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please observe copyrights. I want to be able to keep this page going for a long long time i will add more links as i find them
foreign language abb
Local - 41040
tutorial sites
purses and bags
books online
knit and crochet com
knitting patterns
chemo caps
crochet patterns
foreign language abbreviation
vocabulary help
symbol knitting deutsch
ny side 2
knitting in russian
knitting and crochet terms in other languages
drops design
bem vindo ao maos maravilhosas

pet links
little mouse
animal patterns
animal links cpc

winter blossom lapghan baby blanket
wild stripes baby blanket
turkey talk afghan
swedish embroidery afghan
squared of bed spread
spiderman round ripple afghan
sparkling poinsettias christmas afghan
soften your mornings afghan
Soft Bouclé Ripple Lapghan
snow queen blanket
skipping stones round afghan
silent night tree skirt
scrap half granny wheelchair lapghan
scrap granny octagon lapghan
round ripple afghan
round ripple afghan
round jacobs ladder afghan
ripple lapghan
prayer afghan
plaid afghan
peppermint candy afghan
pansy afghan
panels lapghan
navajo blanket
logcabin baby blanket
knitted ripple afghan
knit swedish embroidery afghan
junk yarn dog afghan
hickory blanket
halloween throw
granny ripple afghan
free cabin afghan
easy throw pattern
easy double crochet baby blanket
diagonal hues afghan
darn dye lot 2 afghan
darn dye lot 1 lapghan
dale row count 2
dale earndheart row count
crochet turkey afghan
crochet trellis afghan
crochet pack a ghan
cozy stripes afghan
baubles afghan
baby granny blanket

Local - 41040
TV Listings

tutorial sites
tatting techniques
smart crochet
russian join
recycled yarn tutorial
purl stitch
primer on crochet drape and hook size
needle conversion chart
making slippers non slip
love knot how to
knitting school
knitting help
knitting backwards
knitting abbreviations
join new yarb
interlocking filet stitch
intarsia fun
how to knit small circumference
how to create bust darts
hidden ends tutorial
filet crochet info tutorials
filet charts
crochet workshop
crochet stitches
crochet stitch techniques
cast on methods
beading flower brooches
basic filet crochet techniques
backwards knitting
about stiffeners

zig zag scarf
whirlygig scarf
usa scarf
twin leaf beaded scarf
tingle +deco scarf
sushi roll scarf
stretchy scarf
stashaholics scrapalicious scarf
st patricks day necklace
snake scarf
skull scarf
skinny scarf
shifting sands scarf
shells and waves medium width scarf
Seaweed Spiral Scarf
scrap scarf
scarf attached hat
rivalry scarf
ripple scarf
ring ding scarf
racing stripes scarf
potato chip scarf
poncho scarf
pineapple scarf
Patons® Easy Crochet Scarf
miranda scarf
little leaf scarf
leftover laceweight fern lace scarf
leaf scar pattern
knit star scarf
just shelling around scarf
juno regina scarf
hop on the bus scarf
Hazy Paves Scarf
galaxy scarf
floral motif scarf
endless loop scarf
easy beginners scarf (knit)
Dad's Sharfik
da bears scarf
color block scarf
chevron scarf
an inspired lace scarf

tree potholder
train track potholder
toby jug hotmat
thick ripple hotpad
thick and quick hotpad
teapot clock potholder
sunflower potholder
strawberry pocket potholder
stained glass potholder
square hdc potholder
snowflake potholder
slice of summer cd potholder
shmrock pot mat
shamrock potholder
ruffled hot mat
round potholder
rose pocket potholder
ric rac potholder
purple passion cd coaster
pumpkin hotpad
primitive checks potholder
potholder stitch oven mitt
Pot of Jewels Potholder
pinwheel potholder
patriotic kitchen set
old style potholder
lindas turtle potholder
lavender bloom cd hot mat
knit and crochet rag potholder
kitty potholder
kettle potholder
hot dog pocket potholder
happy hookers pothoders
geometric potholder and dishcloth
flower hotpad
flower hot pad
filet potholders
elegant in white hotpad
easy felted potholder
dimensional pumpkin potholder
country love potholder
cornflower cd hotpad
christmas wreath potholder
cd hot mats
candy corn potholder
bottle cap hot plate mat
blooming bud cd hot mat
betty boop potholder
bell dishcloth and potholder
apple potholder
apple hot pad
4th of july potholder

purses and bags
wendy bag
well traveled bag
uptown bag
twisted ribbon bag
topaz purse
the last straw bag
the amelia bag
super sized crochet tote
striped key chain purse
strawberry jamma bag pattern
stafford purse
squared off bag
sherbet shells bag
shaped pumpkin treat bag
seasons bag
sari silk handbag
ripple bag
reduction tote bag
red and black fun fur purse
my first knitted purse
mosaic purse
lotus flower bag
lantern bag
icon bag
hobo bag
felted square purse
felted crochet bag
easy felted purse
doggie bag
diddy bag
crocheted totes
crocheted tote bags
crocheted backpack
crochet christmas tote
crescent bag
corded purse
Cookie Coin Purse
castle bag
Carol Ventura's Tapestry Crochet Necklace Pouch Amulet Bag
booga bags
bobbles purse
big easy red bag
baa the sheepy change purse
aussie shoulder bag

Yellow Pages
writing ku
world history project
White Pages
vital search (birthrecords)
victorian web
url encode
urban legends
unexplained mysteries
truth book
stonehenge rebuilt
sports illustrated for kids
smithsonian mag
science as storytelling for teaching
roots web research
preserving my heritage
pig latin converter
online case study department of pathology
old superstitions
My Pendleton
medieval sourcebook
lyrics fly
list of unusual deaths
library of congress poetry
learn to read
kids dinos
kids astronomy
history research online
harrison county
great archaeological sites
galapagos collection
falmouth outlook
england history and genealogy
cynthiana ky
cynthiana democrat
coloring pages
channel 9
channel 5
channel 27
catholic library
catholic documents
baby names
ask search engine for kids
american history texts
active paper newspaper site
books online
writing world
the online books page
the book of enoch
sacred texts
read print
planet book
page by page books
online novels
online book catalog
librarian chick
grimms fairy tales
free novels and links
forbidden library
chronicles of cynthiana
book mooch
art of thread book
17th century english literature

witch doll
witch doll
tube dress for barbie
tree frog
the mighty and ferocious dragon
the birds and the bees
sumo piggies wrestling
spider toy
snake sock puppet
silver evening dress for barbie
royal wedding dress
raggedy ann and andy
rad radish
queen of the nile costume
puffy pumpkin
peachtree cottage bears patterns
Pattern for a slightly fierce but friendly really Dragon.
pablito penguin
one bad egg
nut cup and saucer
nerdy bird
mini dino
knitted hears
kitchen witch
jack skellington pattern
icicle mohair bear
hungry hungry hippo
hot dog
hot dog
grape vine
golden warrior
gobble gobble turkey
ginger bread man
fun fishing game
frog pattern
freddie frog
fashion doll chair
doll and doll clothes
custom made pig
curly fries
crocheted frog
crochet alligator
crinoline sweetheart
crazy kiwis
cool chicken
cat and mouse
cake sachets
cake sachets
bear for mother bear project
ball pattern for children
baby triceritops
adorn bunny
a crochet toy chest
Trauma Teddy

zig zig edging
vintage edgings
vintage edging
vintage 1886 lace edging
valance tiebacks and curtain edging
two nearrow edgign
two color edging
towel edging patterns
tassled bedspread edging
sweet pea
stargazers edging links
small flower edge
simply hoops earrings
shell path edging
scallop edging
scallop edging
rish rose and shamrock edgings
rick rack edging laces
pineapple swirl crochet edging
picot edging
openwork crocheted lace insert
open shell edging
mile a minute edging
medallion edging
little clovers edging
lingerie edging
linen edging
lattice ruffle
lattice edging
lady slipper
lace knitting edgings
knot stitch edging
hairpin lace edging
fuchsia flower wide edging
fruitbowl edge
free edgings
fools joy edging
fliet edging chart
fast and easy crocheted edgings
edgings for crochet patterns
edgings and insertions
edge in crochet
edge 21
easy scallop edging
easy edging with spaces
dewdrop edging
crochet pattern central edgings
crochet hanky edge pink
crochet hankie edgings
crochet edgings
crochet edging
cherry spray crochet edging
celestial edging
braid edging
black eyed susan edging
bird edging
afghan border edgings
knit and crochet combinations
weird mirror sweater site
sweater guidelines for knit and crochet
pattern links
pack it in
my picot
monthly knitting and crochet page for pattern downloads
lillie sweater
knit and crochet felted bags
happy hats and lapghans
grannys garret
fuzzy galore
friendship shawl
crochet and knit projects
bernat patterns
american red cross museum patterns

sweet and sour meatballs
shrimp creole pronto
shrimp ans sugar snap peas
sausages and mangos with apricot mango wasabi glaze
raspberry ice sipper
oatmeal cookies
oatmeal cookie mix
night crawlers
margarita ice pops
halloween recipes 3
halloween recipes 2
halloween recipes
grilled gazpacho salad with shrimp
grilled baked potatoes
greek style stuffed peppers
flip flop cake recipe
fabulous fajitas
dancin bones brownies
creamy orange ice cream pie
corn dogs
complete recipes
chocolate crinkles
chicken fettuccine
chicken and broccoli alfredo
chicken alfredo
cheesy pinwheels with italian dip
cheesy miracle asparagus
cheesy bbq chicken wings
cheeseburger meatloaf
asian pepper steak
apple stuffe chicken breasts
all my hobbies recipes
alfredo sauce
30 ghoulish halloween recipes

safari games
rodneys website
my blog
mini doily bookmark
mile a second bookmark
character naming resources
burke and wills
101 new uses for everyday things

knitting patterns
zippered jacket
x marks hat childs hat and scarf
wright sweater
womens day
winter wear
vintage style cushions
vintage knitting patterns
vintage capelet
vine lace tea cozy
unscrappy afghan
twyla sweater
tre sweater
top hat toilet paper cover
toffee cushion
tickled pink socks
thermal sweater
tea cosy
taos bi directional vest
swirl shawl
summer net baby blanket
sullivan street bolero
striped cardigan
solaris cardigan
soda can cozy
socktober footies
socks knitting
sock pixie celebration
sock patterns
soap sweater
snowman ornament
sedona arm warmers
seat cushion
scarf and wallet
sandia hat
salad wristers
sadie cardigan
recycled yarn
really vest
punk rock corset gloves
puffin cable hat
pisces sweater
patchwork aran jacket
no tears socks
nativity sweater
nancys knit knacks
miscellanious clothing for family
marilyn dress
maner head band
lovely lacy shawl
louet north america shawl
loop socks
long wrap sweater
long sleeved shrug
long cabled vest
lindas cross
leg warmers
lattice christmas stocking
lasso belt
laser light socks
ladies hunting socks
lad bag
Lacertilia Socks
lace bookmarks
lace bookmark winter 2007 new issue
knitty online mag
knitting stitches at
knitting stitches
knitting on the net
knitting knonsense
knitting instructions
knitting information
knitting fool
knitting daily
knitting baby rattles
knitters review
knitted sleeveless top
knitted necktie
Knitted Lace Luncheon Mats
knitted christmas tree skirt
knitted christmas stocking
knitted baskets chairset
knitted and felted flower pillow
knits for pets
knit snuggle
knit picks
knit kerchief
Knit a cosy zippered jacket
kids socks
Kidair wrap-around top
kiaras big girl brimmed hat
kate gilbert knitting patterns
jenni sweater
jazzed up denim jacket
jasperuvia pouch
hello handspun yarns
heart felt knits
hallow wig
graduated drop stitch shawl
girls bolero
gingerbread ornament
gem cardigan
garnets and pearls
games for the brain
Galway Felted Bracelet
free patts
free patts
free knitting patterns
free knitting motif graphs
free hats knitting patterns
flowering vine bookmark
fingerless gloves
felted travel bag
felted pumpkin
fanilla sweater
everlasting bagstopper
eustice sweater
emerald seas
easy knitting patterns
dress with wide straps
ditty bag
Dasolo and Tender cardigan
daria bracelet
cropped jacket
cotton tank
coffee slingshot
cocoon sweater
cobweb frill tank pattern
cat basket
carmen shawl
Caramella and Leggero cardigan
cap sleeve cardi
cable tube top
butterfly dishcloth
bunny hop socks
black dog designs
bear rug
ball band toilet paper cover
back to school cloths
ashes socks
another knitted sweater
annlina arm warmers
angel christmas stocking
ample knitters
a good yarn
302 calories
Southwestern Ornament Jacket
Knit Vertical Holiday Card Holder
chemo caps
witches hat
whirlygig hat
toddler hat
textured spiral hat
super simple hat
summer cotton hat
stocking cap
spongebob hat pattern
snowboarder skullies
ribbed newsboy cap
ribbed hat
red newsboy hat
racer cap
polar hat
patriotic toddler hat
original fuzzy hat
odessa cap
newsboy cap
new year top hat with stars and fireworks
my guys hat
mountain hat
lacy chemo cap
lace cap
knitted hats
knit caps
kids chemo caps
headhuggers pattern list
headhuggers baseball cap
headhugger baseball cap
hats hats hats
haleys comet hat
fulled felted hat
flower applique hat
daisy chain beanie
curly top hat
crocheted chemo cap and scarf
crochet roll brim hat
crochet pattern central links for caps
crochet newsboy cap
covering our hair
chemo caps pattern list
chemo caps and so forth
chemo cap 2
caps for kids
canada hat
braided brim cap
black sea hat
bebe hat pattern
antique hats

vine lace cloth
victorian dream square
turkey square
turkey dishcloth
turkey cloth
thanks cloth
teapot washcloth
tea cup dishcloth
sun dishcloth
spring butterflies dishcloth
SIx sided two round granny style motif
shell flower dishcloth2
shamrock coaster or square
puffs square
popcorn pillowghan square
pinwheel cloth
Pineapple Jewel Granny Square I
optical illusion cloth Knit
lighthouse dish cloth
large granny square blanket
lace zig zag cloth knit
knitted ky cloth
knitted granny square
knitted dishcloths
knitted dishcloth
knit stocking dishcloth pattern
knit angel dishcloth
gem star patter 6 inch square
flower dishcloth
filet goose
filet chicken
filet cat
filet butterfly
fiet puppy
esthers square
dragonfly cloth
dishcloths crochet
digital granny
diamond dishcloth
christmas tree cloth
chain stitch face cloth
big rig cloth
bee stitch cloth
bee dishcloth
back to school squares
awing square
7 petal flower granny square

majr knitting felting frenzy
felting for absolute beginners
felting crochet
felt bag pattern
crochet felting
wiggles sweater
too cold for ice cream cones
teddy bear links
teddy bear blanket
tea time with kittens
sweet shells sweater
sweater dress pattern
sugar and spice hat
striped pullover
spring meadows baby blanket
shell stitch baby blanket
sheilas lap robe or baby blanket
sheep yoke baby cardigan
search for brick stitch
round or pinwheel baby blanket
rosebud hoodie
ribbon tied baby jacket
preemie hat
plaid crocet baby afghan
pink petals baby dress
peach blossom baby jacket
one hour baby sweater
oliver cardigan
noodle baby hat
newborn sleep gown
manly baby vest
little girl granny dress
little blankets
little bits bib and booties
light and lacy preemie blanket
lacy lapghan of baby blanket
lacy baby bonnet
knitted baby set
kipling baby sweater
just right sweater
hunter set
hollys pink bunny slippers
hippy halter set
heart music crib pillow
hat and jacket for baby
friday mossy jacket
for baby
flower dress
First Love
dishcloth afghan for babies
crochet toddler set
christening dress
car seat blanket
cameo cap and gingham booties
butter me up
bluebell bootees
Bernat Softee Baby Crochet Blanket and Booties
babyis summer dress
baby santa suit
baby links
baby hats cpc
baby hat
baby dress 2
baby dress
baby dress
baby clothing knit
baby clothing cpc
baby booties
baby booties
baby blankets
baby bib
baby beret
5 hoour baby sweater

woven and spun
t's place free craft links
sponge crown
snowman rug
sandra lynne's gallery judiac crafts
rock painting
quilting with a passion
pooh bear free patterns
playful yarn
needlework patterns
leisure arts library
judys crafts
geocities links (GOBS)
food crafts
face painter
cyn myhq
creative corner
craft savings
craft project category
craft freebies
canine crafts
beadwork thrifty fun
beadie friends

crochet patterns
yarn pincushion
working graphs in crochet
womens size chart
witch brew pot
wild rose doily
wheel design doily
wavy shawl
warm up wrap
wall bonnet
vintage crochet
Vindemiatrix doily
venitian style 1915 collar
velvety legwarmers
vanity set
vanity runner
twinkle choker
turkey motifs
tulip varieties
tree skirt
track day tank
topaz hooded jacket
tissue box cover 2
tie front top
thanksgiving bracelet
table runners
table runner
swiffer cover
sweet dreams sachet
swan centers
sunflower sachet
sunflower daisy kitchen set
summer shawl
summer breeze
stuffed apple pattern free patterns
stormyz patterns
steel wool holder
stashbuster slippers
stars toilet tissue cover
starfish pineapple doily
stardust filet
star pineapple doily
south bay crochet
sofa tissue cover
snowflake dinner set
sneaker slippers
smart crochet
small project tote
slippers from cpc
slipper favor
slipper and sock links
sizzling sun magnet
sitting kitty bookmark
simply shawl
simply shawl
simply shawl
simply filet bookmark
shoulder bag
sherbert tank top
scissors pouch
scalloped narrow edging
samantha doll large air freshner doll
runners and wall hangings
ruffle shrug
round rug
rose centerpiece
rose applique
rish rose doily
retro circle throw
retainer pouch
red soap saver
recipe caddy
project linus
pretty posies runner
pot of posies
popcorn fridgie
poncho trim
pointsettia coasters
poinsettia candle holder
plus size tank top chemise
plastic bags
placemat with weaved in chains
pineapple butterfly pattern
pine cone runner
piecework edging project
pet rock magnets
Personalised Christmas Stocking from 1945
pepperoni pizza fridgie
pencil neck geeks
patterns by dot
patterns by dot
pattern list
patriotic cd trivet
patchwork quilting crochet pattern and instructions
paris shawl
paddle wheel lace page
owl wizard stocking
owl stocking
oval placemat
out on the town earrings
one piece eyeglass case
noodle baby hat
no more dent canister carrier
night stand caddy
net stitch angel
naida's crochet
multi petal flower
moms of love crochet
mitten tissue travel holder
miracles happen
meadows plus size top
march lion
mantilla doily
Maggie the Crochet-a-Holic's Page
lyric shawl pattern
lords prayer filet
loras angel
little crochet jacket
lindas christmas stocking
life as a stitcher blog
lid grabber hat
leaf tips coaster
leaf pillow
lampshade cover
lady fair
lacy square afghan
lacy kitchen towel
lacy jacket
lacy jacket
lacy angel ornaments
lacey plus size poncho
kleenex cover
judiths little stocking
jpfun free patts list
joyces crochet joint
indian princess air freshner doll
icicle snowmen ornaments
huggems christmas stocking
hot sauce sam
horn of plenty
holiday bells
history of crochet
highlander jacket
hearts bookmark
heart table runner crochet pattern
havenly wrap
happy yellow house home page
happy yellow house
hanging tissue cover
halloween spider scrunchie
halloween coffee buddies
groovy socks
green leaf doily
grape doily
granny rug
gnat on the windshield
girls stocking
gingham table runner
ginger house ornament
ghost mobile
get your ducks in a row basket
fun fur xmas tree
fridge ghost
free tie bookmark
free crochet projects
four leaf clover
flower fairy plant pick
flower doilies
floral cami
flamingo quilt
flamenco wrap
fire moutain gems and beads
filet samplers
filet crochet
family slippers
falling leaves dishcloth
fall wreath
fairy shingles chair set and runners
eyelet yoke crochet cardigan
eyeglass case
easy throw rug
easy pineapple doily
ear warmer
drops studio
dress potholder
double ripple afghan
door mouse
dog patterns
dog leash
dish cover
diagonal stitch placemat
dayna's crochet
darling shrug jacket
dahlia floral bedspread
cutie pie doily
current year new pages added to
crocheted sweater
crocheted shawl
crocheted market bag
crocheted cupcake pincushion
crochet turkey pin
crochet topper
crochet poet myhq links
crochet poet links
crochet pattys filet
crochet patterns
crochet pattern central new pattern links
crochet pattern central
crochet oven mittens
crochet n beads free patterns
crochet memories thanksgiving patterns
crochet memories site map
crochet memories halloween patterns
crochet memories christmas
crochet memories
Crochet Large 8 Petal Flower
crochet laptop cover
crochet lace wrap top
crochet kimono
crochet holly stocking
crochet dude free patterns
crochet crafts
Crochet Cebelia Overtop
crochet by numbers
crochet buisness card holder
crochet bolero
Crochet a Holiday Wreath Gift Topper
crinoline lady motif
cozy crochet pullover
country christmas
comfort pack
coffee cup cozy
coffee cozy
circle jacket
cindys crochet page
christmas stockings at the cottage
christmas stockings
Christmas Stocking with Mosaic Motif
christmas crochet
christinas crochet haven for plus sized women
christinas crochet haven
christening gown
chrissys crochet world
cherry pie towel topper
chenille xmas heart
chenille xmas heart
chella bella belt
chain stitch flower
cartwheel crochet top
butterfly placemat
butterfly pattern
butterfly doily
butterfly dishcloth
butterfly crochet patterns
butterfly bookmark
buterfly fridgie
breast cancer ribbon
brass candle
boys stocking
boxweave placemat
blushing ripple doll
black lace bolero
bittersweet cupcake
bevs quick slippers
bevs country cottage
bernat christmas links
bella plus size cardigan
bell lace border
beginner crochet slippers
bedspread set
beaded headband and wristcuffs
bath crochet
basic black plussize skirt
barefoot sandals
banana bay sweater
bag holder
baded wrap
babys first christmas
baby clothes
assembly of motifs
aspiring accents coaster
art of tangle
art of crochet
apple coaster
antique pattern book library
antique crochet patterns
annies hooked on crochet
annies attic index of patterns
animal menagerie
angel pin
american folk art heart motif
american afghan
alpaca shawl
aerial pig crochet
adult jiffy jacket cardigan
a slice of summer
4 and one half hour afghan

trucks and traain charts
knitting charts for star wars
graph patterns to knit
free charts
crochet shoppe graph patterns

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