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In a work where most people are overweight, it is hard to find information about gaining weight. Yet not weighing enough has its own health problems. Yet for every book on gaining weight, there are hundreds of books on how to lose weight. Unfortunately it is a subject that doesn't get studied much because underweight people are in the minority. I've personally been trying to gain weight, and listed below are some sites with tips I've found useful. tips I've found useful.

This web site has a list a good list of tips for underweight children including a topic on zinc deficiency as a cause of low body weight.

In Ayurvedic (traditional Indian) medicine, low body weight is most often associated with what is called a vata dosha. Tips from Ayurveda to gain weight include: 1) eating more fats, such as butter and oils; 2) eating warm moist foods such as soups, stews, and cream of rice cereal; and 3) getting enough sleep. This web site has a list a good list of tips for people with a Vata dosha including a list of foods to eat that will increase body weight according to Ayurvedic medicine.
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