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DVD and video vendors and distributors for the SSU Library Multimedia Dept. Maintained by Julie Dinkins -
A&E Biography History Channel - official online store
Ambrose Video Publishing - documentaries, educational, PBS
Annenberg/CPB - education, WGBH
Arab Film Distribution
BBC America
BBC Shop
Big Noise Films - political, radical
Bullfrog Films - environmental
California Newsreel - African American videos
Cambridge Documentary Films - documentaries, social issues
Chip Taylor - educational & informational
CMIL Media - Center for Media & Independent Learning UCB
Davidson Films - psych, human development, science, math
Direct Cinema Limited - independent, shorts, documentaries
DLI Productions - Irene Angelico & Abbey Neidik's documentaries
Documentary Educational Resources - cross-cultural documentaries
Docurama - documentaries
EME - science
Fanlight Productions - health, mental health, disabilities, gerontology
Filmakers Library - psych, soc, anthro, women's studies, multicult
Films for the Humanities & Sciences
FilmWest - educational videos
First Light Video Publishing - videos for the media arts
First Run/Icarus Films - documentaries, independent
Frameline - sexuality, gender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender
Home Vision - foreign, independent, cultural documentaries
Insight Media - educational videos
Instructional Video - educational, documentaries, special interest, PPR
Journeyman Pictures - topical news features & documentaries
Kultur International - opera, ballet, dance, music, art, literature, history
Landmark Media - educational videos
Latin American Video Archives
Library Video Company - educational videos
Media Education - media, gender, race
MediaSleuth - educational videos, dvds, cdroms, audio
NAATA - National Asian American Telecomm Assoc
National Film Board of Canada - documentaries & educational
New Day Films - independent, educational, social issues
New Dimension Media - Discovery, TLC, History Channel, Travel, PBS
New Video - documentaries, A&E, History Channel, TV series, NBC
Paper Tiger - documentaries, activism, media, culture, politics
Pyramid Media - educational short films & videos
Sleeping Giant Producations - documentaries, activism
Teaching Company
Terra Nova Films - aging related issues
Third World Newsreel - people of color & developing nations
Video Activist Network - documentaries, activism
Video Project - environment, science, social studies
Vision Maker - Native American video
WGBH Boston Video - WGBH programs on video & dvd
Women Make Movies - independent videos by & about women
World Almanac Video - reference, educational, documentaries
feature:foreign:independ video
Barnes & Noble
Big Emma's - used, hard-to-find dvds & laserdiscs
Buy Indies - independent, educational & hard-to find films
Cinema Guild
Criterion Collection - restored, enhanced dvds
Deep Discount DVD
DV&A - out-of-print, hard-to-find videos
Facets - foreign, classic, cult, art, hard-to-find
Kino - foreign, classics & cult
Lasersedge - dvds & latest formats
Midwest Tape - library oriented
Milestone Films - classic & art films
Movies Unlimited
National Video Resources - independent
New York Film Annex - foreign, cult, avant-garde, silent
New Yorker Films - classic, foreign, independent
Send Me Movies - hard-to-find
Silent Screen Movie Classics
Starship Industries' Laser & DVD - used, hard-to-find
Video Search of Miami - cult, exploitation, bizarre
Video Universe - many TDK opera/ballet
Yahoo! Video Shopping - consumer, some educational
Zeitgeist Films - foreign, independent, documentaries

Amazon zShops - used, out-of-print, hard-to-find
Cinema Laser - many dvd & laserdisc sources
DocuSeek Film & Video Finder - search several distributors
UCB Media Resource Center Video Distributor Database
Video Librarian Distributors Search Engine
Yahoo DVD Retailers
Yahoo Video Retailers

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