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the sites that are linked to this page are chiefly of the things i find important - and a few that I wholeheartedly disagree with. This page doesn't have an might help you make up your own mind. This page will be continually updated
x Veg recipes
Hookery Cookery Vegetarian Recipes
The Veggie Table
Veg web
International Vegetarian Union
Indian Vegetarian Recipes
Ashy's Vegetarian Recipes
Vegan Fusion
Filipino Vegetarian Recipes
Veg Paradise

x Thoughts and views
Powerful Intentions
x Vegetarianism
101 reasons to be veggie
Vegetarian Resource Group
All info about vegetarianism
Veg source
Happy Cow
Susan V's veggie page
The Vegetarian Channel
Compassion over Killing

x Veganism
Vegan Peace

x Fair trade and sweatshops
Just site
x Activism
The Hunger Site
Anita Roddick
Act Now

x animal rescue
DCH animal Adoptions
Cat Match
Doggie Rescue
x Sustainable living
Enrivrolink Network

x books
1001 books to read before you die
x Other side of the coin - make
Why I'm giving up vegetarianism

x Tidbits
The quotations page

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