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x Android Stuff
Android Tapp: App Reviews
QR-Code Generator
Eris All things root
Replace HTC Dialer with DialerOne
Top Free & Awesome Android Apps
xda developers
Eris Roll-up Thread - xda-developers
Awesome Android Apps
Root on Ally (See Crux.V comment)
Safely Switch Back To Amon From Clockwork Recovery - xda-developers
Eris Root - XDA-Developers
x Tech Support and KBs
Microsoft: Support
Microsoft: Support - KB
Marshal: Support
MailMarshal SMTP: Support
Marshal: Contacts
Windows User State Migration Tool (USMT) 3.0.1
Backing Up WSUS
How to move a DHCP database
Marshal: SupportContacts
WinServer2003 RKTools Download
Pinnacle Systems - Import DVDs - Unknown Failure

x VMware Links
VMware Converter Tips
Scott Lowe (ePlus) Blog

x VBScript Info
VBScripting info
VBScript Tutorial
VBScript for AD
D/L Scriptomatic v2
MSTechNet Script Center - Tools

x MS Access
Microsoft Access Tutorials
Microsoft Access - VB
Microsoft Access Tutorial
x Win7
Move User Profiles

x Game Stuff

x Stocks
x Scanner
Raleigh Scanner Freqs
919 Area Scanner Freqs
Programming Cable
Trunk Tracking Software
Wake County Police, Fire, and EMS Freqs
Scanning Reference
Lots of standard Freqs
FRS & GMRS info
Frequently Asked Frequencies
General Frequencies
Long Island Scanning Resources
PRO-95 Software
Pennsylvania Scanning Information Center
Cary, NC Online Scanner
Live Police Scanner Audio Feeds
WebRing: hub
Common Scanner Frequs-Nationwide
West Michigan Scanning - Live

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