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x Kindergarten
Learn to Read at Starfall - teaching comprehension and phonics
Sesame Street - Games
Math Games
Dynamo - The Den Math & Time Games
Subtraction Game; Grades K,1,3
Characters - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8 Kids and Teachers
Tic Tac Toe
Printable Books for Early to Fluent Readers:
K-3 Themes
Letter and Alphabet Activities at
Writing Letters and Numbers:
Lotto Bingo

x Online Tours
National Gallery of Art
Florida Vacation - Kid Friendly Vacation - Orlando Vacation : Kennedy Space Cent
United Nations Cyberschoolbus
The Bubblesphere
Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens
Monticello: The Home of Thomas Jefferson
Jamestown Rediscovery
The United States Capitol: An Overview of the Building and Its Function
Washington Monument National Monument - Washington Monument National Monument (U
Lincoln Memorial National Memorial - Lincoln Memorial National Memorial (U.S. Na
Arlington National Cemetery:: Photo Gallery_Above Scenes
National Archives
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Homepage
National Museum of Natural History NMNH
National Zoo| FONZ
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
StarChild: Astronomers
NASA - Home

x Cox's Music
Roanoke College Choir
Music Match
Roanoke Symphony Orchestra
Welcome to SFSKIDS
Funschool - Boomthang
Funschool - Kazounds
Funschool - Fred Penner Juke Box
Music For All Foundation
Vic Firth Salutes DCI 2006
Music - : Save the Music - donate, education, classroom lessons
Music Theory
Label the C Major Scale (Printout) -
Roanoke College Choir
Welcome to GRAMMY In The Schools - GRAMMY Foundation
x 1st Grade Reading/Language Ar
*Contraction Practice
main idea
* TEAM TIME- ABC order- game show
*What's the Missing Word
Parrot the Word
high frequency words
word magnets, short a
* suffix -ed and -ing
*What's in the Bag
*Story Scramble
Read, write and think
1. ABC order
Test Tutor
*a-e- Ice Cream Cake Poem
* silent e
* Long vowel match
Grammar Gold
Reading Skills Rocket
-er, -est
*Starfall - teaching comprehension and phonics
3. Finding Details
prefix catch game - Rooting Out Words
Mad Libs
Grammar Game- nouns and verbs
Editing Game
Maggie's Earth Adventures-prefixes and suffixes
Word Endings
Don't Use Said in Oyur Writing
Turning Statements into Questions
Word Works -Prefix and Suffix Game
Roots & Prefixes
prefix match
suffix match
crystal castle-prefixes game
Word Origins SOL 4.3c (Roots words)
Prefix, Root, and Suffix
Root words game
Writing with Writers: Poetry
Fish Tanks-sufixes,prefixes

x Social Studies
My World
*The First Thanksgiving
* Social studies posters

x Math
Cool math 4 kids - math games, math puzzles, math lessons - designed for kids an
*go kart math
*fact families
2. Fractions- cross the river
*bug addition
addition/subtraction games
* number line practice
*ghost blasters- addition
*ghost number sequencing
* Ordinal Numbers
math video clips
graph video
measuring time video clip
estimation video clip
patterns video clip
one half video clip
money video clip
place value
subtraction with regrouping- practice
*match number sentences to pictures
Word Problems
Guess the Number
Mathematics Test Prep Practice
double digit addition practice
double digit addition lesson
double digit subtraction lesson
double digit subtraction practice
Shape Patterns
Number Patterns
addition with regrouping-lesson
addition with regrouping - practice
subtraction with regrouping- lesson
sorting video clip
x Social Studies 2nd
Ancient Chinese Music
Drippy the raindrop - To the mountains and back
Hieroglyphs Home
Egypt site for Kids, with many resources for education and fun
CyberJourney To Egypt - Guardian's Egypt
Ancient Egypt Webquest, Find information about Ancient Egypt
Mummies of Ancient Egypt
Mummy Quiz
Akhet Egyptology
Egyptomania Quiz
The Great Wall of China - 360-degree Virtual Tour, Simatai
Giant Pandas at the National Zoo - National Zoo| FONZ
NMA - Interactive - The Water Cycle
Water Cycle
Quia - Citizenship
Egypt - Quiz

x Native Americans
Native Americans Quiz
American Indians and their Environment
Native Americans

x Geography
World Continents Quizzes - Fun Map Games

x Economics
Quia - Economics Quiz SOL
Economic Games
Quia - Economics Terms
Quia - Economics Millionaire

x Science
Second Grade Science Jeopardy
Habitats Gamw
Magnets Millionaire Game
Magnets and Springs
Cloud Clues
Droplet and the Water Cycle Game

x 2nd Grade Math - Second Grade Math Lessons
Quia - Counting Change
$pending $pree
Multiple Choice
Second Grade Skills - interactive sites
Subtraction Game; Grades K,1,3
Place Values
Cross the River
x Social Studies 3rd
BBC - Schools - Ancient Greece Cartoon Classics
Civilizations: Greece and Rome
Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
Ancient Rome
Ben's Guide: Branches of Government (3-5)
Ancient Greece for Kids!
Ancient Greece - history, mythology, art, culture and architecture.
The Ancient Olympics
Ancient Rome - Crystalinks
African Odyssey Arts and Education Resources--Introduction to African History an
Mali: Geography and History
Mali Breakout - Geography
Mali to Mecca Introduction and Index
Malian Magic - Journey to Mali, West Africa
African Songs, Chants, and Games
An Introduction to Mali
Continents and Oceans Hangman
Mali Millionaire Game
Economics Game

x Reading 3rd
A Stitch In Time! A WebQuest on Quilting Traditions
Quest for the Golden Ticket

x Science 3rd
Phases of the Moon
How Animals Protect Themselves from Predators
Mammals Quiz
Magic School Bus Habitat Game
science video clips
*matter video clip
* what causes night and day video clip
force video clip
seasons video clip
Animal needs video clip
Phases of The Moon
Edheads - Simple Machines Activities - Lever - Pulley - Wedge - Screw - Inclined
NASA - NASA Kids' Club Home Page
Earth Layers
x Social Studies 4th
Jamestown 2007 - Online Adventure Games for Kids
Blank Map of Virginia
Jamestown 2007 - Online Adventure Games for Kids
Interactive Jamestown Settlement Game: Can you Survive?
Virtual Jamestown
Powhatan Indian Village
Jamestown and the First Virginians
SOL Game Mania!!!!
4th & 5th Grade Science Games and Activities
Fossil Fuels -- What are they? Find out more about coal, oil, natural gas and fo
Welcome to EcoKids! Games, activities, printable pages and information for kids
Quia - Multiple Meaning Word Finder
Lots of VA Studies GAMES!
First Hand Accounts and Diaries of Jamestown
Virtual Jamestown
Videos of Early American Tools
People of Williamsburg
Colonial Historic Sites and Buildings
Colonial Williamsburg Trades
A Day in the Life -- Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg Video Clips
Colonial Williamsburg-Dress the Part
Quia - Virginia Studies Practice SOL Test
Dress Up - Clothing from the Past
Crossword: Virginia History, Economics, and Civics Questions
Interactive Maps of Jamestown
History and Reading Interactive Game
Liberty's Kids

x SOL Preparation and Practice
Study Island
I.Q. - Grade 4 Interactive Quizzes
Quia - Virginia Studies Practice SOL Test

x Reading 4th
Author's Purpose
Quia - Multiple Meaning Jeopardy
Dino Hunter Dictionary Skill Game
The Learning Site- Harcourt
Multiple Meaning Words SOL4.3
Homonyms game
Reading Online Test
Quia - Synonym Matching Games, Level 2
Comprehension Interactive Game
Fish Tanks Game-prefix, base, and suffix
Context Clues Cow Game
Field Trip Adventure- Synonyms
BookAdventure-FREE Book Club
National Geographic Online Adventures
Online Tutorials

x Math 4th
Leap4Fun - 4th Grade Interactive Math
Math Mayhem
Multiplication Game
Number Cracker Game
x Virigina History
Our Social Studies book
Jamestown Adventure
Famous Virginians
History Detectives Kids . Home | PBS Kids
VA facts
Liberty's Kids
US Geography Quizzes - Fun Map Games
White House Kids Home Page

x Reading 5th
Sharon Creech
poet research
Walter Dean Myers
The Cay Online Activities
Walter Dean Myers
Words and WordPlay
Find a Book for Me!
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Into the Wardrobe
MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries
Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature
more poets to research

x Math 5th
Multiplication Mystery
For Teachers - Cool Math Problems
The Factor Game
Cyberchase Games
Simplifying Fractions
Math Games and Puzzles
Mathematicians are People Too
Figure This!
Make Your Own Math
Geometry Definitions - Measurement game
Elementary Sites
Shape Explorer
Measuring Angles
A Math Dictionary for Kids
Purplemath (Algebra Resource)
Fractions Review
Yahoo Math for Kids
Cool Math 4 Kids
MathCar Racing Game
Math Baseball
Mathematician Trading Cards
Story Problems
PreAlgebra Classes Online
Create a Graph
24 Game Online
Make a Basketball Jumpshot
Hidden Picture Geometry
Glossary of Mathematical Terms
Multiplication Concentration

x Grammar 5th
sing/plural noun concentration
Guide to Grammar
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Templates and Resources
sing/plural noun wordsearch
singular plural matching

x Writing 5th
UIUC Writers' Workshop
Random Writing Prompts
Instant Poems
Cool Stationery
Funny poetry for children
Biography Maker
Research & Writing
Rhyming Dictionary
Paragraph a Week

x Science 5th
VA's Natural Resources Education Guide
The Blackhole Gang
Classifying Critters
Light & Sound waves
Sound Table Of Contents
Science Online Cells
build your own volcano
Earthquake webquest
Sound Vocabulary
Yahooligans! Animals
CyberSleuthKids: Science Resources
Quia - Class Page - 4th&5th Grade SOL Science Tests
volcano world map
world map of volcanoes
volcano mountain of fire
Mineralogy 4 Kids
Savage Earth
The Periodic Table (GAMES too!)
Weird Science Guy
How To Use A Microscope Properly
Marine Algae-CA Kelp Photography
Discovery School
Parts of an Atom Worksheet
Living Things: Families
Life Science Safari - 5 kingdoms
Interactive Plant Cell Model
Earth Floor
Examples of five kingdoms
Oceans Alive! | Additional Resources | At the Library
Oceans Alive!
Why Eclipses of the Sun Happen
Science Millionaire
Topsail sea turtles
Rock Expert Activity

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