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Hi visitor, here you may find links to:
* school related stuff
* subjects of informatics, from hardware to software
* linguistic tools
ejoy yourself, Bernabe.
x Drill and Practice
Multiplication Tables
The Alphabetizing Machine
The Human Body
Online Kids Math
Colors Word Find
Learning Planet
x Simulations
Rotation of the Moon
Zeeks-GPS Simulation
Disney's Hot Shot Business
Zeeks Voters

x Real Data Sets for Problem Sol
Solar System

x Online Research Tools
Ask Jeeves-Kids
Solar System-Spanish
Library for Kids

x Procuctivity Tools
Learning Planet-Math
Little Animals Activity Cetre
Create your own Hero

x eCommunications Online Environ
Kids Chat
Find a Pen Pal

x Expression/Visualization tools
Coloring Pages
Create a Silly Story
Create your Invitation

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