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I am a high school science teacher and am always looking for ways to make my class more effective and FUN!
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Northeastern Ilinois University
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I-1A5- Analyze the structure and function of words in context.
J-1A1. Analyze and interpret specialized vocabulary/terminology
I-1A3. Apply knowledge of roots and affixes to comprehend the meaning of unfamil
I-1A7. Interpret American Idiomsto Strengthen Composition.
G-1A1. Use prefixes, suffixes, and root words to understand word meanings
I-1A2-Use similies to extend vocabulary developments.
I-1A4-Identify and analyze the meanings of of specialized vocabulary/terminology
F-1B9. Demonstrate understanding of structure through the use of graphic organiz
G-1B8- Apply self-monitoring techniques and adjust rate to increase comprehensio
G-1A4- Recall multiple meanings of a word in context using denotaion and connota

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