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Hello and Enjoy ! I hope you enjoy the links in which I have found or someone has shared with me. If you find a link that you would like me to add or if you find a link that is broken please email me! :-)
x Doilies
Valentine Heart Doily ( Filet )
Tulip Doily
Swan Symphony Doily
Swan Centerpiece
Star Dust Filet
Rose Sunburst
Romantic Pineapple
Reindeer Filet
Pinwheel Doily
Pineapple Sheer
Pineapple Pinwheel Doily
Pineapple Petals
Pineapple Lunch Set
Pineapple Doily
Oriental Fantasy
Orange Blossom
Night Shadows Owl
Name Lace
Lilac Fantasy
Large Pineapple
Lacy Flower Runner
Jesus Filet
Iris Filet
Ididachains Doily
Heart Doily
Giant Sunflower Doily
Free Form Crochet Doily # 2
Floral Wheel
Filet Square Doily
Dove Doily
Dolies Doilies and More Doilies
Crochet A Long Heart Doily
Colonial Star
Cluster Stitch Doily
Christmas Filet
Cherub Filet
Cameo Girl Doily
Butterfly in the Garden Chair Set
Butterfly Bouquet
Blue Bell Doily
Between Meals Centerpiece
Apples for the Teacher

x Doily Sites
Original Filet
Helps makes Charted Doilies
General Doilies
Flower Doilies
Doilies on the Web
Doilies And More

x Thread Baskets & Bowls
Ruffled Basket
Nut and Cup Saucer
Flower Petal Bowl
Flower Basket
Cut Work Glass Bowl
Crocheted Baskets Galore
Bowl Cover
Bowl and Doily
Bon Bon Baskets

x Thread General
Victorian Egg Covers
Thread Tea Cup
Rose Bed Spread
Pocket Tissue Holder
Felicia and FiFi
Crochet Rosettes
BedSpread Filet

x Crinoline Lady
Crinoline Lady Pink
x Fridge Magnets
Pepperoni Pizza
Fridgie Hiders
Cat Face
Butterfly Magnet

x Coasters
Tea Mug Cozys
Sun Coaster
Snail Coaster
Picot Coaster
Nature Star
Monogram Wine Coasters
Lace Coaster
Jewel Coaster
Heart Coasters
Heart Coaster Filet
Heart Coaster
Glass Flip Flops
Flower Coasters
English Rose Coaster
Diff Coaster Patterns
Colorful Coasters ( fruit )
Coaster Regina
Christmas Tree
Bright Coaster
Beaded Coaster
April Jewel Coaster
Apple Coaster

x Potholders / Hotpads / Oven Mi
TobyJug HotMat
Spiffy CD HotMat
Snowflake Potholder
Slice of Summer
Silly Snail
Round Potholder
Ric Rac Potholder
Primitive Checks Potholder
Prairie Flower HotPad
Potholder Variety
Oven Mitt
Lorettas Potholder
Loretta's Potholder
Little Bouquet Potholder
LB Heart Potholder
Lacy Potholder
Julie's Potholder
Hot Stuff
Heart Potholders
Geometric Potholder
Frilly Pan Handle Buddy
Flower Hotpad
Filet Christmas Potholders
Fan Potholder
Doll Dress Potholder
Diffrent Potholders
Demensional Pumpkin Potholder
CroHook Potholder
CroBears Potholder
Country Goose Potholder
Christmas Wreath Potholder
Christmas Tree Hotpad
Christmas Tree
Christmas Light Potholder
Christmas Filet Potholders
Christmas Bell Potholder
CD HotMats
Cathedral Windows
Cat Potholders
Cat Potholder
Candy Corn Potholder
Butterfly Potholder
Bottle Cap Hot Mat
Bird Filet Potholder
Betty Boop Potholder
Basic Oven Mitt
1971 Potholders

x DishCloths
Treble Dipped Dishcloth
Tread Stitch Dishcloth
Suzi's Dishcloth
Star Dishcloth
Snowflake Dishcloth
Round Ruffles
Round Lacy Dishcloth
Round Dishcloth
Peppermint Dishcloth
Little Ruffle Dishcloth
Lattice Stitch Dishcloth
Lacy Honeycomb Dishcloth
Lacy Dishcloth
Holiday DishCloth
Heart Dishcloth
Gone Wild Dishcloth
Geometric Dishcloth
Flower Potholder
Flower Petal Cloth
Flower Dishcloth
Flower Cloth
Fans & Pineapples Dishcloth
Fan Dishcloth
Double Crochet Cloth
Dishwashing Tawashi
Dishcloth Variety
Dishcloth Squared
Diagnol Dishcloth
Christmas Wreath Dishcloth
Christmas Tree
Christmas Light
Boutonniere Dish Mop
Basket Weave Dishcloth
Angel Dishcloths
Afghan Stitch Dishcloth
5 Textured Dishcloths

x Kitchen General
Towel Hanger
Placemat Bags
Pig Kitchen Set
Patriotic Kitchen Set
Kitchen Patterns
Kitchen Crochet More
Kitchen Crochet
Floral Kitchen Set
Dish Bottle Dress ( Lg )
Daisy or Kitchen Set
Cow Toaster Cover
Cow Plastic Bag Holder
Angel Scrubber
Angel Bag Holder
Accessories for the Kitchen

x Scrubbies
Suzzetta's Scrubbie
Spiral Scrubbie
Kornflake Scrubber
Frilly Scrubbie
Flower Petal Scrubbie

x Bath Sets
Bath Set
Bath Scrub and Back Scrub
5 Piece Bath Set

x Soap Holders
Garden Soap

x Bath Puffies

x Towel Sets
Basket Towels

x Bath Cloths / Wash Rags
Star Face Cloths
Loop De Loop

x Bath General
Martie's Tub Buds
General Bath Stuff
Baby Bath Cloths

x TP Covers
Toilet Tissue Holder Doll Dress
Sushi TP Cover
x Turtles
Turtle Ta Da
Turtle Amulet Bag
Tiny Striped Turtle
Sea Turtle

x Dolls
Jack Frost
Jack & Jill

x Barbie Stuff
General Barbie Crochet
BaseBall Cap
Barbie Link General
Barbie Crochet
Barbie Basics

x Toys
Yo Yo Clown
The Original Cradle Purse
Squid FingerPuppet
Kids Toy Patterns
Grannys Curly Doll Toy
Flower Cradle Purse
Dough Boy
Crocheted Clown
8" Doll Dress

x Magical / Mystical
Baby Snow Dragon

x Creatures
Sock Monkey
Sammy HedgeHog
Claude Camel

x BarnYard

x LiL Threads
Hat Ornament

x Jointing for Critters
Wobble Joint
x Frogs
Stuffed Frog
Mr Frog
Gardian Frog
Frog Prince
Frog Hackie Sack
Flying Frog

x Amigurmi
Egg Babies
Amigurumi Frog
Amigurumi Dude
Amigurumi Bunny
Amigurmi Gnome

x Mushrooms

x Sheep / Lambs
LoopDeLoop Lamb
A Sheep for Ewe

x Creepy Crawlies
Inch Worm
Button Hole Spider

x Horses / Ponies
Jointed Horse
A Horse

x Dogs / Puppies
TiChi Dog
Loop Stitch Dog

x Water Creatures
Squid Purse
Octopode Pandemonium
Nora's Fish

x Flying Things
Townie Bat
Busy Bee

x Bears
Teddy Bear with Clothes
Panda Bear
Non-jointed Bear
Crocheted Bear
Baby's First Teddy

x Bunnys
Thumper Bunny
Crocheted Bunnies
x Free Crochet Pattern Sites
Vintage Crochet
Tons of Sites
Tons of Free Links
Tips & Tricks
Thread Crochet Links
The Hook Blog
The Crochet Shoppe
Star Gazers
Simply Crochet
Patty's Patterns
Patterns by Dot
Panda Crochet
Originals (pmshc)
NDSU Libraries
Naidas Crochet
My Patterns Free Site
MWilssons Designs
MiniMind Hq
Marlo's Crochet Corner
Maosmaravilhosas Blog
Little Brown Dog Free Patterns ( Not Animal Related )
Linda's Patterns
Lee's World
Knitting Warehouse
Janelle's Homepage
I Love to Craft 2
I Love To Craft
I Love Crafting
Hooker Heaven
Home & Garden Tv Crafting
Hobby Lobby Crafting
Happy Yellow House
Happy Yellow House
Happy Yellow House
Happy Ghans
From My Heart Crochet
Free Patterns
Filet Cat
Few Free
Easy Crochet and Knitting
Designs by Janelle
Delightful Doll & Toy Patterns
Dayna's Crochet
Crochet World
Crochet Treasures
Crochet Patterns Galore
Crochet Pattern Links
Crochet Pattern Index
Crochet Lady Patterns
Crochet Free Pattern Blog
Craft Town
Bobbies Patterns
Around The Crochet Table
All Free Crafts
Ages Pattern Links
A-Z Links

x Bookmarks
Valentine Bookmark
Spoken Hearts
Sock Monkey
Heavenly Bookmark
Filet Crossing Paths
Carrot Bookmark

x General Crochet
Yellow Ribbon
Magic Adjustable Ring
Hanging Bird Feeder
Decorative Heating Pad Cover
Cupcake Pincushion
Breast Cancer Awareness Sock
Breast Cancer Awareness Pin
Bead Crochet

x Pillows
Animal Pillows
Animal Pillows

x Sachets
Stocking Sachet
x Baby Blankets
Trebles and Doubles Blanket
Round Ripple
Marla Shell Ghan
Log Cabin Baby
Lacey Ladder
Free Baby Ghan Patterns
Deco Ribbon
Crocheted Baby Blanket
Chenille Baby Ghan
Baby's Round Ripple Afghan

x Baby Stuff
Rosey Rattler
Preemie Tank
HodgePodge Baby Hat
Forget Me Not Layette Set
Crib Cover
Carousel Baby Hat
Bev's Very Easy Booties
Bethany Booties
Bear Hat
Basket Weave Afghan
Baby Sock Laundry Bag
Baby in a Blanket
Baby Hat
Baby Gown
7-Point Round Ripple Baby Ghan

x Clothing
Worlds Easiest Sweater
Shoulder Poncho
Punky Gloves
Mango Moon Shrug
Cow Slippers
Cara's Leg Warmers
Belt and Gloves
Any Guage Shrug
Amore PonShaw
Adult Booties
3-D Rose Sweater

x Hair Accessories
Valentine Heart Scrunchie
Triangular Scarf
Sun Scrunchie
Spiral Scrunchie
Quick Kercheif
Hair Flower
Fringed Scrunchie
Crocheted Kercheif
Baby Blue Kercheif
American Pride Bandana

x Hats
Skaters Beanie
Scallop Brim Hat
Popcorn and Pony Tail Hats
News Boy Hat
News Boy Cap
Groovie Hat & Scarf
Ear Muffs
Crocheted Brim Hat
Chunky Hat
Childs Beanie
Butterfly Beauty
Bucket Hat
Brimmed Hat
Braided Knot Hat
Bouncy Hat
Antique Hats
Ac Kufi

x Totes / Bags / Purses
Snowman Cell Phone Pouch
Simple Cotton Purse
ScareCrow Cell Phone Pouch
Quarter Bag
Purse Pouch Bag
Jackie O Bag
Garden Tote
Cross Cell Phone Bag

x Scarves
Windowpane Scarf
Wagon Wheels Skinny Scarf
Think Pink Scarf
Spiral Scarf
Sassy Mobius
Sampler Scarf
MoM's Dream Scarf
Mesh KeyHole Scarf
Loopey Fringe Scarf
Lace Scarf
Holiday KeyHole Scarf
Fun Fur Scarf
Fancy Ladder Boa
Eyelash Scarf
Drop Stitch Scarf
Diamond Rib Scarf
Chevron Scarf
Celestial Neck Scarf
Bobbles and Stripes Scarf
x Halloween
LiL Spider
Grandma Lowe's Halloween Fun
Ghost Bag

x Easter
Victorian Egg Covers
Small Easter Egg Pillow
Small Easter Bunny Pillow
Shell Easter Basket
General Easter Patterns
Easter Egg Placemat
Easter Egg Placemat

x Christmas
Yarn Snowflakes
Victorian Mini Stocking
Tiny Stocking
Stocking Ornaments
Starry Ball Ornament
Small Stocking
Set of 3 Ornies
Santa's Little Helper
Santa Monitor Wrap
Ruffled Candle
Reindeer Ornament
Ornament Gift Bags
Miniature Christmas Stocking
Mini Christmas Stocking
Many Diffrent Christmas Links
Judiths LiL Stocking
Icicle Snowmen
Holiday Bells
Granny Square Tree Skirt
Elf Door Hanger
Christmas Snowflake
Christmas Galore
Christmas Door Chime
Christmas Characters
Candy Cane Covers
Candy Cane Cover
Candy Cane and Wreath

x Angels
Tree Top Angel
Icicle Angels
Heavenly Pineapple Angel
Blue Light Angel
Angel in Flight Ornament
Angel Bunny
Angel Bear Ornament

x Valentines
Valentine Swag Fridgie
Valentine Potholder
Valentine Heart Magnet
Valentine Heart Doily
Valentine Coaster
Valentine Card Decor
Valentine Bookmark
Hearts Galore
Heart Pins
Crochet Valentine

x St Patrick's Day
Shamrock Potholder
Shamrock Coasters and Dishcloth
x Afghans
Zig Zag Yo Yo
Victorian Wreath Ghan
Trails of Tears Afghan
Rose Motif Afghan
Octagon Medallion
Learning Basic Afghan
Free Afghan Patterns
Flat Braid Joining
Crochet A Quilt
Country Star Afghan
Country Hearts
Basket Ball Ghan
Baby Plaid
Around The World
Angel Afghan
Afghans Galore
Afghan Border
Adding Join as You go Round to Ghan

x Squares
Winter Jewel
Wings of Hope
Wings of Angel Square
Wings of an Angel
Wild Rose
Veronica's Rose
V-St Grannie
Tropical Spring
Teddy Bear Squares
Techno Square
Sunshine Jewel
Sunny Skies
Star Flower
Spring Breeze
Pumpkin Patch Square
Pineapple Jewel
Panda Pineapple Square
New Portland
New Port
Mary's Flower Granny
Lace Medallion
Kingfield Square
Julie's Lady
Jackie's Heart Granny
Irish Rose Square
Irish Rose Pillow Ghan
Hearts and Shells
Heart of The USA
Heart Made Blessings
Granny Heart
Gaurdian Angel 1
Friendship Ring
Freedom Flower
FootBall Granny
Fishermens Ring
Farmington Square
Fallen Hero
Fall Flower
EZ-eeeee V-eeeee Square
Eyelet Lace Angel
Dream Catcher 2
Dream Catcher
Doily Square
Diana's Square
Chris Simons
Center Heart Square
Bev's Soft Flower
American Pride Granny
7" Square Links
12" Squares
12" Squares

x Rugs
C&C Rug
x Vegetarian Recipes and Info
Ziti Alfredo with Veggies
Veggies in Puff Pastry
Veggie Spaghetti Bake
Veggie Diet
Veggie 123
Vegetarian Quiche
Vegetarian History
Try Veg
Tomato Spiral Toss
Swiss Cheese Souffle
Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Raisin Finger Sandwiches
Quick Cheese Puffs
Pasta Alfredo
Nut Loaf
Mushroom Broccoli Pizza
Hearty Bean Bake
Five Can Chili
Creamy Tortellini
Chinese Vegetarian Cooking
California Pizza
Broccoli Fettuccine
Black Bean Tortilla Casserole
Black Bean Rice Burgers
Black Bean Pizza
Black Bean Nacho Bake
Baked Pasta

x Fun Things
Virtual Pups
Classy Lady Blinkies

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