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x Ciencia

x Astronomy
Advanced user access to ISO Data Archive Version 7.0
Astronomia e Astrofisica
Astronomia e Astrofisica
Astronomia na Internet
Astronomy 161: The Solar System
AstroWeb: Astronomical Internet Resources
AstroWeb: Astronomy resources on the Internet
Biblioteca Virtual de Astronomia
celestial navigation
Dan's Astronomy Software Collection
Earth and Moon Viewer
Heavens-Above Main Page
Home Planet Release 3.1
NASA Earth Observatory
SKYMAP Astronomical Mapping Program
SKYMAP Users Manual
The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page
Your Sky

x Enciclopedias
Encyclopædia Britannica
Feynman's Lost Lecture
Howstuffworks "Search Results"
New - Hot Topics
Project Gutenberg
Smithsonian Institution
StudyWorks! Online : Earth Observatory
The Geological Society of America - Geologic Time Scale

x Mathematica
Xah: Visual Dictionary of Famous Plane Curves
Internet Clocks, Counters, and Countdowns
Math-Physics Library Homepage
Scientific American

x Emails
3 Angels Free Internet Software
31 - nnn MB
@dog Login
Anonymous.To Free Email Accounts - free emails for Luxembourg
Free Email Guide
Free Email
Free Email Service...e Email Forwarding
Free POP3 Mail Services
Free Shell Accounts
Free Stuff Free home pages - t...ail search is over
Hickory Mail
Hungarian free email address providers - Free Secure Email
ii.com_ All About PINE_ IMAP, NNTP, & ESMPT Client for Unix, MS Windows, and
Internet Free Email Accounts - Ful... Free Webhosting!!
Linux Links - The Linux Portal_ Web_Mail
LinuxFreeMail - faq
Sign In.
SMTP Spam Checker
very very useful web sites

x Hardware

x Extenders
42u kvm switch toc... Table of Contents
adder kvm extenders - adderlink extender - homestead
Adderlink KVM extenders
adderlink, x kvm, ... Adder reseller uk
Avocent kvm switch...M switch solutions
Avocent LongView Console Extender System
Avocent-Cybex LongView Cat5 KVM Extender
belkin cat5 kvm extender - homestead
Bomara Associates
C.A. Designs Keybo... Amplifiers [Home]
Cat5 Reach
Computers & Media Links Page Conceptron Associates Audio Visual Design Consu
End Design Limited T-A KVM Switch Direct KVM Extenders
Extenders from KVM Switch Direct
Gefen Inc.
Keyzone Computer Products
KVM Extender - CAT5 KVM Extender and Fiber KVM Extender
KVM Extender Technology
kvm extenders, uk
KVM switch accesso...onics
KVM Switch Direct
kvm switch, switches, extender, uk
KVM Switches, Cabl...yers and much more KVM Swit...M Over IP Switches
LongView KVM Extenders
LongView Series
PC-Reach, PC-Reach Plus, Cat5 Reach
Raritan CAT5 Reach PC
Raritan Switches
Redwood KVM Sales - LongView Series from Cybex
Remote Control via KVM extenders
Scene Double - UK ... and USB Extenders
Tripp Lite KVM Switches
Zantech - Avocent ...onitor Switchboxes
Zantech - SDLink Extender Product Index

x Fontes
Pentium 4 - ABC do hardware
Placa de desktop Intel® - Não use adaptadores 2x2 de cabo de for
Portal Unimeds

x SwitchView
Cybex SwitchView & 4-Port Switch
Fox Network System...agment and More...
SwitchView Series ...tor-Mouse-Keyboard
ASUSTeK Computer
ATX Motherboard Specification
Autoview 424
Beyond Logic
Black Box Network Services
Black Box On-Line
Cables & Data Comm...
Documento COMO-FAZ
Guia do Hardware.Net
Guia do Hardware.Net . Entendendo e utilizando o Linux
IBM Hard disk drives
Interworld Electronics - Internet Links
PCGuia - para PC - 10-00
Read Reviews and Compare Prices on Apex - Avocent - Cybex SwitchView 4-port at E
Redes - Drivers e ... Clube do Hardware
Scene Double - SDL...nder Product Range Switches-KVM Switches FAQ Article
Terminais Ethernet...AX3000 RDP Windows
Tom's Hardware Guide

x net
Advanced Web Services, Technology Service Provider
All Net Tools
Auto-forwarding mail
Registo de Subdominios
DNS2Go Community Link Status
DNS2Go Dynamic DNS Screenshots
Dynamic DNS Network Services, LLC
Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP
Free Web Hosting Links
IP Info - Find your IP address
Lista de hubs Portuguesas
Lyris MailEngine: software for faster email delivery and email relay
MaxPT O maior HUB ... do Direct Connect
Nedstat Basic 3.0 - Top 10
Netfirms, free web hosting for small business
Portugal HUB @ Direct Connect - Forum!
Web Site Search Engine, Free and Pro Versions -
Webhosting.Cheap webosting. USA HOST ME webhosting Services.
Webmaster General:
Xdrive Technologies
Your homepage for domain name registration, web site design and email services |

x Saude
BioSites: A Virtual Catalog of Selected Internet Resources in the Biomedical Sci
Health On the Net(HON): MedHunt
La Medicina Complementaria Y Alternativa - Bioretroalimentación (Compleme
MedlinePlus Información de Salud de la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina

x Totoloto
6-49 LotoLuck, results and programs for free for loto, lotteries, lotto, coupons
Afonso Henriques
alottofun: Welcome! Pick your Lotto Number Generator of Choice!
Australian Lotto Results
BBC SPORT | Football | Tables
Braga Virtual
Free Lotteries Online
HENRIQUES - Totoloto
Joker, Totoloto e Loto 2
Jornal de Noticias - Futebol
Latest Lotto 6/49 winning lottery numbers from Lotto Lore
Lotteries links for lotto results
Lottery Body
Lottery Software
Lottery Software
Lottery Uk
Lotto - lotto, lottery, rules of lotto, playing lotto, terms, lotto history, lot
Lotto - Online lottery, lotto - Play for Free -
Lotto and Toto Systems Repository of Rade Belic
Lotto New Zealand - Lotto Results
Lotto Results
Lottoshop - Irish Online Lottery Ticket Service
NetINDEX - Lotarias e Jogos de Apostas
Online Lotto - Lotteries to play on the Internet
Play-a-Lotto - Play 49's Lottery online
SCML- Departamento de Jogos
SCML-D.Jogos - Totoloto
Sistemas de desdobramentos
The National Lottery: Home
Tutto Gratis - Free Lotto
UK National Lottery covering news and results, national lottery statistics, lott
Welcome to - Online Lottery Ticket Service

IRC search engine : The Most Advanced IRC Search Engine
isoHunt - IRC and Bit Torrent Search Engine
MircSearch..........xdcc searching made easy .......11 xdcc search engines......
MyDownloader :: The Ultimate Downloading Resource :: Appz :: Gamez :: Moviez - The Ultimate IRC Search Engine
Search IRC, search term: titanix
Search IRC, the most advanced IRC search engine.
XDCC Search download music movies and search irc
x Book Stores
Barnes & - Programming in PROLOG
Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance, 5/E - Prentic
Programming in Prolog
the cheapest book
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Publishers

x Distributed Computing
Folding@home (join to my team : 478)
Folding@Home Distributed Computing
Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects

x Europa
EUROPA - Regional Policy Inforegio
Europa - The European Union On-Line

x Programming

x Assembler
Art of Assembly La...LA by Randall Hyde
ASM Tutorial/Ready to Start!
Assembly Language Journal
Computer Organization and Architecture Designing for Performance, 5-E
CS_APP Home Page
Links Interessantes sobre Assembly
Linux Assembly
Linux Assembly "Hello World" tutorial, CS 200 - fall 2001
WWW Computer Architecture Page

x C
A Casa do Programador
A simple C tutorial
ANSI C for Programmers on UNIX Systems
Beej's Guide to Network Programming
Brian W. Kernighan: Programming in C: A Tutorial
C Programming
C Programming Notes
C Programming Tutorial: Table of Contents
C Programming Tutorials / Links
C Programming2
C Tutorial
C Tutorial - Lesson 14: Functions
C Tutorial2
c tutorial3
C tutorials
Cantinho do C - Tutoriais em Geral
Free C Tutorials,
GCC Home Page - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Howstuffworks "How C Programming Works"
Juicy Studio: C Programming Tutorial
SAC [utiltext]
Short C Tutorial
The GNU C Library
The unix programming environment
Threads: Basic Theory and Libraries
Ultimate Programmi...ase Tutorials Page
Unix Multi-Process Programming and Inter-Process Communications (IPC)

x Excel
Array Formulas
ce4007 Excel Page 3
Object Orientation
Open Directory Project

x Security

x AnonSurf
-> beHidden! <
Aalaap's Anonymous Surfing
Anonymity Checker
Anonymity Law Survey2
Anonymous Browsing Quick-Start Page
Anonymous surf!
Anonymous Unix Systems
Anonymous Usenet
APES Links
iA Wiki: Anonymity
Megaproxy Anonymous Web Surfing proxy
MizMoz Directory - Internet Proxies
Proxify anonymous proxy server anonymous surfing
Rewebber - Privacy in the world wide web :: proxy
Surf for Free
Surf the Web Anonymously and in Privacy -
the-cloak home
Web Catalog Adamar - DWodp live
[FAQ] Anonym surfen / IP verstecken / Anonymizer - Security Forum

x Cryptography
Applications : Privacy under Linux
CARNet's PGP KeyServer (rapido)
CODEGROUP Five-Letter Codegroup Filter
CriptoZona: Páginas de criptografía
CryptoEx Enterprise Keyserver
Diceware Passphrase Home Page
Feature: Know Your Enemy Part 1
Gnu Privacy Guard Quick Config
Guardian Digital, Inc.
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
iA Wiki: Cryptography
iA Wiki: Cryptography/Attacks
Kerberos: The Network Authentication Protocol
KeyServer in Australia
Lame Industries
Linux Online - Encrypted Root Filesystem HOWTO
PGP and Anonymous Email FAQ's
PGP Awareness
PGP key for Jed
PGP-Public-Keyserver UniGH Paderborn
Public Key Server Commands
Public keyservers
RSA Security
Skuz ][ - Protecting your privacy on the Internet
Thomas Omerzu PGP Public Key
Tom McCune's PGP Page
Using Public Key Encryption

x diskEncrypt
Encrypted Root Filesystem HOWTO
Feature: Preparing Your Box For the Internet
Linux disk encryption (was Re: reasons to encrypt mail and data)
reviewed linux tips and tricks : Encrypt your filesystems
Using the Crypto File System

x Translating
Priberam Informática - Língua Portuguesa On-Line
PROMT's Online Translator
The Babel Fish Cor...- Language Locator
Translating the Internet
x Bibliotecas

x Periodicos
Astronomia - Biblioteca Virtual
Astronomy Magazine's Current Issue
Document Title
Portal Periodicos - CAPES
Sky and Telescope - Home
Sys Admin Magazine
The Astrophysical Journal
ACM Portal ACM Digital Library
BCS Online Library
Internet Books
LibDex - Worldwide...of Libraries pages
Libraries - Great Buildings Online
Libraries around the world
Libraries on the Net
Libraries on the Web
Online Libraries
Online Libraries Material on the Web
Online Libraries2
Online Libraries6
Other libraries
Other Major East A...braries World-Wide
The Library of Congress
VII - Educational ...- Online Libraries
Virtual Library museums pages (VLmp)
WSR Libraries
WWW Virtual Librar... Virtual Libraries

x Buscas

x Software
Fluid Dynamics Search Engine
Matt's Script Archive: Simple Search
Perlfect Search 3.31 - Free site indexer and search engine script.
The CGI Resource Index
Big Search Engine Index - Search engines for mp3, people, web and more!
cd covers search engine megasearch (psx audio pc vcd psx2 dvd dreamcast)
CIA World Factbook 2001
ENGnetBASE Engineering Handbooks Online
Madeira Online
O Leme - Motores de Busca
ODP - Open Directory Project
Other UK Search Resources
PC AI - WWW Search Engine Sites
Search Engines Worldwide
The WWW Virtual Library

x E-Commerce
1st e-Commerce Corporation
Basic Guide to E-C... the Internet-Web) - ECommerce
Catherwood Library Guide to E-Commerce
CII - E-commerce -...Commerce Directive
CNET -...mmerce - (8-31-99)
Commerce Programs and Scripts
eCommerce Solutions MICRO Site
Electronic Commerce
Electronic Commerce Centre - Home
eMergingMedia Inte...ons for E-Business
IBM WebSphere Commerce Family
JimWorld Guest Tut...rofitable Web Site
Macromedia - ColdFusion MX
MerchandiZer is a great tool for your e-commerce needs
Microsoft Servers
Millennium Bankcar...he Free e-Solution
Roger Clarke's Electronic Commerce
Search Engine Optimization -- FREE!
StoreFront E-Comme...ns-StoreFront Home
Tutorial - Introduction to eCommerce
ValueWeb Online Commerce
VeriSign Inc
Webmonkey e-business marketing
Wells Fargo eStore

x FileSharing
XDCC SEARCH .com - xdcc search engine.

x journals
Electronic Journals Quick Reference
Electronic Journals, UM Libraries
Electronic Journals2

x Radio - Web Radio - your source for music on the web!
BRS Media BRS Web-Radio Internet Only A-L : Trance playlist
Digitally Imported
Google Directory - Arts Radio Internet
Radio - Media Guide
Radio Station Guide
RealPlayer Home Page
Sveriges Radio
The World Wide Web Virtual Library Audio
UltraMax Music Russian Techno-Trance MP3s by Max Fomitchev
Virgin Radio: today's best music and classic tracks - listen online in broadband

x Shareware
DownSeek - The Software Search Engine
ftp search engines
Gnomix Land
Jumbo: Free & Shareware MP3 files, Games, Screen Savers & Computer Softw
Reviews and free downloads at

x Unix

x Hardware - The one stop source for everything SMP!
FreeBSD Mail Archives
FreeBSD Mail Archives
FreeBSD Mail Archives
FreeBSD Mail Archives
freebsd.smp -
GBdirect - SMP (Multiprocessor) Linux
Linux-Kernel Archive: Linux-2.2.20 SMP & Asus CUR-DLS: &quo | Pentium 3 SMP Reviewed
SDB: SMP Kernel Is Installed Despite Existing Single Processor Motherboard
SMP ASUS CUV4X-DLS motherboard (VIA Apollo Pro 133A)

x Solaris
Dual-Boot Operating System
Install Solaris 2.7
Solaris 2 FAQ
BSDSearch.Com - Welcome!
Chapter 1 - Administering Servers Remotely
Checking UNIX Server Performance
Deluxnetwork Homepage - Free Web hosting - Search
Extended Operating System Loader
Free Standards Group
FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE Announcement
FreeBSD Handbook
FreeBSD Handbook
FreeBSD Symmetric MultiProcessor Kernel
Full Descriptions for UNIX Support - freebsd-smp - Another compatible SMP motherboard for FreeBSD... - freebsd-smp - Another compatible SMP motherboard for FreeBSD...
Getting Started with Solaris - Configuration Tutorials for Solaris 8
Getting Started with Solaris - Links in Solaris 8
Goodies - USAH and LAH
Hacker's Web Docs for the FreeBSD SMP kernel - UNIX SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION - The Restricted Shell
Links to Unix Resources - RayCosoft
Login on UNIX
News: The portal to BSD
Open Client/Server Programmer's Supplement for UNIX
openMosix, an Open Source Linux Cluster Project
Operating Systems Comparison - Exploring the Future of Computing
SecurityFocus Unix
Shell Corner
Shell Corner: Mkusers
Sybase Inc - Technical Documents
The FreeBSD Project
The GNU Hurd - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
The NetBSD Project
The Single UNIX Specification, Version 2
Uma Introducao a Programacao Assembly em Unix LG #53
Universal Command Guide for Operating Systems
Unix - S
Unix Guru Universe
UNIX Reference Desk
Unix Shell Scripting
Unix SysAdm Resources: FAQs, Patches and Other Info [T-Z]
Unix SysAdm Resources: Firewalls & Unix Security
Unix Tutorial Shell Programming Training Courses Online ( AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris & Tru64 )
UnixPower, Your Source for Everything UNIX
UnixWare FAQ (General)
UnixWare® Frequently Asked Questions (General)
Using UNIX - A Guide For Beginners
Web Hosting, CGI Scripts, Web Design, Consulting and more
WebRing: hub
Welcome to Grex!
Welcome to
x Bioritmo
FREE Biorhythm Readings
Yahoo Oroscopo - Bioritmo

x Cadeiras

x Algoritmos
Softpanorama: (slightly skeptical) Open Source Software Educational Society

x Arquitectura de Computadores I
AC 1 (2003 / 04)

x Electricidade
Circuitos Eletricos I
Electronica ROMALO
Investigacao Operacional I
Investigacao Operacional II
Sistemas Digitais
Sistemas Operativos I
Sistemas Operativos II
LESI - Disciplinas
Departamento de Matematica

x Ebooks
Java Programmer's Reference
The Mad Cybrarian's Library

x Freelancer - freelance web programming, c programming, java programming, ph

x Linux

x Clusters
Beowulf.Org The Beowulf Cluster Site
CommuniGate Pro: Introduction
HA - Alta Disponibilidade - - by Sulamita Garcia
How to Build a Linux Bewoulf Cluster
Linux Parallel Processing HOWTO: Clusters Of Linux Systems
Linux SMP
Linux-HA Project Web Site
Mini-wulf: A small Beowulf cluster based on FreeBSD and MPI
MPI - The Message Passing Interface Standard
MPI - The Message Passing Interface Standard
NIH Biowulf/LoBoS3
Supercomputadores Caseiros: Construindo Clusters com o Linux - Parte 2 | Clube d
Supercomputadores Caseiros: Construindo Clusters com o Linux | Clube do Hardware
The Texas Tech Tornado Cluster
Zeus: A Beowulf cluster based on Redhat Linux and MPI

x Directories
El rincon de Linux ... linux knowledge.
800 Linux Links
Category frontend
ibiblio linux archive
Linux Directory
Linux Enterprise Computing
Linux Hangar
Linux Home Page
Linux Links - The Linux Portal
Linux Newbie Guide: Basic Operation FAQ
Linux Newbie Guide: Resources, Help And Links
Linux Places
Linux Resource: Top
Linux Software Encyclopedia
LinuxBasis - Distributions Drivers Howtos Downloads Security News Books
LinuxFocus Index - A p...and discuss Linux.
Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL)
Top 100 Unix-Linux Sites
WebRing: hub
Woven Goods for Linux - Software
YoLinux Tutorial: Linux System Administration

x HowTos
GNU Libtool - GNU ...e Foundation (FSF)
Guia Foca GNU/Linux
Kurt Seifried - LASG
Linux Bridge Firewall
Linux kernel patch from the Openwall Project
LinuxBasis - Linux Howtos
Maracuja, Guia Rapido de Instalacao e Configuracao do Apache
SAMBA - opening windows to a wider world
Securing and Optimizing Linux
Server Oriented System Tuning Info
Slacklife - Comunidade GNU/Linux Slackware do Brasil
The GNU Privacy Handbook
The Linux Documentation Project
The Linux Virtual Server Project - Linux Server Cluster
The Users' Guide
Useful Free & Shareware Tutorials
Viva o

x Religion and Spirituality
Bible Gateway
Pacem in Terris - PO
Vatican: the Holy See

x shells
#eggies - Welcome
- AceShells Internet Services - Linux Shell Providers Since 2001! -
A Basic UNIX Tutorial
AceShells Internet Services
Arbornet, Inc.
DeathRow OpenVMS Cluster
EFnet Shell Account - Terms of Service
Eternity Service How-to
Excite UK - Directory - Shell Providers - FREE linux shell provider
FreeShells.Com:  Free Shells Home home page
Hewlett-Packard Test Drive
ITS home page
Linux Community Development System
Nyx Home
other : shell accounts at directory of free stuff, freebies, sweepstakes and sam
Polarhome - gateway to freedom
Public Linux LLC - Public Linux LLC - Home
SDF Public Access UNIX System
Secure Shell (ssh)
SHELL2 OPEN! Beta users to shell2. (The Acky Network) ->UNIX Shell Provider Search.
slennox's eggdrop page
Taboom's Surf Point - Free Shell account provider list unix linux irc bot eggdro
The Forest - Free Linux Shells
Unix Porting - Free Unix
UNIX SECURITY - Hole Found in SSH Remote Access Software for Unix [ Unix in South Africa ]
UnixClan - The Unix People
Using the UNIX Shell
VMS Shell Accounts
Welcome to Grex!
Welcome to Nic.Nac.Project Debian Linux Free Shells

x Vi
The Vi/Ex Editor
VI Tutorial - ECN Knowledge Base @ Purdue

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