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x __Things__I__Want___
Clothes: Round Rock Express shirts, caps, etc
Clothes: Big Dogs Golf Pullover
Clothes: Big Dogs Polo shirt
Computer: Happy Hacking Lite Keyboard
Computer: Happy Hacking Palm Cradle
DVD: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Electronics: Digital Voice Recorder
Electronics: GPS
Food: Chilehead Survival Box
General: gift certificate
Tools: Craftsman 8-in. Clench Wrench1/4
Tools: Craftsman Curved Jaw Auto Lock Pliers
Tools: Craftsman Speed LOK1/4 System.
x Shopping Bookstore
Best Book Buys Home Page
BUYCOMP.COM - The Internet Computer Superstore
BUYVIDEOS.COM -- The Internet Video And DVD Superstore
Catalog Site
Computer surplus outlet
DENSO Wireless
DFO - Dell Factory Outlet
E-Compare: The Best Comparison Shopping Site
Electronic Surplus, Electronic Components, Electronic Kits & Robots
Empeg Ltd's Empeg MP3 Car Audio Player
Focus Camera & Video Homepage; test version for shop cart (do not use that link)
Hoberman Associates Hoberman Designs
Insight Home Page
Internet Shopping Network
Netmarket | Name Brands at Warehouse Prices
Netscape General Store
Palm, PDA and Pokemon - Accompany
PowerLeap Products Home Page
Quantum | Rushmore Solid State Disk Drives
RealPlayer Home Page
SEIKO MessageWatch
Stealsonline Discount Store
Surplus Direct
Surplus Electronics and Computer Parts
The Computer Geeks Hardware Discount Outlet
The Digital Bits!
The Gadget Guru Online
The Sharper Image Catalog
Welcome to AuctionGate Interactive Web Market... 24 Hour Live Interactive Auctio
Welcome To the Mind of Minolta
Windows Refund Center
Wish Book
Yahoo! Business and Economy:Companies:Books:Booksellers
Yahoo! Search Results
x Beer, Wine, and Food
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Anheuser-Busch Corporate Web Site
Support Texas Brewing
The Beer Info Source
Wine Spectator

x Hoaxes, Urban Legends, etc
Big moon myth
CIAC Internet Hoaxes
Computer Virus Myths
Don't Spread that Hoax!
Hoax warnings
Internet ScamBusters
Urban Legends Reference
Virus Bulletin Home Page

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