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Artificial Intelligence
Alan Bond's home page
American Association for Artificial Intelligence
Bayes Net Toolbox for Matlab
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Connectionist Model of Sentence Comprehension and Production (CMU Dissertation)
GAlib: Matthew's C Genetic Algorithms Library
GNU/Linux AI & Alife HOWTO
Google Directory - Computers Artificial Intelligence Conferences and Events
Juergen Schmidhuber's home page
Latent Semantic Indexing
Lisp Debian Packages (AIMA, etc...)
Marvin Minsky Home Page
MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
NOMAD Project
Primula (probabilistic modelling of relational structures)
Probabilistic-Logical Models Repository
SamIam - Sensitivity Analysis, Modeling, Inference and More
Sven Koenig - Home Page

UCLA Biomath Seminars

Alzheimer's disease research amyloid
Scientists Develop Mouse Model for Alzheimer's Disease
UCLA Bioengineering

Computer Science
Alur/Fix/Henzinger: Event-clock Automata: A Determinizable Class of Timed Automa
Computer Science Preprint Server
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Distributed Algorithms Links
Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation
Liquid State Machines
On Rice's Theorem
Reduced Set Density Estimator
TDS - Timed Automata
The Distributed Data Mining Bibliography
Turing Machines
UCLA Computer Science
UCLA CS-201 Seminars
Xbox-Linux Project

Cognitive Science
COGENT: Cognitive Modelling Software
Professor Ron Sun - Modeling of Cognitive Agents
The Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
UCSD - Department of Cognitive Science


Gamasutra - The Art & Science of Making Games
John Funge

Gene Atlas
Gene Painting: gene expression patterns

LaTeX graph package
LaTeX Resources
LaTeX Symbols
Text Processing using LaTeX

Achi Brandt's home page [Multiscale Computation]
An introduction to matroid theory
Complex Systems Virtual Library by themes - Non-linear dynamics
Concrete Mathematics: Knuth's Book Site
Conjugate Gradient Method - Painless Introduction
Discrete Mathematics and its Applications
Minimization Methods (Descents, CG, Quasi Newton, BFGS)
Minimum Tree-Width
Nonlinear and Complex Systems Group
Nonlinear Dynamic Systems: Vanderbilt Cognitive Science Dept
Proof Systems
Raissa M. D'Souza - physics, computation, and dynamical systems
sci.nonlinear FAQ (May 2000)
The Geometry Junkyard
The MathWorks: Online Documentation
This Is Mega-Mathematics!

Neural Computation
Cortical Circuits and Memory Models
DTU:Toolbox - ICA | ANN Matlab Code
Echo State Networks
Echo State Networks: Resources
Fukai Lab: Mathematical Neural Information Engineering
Hodgkin Huxley Matlab Simulator
Hopfield Group - Princeton
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
Ken Miller's Home Page - Cortical Modeling
Liquid State Machines
Lokendra Shastri - Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience (Shruti etc...)
MCell: A General Monte Carlo Simulator of Cellular Microphysiology
Neural Network FAQ
NEURON demos and tutorials
NEURON Web Site @ Duke
Professor Yoonsuck Choe, Ph.D - Neural Nets, Cortical Modeling
SNNS- Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
SVM-Light Support Vector Machine
the Alzheimer's disease In-Silico modeling project
the Salk Institute - CNL Home
USC - Laboratory for Neural Computation (LNC)

FMRI Tools - Matlab scripts for viewing fMRI
Lyngby - A Toolbox for Functional Neuroimaging
Medscape Neurology & Neurosurgery Homepage
MRIcro Medical Imaging Software - Neuroscience Software - Neurosciences on the Internet Database Query Results
NEURON Tutorial
RIKEN Brain Science Institute
The fMRI Data Center - fMRIDC Home Page
The Neurosciences Institute
The UCLA Brain Mapping Center
UCLA Neuroscience Seminars

UCSD Philosophy: Patricia S. Churchland
UCSD Philosophy: Paul M. Churchland
Welcome to the World Transhumanist Association

PHP, Nuke, Etc... - xampp for windows
Burnwave, Ltd.
Nerd Brains
Nuke Cops
NukeScripts Central
Protector System Support Site
The ionCube PHP Accelerator
Theme Labs :: Web Design and CMS Implementing

ACM: Association for Computing Machinery, the world's first educational and scie
CatchWord Ltd. Electronic Publishing Solutions
CogPrints Cognitive Sciences EPrint Archive
JSTOR - The Scholarly Journal Archive
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
ResearchIndex [NEC Research Institute; CiteSeer; Computer Science]
ScienceDirect - Home
The UCLA Thesis Style for LaTeX
Welcome to IEEExplore

learn UNIX in 10 minutes
The Written Qualifying Exam (WQE)
UCSD CSE Exams Page
UIC Math/CS Prelim Sample Questions
WQE: TCP/IP Protocol Summary

CS Catalog
UCLA CS WebEvent

MDL on the Web (Minimum Description Length)
UCLA :: Stat 231:: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Palowireless Wireless Resource Center

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