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x Crochet Patterns
Crochet Granny Handbag
#2 crochet hook case
3 D rosebud
address book cover
adjustable book cover
another hook case
baby book cover
Bible Cover
book tote
cat in the hat ..hat
craddle purse (cuddly)
cradle purse
crochet hook case
Crochet Stuff
crochet tools case
Diagonally Crocheted Potholder
Gramma's Halloween Crochet
long hook case
magic square picture only
magic square text only
New Testament Cover
patterms for men(suspenders)
raggedy ann and andy
round ripple baby blanket
Shell Stitch Bile Cover
super easy mittens
Tigger's Hook Holder

x tawashis (scrubbie)
links to help
2 links to help
3 links to help
4 links to help
Japanese site
Judith's Interpretation of a Japanese Crochet Scrubbie
knit tawashi..pdf

x Scrubbies
5 petal scrubbie
Angel scrubber
another scrubber
Brenda's scrubber
octopus scrubber
pot scrubber
scrubbie (PDF)

x water bottle holders
All Fiber Arts..Crochet
All Free Crafts-crochet
By The Hokk crochet
Crochet Partners
Crochet Sal's Cover
HJS Studio..knit
knit water bottle tote
Lana Knits
Sutty Girl..Crochet

x kitchen things

x afghan

x baby & kids things

x wearables

x home decor

x Men's Items

x Holidays & Seanonal

x Flip Flop decorating
Crafty Flip Flops
knitty patterns
Marlo's Flip Flops
thong sandals

x Sandals
barefoot sandals (archived)
barefoot sandals set
Barefoot Sandals...Berroco
Barefoot Sandals...Lewiscraft
Barefoot Sandals...Ruby's Bead Work
barefoot sandals..bead rangler
Barefoot Sandals..Bella
Barefoot Sandals..Crochet Pattern Central
x Knitting Patterns
elvis wig
girl and boy dolls
Leaf Pile Hat

x Leg Warmer Patterns
aspen leg warmers..knit
childs crochet legwarmers
childs knit leg warmers
crochet leg warmers
crochet leg warmers
fun fur knit leg warmers
knit leg warmers
knit leg warmers
knit leg warmers
knit leg warmers
knit leg warmers
knit rainbow leg warmers
knitty leg warmers
learn to knit leg warmers

x Crochet & Knit PDF Patterns
Belle Felted Handbag..knit
x Links
Wayback Machine
Amber Alert Web Site
book gem bookholder
calculate meters etc.. to inches etc..
cloud eight free stationery etc.. for e-mail
Create a Blog
Free Animated Graphics
Makle Liks Shorter
on line spell checker
red pony beads
victorian rubber stamps
zip code look up

x Vintage Patterns for Knit & Cr

x Blogs
crochet angel
Crochey By the Hook (good patterns)
Dandy's Crochet(sponge buddy patterns)
Heidi's Knitting Room
Neophite Knitter
Panet Joni
Phoebe's Knitting
Teresa's Thoughts
wooly thoughts
Yarn Wench

x Knit & Crochet Pages
All Fiber Arts
Ample Crocheters
Aunt Bea's Crochet
Baby Knits
Ben Franklin's projects
Carrot Patch Crochet
Celt's Vintage Treasures
Chez Crochet
Coats & Clark - Fun & Free - Yarns - Knitting & Crochet
CRAFT YARN COUNCIL OF AMERICA - Free Projects of the Month
CraftinGranny's Calendar
Crochet bythehook
Crochet Cabana
Crochet File Box(old mac donald pattern here)
Crochet Galery
Crochet Graphs
Crochet Me
Crochet Me
Crochet Pattern Central - See What's New
crochet to save
Crochet Treasues Free Patterns
Crochet with Dee
Daily Knitter
Dayna's Crochet
Discount Yarn Website
Faery Crafty ponchos
Fem Knits
Free Crochet Patterns
Free Knitting Patterns (opal)
Grandma's Hookery
Hello Yarn free patterns
Irene's Crochet
Jennifer Downunder
Kim's Links
Knitted Foods
knitting at sullivans
knitting on the net
Knitting Pattern Central
Knitting Patterns at
knitting; free patterns for begginers
Kris' Krochet Korner - Free crochet patterns
Lorraine Major
Magenta Lizard
Marlo's Crochet
note worthy patterns
novelty knitting patterns
Potholder Lady
Pricilla's Crochet
Pricilla's Crochet
Rainy Day Crochet
Rebvecca On Line
Royal Yarns Free Patterns
Sarah's knitting
Sarah's knitting
Sheila's Hangout Crochet Patterns
smart yarns patterns
Stitch Guide
STRAW.COM Table of Contents
Susan's Patterns
The Thinking Knitter
Web's Free Patterns
wrights holiday projects

x Crochet & Knit ;Tips,Info&Char
ABC's of Knitting
crochet a circle
Crochet Motifs
Design your"own" Charts & More
FiberLink (Top Page)
granny square
how to knit rick rack
i village
Japenese pattern help
knit stitch glossary
knit tips
knit with 2 circular needles
knit with1 circular needle
knitter's graph paper to print
knitting rectangles
language translation for needle work
Make Your Own Crochet Hooks
russian join
Size Charts for Big Men's Tops
sock calculator
Sock Knitting Tips (PDF)
symbol crochet
The Magic Formula(creating patterns)
Various Tips
x soaker links
Baby Ensemble = baby sweater, hat, pants, knit baby pattern
Baby Rompers
Cyborgoddess's Slip Stitch Pass (ssp) November 2003 Archives
Free Knitting Soaker Pattern
Frugal Baby Tips - Make Your Own Baby Bum Sweaters
Knitting Soakers
rollled edge crocheted soaker
soakers from The Frugal Baby Pattern ...
Tickle Turdle Wool Wraps

x Charity Patterns
Hearts of Gold Baby Patterns
P2 Designs

x Teddy Bear & Doll Clothes

10 inch bear sweater
12 inch bear sweater
15 inch bear sweater
And Another
More Teddy
seamless sweater
teddy bear and doll patterns
Teddy Sweater

x Crochet sites

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