning: Constitution Day
Million Dollar Citizen Game
Constitution Day Lesson Plans
The Constitution for Kids (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade) - The U.S. Constitution Onl
National Constitution Center
The Bill of Rights Institute
Elementary Lesson Plans
U. of P. Constitution Day
Lessons for Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
Constitution Day Resources for Educators
BrainPOP - The Constitution
Schoolhouse Rock - The Preamble
Save the Bill of Rights Game
Resource Wizard - Constitution Day
x Specialists

x Ben Franklin
Benjamin Franklin FAQ
Inventors: Benjamin Franklin -
Ben Franklin Coloring Page
The World of Benjamin Franklin

x Circus
Ringling Bros. Circus
National Circus Project
Cirque du Soleil official website

x Art
A. Pintura: Art Detective
The Art Institute of Chicago: Art Access
Art Kids Rule!
Art Safari
Collage Machine
Dr. Seuss Many Colored Days
GettyGames (Getty Museum)
Jackson Pollock creations
Mr. Picassohead
Welcome to the Phoenix Art Museum
The Athenaeum
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The @rt Room
Bembo's Zoo
The Artchive
Incredible Art Department

x Social Studies
National Center for Education Statistics
The PBS Kids Democracy Project
The Living Desert - Animals of the Desert
Sparky the Fire Dog
America's Library
The First Thanksgiving - You Are the Historian
Desert Animals Webquest
One Hen: Microfinance for Kids
White House for Kids
Planet Tolerance
Eternal Egypt
Lewis and Clark Expedition
History Channel - Classroom
Nation List
CultureGrams Kids Edition
Howstuffworks - Thanksgiving
Scholastic Thanksgiving
iCivics | The Democracy Lab

x Space
Amazing Space
NASA's Solar System Exploration
How Big is the Solar System?
Solar System Web Quest
Solar System Webquest 2
Windows to the Universe
NASA StarChild
The Eight Planets Solar System Tour
Space Sciences Laboratory
Challenger Center
Surfing the Solar System
Welcome to the Planets
Our Solar System - Enchanted Learning Software
NASA Kids' Club

ASL American Sign Language

x Games
Mancala Snails
Little Rocketman
Scholastic KidsFun
Kids' Turn Central - Games
Spelling Match Game
GeoNet Game
Online Sudoku
Mystery Master Logic Puzzles
Logic Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles
Yahooligans Games Games
Oochina Games
Play Kids Games
Billy Bear's Fun & Games
PBS Kids Games
FamilyEducation Games
Teach-nology Games
Fact Monster Arcade
Make a Snowflake
Crayola Digi-Color
Soccer Typing Game
The Land of Cyke
Cyberchase . All Games | PBS Kids
NetSmartzKids: Games
FreeRice Vocabulary Game typing
Click-and-Play Hidden Pictures
QGoo-play with photos

x Puzzle Makers
edHelper Word Search
Discovery School Word Search
Teach-nology Word Search
Sudoku Of The Month : Bulletin Edition

x Holidays

x Winter
Snowflake Factory
Make a Snowflake
Build a Snowman
Decorate a Candy House
Holiday Tangram
Holiday Card Maker
Tracking Santa
Auntie Claus
Li'l Fingers Christmas Games
Santa Claus
Christmas Games
Printable Christmas Word Search Game - hard! Christmas Games
Alfie's North Pole Adventure
BlackDog's Christmas Games
Dreidel Game
Chanukah On the Net
Martin Luther King
MLK Online
MLK Jr. Day on the Net
Martin Luther King Day
MLK jr. Timeline
Groundhog Day Activities
Groundhog Day
Groundhog .org - the Official Site of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club
Kids Domain - Groundhog Day
Chinese New Year 1
Chinese New Year 2
Year of the Ox
Lil Fingers Hearts Story
Valentine Games
Valentine coloring page
Valentine's Fun for Kids

x Spring
Earth Day for Kids
Energy Hog Games
Earthday Network Homepage
Judaism 101: Pesach: Passover

x Summer
Kids Domain Summer Games
Kids Domain Summer Holidays
Holidays Around the World
Holidays on the Net
Holiday Insights

x Fall
Happy Haunted House
Halloween Party
Happy Halloween!
Halloween Smash!
Zoe's Halloween Game
Create Your Own Jack O'Lantern
Halloween is Here
Kids Domain Halloween Games
Halloween Games
Halloween Hangman
Kids Domain Thanksgiving Games
Turkey Games
Turkey Anagram Game (Hard)
Plimoth Plantation
Howstuffworks - Thanksgiving
Pumpkin Carving
Halloween Match Game
Jack-O-Lantern Drag & Drop Puzzle

x Winter
Snowflake Factory
Make a Snowflake
Build a Snowman
Decorate a Candy House
Holiday Tangram
Holiday Card Maker
Tracking Santa
Auntie Claus
Li'l Fingers Christmas Games
Santa Claus
Christmas Games
Printable Christmas Word Search Game - hard! Christmas Games
Alfie's North Pole Adventure
BlackDog's Christmas Games
Dreidel Game
Chanukah On the Net
Martin Luther King
MLK Online
MLK Jr. Day on the Net
Martin Luther King Day
MLK jr. Timeline
Groundhog Day Activities
Groundhog Day
Groundhog .org - the Official Site of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club
Kids Domain - Groundhog Day
Chinese New Year 1
Chinese New Year 2
Year of the Ox
Lil Fingers Hearts Story
Valentine Games
Valentine coloring page
Valentine's Fun for Kids

x Spring
Earth Day for Kids
Energy Hog Games
Earthday Network Homepage
Judaism 101: Pesach: Passover

x Summer
Kids Domain Summer Games
Kids Domain Summer Holidays
x Kindergarten
Rainbow Story
Color Word Memory Game
Enchanted Learning
Animal Match Game
Animal Tic-Tac-Toe
Lil' Fingers Storybook: Pumpkins
Elmwood Park Zoo
Please Touch Museum
KidZone Geography
FOSSweb - Solids and Liquids
FOSSweb - New Plants
Welcome to!
Philadelphia Zoo
Kindergarten Math Resources
ABCya! Kindergarten
Key Seeker - Keyboarding for kindergarten

x Grandparent's Day
Education World
Perpetual Preschool

x SMART Board Resources
Download SMARTBoard software
MCIU SB Resources
Download Notebook software
Notebook software activities
SMART - educator resources
SMART - Teacher's Hub
Internet4Classrooms SB Resources
BrainPOP Jr.
BrainPop - Spanish
Virtual Manipulatives
Interactive Activities
General Whiteboard Info
CPS home
CPS Training
Ideas for SMARTBoards in the K-5 Classroom
Interactive Clock
SMART Board Basics: Is the SMART Board Easy for Teachers to Use?
Interactive Whiteboard Games | PBS KIDS
School House Rock Resources Interactive Resources
SMARTboard Ideas
Great K-3 SMARTboard Sites
SMART Board Templates
Eduscapes SB Resources
SMART Tips Archives
BasketMath Interactive Learning
Interactive Word Search Puzzles
Java Interactive Math
BBC Schools - Games
Free Flash Jeopardy Review Game
Free Teaching Posters and Resources

x Power Library
POWER Library

x Search Engines
Ask Jeeves Kids
netTrekker - user id umasd, password umasd
Inventions A-Z
Animal Fact Sheets
Awesome Library
ThinkQuest : Library - Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more
CIA -- The World Factbook
Picsearch - Image Search
AP Photo Archive
Simple Wikipedia

x Education
Caley School Web Page
Students Strategic Planning Survey
Upper Merion School District
CollegeNET Home Page
Discovery Channel Online
Education Index
NetDay National
Smithsonian Institution
Rubric Maker
myHq : Mrs. Hokanson's Third Grade Bookmarks
Caley's Computer Rules

x Teacher Resources
Caley Elementary School
Lexile Framework for Reading
Scholastic Internet Scavenger Hunts
Enchanted Learning
K-12 TLC Internet Toolkit
Rubric Maker
Educator's Reference Desk
Performance Tracker
United Streaming
Librarian's Index to the Internet
Rubrics Library
Sites for Teachers
Gateway to Educational Materials
Weekly Reader Galaxy
Communities For Quality Education
Alphabet Soup
PREP Center
Mathematics Virtual Library
Big Deal Book
Google E.Encyclopedia
Sites for Teachers
I Love That Teaching Idea!
Microsoft Office Templates: For Teachers
PA Pandemic Flu Preparedness
Education World
National Education Association
PowerPoint Pointers
Printable Graphic Organizers
The Math Worksheet
Free Coloring Pages
Word-find generator
Tips for Digital Story Telling
Tech Glossary Wiki
Free Calendar Maker
Teacher Professional Development and Teacher Resources by Annenberg Media
Google For Educators
Educational CyberPlayGround
Apples 4 the Teacher
Virtual High School
PA Dept of Education
The Resourceful Classroom
The Lesson Plans Page
Accountability: School Improvement Planning
Interactive Activities
A to Z Teacher Stuff For Teachers
BookPALS Storyline Online
Using Excel in the Classroom
Reading Everywhere with Dr. Seuss
Teacher Resources
Teachers Hub - Create and share diagrams online.
Clickteaching : primary teaching resources :: classroom worksheets :: lesson pla
Free Software Downloads
ReadWriteThink: Student Materials
Zotero - Research Tool
Litsum: Literature Summaries
Resources for Teaching With Technology: Research Starting Points
Verizon Thinkfinity - Literacy, Education and Technology
Free Translation Online
Make Handwriting Worksheets
Super Teacher Tools

x Special Education
Learning Disabilities
Natl Center for Learning Disabilities
Intervention Central | Home
Behavior Doctor
Compass Learning Odyssey Video Tutorials

x Technology Resources
Microsoft Office Training
Performance Tracker
Edutaining Kids Reviews
SuperKids Educational Software Review.
Webinars: Elluminate Live! Manager
PDE Webinars
Instant Messaging
Windows XP 101: Using Windows XP Professional in the Classroom
Microsoft Photo Story 3
TekMom's Technology Buzzwords
DupKiller Official Web-Site
AdAware Personal
Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference - PETE&C
Technical Support From Elluminate
Trend Micro OfficeScan
Freebies | BittBox
180 Technology Tips
Quiz Center
Essential Fonts
Desktop Publishing Lesson Plans
Microsoft Office Templates Home Page
Timez Attack Free Version Download Page
Troubleshooting Internet Explorer problems
CompassLearning Odyssey System Check
CompassLearning Odyssey plugin finder
Verify Java Installation
Harcourt School web checker
Compass Learning Odyssey Video Tutorials
Evaluating Web Pages

x Local - 19406
TV Listings

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