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I hope that you've found some sites useful....
x Saturday School Lead Read Crea
50 states map

x South Africa
Pre-eclampsia Mozambique
SAf History

x Sat School Math Explorations
Loyola Countdown
math curricululms
Maths games...

x Senior Extension Project
CPS Office of PostSecondary
CPS What will it Take to get HS...
Financial Literacy Curricululm
International Student
Micron Budget/Career Game
Middleschool views on College
Pew Hispanic Center
Unfocused Kids...Ed'n&Careers
USDeptLabor Occupational Outlook

MAT Lang Arts Requirements

x Real Data Sets
Climate Change Data
CyberSchoolBus Nations Data
Unicef Statistics by Country
World Population

x Expression/Visualization Tools
Create a Webpage activity
TeenRead Question of the Month

x Drill and Practice
Fraction Pointers
Hangman Assortment
Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars

x Simulations
National Budget Simulation
The Allowance Room
the Great Pumpkin

x eCommunications Online Environ
Friends and Flags
Kids Lit: Submit a Story
Muse Instant Poem
Question of the Month Club
Story Add-on
Story with a Picture
Submit Literature Reviews

x Productivity Tools
Create a Jeopardy Game!
Newsletter Template
Project Poster
Word Search Generator

x Online Research Tools
Discovery School
United Nations CyberSchoolBus
What should I read?

x Video Clips
Bad Day @ work
Impala's Bad Day
key story
Wacko's America
x African American Sites
African American Almanac
African Children's Literature
Black History (Free Resources)
Original Documents

x Self Discovery Project
Author website listings
Classical Reasons for Self Portriats
Daria french videos
Kristen Ankiewicz
Met Museum Art, Self Portraits
Quilt Portrait
Self Port. Sofonisba
Self Portrait UK
Self Portraits from a Kite!
Women's Portraits through History
Women's Quotes and Links
Yagloo Self Portrait of S. Dowling

x Use of Technology in Middle Sc
Children and Technology *
Using WebQuest

x Technology Sites
Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education
Online Activities

x Technology Thoughts
Blog on Blogging
Eat, Work, Sleep, Consume

x Images, Graphics
Animal ClipArt
Daria in Class
Daria, arms crossed
Useless Graphics

x Program Tutorials, etc
Excel 4 Classrooms
Movie Maker

x Middle School
bibliography of JR reform sites
Meridian - MidSchools
Meridian - MidSchools&Tech
Meridian - MidSchools&Tech
philosophy of dev't of jr. highs
the Middle Web
x Social Studies
Mesopotamia: British Museum
Printable Maps
Seven Wonders

x Reading Sites
CPS Book Lists
Harlem Connections
Literacy Project
Reading International
What should I Read?

x Bios of Children's Writers
Gail Gibbons
Lois Lowry

x Writing
LangArts Energy&Appliances
Untangling Knots (writing)
Writing Poetry (book)

x Canada

Fish Profiles
Fish Tanks and Ponds
Fresh Aquarium
Rate My FishTank
The Tropical Tank
Wet Web Media

x Literature On-Line
Oxford Shakespeare

x Geography

x Environment

x English Learners Research
Cal Bilingual Resources
PBS site

x Inquiry Units
Great Jazz Age
Poetry Party 3-5th

x Math Sites
Cool Math
National Manipulatives
Virtual Manipulatives
Zillions: ConsumerReports4Kids

x Science
acid rain
acid rain fact sheet
BBC Science and Nature
botany for kids
Build a Prairie
Dr. Anton's Earth Science
Fear of Physics
Franklin Institute (coin flip)
Live Science
National Science Foundation
Nature (magazine)
Night Sky
NobelPrize games *
plant pollutants
Sci Fair for Kids
SSpangler Sci Supplies
weather Images

x Art
Cave of Lascaux
x Philosophy of Education
Federal Food Programs
Food Museum
Food Museum On-Line Exhibit
Hist school food programs
knowledge loom
Parent Advocacy for Food in Schools
Timeline: Food in Schools

x Evaluating
ISBE Standards
Micron Budget/Career Game
WebQuest Rubric

x Peace Making
Peace Page

x Environment
Environmental Defense
Forest Council

x Health
Health in Schools
Lead in Candy
Pediatric Neurology Site

x Linguistics
History of English
Using English - Reference

x Religion
My Jewish Learning
Official Kwanzaa Site
Reform Judaism Education
Speaking of Faith
x Justice and Social Action
Aboriginal Rights Canada
Do you know enough to Enlist?
Earth Foundation
EdChange Research Room
IL Immigration Integration
Illinois Report on Poverty
Immigrant Labor stats
Minority Student Achievement Network
Nat'l Geo for Kids
Racism in America's Schools
Savannah Poverty Simulation
Sen. Obama's Page
Teachers for Justice
Tolerence - Diversity
Women's Media

x Anishinaabe
American Indian Library Assoc.
Anishinabe Legends & Math
Birchbark House
color symbolism
Etymology & Stories
Evaluating Native American Websites
Facts for Kids
Indigenous People's Stories
Kids' Ojibwe Clans
Lac Courtes Oreilles School
Lesson Plans
medicine wheel
Nanabush Tales (from Ron)
Native American Ecology
Native American FAQ for Kids
native christian kids
Racism Against Indians
Treaty Rights, Stories...

x Anthropology and Primates
Chimpanzee subspecies
Jane Goodall Institute
Mystery Ape

x Sort Through!!!
* Landmark Project DataSets*
Skates article: The Wolves
Wells- racism in schools blog

x Multicultural Literacy
Poverty, Racism and Literacy

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