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I hope that you've found some sites useful....
x Research Assistant
Landmark Project
International Center for Prison Studies
APA Style Cheat Sheet
Black Education Trends & Stats
NCES -T. Demographics Results
ACORN-Minorty Teachers in IL
Independent Booksellers Association
Data Analysis and Progress Report--Statistics--ISBE
Federal Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994
Indicators of school crime and safety: 2004
Ed. Stat Quarterly-Trends in Black Ed.
US Census of Jails 1999

x Special Education Information
Spec Ed Annual Report
Black Over-representation in Spec. Ed.
Tips for finding Spec. Edu. Demogrpahics
US 200 Census, Persons with Disabilities
Special Education Services--ISBE
Special Education Services Homepage--ISBE
Ghetto within a Ghetto

x Suspension and Expulsion Rates
Opportunities Suspended
Children in Poverty
Condition of Education 1998
Applied Research Center-suspension stats

x AA Stats
AA Member breakdown
AA Basic Information
AA Corrections Commitee-Washington
Corrections Commitee--Chicago
x Drill and Practice
Spell Check
Place the State
Grammar Blast

x Expression/Visualization Tools
Art Pad--painting and drawing
Mr. Picasso Head
Create a Sculpture

x Simulations
Strombolian Eruption Simulation
NASA Simulations
Space Walk Simulation

x Real Data Sets for Problem Sol
US Water Temperature by Region
Earth Observatory--Changes Over Time
Drug Arrests Adult and Juvenile
x Productivity Tools
Create a Circle Graph
Digital Index Card
Create a Graph

x eCommunications Online Environ
To Kill a Mockingbird Message Board
Live Journal
Language Exchange

x Online Research Tools Encyclopedia
Merriam Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus
Ask Jeeves for Kids

x Cooking
Fish en Papillote
x Illinois Data
IL Prison List
Financial Impact
2003 Adult Prison Stats
Federal and State Adult Prison Info
Sentences Imposed and Admissions
IDOC Stats and Numbers
IDOC Prison Info and Levels

x CA and NY Data
NY Times--Decarcerate?
LA Times, Kern Valley Prison
Villiage Voice--Million Dollar Blocks

x Farming Trends
Stats: Large Farms Thriving
USDA Stats
Census Bureau

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