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Alibris: Used Books, Used Textbooks, Rare & Out-of-Print Books
Loose Id LLC - Community
Torquere Press Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & m
A Different Light Bookstore : Romance Book Store: View Series
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The Mysterious Ticking
Funny Cats 1
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kittens in box
SNL's Harry Potter Parody
Sweet Dreams
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Slash Slut's Recs
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needle home

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Highlander The Series - info site - not a Archive
Futures Without End
The Literary Works of M.T. Ewing
Methos Boxer Brigade Adult Index
The Light That Shines From Within
Slashy Goodness : Methos & Duncan - no fiction but some rec and info

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Harry Potter fanfiction by Jade
The Phial Cabinet Home Page
skyehawke :: archives :: :: Author :: Vain
Walking The Plank :: Port of the Snape/Harry Ship
Main Story Index Page

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Lenore's Smallville
Smallville Fanfiction by Henry Jones Jr.

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Suki Blue
Open Air Insane Asylum - CREED CASCADE
The Bunny Farm
The Battlefields of Slash
The Wonderful World of Makebelive
The Bard's Den - Rushlight's Fan Fiction
The TenthMuse1 FanFiction
Odysseys and Ecstasy
E chos Revenge
Miriam Heddy's Little Corner of the Universe
Skyehawke Archives
Jaguarundi Lair
Live, Grow Stronger, Slash Another Day
Lanning Cook's Fiction
slash scribblings
The Archive at the End of the Universe :: Serving Multi-Fandom Fiction
Desiderium Caritas
Maygra's Musings
Blood, Love & Rhetoric
Infinitum - Orithain & Rina
Lady Kardasi Domain
Spiral into the world of Diana's Fiction
The Body Eclectic
Devilmonkey Press
Rachael Sabotini's House O' Fanfic
Movie_Slash Archive
Sassy's Smut Emporium
Lillian's Garden
c2K: Something's Going On
MPreg Archive
Welcome to Jaded -- fanfiction by Jade
Starkindler's Realm
The Tenth Muse1 Fanfiction
Caro's Pages...
Werewindle's Den - Main Page

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Queer As Folk: fanfiction updates
qaf crack

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Ped's Ares Page
Greek Mythology Family Tree
Ashera's Archive
Kristina's Corner
Desiderium Caritas
Love and Mischief
Xena Slash: Main Index
KSA Fiction
Xena/Hercules Fiction Index

x Buffy/Angel Archive Links
The Spander Files
Unknown Title
Suki Blue
Eternally Yours
Scarecrow Horses
All About Spike
Fists and Fangs
Fan Fiction by WesleysGirl
The Crypt

x The Sentinel Archive Links
My Mongoose 2001
Sentinel Thursday
TS Storyfinders
Candy's Place
Starfox's Mansion
Adoratrice's Sentinel Fiction
852 Prospect
Cascade Library
Francesca's Sentinel Fiction
Jaguar's Jungle
The Light That Shines From Within

x Stargate Archive Links
Area 52

x House Archive Links
House Archive

x Lord of the Rings Archive Link
Of Elves and Men
Library of Moria
The Encyclopedia of Arda
The Thain's Book

x Original Fiction Links
Fiction Press
x Hercules/Xena Story Links
It's All Aphrodite's Fault by Hergerbabe
Overheard Conversations by Kerensa
The Growing Up Series - sequal to the childhood series
Pieces of a Whole by Erin L.
The Childhood Series - followed by The growing up series
Sacrifical Vows
Bending Ares

x Highlander Story Links
Dark Places and Fair By Dayspring
One Thousand
Heros and Other Endangered Species by MacGeorge
Misconceptions by Diana Williams
The Mottled King by Dayspring
Social Graces by MacGeorge
The Domesticity Series by Monica
A Quiet, Regular Life By Monica
Be Not Coy By Chelle
Breaking the Code By Bone
Doctor’s Orders by AnnP
Eat Your Heart Out, Ernest Hemingway by Chelle
Fearless Heart by Chelle
Obsession by Chelle
Please Don’t Pet The Methos by Suze
Save The Last Dance For Me by Dayspring
Say it With Flowers by Ather
The Morning After by Chelle
The Price Of Admission by Chelle
Slip Into Joy by Maygra de Rhema
The Perhaps Hand by Chelle
Dominion by Chelle
Bede by Chelle
What Methos Won't Do For… by Chelle
You Asked by Chelle
If You Give by Chelle
Misconceptions Universe by Diana Williams
Matter and Antimatter by Killa

x Smallville Story Links
Ad Astra Per Aspera by Kat Reitz and tzigane
As the Night the Day by Alex
Ceremony of Innocence by RivkaT
Good Questions by Margaret Newman/Mererid
Marked by
Summer Traditions by Kel
Wild at Heart by dogpoet
With This Ring by Henry Jones Jr
Can't Be by Lenore
That Old Schizophrenic Jealousy by Lenore
Boxed by Thamiris
Decorating by
On Your
Alien Biology 101 by Peach
Alien Fusion by Peach
Aphrodesia by Lenore
Apocrypha by Thamiris
Blow Your Mind by jenn
Drilling Holes by Lady Ra
Late Night Phone Calls by Anne
Leana by Marag and Terpsichore
Long and Flexy Feather and Flip by Peach
meteOros by Kellie Matthews
On The Edge of a Knife by Lacey McBain
Partners by Jezebel
Persuasion by Lanning Cook
Sleep While I Drive by Jenn
Softer Than the Rain by Jenn
Subtext by Te
Sugar Coated by Nifra Idril
Unexpected by Nix
A Luthor Christmas by MitchPell
Maybe Baby by Jas Masson
Yellow Means Slow
Mother Hen by Alax
Once and Again

x HP Story Links - SNARRY
Nocturne by Tira Nog
The Courtship of Harry Potter by Diana Williams
In Want of a Wife by Eledhwen
Rules of Engagement By Saori
A Convenient Marriage by Diana
Debunking Divinations by Downdilly
Curing Nightmares by diagonalist
Following The Three Steps Of Tradition by nerd-girl
Unfinished Rhapsody by jade
The Fourteen Days of Valentine's by Raine
Scratch - 1 of 3
Scratch by Aucta Sinistra 1 of 3
The Holly and the Ivy by Aucta Sinistra 2 of 3
This Thing of Darkness by Aucta Sinistra 3 of 3
A Time for all Things by Meri
A Good Buy by Minx
School Work by Minx
No Way Back by Meri
Covenant by Aucta Sinistra
Vision in Colour by Anise
Fields Before Each Other by Aqua Alta
Night Watch by Mia Ugly
His Reward by TCRegan and Sophie Richard - 2 of 3
A Better Offer by Diana Williams
Love in a Bottle by Tara Tory
Two Lockets, by Sinick and Acid
faynia - A Summer Inheritance (Prologue)
Shadow's Side Story by Jemma
Green Eyes Sublime by Spirit and Essence
A Choriambic Progression by Mairead Triste and Aristide
Outside The Lines by Meri
Sanguis-Vinculum by Meri
Compromising Positions by Jade
Darkness Shadows Light by Maddy
The Same Coin by Meri
The Story of H by Diana Williams
Severus and the Crup by Josan
Coming Home by Meri
Anniversary by RaeWhit
Unnatural by Lexin and Tidmag
Quid Pro Quo by Aucta Sinistra
The Dreaming Spires by DementorDelta
A Life More Ordinary by Lexin
Absolution by Rushlight
Forced Intentions by Jinx
The Devil Will Drag You Under by Dementor Delta
Just A Few Letters Off by Devi, the Wynter Wytch
Cursed With a Kiss by Obsessed One
Relations by Aucta Sinistra
Mind Games by Arsenic
I Did Not Live Until Today by Lydia Lovestruck
Held After Class by Jade
Bedknobs and Broomsticks by Anj and Jade
What Has Been Missing by Amethyst Lupin
Never Long Enough by Cara del sol
A Perfect Plan by seeker
Somewhere Behind the Morning by Sansa
What He Couldn't Say by Scarlet Carly
Remedy by jade
Dearly Beloved by Diana Williams
The Dark Lord's Best Plan And The Ruse That Would Never Work by tangledhair
Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Isolde
Clay by Kass
Halloween by Minx
Harry Potter and The MagiTron Mayhem by Taran
For Services Rendered by Minx
A Thousand Words by Bleudiablo
Lay Your Bet by jade
Sensitive by Sefilin
Sleepless in the Dungeons by AbstractConcept
Equipero by Meri
Growing Up by Devi the Wynter Wytch
The First Time's The Worst byDiana
Sick by Aucta Sinistra
Cell Biology by Aucta Sinistra
Detention Again? by jade
Unhealthy Fascination by snapetoy
The Kiss by Aucta Sinistra
All I Have to Offer by Linelen
Fantasy to Reality by jade
Dragon-Blind by Thamiris
I Saw You With Me by Rube
The Bet by Minx
Approaching by diagonalist
Garish By Rube
Magnificent Penetration by AbstractConcept
Fidelitas by Stasia
Out of His Mind by Captain Tulip
His Reward by TCRegan and Sophie Richard - 1 of 3
His Reward by TCRegan and Sophie Richard - 3 of 3
Take Care of Me by TCRegan and Sophie Richard
srtcfics: A Lack of Faith by TCRegan and Sophie Richard - 1of 2
srtcfics: A Lack of Faith by TCRegan and Sophie Richard - 2 of 2
Immediacy by TCRegan and Sophie Richard
Lapsus Calumni :: Maeglin's Fanfiction
Bittersweet Potion Series
An Awfully Odd Adventure by DementorDelta
The Perfect Wife by LinW (Nesting Hedwig)
In Between Days
Pandora Incedent
Penance is the Play by Maeglin Yedi
The Care Of Infants by stellahobbit
The Vanteerian Charm by The_Minx_17
The Last Dance by Sushi
The Boy who lived Bit
No Hiding Place by Rimau Sua Lay
Precious Illusions by Kat Reitz and Tzigane
The Sensible Garden by RaeWhit
To Have and To Hold by MontanaDan
Tea Series
Pretty LIttle Drawings by Lychee
Acceptable Losses

x Alexander Story Links
Most Desirous Distraction by Scyllablue

x HP Story Links - Other Pairing
Letters of Love by Jasmine Black - HP/SB
Natural by Jade - GW/FW
Revelations by jade - HP/SB/RL
To Be Loved - Pat 2 of 2 - RL/HP
Man's Best Friend by Amy - SB/HP
One Kiss by Amy - SB/HP
Ill Advice by Maeglin Yedi - RL/HP
Cave Canem by Maeglin Yedi - SB/HP
Summer by Maeglin Yedi - SB/HP
Long Days of Summer by Scarlet Carly - RL/HP
Taken by Skye - RL/HP/SB
Draco's Lessons by kelley and Jade - LM/DM
Foolish Heart by Starkindler - HP/SB
The Lesson by Jade - HP/SB
Nymphet by Jade - HP/SB
Please Understand by Telanu - HP/SB
Through a Shattered Mirror by Rushlight - Companion story to Walking the Mirror
Walking the Mirror's Edge by Rushlight - Companion story to Through a Shattered
Passage to Eden by Rushlight - LM/DM
Wicked by kelley and Jade - DM/LM
Natural 2 -- The Morning After by Jade - FW/GW
Punished by kelly and Jade - SS/DM
Good Clean Fun by Jade - HP/GW/FW
Of Wolf and Man by Maeglin Yedi - HP/SB/RL - 1 of 3
Comfort by jade - HP/RL
Responsibilities by Charm - HP/RL
The Eager Student by - 1st in series - RL/HP RL/SB
The Road to Hell by - 2nd in series - RL/HP RL/SB HP/SS
Hell: Frozen Over by - 3rd in series - RL/HP RL/SB HP/SS
Lacy Things Series by DW - SS/RL SS/RL/HP
How To Teach An Old Dog New Tricks by Maeglin Yedi - RL/HP/SB - 2 of 3
To See The Human Soul Take Wing by Maeglin Yedi - RL/HP/SB - 3 of 3
To Be Loved - Part 1 of 2 - RL/HP
A Little Bit of Help by neon_yellow - RL/HP
Responsible by srichard - RL/HP
Padfoot's Spiked Collar by xylodemon - RL/HP (implied RL/SB)
Heat in Unexpected Places by Aeowen - RL/HP
In Memory by Any - RL/HP (past SB/RL RL/SB/JP)
Lost and Found by Amy - RL/HP (implied RL/SB)
Scars by Isis - RL/HP
The Phases of the Moon by Maeglin Yedi - RL/HP
Regret Not Me by Maeglin Yedi - RL/HP
Upon All Fours by Maeglin Yedi - SB/HP
A Matter of Choice by Scarlet Carly - RL/HP
Surrender by Skye - RL/HP (sligt RL/SB)
Tease by stellamaru - RL/HP
Lovesick by Wishful Dreamer - RL/HP
Lacy Things by Diana Williams - RL/SS (later will be SS/RL/HP)
And Malfoy Makes Three -HP/SS/DM

x QAF Story Links
In the Beginning by Moonshadow Woman
Image is Everything by Thyme
From Utter Hell To Delicious Torment by Draccone
Boys of Summer by Moonshadow Woman
Blinded by Thyme
Agoraphobia by grover
Abroad by HannahKelli
Edge of the World by CrazyFairy
Experientia Docet by Acacia
Habit Forming by Pocket_Rocket
I Knew I Loved You by Moonshadow Woman
In This Life I Was Loved By You by Moonshadow Woman
Bleeding Emotions by brandnewloser87
Giant Steps
The Second Time Around
While You Were Sleeping
Define Normal by Liberty - 01
Close to Home
close to home 2
close to home 3 :: The Brian/Justin Fanfiction Archive
Jingle all the Way
More Repercussions

x RPS Story Links
Daunting Byron

x FireFly Story Links
Noone Loved Him More By More by Drea

x CSI Story Links

x House Story Links

x Stargate Story Links

x Buffy/Angel Story Links

x The Sentinel Story Links

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