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x Truman College Stuff
Truman College Library
Truman College Home Page
Truman Blackboard

x Truman Blackboard
Truman Blackboard
CCC Student Technology Newsletter
Blackboard Quick Guide

x Truman My CCC Help & Info
Studio Classroom How-To Video Library
my CCC Web Guide
my CCC Student ID Number
my CCC Quickguide
my CCC Getting Mid-Term Grades
CCC Student Username Lookup Demo

x Online Research
US Library of Congress
Truman Library On-line Resources-OED
SCETI Furness Collection
Open Directory Project ODP
Library Spot
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Internet Public Library
Illinois State Library
Folger's Shakespeare Library
Chicago Public Library
Chicago Newberry Library
Ask Jeeves
Academic Info

x ecommunications
Yahoo! Photos
Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo Mail
Online File Storage Guide
Free eCommunications Guide
Bravenet-Free Web Host

x Real Data Sets
US Statistics
US Government Statistics
US Census Bureau Home Page
Foreign Governments- Statistics
FedStats Home Page
x English 101
Writing in the Disciplines
Transitional Words and Phrases
Tips for Writing a Thesis Statement
Thought Starters: Before you begin to Write
The Paragraph
The Cornell Notetaking System
Rhetorical Modes
Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing
Purdue's Online Writing Center
Proofreading Strategies
Noodle Tools
Improving Sentence Variety in Your Writing
Improving Sentence Clarity
Guide to Summary Writing
Guide to MLA Style
Glossary of Rhetorical Terms
Eliminating Wordiness in your Writing
Cornell Notetaking System Elaborated
Compare/Contrast Essay
Choosing & Writing for an Audience
Calibrated Peer Review (CPR)
Adding Emphasis in a Paragraph

x English 101 Grammar
Subject Verb Agreement Rules
Sentence Fragments
Guide to Grammar
Grammar Lessons for ESL Students
Gerunds, Participles, Infinitives
Dave's Cafe for ESL Students
Complete Verb Tense List
Comma Splices & Run Ons
Article Usage: a, an, the
Adjectives and Adverbs

x Barack Obama Articles
Washington Post Article on Obama
Obama/Crosby Article
Obama's Official Senate Web Site
Obama On The Issues
Obama on Lincoln
Obama Myth Article
New Yorker Article on Obama
MSN Obama Article "Audacity of Hope"
Keynote Address at Democratic Convention
Civic Foot Print
BBC Article on Obama
x Shakespeare
Windows MovieMaker Tutorial
Truman Library On-line Resources-OED
Shakespeare Resource Center
Shakespeare Online
Shakespeare Fun Link
SCETI Furness Collection-Shakespeare
Richard the 3rd Society
Online Quizzes for Shakespeare Students
No Sweat Shakespeare
Mr. Shakespeare
Globe Theater in London
Folger's Shakespeare Library
Elizabethan Sumptuary Statutes
British Royal Family Web Site

x Creative Writing
Writing Tips-How-Tos
Tips for Short Story
Tips for Poetry
Poetry Magic
Poetry Magazine
Plath Daddy
Online Rhyming Dictionary
Get Writing from the BBC
Brooks: We Real Cool
Breaking into Creative Nonfiction

x Spoken Word
Wendy Brathwaite
T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land
Harper Audio: A List of Poets
Giorno Poetry Various Poets Plath Daddy
Anne Sexton, Divorce, Thy Name is Woman

x Expression/Visualization
Yahoo! Photos
Web Monkey
Free Button Maker
CoolText Logo Generator
Bravenet-Free Web Host

x Reference
Yellow Pages
White Pages
Truman Library On-line Resources-OED
Open Directory Project ODP
Online Rhyming Dictionary
x Career Information
Reasons for College Degree
Postsecondary-education or Training Category Search
Occupations with the Largest Job Growth, 2004-2014
Occupation Level Search
Industries with the Largest Job Growth
High-paying Occupations
Growing Occupations w/Bachelor's Degree
Future of Jobs & Innovations 2010
Fastest Growing Occupations, 2004-2014
Fastest Growing Industries
Education Pays
Changing Role of Community Colleges
Advantages of an Associates Degree

x Integrated Communications 099
The Cornell Notetaking System
SQ3R Reading Strategy
My Writing Lab
Cornell Notetaking System Elaborated
x American Lit: Civil War-1914
Various Jack London Web Sites
Union Dixie
Timeline of US West
The World of Jack London
The Liberty Ball
The Devil's Dictionary
Selected American Authors
Memories of Jack London by daughter
London Article on San Fran Earthquake
Lincoln and Liberty
Jack London State Historic Park
Jack London Online Collection
Jack London
Industrial Revolution Timeline
Hard Times, Come Again No More
FBI File on Jack London
Dreiser WebSource
Dixie's Land
Civil War Poetry & Music
Camptown Races
Brief Timeline of American Literature, Music, & Movies 1890-1900
Brief Timeline of American Literature & Events
Bonnie Blue Flag
Battle Hymn of the Republic

x Intro to Literature 110

x Intro to Literature 110

x Intro to Literature 110

x Intro to Literature 110

x Search Engines
WebCrawler Web Search
My Excite
Ask Jeeves
All the Web

x Chicago Media Venues

x National Media Venues
National Public Radio (NPR)

x Free Clip Art & Animation
Webdeveloper Animations
Gif Animations

x Intro to Literature 110

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