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These are all sites of things that I'd like to make/know/share. I hope you enjoy them as well.
x Accessories
Shawl Pin (C)
BellaOnline Crochet Site

x Beverly's To-Do List
Baby Wrist Rattle (C)
Baby Swirl Sweater (K)
Crochet Hook Case (C)

x Cake Decorating & Recipes

x Friend's Blogs/Websites

x Helpful Links
Knit Abbreviations
Blank Templates
Copyright Myths
Easy HIT Counters
Wayback Machine
1-hour HTML
Crochet Terms-Various Languages
Celtic Chart Generator
Copyright Guidelines
Standard Yarn Weight System

x How To...
Lear to Crochet
Learn to Knit
Puerto Rican Travel Pillow
Bolster Pillow & Cradle
Honiton Pillow
Best Beginner Knit Socks Tutorial (K)
Make a Bobbin Lace Pillow
Wool Blanket Roller Pillow

x Crochet Stitches
Annie's Attic

x Knitting Stitches

x Miscellaneous
How to Make Stitch Holders

x Tatting Stitches
Tatting help and Patterns
Pillowcase Dress (S)

x Tatting Tutorials
Shuttle Tatting
Needle Tatting
x Afghans/Blankets/Throws

x Babies
Baby Swirl Sweater (K)
Cardigan for Mary (K)
Baby Wrist Rattle (C)

x Beading

x Bedspreads/Tablecloths
Pineapple Tablecloth (C)
Table Topper (C)

x Boarders/Edgings

x Boleros & Shrugs
DK Weight Bolero (K)
Shawl Back Bolero (K)
DK Weight Shawl Back Shrug (K)

x Bookmarkers

x Clothes
Pineapple Skirt or Poncho (C)
Lace & Diamonds Skirt (K)
Caron's Simple Tunic (C)

x Cozies

x Crochet Stitches
x Dish Cloths

x Doilies

x Doilies

x Flowers
Basic Roses (C)
Poinsettia (C)

x Fun Sites
Speed Typing

x Gloves & Mittens
Ruffled Wrist Warmers (K0
Mittens and Gloves (K)
Pirate Hat & Mittens (K)

x Hats
Reversible Cap (K)
Esprit Chemo Turban (K)
Rasta Tam (C)
Seagrass Cowgirl Hat (C)
Pirate Hat & Mittens (K)
Double Hat
x Hotpads/Pot Holders

x Jewelry
Bead Crochet Rope (C)

x Kitchen

x Loom Knitting

x Motifs/Squares
x Pets

x Pincushions

x Pot Holders

x Purses, Totes, Bags, Clutches
Seashells & Sand Bag-Felted (F)
Two Measures of Joy Bag (K)
Hot Pink Bracelet Purse (C)
Highland Wool Felted Fancy Bags (K)
Felted Birdhouse Handbag (K)
Highland Wool Felted Bags Plain & Fancy (K)
Pirate Queen's Bootie Bag (K)

x Recycle Ideas

x Rugs

x Sachets & Pincushions
Cakes (C)

x Scarves
Swirled Scrolls Scarf (K)
Spring Scarf (C)

x Shawls, Ponchos, Stoles, Wraps
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (K)
Flowers, Vines & Hearts Shawl (K)
Forget-Me-Not (K)
Gold Nugget Shawl (K)
Shining Bird's Eyes Shawl (K)
Voyager Lace Stole (K)
Pineapple Skirt or Poncho (C)

x Socks
Sock it to me Plain Toe-Up Sock for the Family (K)
Toes Up Socks (K)

x Sweaters
Fun Shortie Sweater with Carmen Neckline (K)
Pinwheel Sweaters (K)
Lustrado Crocheted Pinwheel (C)
Top-Down Cut-Away Cartigan for Children (K)
x Tips & Tutorials

x Toddlers/Children

x Toys
Cradle Purse (C)

x Unique Patterns
Boobie Pillow (C)
Pineapple Monokini-bikini (C)

x Webs and Blogs worth checking
Beya's Backyard Crochet Club
BellaOnline Crochet Site
BellaOnline Tatting Site

x Wedding

x Women's Plus Size
Lustrado Crocheted Pinwheel (C)

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