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x links into my world
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1-CED my homepage My Account
3-richard williams blogspot
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6-reading lists blogspot
7-rmwilliamsjr's mybookmarks
8-Yahoo! Finance
9-Yahoo! Groups
Arizona Daily Star
Barnes & Noble University
Daypop friends
lj pixs
Metanexus Institute
Probe Ministries Homepage
Religion News Blog
Science Blog
The Boar's Head Tavern
The New York Times
Tucson-Pima Public Library
UofA Library

x on line discussion forums
A Better Country @
ACFaith.Com :: Index
ARN Board: Intelligent Design Forum
CE: The Eternal Debate
Christian Forums
Christian Web Board
Christian Webmasters Forums (Powered by Invision Power Board)
Christus Victor Ministries
Consciousness of Faith
Creation Science
Creationism vs Evolutionism
Darwin Talk - CE
Ebla Forum
Evidence for God from Science
Evolution Is Dead!
Free Republic
HSM Chat Board - Index
Internet Infidels Discussion Forums - powered by vBulletin
Internet Monk
ISCID Forums
Logic Discussion Board :: Index
Open Discussion and Debate
Physics Help and Math Help - Physics Forums - Suicide
Strike The Root
The Areopagus
The Dialogue Box
The Puritanboard -
Theologically Correct dot Com | The Study Center
Theology Forums - Theology Discussion, Theology Resources
TheologyOnline Community
TheologyWeb :: Index
Viewing list of forums: The Highway Discussion Board
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x organized link lists
Backflip Publisher: jmoss | Folder: Creation vs Evolution
Biology of Consciousness Bookmarks
Q&A: Genesis
The Talk.Origins Archive: Other Web Sites
Who Believes What?
Yahoo Club: Evolution vs. Creationism - Links

x reference

A Radiometric Dating Resource List
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Inc
Australasian Science
bibliography on gene recognition
blogdex - search - creation evolution reformed
Christian Ethics Today - Home Page
Deduction & Induction
Democracy Now! A national, listener-sponsored public radio and TV show, pioneeri
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
Early Christian Writings: Online Books
Evolution and Philosophy
Gilbert: Developmental Biology, 6/e
Google Search: Ronald Fisher evolution :: the most comprehensive Philosophy portal
Importance of Philosophy
Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy Files
Logical Positivism
myHq: rwilliam
NCSE Resource
NET Bible: Genesis
Never Read a Bible Verse
Online Christian Books - digital ebooks
PCA Historical Center: Creation Study Committee Report to the 28th General Assem
PCC, Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's day 49, Question 124
Philosophy Pages
Primeval Chronology
R.L. Dabney - Does God Love All People?
reclaiming the south
Reformation Ink: An Exhaustive On-line Selection of Reformation Resources
Reformed Web Sites
Resource Index
Ronald Anderson
Science and Religion web sites
Scientific Materialism, Intelligent Design & the Cosmological Argument Index Pag
Stephen E. Jones: online references
The Inspiration of the Bible part 5
The Interactive Bible:
The Karl Popper Web
The Ultimate Creation vs. Evolution Resource [4th Revision] [Free Republic]
The Word Spy - where tiny is better!
Tree of Life Web Project Home Page
Truth Or Fiction - email reality check - verify rumors
Welcome to Catholic Exchange!
Welcome to!
Westminster Standards
x interesting papers
ASA Resources -- The Testimony of a Formerly Young Earth Missionary by Dr. Joshu
Augustine Fellowship: Historical Profile: Augustine of Hippo Part 1 of 2: From P
Bible Discussion
Biological evolution and the Genesis creation account- are they both true?
Deviancy Lamarckianism
Dogma and Doubt
Dualism, false monism and proper monism
Ending Biblical Brainwash-Fundamentalism as a brain disease
Faith, Reason, and Doubt
Foundations: Studies in Bible Theology
Genesis 1
how firm a foundation : can evangelicals be nonfoundationalists?
Index of /Main_Files
LRB | Andrew Berry : Reasons for Being Nice and Having Sex
McLean v. Arkansas Board of Education
Mind and Body
most cosmologists are atheists
Nested Structural Hierarchy
PNAS -- Swanson et al. 98 (5): 2509
Publisher's Corner: Science vs. the Belief Engine
Reality. Issue 28 - In the Beginning, by Neil Broom
religious tolerance
SAP Design Guild -- Hierarchies - Categories vs. Vectors
Science -- Ruse 299 (5612): 1523
Science and the Future of Theology by Arthur Peacocke
Spetner and Biological Information
Stephen E. Jones: Creation/Evolution Articles: Dr Pattle P.T. Pun: A Theology of
Steven S. Clark, Ph. D., Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin Comprehens
STLR Feature Article - Trashing
Talk Reason
Teleology vs. Mechanism
The Contrary Consequences of Technology and Other Unnatural Actions
The dubious apologetics of Hugh Ross
The Flagellum Unspun
The Inspiration for Genesis Panthesis
The Internet Monk
The Mystery of Life's Origin
The Problem of Evil
The Problem of Induction, by Sir Karl Popper
The Seventh Day
The Talk.Origins Archive Post of the Month: May 2000
The Woodpecker's Tongue
TheologicalStudies - Crisis in America's Churches
Things Creationists Hate
Transitional Fossils of Hominid Skulls
You Guys Lost, Is Design a Closed Issue?: Pearcey, Nancy.

x new sites, evaluating

A Study of Young-earth Views and Methods, Part 1
Alec's Evolution Pages with scientific evidence for evolution and refuting creat
All Things to the Glory of God: Realms of Faith - resources and essays on biblic
Apologetics Press on the Web
Articles: Evolution vs Creation (Intelligent Design) WorldViews
Battle for God :: Defending the historical evangelical view of God
Beyond Vegetarianism--Raw Food, Vegan, Fruitarian, Paleo Diets
Bible Time Prophecy, & Chronology
Biblical Hermeneutics Home Page
Bishop John Shelby Spong Unofficial Fan Web Site
Blue Letter Bible
Book Menu
Butterflies and Wheels
Catholic Worker Movement
Center for Cultural Leadership
Christ In You Ministries: Christ in you, the hope of glory.
Christian Apologetics
Christian Apologetics Journal
Christian Today
Christian Identity Index
Contend for the Faith
Creation / Evolution Debate - What Darwin Didn't Know
Creation Science Resource - education from Biblical insight
Creationism and the Early Church Home Page
David G. Myers Home Page
Directory for pk's Tools for Thinking
Educate-Yourself - Alt Healing Info, NWO, Earth Changes, Free Energy
Ektopos :: Online Philosophy Community
Evolution and Creationism
Evolution Is Dead! :: Chronicling the Demise of 19th Century Naturalism
Finding bible truth - introduction
Free Downloads - Reformed Online Library
From the Pastor's Study
Gary Greenberg's Home Page
Genesis 1 Versus the Framework Hypothesis
God and Evolution in Recent Thought
God, Genesis and the big bang, A Site for Searchers
Guide to the Creation-Date Debate
Homochirality - The problem of left handed amino acids
Imagination, Mental Imagery, Consciousness, Cognition: Science, Philosophy & His
Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies
Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies
Institute on Religion in an Age of Science
ISCID - International Society for Complexity Information and Design
islam -- a christian perspective: features @ antithesis
ITEST Home Page
jesus radicals
Journal of Higher Criticism
Keith Brady Miller
Lefalophodon: An Informal History of Evolutionary Biology Web Site
Mark Perakh's Home page
MIND over matter ?
Mythos & Logos
New Directions :: Building Strategic Worldwide Partnerships
Nimrod, Semiramis, Nvard, Ara, Babel & the Post-Flood World
Our Nicene Creed 1/16
Paraclete Forum Home Page
Paul's Gospel and Caesar's Empire by N.T. Wright
Philip Dorrell Home Page: Brain Science, Software
Philip Nowland : Hebraic Heritage Ministries England Representative
Philosophy, Science, and Skepticism
Process Theology
Radical Faith - exploring faith in a changed world
Reason in Revolt - Marxism and Modern Science
Reasons To Believe: Home Page
Recommended Readings on Theistic Evolution and Creation
Reluctant Messenger of Science and Religion: Taoism Judaism Christianity Islam B
Restoration Movement
Roshard's Freedomwarrior Webpage
Round Earth Society (
Science & Apologetics Research Forum
Science & Spirit
Science, Religion, Scripture, Global Change, Evolution
Science, Technology & Society: links to STS websites
Science, Technology and Faith Working Group
Scientific Creationism - The Web Site
SRT NetNews
Stand to Reason (Christian Apologetics Organization)
Talk Reason
Tekton Apologetics Ministries. Tektonitron Apologetics Encyclopedia. Answering B
The Antiquity of Man
The Biblical Creation Society Home Page
The Center for Progressive Christianity
The Chalcedon Foundation - Faith for All Life
The Emperor Has No Clothes - Naturalism and The Theory of Evolution
The Evolution Pages
The Institute on Religion and Democracy
The Myth of the Magical Scientific Method
The Nylon Bug
The Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies in Faith and Science
The Philosophy of Life by Swami Krishnananda, The Divine Life Society
The Revolution Against Evolution
The Road to Emmaus - a School of Christian Apologetics
The Sacred Geometry Mysteries of Jesus Christ
The Secular Web
The Unofficial Confessing Movement Page - Articles
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sumeria
Third Millennium Ministries - Reformed Christian Resources
Truth of Universal Consciousness, Universal Mind and its relation to Human Consc
Veritas Et Ratio - Truth And Reason
Welcome to the Christian Research Institute ~, home of Hank Hanegr
What's Wrong With The Theory of Evolution?
x mega sites with lots of links

Evolution vs. Creationism Home Page
Evolution: Religion
Origins and Science
Science and Christianity

x evolution creation debate
1-Counterbalance metalibrary
x esoteric teachings
Mystery Religions and Secret Socieities
Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth
Renewal Gnosticism

x hebrew word play
Ancient Hebrew Research Center - Home Page
Bible study resources: Literary Features

x reformers and their stepchildr
Prophet of a Third Way: The Shape of Kuyper's Socio-Political Vision

x 10 commandments rock
A Call to Stand with Chief Justice Moore

x gnostic thinking
From Old Gnosticism to New Age

x feminine principle
Christian Imagery Reconstructed by Christian Feminists

x darwinism evolving

Darwinism in economics: from analogy to ontology
Maker of Heaven and Microbiology

x outstanding sites CED
The Evolution Evidence Page

x house churches
New Testament Restoration Foundation Home Page

x noah's flood
The Deluge Or Noahic Flood

x church website
Training In Cybermissions

x information theory
Evolution of Biological Information
Information Theory and Creationism
Information, Science and Biology

x slavery

x reformed
Sola Scriptura!

x two sciences-regenerate, kuype

x apologetics
Alpha and Omega Ministries, The Christian Apologetics Ministry of James R. White
Common Misunderstandings of Van Til’s Apologetics by Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr.
Diakrisis Homepage
Protestant Apologetics and Theology
The Apologia Project

x christian key sites
21st Century Puritanism
A Christian Thinktank
open source theology | collaborative theology for the emerging church

x new blogs
Calvinist Libertarians

x journals zines
Paradise Denied by Leonie Caldecott

x greek
Learning New Testament Greek - Framed View
Select a chapter

x synoptic problem and Q
New Testament Gateway: The Synoptic Problem & Q
The Synoptic Problem

x hermeneutics

x pseudogenes
Gibson, L. J. --- Pseudogenes and Origins

x slavery

Now, when we come to the NT situation, the situation gets much more complex, but
Quodlibet Online Journal: Theology of Slavery: Western Theology's Role in the De
WallBuilders | Resources | The Bible, Slavery, and America's Founders

x nehemiah
BLB - Text Commentaries
First & Second Samuel, Bible Commentary
JFB Commentary on Nehemiah Chapter 1
Nehemiah - Adam Clarke Commentary on
Nehemiah - Jamieson, Fausset, Brown Commentary on
Nehemiah 1 - Nehemiah's Prayer
Nehemiah Study References

x Arrogance Of Faith

x teleology
Teleological Notions in Biology

x learning NT Greek
New Testament Greek Online

x church websites
mvpcacom - Page: 1 of 8

x apologetics
Center for Biblical Apologetics - Welcome

x neat people
A Little Bit About Susan
Desertphile's Desert Soliloquy
Ed Babinski
Fox Ventures
Michael D. Sofka - CIS Staff
Natural Christian Art by Tom Graffagnino
Neuroscience Research Group: Laurentian University
Robert M. Price
Steve Sailer - Published Articles and Web Exclusives on Sports, Race, Gender, Hu

x klines framework interpretatio
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
Free E-Books
From Chaos to Cosmos, 01/13/98
TheologyWeb Campus - Genesis One and Beyond: An Investigation of the Temporal Qu

x dune philosophy
New Page 2

x canon

Do not Add to His Words: Thoughts on the New Testament Canon
The Emergence of the New Testament Canon
Which Came First: The Church or the New Testament

x progress complexity
AR Ecol. Syst. -- Abstracts: McShea 29 (1): 293
DIE OFF - a population crash resource page
Progress: The Very Idea

x creation myths
Notes on Egyptian Religion

x fixation of genes
Population Size and Genetic Drift

x By Rev. Brian M. Abshire
Best of... My On-Line Readings
Christian Resources on the Internet (3 of 20)
Lakeside Church Position Papers
Paganism and Social Progress in Africa
The Chalcedon Foundation - Faith for All Life
Yahoo! Search Results for

x pmc

x consensus adjucication of opin
J I : O S M L T

x essentials

Biblical Literalism: Constricting the Cosmic Dance
CounterPunch: America's Best Political Newsletter
sacred_opinion: secondhandnews requested a few online re

x what is truth
Article in World of Dawkins Web Site

x anti-TE
A Summary of Theistic Evolution
What's Wrong with Theistic Evolution?

x copy cat thesis

x evolution of man
Antiquity of Man
Articles on Evolution and refuting Creationism

x moral ethics
A Challenge to the Anglican Communion
Morality, Ethics & Philosophy Research Resources

x adam smith
Darwinism in economics: from analogy to ontology

x church membership
Visible Church & The Outer Darkness: Preface

x webrings

x web logs
Acid Ink
Astonished Head
Avoiding Evil
Blog Logic
Blog of a Bookslut Today In Iraq
Clarity amidst Chaos
Clarity amidst Chaos its like LASIK surgery for the blogosphere
Curmudgeonly & Skeptical
Democratic Veteran
Graydon Carter, Sophist. | The Kicker
He Lives
jottings from tertius
Juan Cole
Keith Devens .com
Kim du Toit - Daily Rant
Micah Newman : Upsaid Web Journal
Microcontent News, a Corante weblog
Mrs. du Toit
Nagid Ben Chesed
noise to signal
Real Live Preacher
Russian Regression?, by Alan Bock
Shock and Awe
Social Software
Societas Christiana
Strange Doctrines Weblog
such small hands
Summa Dementia
The Adarwinist Reader
The Blinne Blog
The Blinne Blog: Falwell Confidential
The Early Days of a Better Nation
The Native Tourist
The Secularist Critique
The world's best blogs -

x book reviews
List of Kenan Malik's book reviews
Reviews of Books
The Great Devonian Controversy, by Martin J. S. Rudwick

x interesting on line journals
Chapter Three
Fascist America?
Jesus Christ--Unique Savior or Average Fraud? [Part I]

x gap theory
Gap Theory
The Gap Theory of Genesis Chapter One

x anti-ID
Intelligent Design Theory and Neocreationism (Skeptical Inquirer September 2001)

x skeptic or secular
An Atheist's Site
Christian History
Financial Review - Exposing the myth of secularism
Massimo's Skeptic & Humanist Web

x primarily scientific
An Exposition on Inflationary Cosmology - G.S. Watson
Astronomy page
Creation Science and Earth History
Creationism - Wikipedia
EPA-MAIA - What is the Scientific Method?
Evolution and biological inference
Kevin Sharpe On-Line
Links Page
NCSE Resource
New - The World's No. 1 Science and Technology News Service
spiked-science | Home
The Information Content of Binding Sites on Nucleotide Sequences
The KLI Theory Lab - Evolutionary Theory
The Pocket Darwin
The View From Nowhen
Untitled Document

x church and state
A Historical Overview Of Church Government
Church and State
Church And State: Three Lectures.
House Church Theology: Doctrine of Church
Lordship of Christ and the Separation of Church and State -NRA
Separation of Church and State

x caspian sea
Earth Craters
Impact Craters -

x determinism, freewill
A Defense of Monergistic Regeneration by Gannon Murphy
The Biology of Free Will

x issues of scientism
How science correlates to Christianity, atheistic scientism, and New Age mystici
Radical Faith - exploring faith in a changed world
Science and Faith
TheoCenTriC: Critique of Creation Science
Towards a unity of science and religion

x complete on line books
A New Look At An Old Earth, A Hypertext Book about Creationism
Anglican Library - Author Index
Contingent Scientific Realism and Instrumentalism
Darwin's Metaphor: Nature's Place in Victorian Culture by Robert M. Young
Free works of Charles Darwin and Others compiled by Ian Pitchford
Lev Gumilev.
NONZERO by Robert Wright
Offsite Articles of Interest
Popper and After: Four Modern Irrationalists
Probability and Hume's Inductive Scepticism
Realistic Idealism, Philosophy based on evidence
The Profits Of Religion
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

x Nameless

Alpha and Omega Ministries, The Christian Apologetics Ministry of James R. White
Big Dummies Guide to Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics
Facts: Another Tricky Concept
Just the Facts Ma
Main Frame in 2.1 Hoffman
NEUTRALITY, SURRENDER, and SIN, by Archie P. Jones
The Intuitive Self - Database
The Why-Files
WT on BR on Heidegger

x intelligent design
Intelligent Design Theory Resources Main Menu...from the IDEA Club
Intelligent Design? A Special Report from Natural History Magazine
Pearcey, Nancy R. - ARN Authors Page
Talk Reason
TeleoLogic by Mike Gene
The Wedge Strategy - Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture
The Wedge Update: April 9, 2003

God, Gould and NOMA - God's Truth or Pious Lies? Science or Religion? AskWhy! Pu

x mind brain or body problem
Buddhism - mind, body and soul
Online papers on consciousness
QUODLIBET Email Newsletter, November 29, 1999
Stuart Hameroff's Home Page
Thomas Metzinger
Zadok Papers - Alan Gijspers: The Nature of Humans-Mind and Brain; Body, Soul an

x TE
Christianity Links and Resources Directory
Creation and Evolution Controversy
DMD Publishing Co.
Evolution - One Christian's Perspective
New Home Page
Questioning: An Examination of Christian Belief
Site Map
You Are Here - Evolution and Christianity

x frame, john
Shall We Argue Transcendentally?

x help writing webpages html
HTML Tag List - Hyperlinks

x predestination
A Treatise on the Predestination of the Saints

x science and religion issues

Christians in Science homepage
CrossCurrents magazine: the best thought and writing on religion and the world.
Evolution debate in schools
History and Philosophy of Science - Spring, 2000 - Dr. Ess - Your Portal to an Exciting New Perspective on Science and Th - Your Portal to an Exciting New Perspective on Science and Th
Religion in an Age of Science
Reverend Dr John Polkinghorne
Science and Spirituality: Is Harmony Possible?

x methodological naturalism
- The Tower Babble of Scott and Pennock -
A Philosophical Premise of 'Naturalism'?
Exploring the Rationality of Methodological Naturalism
Godless Science -- Comments on article by Eugenie Scott
Methodological Naturalism in the Study of Human Behavior
Open Science (and Methodological Naturalism)
Open Science (and Methodological Naturalism)
Origins and Science - Philosophical Considerations
Science on Trial
Science Pages: Creation by Design - Books & Culture
Steven Schafersman,
Supernatural Agency and the Modern Scientific Method
The Science-Theology Interface

x Perennial Philosophy
Contents of
The Perennial Philosophy

x racism darwinianism christiani

x ken wilber
Ken Wilber Online: Chapter 1 from The Eye of the Spirit
Ken Wilber: Welcome
Timeless Wisdom

x geocentric or flat earth
The Earth Is Not Moving
The Earth Is Not Moving
The Flat-out Truth

x epistemology
Lecture Notes, Lehrer's Theory of Knowledge, Chapter 4, Fallible Foundations

x computer modeling
Computer Models of Evolution. by Brig Klyce

x Introduction to Holotropic Bre
Holotropic Breathwork Articles

x women teachers

Encouragement for Christian Women of Faith

x oec
Answers In Creation - Old-Earth Answers to Young-Earth Claims
God, Genesis and the big bang
Guide to the Creation-Date Debate
Introduction to the Creation-Date Debate
NewCreationism.Org - Intelligent Design and Old Earth Creationism

x demarcation problem
The Demarcation Problem
The Philosophy Page

x weird but readable
Holy Spirit Conception

x yec
Are Creationists honest
Christian Answers Network: Answers, ministry tools, and more! [Home]
Creation, Dinosaurs and thE Flood - Creation Science Resources
Evolution Is Dead! :: Chronicling the Demise of 19th Century Naturalism
Science And The Bible
What are the Genesis

x scopes trial
Scopes Trial Seminar

x young earth/old adam
The Origins Solution

x bibliographies
Keith B Miller's Science/Faith Bibliography
Philosophy 333 Evolution and Creation & Liberal Studies 487 Senior Seminar in Cr

x on topic but wrongheaded
x best papers-START here
Presuppositional Apologetics: An Introduction Part 1 of 2: Introduction and Crea

x book reviews- RESEARCH
Book Reviews by Danny Yee
Wittgenstein's Poker - David Edmonds and John Eidinow

x particularly significant book

x battle for god

Reclaiming Mythos in a Logos World by Barbara Wells, Paint Branch UU Church, Jan
The Battle For God By Karen Armstrong Issue 029 p. 29

x finding darwin's god
Kenneth R. Miller - Home Page
Talk Reason

x the meaning of creation-hyers
Biblical Literalism
Direction: Comparing Biblical and Scientific Maps of Origins

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