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x table of contents
Table of Contents
history of american presbyterianism
graph-Presbyterian Family connections

x study list
Creation Science and Christianity at
TOC at freebooks
Christianity & Liberalism
Hearts and Minds: Written Articles
Faith of Our Fathers - Religion in America
Godfrey on worship
Walbash Center- ll on Protestantism
Old Light on the New Side
The Politicization of Doctrine-Why it Happens - at
Const Hist PCUSA
New Neutralism II
The Illumination of the Holy Spirit & Theological Traditionalism
The Decline of American Presbyterianism
A Bibliography for Reading in Presbyterian Church History
Briggs Trial
The First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York
The History of the Higher Criticism
Index ofHistoric Presbyterian Documents
Presbyterian Conflict
Death of a Church
The Apostolic Church
presbyterians in america, graph
x introduction
History of American Presbyterianism, class notes 1
PCA Historical Center: What Is Presbyterianism? by Charles Hodge
Two Views of History

x creeds
PCA Historical Center: Resources - A Topical Guide to the Colllections and Holdi
2 Utility and Importance of Creeds and Confessions
Biblical and Pastoral Basis for Creeds and Confessions | The Reformed Reader
Reformed Confessions and Catechisms
Richard Muller on Confessing the Reformed Faith
The Westminster Confession of Faith - Main Page
A Plea for Creeds
The Creeds and Confessions of Christendom
Broad Churchism
Part 3, Chapter 11, Systematic Theology, Charles Hodge
Are Creeds Necessary?
The Westminster Confession of Faith - Main Page - Fallacies in the New Angle on Revised Subscriptionism - An Unspoken Speech
Convocation Presentations - 29th General Assembly
A Sixth Sola? - Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, Inc
Biblical and Pastoral Basis for Creeds and Confessions | The Reformed Reader
The Word of God and
x aftermath of the civil war
In Communion � American-Christian Theology and Support for War

x Union of 1801
The Plan of Union
The Journal of Presbyterian History - Is Christ Divided?

The James Begg Society

x New School vs Old School split
PHS - Timeline
Hist New School
The Reunion of 1869
Old School Theology
Act and Testimony [1839]
x civil war
Religion in the Civil War: The Northern Side - The Nineteenth Century - Divining
Learning the Lessons of Slavery By William E. Hull - Issue 043 p. 05
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Southern Slavery
Making of America Books
The Schism of 1861
McGreevy paper page 2
Religion and the American Civil War
x subscription
No Job Name
Presbyterian Witness
Examination Questions for Pastor Douglas Wilson
Issue 13-1 Final RSG
OPC General Assembly
PCA Talent Sent to U. S. Senate
OPC General Assembly
Issue 13-1 Final RSG
x current issues
The US Civil War as a Theological War: Confederate Christian Nationalism and the

x new discussion groups
Tek-Tips Forums
American Scientific Affiliation Forums :: Index - phpBB hacks, mods, templates, downloads, support and much more!
aBlazeNet - Online Christian Community and Chat Network
PHP-Blogger - A free php weblog script for sharing news, pictures and slideshows - Preface

x The PCA
Message to All Churches (7 December 1973)

x reading lists
Content Pages of the Encyclopedia of Religion and Social Science
what is presbyterianism? by Charles Hodge

x purity peace unity

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