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You can learn about Kid's mental health issues, and the educational rights that any child with special educational needs and their parents have. It could be entitled Parent Advocate just as easily.
Parenting How to:
D&A Resources
50 ways to show you care
10 Things- Parents Can Do to prevent Eating Disorders

PA Websites
Why do I want an MA Loophole?
Parent Involved Network
PA Juvenile Justice Act
PA Dept of ED BECs
License Verification- problems
Apply here for Medical Assistance for your Child

PA Organizations

Professional org
US prevention and treatment

NZ photos
NZ backgrounds
Email Providers
yahoo : Control Center

Berks Organizations
United Way of Berks orgs.
Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Berks Autism
Berks ARC
BC IU #14

Disciplinary Issues
Cordero Class Cases

Casemanagement matrix

Berks County Schools
Distance Lrng. Keystone
Berks Schools Compare/Contrast

School District Residency
Living with an adult not parent
How to substantiate residency guidelines.

Self Injurious Behavior
Self injurious behavior facts
Child Advocacy
Val budapest
Organized School Records
Med assistance
Berks IU SDs
Berks Autism

MH IEP, Strategies
How to handle aggressive incident.
How to do a Functional Behavioral Assessment

Education Law
Wright's Spec. Ed Law
ReedMartin Spec Ed Home page
Ed Law Center of PA
Ed Law Center (copy book)
Council for Exeptional Children
Autism law
Attorneys and Advocates

Special Ed Topics
Understanding 504 Plans
parent 504 rights
Manifestion Determination
Inclusion with peers
IEP / 504 Plan ? Differences?
Child residing with an adult other than parent.
504 sample plan -Diabetes
504 Plan - ADD -Some elements
504 Plan Who is Eligible?
504 site JD
504 Formal Request
Online Asperger Syndrome Info
Assistive Technology library

Political Advocacy
City of Reading

Eating Disorders
Renfrew Center
National Eating Disorders Assn.
Index of Eating Disorder issues
Eating Disorders table of contents

Berks MHMR Providers
Youth Advocate Program
Service Access Management SAM
Friend, Inc.
Family Guidance Center
Creative Health Services
Children's Home of Reading

Juvenile Justice System
When your child is behind Bars
Checking Up on Juv. Justice Facilities
ADD resources

Mental Health Disorders
Tourette Syndrome
Teaching Strategies for ADD
SOS firesetter programs PA
Some Add Positives
Self Injurious Behavior SIB
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD
NMHA - fact sheets
Medications for Kids (psycho-active)
Facts for Families- Disorders
Ideas for behavior problems

Behavioral Medicine
Motivate Healthy Habits
Internet Mental Health
Friday's Progress Notes
Centre for Evidence Based Mental Health
Brain Facts
Behavioral & Mental Disorders - Karolinska

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