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NEIU INMD 410 Class. You will see many useful websites for your students. Enjoy!
x Local - 60625
TV Listings

x Reference
White Pages
Yellow Pages
x Miscellaneous
Indulge in the kid's world!
Have fun with coloring and games!

x New Category
My Webpage

x Real Data Sets for Problem Sol
European Union and US Econo Database
International Economic Statistics
Socio-Economic Baseline Data: Africa region

x Drill and Practice
Dr. Math
Quiz Hub
Educational Activities for Kids
Korean Language Practice
Korean Letter Practice
Understanding Korea
Kid's Knowlege
Online, Free Ear Training on the Net

x Simulations
Online Activities
Online game and simulations
Insects world

x Online Research Tools
Awesome Library
Homework Spot
BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Center

x Productivity Tools
SuperKids Educational Software
Create Music
Free Drawing Software for Children
San Francisco Symphony Kids
ABC Color with me: Free software

x eCommunications Online Environ
Make friendship and Chat for Kids
All about me! Kid's Writing Club
Kid's turn chat: Safe and monitored

x Expression/Visualization Tools
Enchanted Learning: Visual sources
Learn to draw cartoons
International Kid's Space

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