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Welcome .. I do hope you can use the links on this page. If there are links you think I may find interesting, please email them to me at the email address listed on this page. Until later .. Richard
x News
Wren's Nest News

x Beginner's Guides
Beginner's Guide (MoonRaven)
Christianity & Earth Spirituality
Elements & Magick
Finding a Teacher or Coven
Free Guidance Course
Introduction to Wicca
Principles of the Wiccan Belief
The Realm of White Magic
Where to Begin
Witchcraft 101
x Online Book of Shadows
Raven Silverwing [Jeannette]

x Wicca
Love Spell #3
The Celtic Connection
The Witches' Voice
Wish Craft
Wyld Wytches Web

x Magick

x Candle Magick
Cutting Candle Costs
Norton's Imperium
RoseWood Glade
x Personal Sites
Mary's Child
TCWP [Rawna Moon]
The Christian Witch [Kristen]

x Reading Lists

x Fiction
Starlight's Book List
Suggested Reading (Xtian Wicca)

x Covens/Groups
Church of Universal Eclectic Wicca
Coven of the Far Flung Net
The Gnostic Society

x Chat & Forums
Yahoo! Clubs: christianwitch
Yahoo! Groups: thechristianwitch

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