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I am using this page to bookmark pages I find on the internet that fit with the Virginia Studies Standards of Learning.
x Raleigh Court Elementary
5th Grade Home
Classroom Links
Mr. Spencer's History Notes
Online SOL Test Practice
VA Project Ideas

x VS.1 Analysis/HotLists
All Things Virginia!
Historical Academic Resources
Political Reference
SOL Study Guide
SOLutions Archives
Today in History
Virginia History Online

x VS.1 Just the Facts
@ Ben's Guide
@ ClassBrain
@ HiPark, TX
@ IPL Kidspace
@ VA Historical Society - Biographies
@ Welcome to Virginia

x County and City Facts
!US Census Bureau!
Cities Facts
County Facts
County Web Sites
Education America
Local Government on the Net
Towns and Cities
Victory in Virginia
Virginia Cities
Vital Facts Profiles

x Presidential Facts
@ Grolier
@ History Buff
@ Internet Public Library
@ World Almanac for Kids
If You Were President (Scholastic)
Presidents of VA (Student Made!)
x VS.2 Geography
Bordering States and Regions Game
Geography of Virginia
Geography of Virginia
Mapping Virginia
Maps of Virginia
Virginia Focus
Virginia's Regions
Water and the Growth of Virginia Cities

x VS.2 Early Americans
Virginia Focus
Virginia Indian Tribes
Virginia's Indian Tribes
Virginia's Indians, Past & Present

x VS.3 VA Settlers
13 Originals
Colonial Tour
Early People
Early Virginia History
History of Jamestown
Jamestown Adventure
Primary Source Documents

x VS.4 Colonies
Archiving Early America
Colonial Lesson Plans
Colonial Links
Colonial Soap Making
Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trips
Colonial Williamsburg... Where History Lives
Murder In Virginia
Signs of the Times
The 13 American Colonies
The 13 Colonies
The Southern Colonies
Yahooligans! - Virginia Colonies
You Be the Historian

x VS.5 Revolution
Archiving Early America
DOI Road Trip
George Washington Timeline
Independence Day Quiz
Making of American Independence
Revolutionary War Scavenger Hunt
The American Revolution
THE BACK of The Dec. of Ind.
The Declaration of Independence
The Revolution in Virginia
The Road to Revolution Game
Timeline of the American Revolution
Virginia and the American Revolution
Virginia Revolutionary War Units
Yahooligans! - Richard Henry Lee
x VS.6 New Nation
Biographies of the Founding Fathers
Biography of James Madison
Discovering Lewis & Clark
George Washington Treasure Hunt
Lewis & Clark - Mapping the West
The Bill of Rights
The Founding Fathers
The Papers of George Washington
The United States Constitution
US National Archives
William Henry Harrison

x VS.7 Civil War
America's Civil War
Behind the Stonewall
Civil War - BrainPop
Civil War and Reconstruction
Civil War Cartoons
Civil War List of Links
Civil War Richmond
Civil War Sites from
Civil War Traveler in Virginia
Confederate Flags
Stars and Bars flag (U.S.)
Stonewall Jackson Resources.
The Civil War
The Civil War for Kids
The Civil War Home Page

x VS.8 Reconstruction
Jefferson Davis 1865
Maggie L Walker National Historic Site (National Park Service)
Virginia During Reconstruction

x VS.9 Twentieth Century
Arthur Ashe Monument
Doug Wilder Biography
Harry F. Byrd
Lawrence Douglas Wilder
License Plate Maker
Sit-Ins (
Stories of The Century
The Roanoke Valley War Memorial
Virginia Floods
x VS.10 Modern Govt./Economics
How Does Government Affect Me?
My Virginia
Pocket Glossary of Legislative Terms
Today's News in VA
Virginia General Assembly
Who's My Legislator?

x Overviews
American History
Famous Virginians
List of VA Facts
The Story of Virginia
The Story of Virginia
The Story of Virginia
VA Studies (GREAT site!)

x Web Quests
Best State USA
Civil War
George Washington
Introduction to Tyranny

x Misc.
Civil War Treasures from the New-York Historical Society (American Memory, Libra
History Hotline - American History
Scavenger Hunts

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