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x DC Forums
Chatting in Louisiana
DCP Blogs
DCP Community
DCP Forums
Drum Corps USA
Listening CD
Madison Scouts Forum
My Blog Stuff
R.A.M.D. faq
Soundmachine Forum
The Session: Discussions - Accidental performance.... honest!
The Session: Discussions - Physical limitations
VK Youth Arts Forum

x Drum Corps
**Internet Drum Corps Radio
Brass Resources
bugle finger chart pdf
Buglers Scarce for Veterans' Funerals
Bugles Across America
Camp Check List
Dave Sherry's Links
DC Repertoire Database
DC World Auction
DCI Live!
DCI Pics
DCI Season Pass
DCP Forums > Bugle Fingering chart
DCP News - Photo Gallery
Drum & Bugle Corps of North America
Drum and Bugle
Drum Corps and More
drum corps planet
drum corps videos
Drum Corps Wallpapers
Drum Corps World
Drum Majors.COM Disjointed
Dynasty Fingering Chart
FAQ Index
Finger Lakes Bugle Across Am. Echo Taps
From The Press Box
History of the bugle
Instrument / Uni Leasing
Jarrand Associates
Jolesch Photography
Magic! fundraiser
Marching Arts Directory Links and
Monroe Show
MusicMoz - Drum and Bugle Corp
Percussion Parking Lot
Plate Line - the website
Sunrisers 2-valve_chart.pdf
Tour Packing List
Vic Firth DC Pics
What is Drum Corps
WORLD OF PAGEANTRY Newspaper for Marching
Zingali Memorial Fund

(DCA) Drum Corps Associates
2001_Lame Snappets
Alliance, Atlanta
Bayou City Blues Senior
Bushwackers Drum Corps
Chicago Royal Airs
Chops Inc. - Drum Corps and More!
CorpsVets Home Page
Excelsior, Troy, NY
Frontier of Dallas, TX
Greater New Orleans Drum Corps Association
Jackson Generals
Kilties Drum and Bugle Corps
Kilties store
Mini Corps Associates
Minnesota Brass Inc.
Music City Legend - Nashville
Pacific Legend, near Scramento, CA
Prime Time Brass
Reading Buccaneers
Renegades Sr. Drum & Bugle Corps
Renegades TNT Sound Files
River City Regiment
River City Regiment pdf
Syracuse Brigadiers
Tremendous Blast

x People in DC
Adventure Through Life- By Devin
Anywhere But Here
Argonaut, DCP
Bean Man
Becky Novac - How to save time
Becky Novac - Passing it on
Brenda Novac - Traditions make drum corps complete
Brian Jumpin2Drums GNO DCA
Bruces Place!
Buglers Hall of Fame
CabsMello03 (Laura Michele' Stevens)
Calvin, DCP Pit'OEvil
Drew Tucker, Magic Perc Staff
Drum Corps History
Ed Boxer's LEGOŽ Creations
Eddie / bari_benzo
Gordon 'Sluggo' Valentine
James, DCP greased_up_deaf_guy
James, greased_up_deaf_guy
Jason Lowe
Jason Lowe (Am, Spirit, CV)
Jeff (DCP, Freelancer)Ophir Prison Marching Kazoo Band & Temperance Society
kevingamin Week N Corps podcast
Key Poulan Music
Lee Rudnicki, Renagades
Matt's Office
mistress kelli 7
Moe Knox - Photographer
Nikk Nakks
Power & Fusion (David W. Emmond)
Raymond Boucher, Scout, '62-05
Rich & Sandi Kleinman '76 finals article
Sergio Musicman1084
Steve Burstall
stiggy's Xanga Site cached
Terry - DCP - Cadets Webmoirs
The Diva Pages!
the greatness of Division III by Chris Wiza
Tony Royster Jr. Official Homepage - drummer, artist, musician
Trooper Meets BD at HS
Warrior Page

x DC Fantasy
Albion Argonauts
Cirque Du Soleil Cadets - Matt Briddell
Golden Bear Drum Corps - Matt Briddell
Kadence - Matt Briddell
Knights of Valor
Kosmos - Matt Briddell
Lake Woebegon Crusaders -> Matt Briddell
Overdrive - Matt Briddell
Patomac River Knights - Matt Briddell
Roselle Park Conquistadors
SE Michigan Music Consortium
St. Pete Sound - Matt Briddell
Star of Hawaii - Matt Briddell
Tri-Color, Emerald Regime, and Silver Knights
Warrensburg Rebels

x Overseas DC
Blue Diamonds DBC, Germany
DC Japan Org
Drum Corps United Kingdom
Scottish Drum Corps Alumni Association
Senators Drum & Bugle Corps - Eastleigh, Hampshire, England
Siamyth, Tiland
World DC Hall of Fame

Arazona Academy
Atlantic Guardian
Atlantic Guardian Drum Corps, Portland, ME
Blue Devils
Blue Devils
blue saints, Canada
Carolina Crown
Carolina Crown - Tour 2000
Crossmen Alumni Association
Current DCI Standings
DCI 2-3 Community
DCI Rankings
East Coast Jazz
Fever Drum and Bugle Corps
First pit performer & birth of the pit
Flickr: The Drum Corps Pics
Garfield & Crossmen Gateway
Great Plains Regiment, Great Plains Regiment, Kearney, NE
Hottie of the Month Cached
Hypnotix Performance Groups
Long Island Bluejays jr Drum and Bugle Corps
Madison Scouts
Marion Cadets Drum Corps, Marion, Ohio
New York Skyliners Drum Corps
Northern Light
Old vs. New
Phantom Regiment 2000 Pics
Pioneer pictures in pool
Renaissance, York, PA
Santa Clara Vanguard
Silver Sabres, Salina, KS
Soundmachine DCI Photos
Summit Drum Corps - Reno, NV
The Cavaliers
Troopers Scanned Old Drill
VK Opening

x Folded Corps
27th Lancers
Blast (Star of IN)
Blue Rock folded @ 1971
De La Salle Oakland Crusaders Alumni
Inactive Drum Corps
Kilties Jr. Alumni
Lehigh Valley Knights
Munson's California Drum Corps Scrapbook
North Star, North Shore, MA
Racine Old Pics
The Official Unofficial VK Alumni Web Site
VK History
xKingsmen Alumni Association (Anahiem)
Yahoo! Groups : Railmen
x Other Bookmarks
Computers, Shopping, Media
Lab Home Page
Natalbany Elementary Links
Searches, Academics, and Travel (not_g)
Yahoo! Bookmarks (Newbie)

Art 101
Art History 111 Imagebase
Exeter Riddles from BoKells

Flump's Humble Ascii Home

x Mom's Grabs
A&E Find
Aesop's Fables Contents
American Textbook Council
Australian Didgeridoos and Aboriginal Art
calculator-in-the-URL: reference
Coded Slave Songs - COELACANTH
GL Highlander Band
Holocaust History Project
Mr.C's Educational Links
MythHome: Greek Gods and Their Associates
Mythography Greek Gods and Goddesses
Netiquette Home Page
Quotation Marks
Rolf Harris: Entrance
The Clock
Understanding Evolution

What is a MUSH? -- Idyll Mountain Internet

x Jennifer Nation States
Jennifer Government: NationStates
Nationstates GDP Calculator
Nationstates GDP Calculator
NSEconomy Calculator
NSwiki: encyclopedia
Regional Census
Sunset Statitics Calculator

x Humor/Jokes!
Free Computer Graphics
Haiku @ high-tech
Hobbits to Isengard Video
Humor & Jokes
Instrument Jokes
Musician Jokes -
What is the longest English word?

x Comics
Born Loser Archive
Computer Geek Nutrition
Dilbert Archives
Drabble Archive
Over the Hedge
Reality Check Archive
Robotman Archive
UserFriendly Archive
UserFriendly In Same Position
UserFriendly MS Works
UserFriendly Wargames

x Games
Puzzle Depot
The Chronicles of Narnia: LW&W Movie
Three-dimensional chess - Memory Alpha - A Wikia wiki

x Miscellaneous
Better Business Bureau
Cats Pajamas!!Vintage Clothing & Accessories!
CIA Homepage for Kids
Clan Crest Jewelry Items
Coats of Arms (Family Crests) & Surname Histories
Copyright & Fair Use
Corkboard Screen Saver
Costumer's Manifesto - info & links
Cows On Parade
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
Dan's Garden Shop Info
Distributed Proofreaders
DogGone Pet Travel
Family Crest, Coat of Arms
Famous Quotes, Sayings and Proverbs - 54,000 Great Quotes
First They Came for the Jews
Free fonts for download organized by typeface style - Desktop Publishing
Freemasonry - More information...
Frugal Shopper Hints and Tips
Glossary of Poetic Terms
Google Search: adelphopoiia
Halloween History Customs & Folklore
Hamilton Clan Symbols
Independence Day
Independence Day on the Net - Welcome
Ken Benetiez's News
Larry Freeman's Calendar Origins Page
Lexicon of Greek Personal Names
Lightening Strike Actions
Maps of the United States
National Archives
National Database of Nonprofit Organizations
NSDAR Home Page
Official Petticoat Junction Web Site
Pearl's Pad
Ponchatoula HS Alumni
Quotations Page
Quotes Quotations Sayings Proverbs - QuoteMountain Famous Quotes
Reading With Rover
remedi Art project
Sandra Hill Viking Books
ScotClans - Scottish Clans, Tartans, Kilts and Shopping
Simon & Schuster: Star Trek Novels
Take Back The Memorial
US Archives Digital Class
UserFriendly NT needs RAM
Viki's Mousepad
Wedding & Ceremony Vows
Weird Pics
Welcome to the Girl Scout Council of Southeast Louisiana
Word Detective
Yahoo! GeoCities File Manager
x Star Trek
babelcon (BR, LA)
Campground for MS Con
iTrek Shirts
Jackson Con May 4-5
Nemesis Pictorial Plot Synopsis
SFI Region 3 (LA / TX)
ST Online EtherPad
Star Trek Minutiae
Star Trek Services
Star Trek Soundtracks
Star Trek Store
Star Trek: Phase II Home Page
STARFLEET Fiction Archive
STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.
The Starfleet Museum
TOS Remastered Comparison
Trek Movie Report
TrekMUSE - TOSWiki

x Diabetes
AccuCheck Carb Counter
Carb Counter .org
Carbs in Food - Glycemic Index
Medical records on a USB drive
MedicTag USB Drive
No Hair Day
Piccadilly Nutrition
The Glycemic Index
ZDNet Review USB MediTags

x Irish Lyrics
Folk Song Lyrics & Sheet Music
Irish Folk Songs
RenFest Music Podcast
Western U S Pipe Band Assc Music List

x Clip Art
Art History Resources for Students, Enthusiasts, and Educators
Cable Forum - Smilies
Canonical Smiley List
Collection of free animated smilies
Emoticons & Smilies
Internet Smileys.... ^_^
Mapie's Smileys Smileys, Emoticons
nV News Forums - Smilies
Smiley Galleries
Star Trek Smileys, Emoticons and Symbols
Themed Fonts Movie and Music
Trekkers Norge Community - Smilier
Web Clip Art

x Local
BFHS New Orleans Links
Charter - Home
i-55 Internet Services
IDIC RFL Team Page Everything New Orleans
Secretary of State - 147
The Daily Star
Tiger Country 100.7 - Local
WRBH Home Page

x Bond / CD
Brill's Mutual Funds Interactive
I Bond vs. EE Bond Comparison Chart
Investing for Beginners (
Rio Grande Deposit & Loan Services
Women and Pensions

x SLU Pages
Sims Memorial Library
SLU Search Page
Welcome to SLU

x Music
Archive of Misheard Lyrics
Bagpipe Bands in Canada
Bernstien's Candide
Blind Boys of Alabama
Brass Band Reference - Vintage pictures
DEG Horns
Dot Books
Dove's Dynamic Drummers
Everything But The Show! - charts
Field Artist Software
Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band
International Trombone Association
International Trombone Festival Stars & Stripes
Irish & Celtic Music of New Orleans
Kanstul Instruments
Loara Band
Mudcat MIDIs
Northern Ireland Classical solution to anti-social behaviour
Novelty Songs from the 50's and 60's
Original BigBands Database Plus Home Page
Second Generation Brit Band
Singing News Mag
Sound Machine, Inland Empire Youth Band
The creation of musical scales, part I
The Ruppes - Sou. Gospel
things that don't exist Lyrics
things that don't exist Song
Toney Brothers Quartet
Vic Firth
Warp 11 Rock Band

x Mississippi
MS Gov & Public Service Sites

x D O
at Virginia Tech
Delta Iota Chapter
Delta Omicron
Gamma Kappa
Gamma Xi
Whistle Winter 2005

x 404 Pages
Research Lab
Send Coffee

x Time Wasters
1000 Bar Journey
Birthday Calculator
Buck Rogers
Camera Pinholers Gallery
Death Clock
Digital Village
dMarie Time Capsule
Doors Game
Dorothy L Sayers Society
Electric Clay
Geek Squad Absentee Excuse
Hapland 2
Hapland 2 Background
JigZone puzzle
Kinda-Sorta-Celtic Quillow
LoC This Day in Hist
Louisiana FM- live via internet!
Nerdman Show
Odyssey Game - Choose your character
Pop Quiz: ''Star Wars''
Portible Portifolio
Quillow Instructions
Quillow Instructions
Realm of Redheads
Senseless Venn Diagrams
Things That Don't Exist
Tongue Twister Database
TV Guide Online-Greatest commercials
Unclaimed Baggage Center
Urban Legends and Folklore
Worst Movies on Earth - Psychology Tests
Yahoo! Help - Fantasy Careers Contest
x Travel

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