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Developed by Eamon Armstrong, MD, with assistance of Brian Stello, MD. The links listed are categorized to facilitate searching. Most sites are free. A few sites require registration. Others may be accessed via the LVHHN Intranet. Contact with comments, questions. If you reached this page from the Family Practice site on the LVHHN Intranet, you can return by using the "Back" function on your browser.
x Evidence-Based Medicine
ACP Journal Club
Clinical Evidence (must register)
DynaMed (must register)
Evidence-Based On Call
Evidence-Based Pediatrics
FamilyPractice POEMS
Medline Knowledge Finder
SUM Search
TRIP Database
UpToDate (LVH intranet only)

x Tutorial
Introduction to EBM
Netting The Evidence
x Pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacology Online (must register)
Food and Drug Administration
The Natural Pharmacist
Therapeutics Letter
Vaccine Information

x Clinical Guidelines
ACR Appropriateness Criteria (radiology)
AHRQ (formerly AHCPR)
National Guidelines Clearing House
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
National Institutes of Health
Primary Care Guidelines
x Prevention
Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care
Guide To Clinical Preventive Services

x Patient Education
AAFP Health Information
MD Consult (LVH intranet only)
Motivate Healthy Habits
NOAH (Spanish language)

x Travel Medicine
Centers for Disease Control
x Clinical Tools
Asthma Stoplight
Clinical Calculator
Clinical Prediction Rules
Food Diary
Headache Diary
MedCalc 3000
NNT/NNH Calculator

x Search Engines
Ask Jeeves
IQ Seek

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