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x IMHO---the best scholarship
1-->Dialogue-Plantinga et al.
2-->A New Look At An Old Earth
3-->Human and Ape Chromosomes
4-->Plagiarized Errors and Molecular Genetics
5-->The Bible & Science
6-->The Evolution of Blood Clotting
7-->historic theology about days of creation
8-->Framework Interpretation: An Exegetical Summary
9-->Alvin Plantinga
Evolution and INFORMATION - the Nylon Bug!
Genesis 1
PCA Historical Center: Creation Study Committee Report to the 28th General Assem

x IMHO---the best sites
1-->Greene's Creationism Truth Filter - Home Page
2-->Phil Johnson's Bookmarks
Contra Mundum
Reason Science & Faith
The Evolution Evidence Page
Stephen E. Jones home page

x interesting papers
Convergent evolution of protein structure prediction and computer chess tourname
Foreword to Theory of Autevolution - 1997
Gordon Winder - Science Christianity United
J. E. Earley-- Biological Evolution and Theistic Creation.
Mysteries of Existence
Why Isn't the Evidence Clearer?
Radiometric Dating
reclaiming the south
Ed Babinski - Jordan exchange (Part 2)

x Reference
White Pages
Yellow Pages
Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy Files
In-Depth Studies HomePage Classic Articles and Resources of the Historic Christian Faith
The Mysterious Fate of the Great Library of Alexandria
x theistic evolutionist
Counterbalance Home
Writings of Allan H. Harvey
You Are Here - Evolution and Christianity
Faith & Reason Ministries
George Murphy and Fred Van Dyke offer a cordial discussion of theistic evolution
Evolution - One Christian's Perspective
Glenn Morton's story
Keith Brady Miller

x young earth creationist
Answers in Genesis - Creation, Evolution, Biblical Authority, Christian Apologet
Geocentrism and Creation
Creationism Connection
- The True.Origin Archive -
Dangers of Theistic Evolution - ChristianAnswers.Net
David Plaisted's Creation Page
Creation Essay Table of Contents
Creation, Dinosaurs and thE Flood - Creation Science Resources
Creation Science

x old earth creationist
Evidence for God
DMD Publishing Co.
Evidence for God from Science
Age of the Earth
Does the Bible Teach a Young Earth?
The Science Speaks Newsletter
Science & Apologetics Research Forum

x intelligent design
Access Research Network
Article and Author Index
Design Inference Website
x evolutionist
A Look at Modern Human Origins
Debating Science Topics
Were Humans Specially Created?

x secular
American Atheists // The Bone Pit
The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy
Article in World of Dawkins Web Site
Ebon Musings
Human Chauvinism

x religious
Christian Answers Network: Answers, ministry tools, and more! [Home]
Abraham Kuyper on Pantheism Part One
Theistic Philosophers
Faith seeking understanding
FIRST THINGS, journal religion and public life
Reason By Faith Ministries
The Official John Polkinghorne Website
BiblePlus - The premiere on-line source for serious Bible study
A Christian ThinkTank
Church History is Bible Prophecy fulfilled...the Protestant Historicist Interpre
Leadership University
Welcome to the Christian Research Institute ~, home of Hank Hanegr
Apartheid is sin, says Dutch Reformed Church
Creation & the Flood - ChristianAnswers.Net - Weblog Registration Thank You

x scientific
Chapter 1.4: Discovery as Negotiation: The Great Devonian Controversy
Compelling Data for Common Descent from Matching Redundant DNA Sequences
Good Science, Bad Science, and Dreadful Science
International Journal of Organic Evolution
BBC Education: Evolution homepage
stns center theology natural sciences
The Scientist :: Genome Evolution | First, a Bang Then, a Shuffle, Jan. 27, 2003
Living Legacies: Genetics, Biology, and the Mysteries of the Mind
x book reviews
WAS DARWIN WRONG? - The critics of evolution - Home page - by Gert Korthof. - science, philosophy, etc. - book reviews, methodology examination,
American Scientist - Scientists' Bookshelf

x teleology discussions
20th WCP: Biological Teleology in Contemporary Science

x discussion groups
Creation vs Evolution
Evolution, the key to understanding life on Earth

x webrings
evolution myth web ring
genesis ring
skeptic ring
theistic evolution ring
Intelligent Design vs Evolution
Evolution and God
The Evolution Education SiteRing
The Charles Darwin SiteRing
The Atheist Writers Ring
Freethought Ring
The Heresy Chronicles
Ring of Truth-
The Science and Theology WebRing
science and the bible webring
Historian Underground Web Rings and Awards
Mythos & Logos Webring
WebRing hub home
Christian travel and Christian travelers guides, to history and culture

x link lists
Links at modernhumanorigins For Philosophy Resources on the Internet
Science and Faith
Lambert's Web Links

x bibliography

x impossible to catagorize
The Fractal Organization of Nature: Part 6. Summary
Fantastic Metropolis: Fiction: Stop Evolution in its Tracks!

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